Another White Bitch Knocked UP

Another White Bitch Knocked UP
Sean smiled when he read the personals ad:

“Couple seeks attractive, virile, black man.
Must be 9″ or greater, and have proof of vasectomy.
Open minded and STD free a must.”

This was an offer Sean couldn’t pass up. He responded to the ad and sent a picture of himself. A week went by before he received an answer. They wanted to meet with him. They suggested a meeting at a local bar called “Snookys”.

Their letter asked him to bring proof of his vasectomy, and a recent SDT test. This was not a problem. He was certain he would test negative for any SDT’s, he had always been careful to protect himself.

Sean didn’t have a vasectomy, but his married brother did 3 years ago. Sean would simply make a copy of his brother’s certificate, and in the process, it would be very easy to change the name.

It was a Friday night when they were supposed to meet. Sean went in the front door of Snookys and was flagged down by a couple sitting in a booth at the rear of the bar. Their names were Jeff and Linda. They seemed friendly enough. They weren’t exactly what Sean had pictured in his mind, but he was sure he knew what they were looking for, they didn’t have to explain.

Jeff introduced his wife Linda. She was a good looking woman of about 34. Linda had brown hair blue eyes and a great figure that was toped off by a pair of large and very succulent breasts.

Jeff ordered drinks for the three of them, he didn’t waste time in checking out the certificates for the vasectomy and his SDT test. Jeff examined the documents closely, and they seemed to satisfy him. Honey the paperwork looks in order you don’t mind if Linda checks your other qualifications?

Sean looked puzzled?

Linda didn’t waste any time in checking Sean’s other qualifications . As soon as the waitress left the table her hand reached down into Sean’s crotch, and started stroking his cock. Sean responded with a instant hard on. Linda was pleased, his ten inch member filled his pants and the resulting bulge filled her hand nicely.

“You’re not the shy type are you”, Sean said as he enjoyed her hand on his cock.

The waitress reappeared with their drinks and Jeff paid. Linda didn’t bother to remove her hand from Sean’s crotch. The waitress glanced over at them and gave Linda a knowing smile.

After the waitress left, Jeff looked at Linda and asked,

“Well sweetheart, what do you think?”.

“I think he’s very nice… I want him”.

Jeff looked at Sean and smiled, “Well Sean are you interested?”

“What would you like me to do?”, Sean asked.

Jeff explained that Linda had a fantasy that she wanted to act out. Jeff enjoyed making fantasies come true for his beautiful wife. He truly loved his wife and loves to see her “Feel the heat” of the passions in her fantasies.

Jeff and Linda had been married for 12 years, and during that time Jeff helped Linda experience several of her fantasies. There was one fantasy that Linda has wanted to try for several years and now they were recruiting Sean to help her make it happen. Linda wanted to engage in a role playing adventure, and Sean was to be the key player.

Jeff looked over at his wife and smiled. Linda continued stroking Sean’s bulge as Jeff continued.

“Linda stopped using birth control four years ago because I had a vasectomy. She always used birth control and made the men wear a condom whenever we had any adventures that included other men.

This time she wants to try something a little different. She wants to engage in a role playing fantasy where she can feel like she there is a risk of her getting pregnant”. Linda Gets Horny as Hell Right Before her Period, (She turns into a sex monster. It’s great.)

“Pregnant by a black man”, Sean said.

Linda squeezed his cock.

“Well yes”, Jeff stammered at Sean’s frankness.

“But there is more to it than that. Beyond the qualifications we outlined in our ad, she wants a man that she can feel a real chemistry with”.

“I understand what you mean. I think chemistry is important too. Tell me more about this fantasy”, Sean replied.

“In her fantasy Linda wants to feel like she was taking a risk of getting pregnant by a well endowed black stud you wear a condom just like she’s cheating. We want you to play that part and make Linda feel that she would get pregnant if you were to cum in her. She will plead with you not to cum in her, but you will anyway”. You can Tear the condom , stretch it until it breaks , put it off whatever happens.

“That sounds like fun”, Sean smiled and looked at Linda.

As Sean understood it, Linda wanted to get off on the idea that when his cum was shooting into her, it would make her pregnant. It was sort of a “forbidden or taboo pregnancy” fantasy. Sean guessed that Jeff would only be there to watch and most likely jack off while he pumped his condom covered cock into lovely Linda.

“OK I am interested, what next?” Sean asked. It happens to be that time of the month.

Linda kissed Sean on the cheek.

“We have a room at a motel nearby. What do you say we get acquainted?” Linda asked.

The three of them got up from the booth and headed for the door. Linda saw that Sean’s cock was still hard from her playing and now the bulge in his pants was quite obvious. Linda saw that a few of the other women in the bar noticed this and was watching him as he walked toward the door.

They left the bar and went the motel. Once in the room, Linda did not hesitate to take her clothes off. Sean look at her as she slid her panties down her legs and tossed them aside with her foot. Linda had a great body. She was 5’6″ with beautiful “38 D” breasts. She was slightly plump, but those few extra pounds gave her a very womanly shape.

Sean was getting hard from the anticipation of having his cock in her juicy hole. Jeff removed his clothes and sat in a chair opposite the bed. His cock stood at attention from the excitement of what was to come.

Linda walked up to Sean, unfastened his pants and unzipped them. As soon as she saw his erect black cock pointing up at her, she bent over and started to suck his cock. Jeff was watching it all and stroking his own cock.

Linda sucked him for a few moments and then stood up again and looked at her husband.

“Look at his black cock! I can’t believe how big it is.” Linda turned back to Sean.

“Come on, lets get you undressed”.

Once Sean was out of his clothes, Linda lead him to stand in front of the chair where Jeff was seated. Linda proceeded to suck Sean black cock with great enthusiasm and put on quite a show for her husband.

“He’s going to have me as much as he wants tonight, and you can only watch. You do want to watch, don’t you darling?”

“I wouldn‘t miss it for the world”, replied Jeff in a slightly quivering voice.

“Good”, she replied. “I hope you get a good view, because I think Sean here, is going to give me the fucking of my life tonight”.

Linda laid in the bed and opened her legs.

“Jeff dear, would you like to get something to eat before we get started?”

Without a word Jeff laid himself down between her legs and started licking her pussy. She motioned for Sean to come close to her head so she could resume sucking his thick black cock.

Linda was genuinely pleased by the results of their search. Sean was everything she had hoped for. His cock was ten inches long, very thick, and dark, just what she wanted.

Jeff looked at his wife as she stroked and sucked Sean’s cock. It filled both her hands and then some. Linda’s fingers could not wrap around Sean’s cock completely.

“See how big around it is?”, she asked her husband.

She had only sucked a black cock twice before, but none of them was as nice as the one she had tonight.

“OK sweetheart, I think it’s time for Sean to take over.” Make sure you wear a condom I don’t want to get pregnant.

Jeff got off the bed and returned to his chair. Linda picked a XXL Magnum rolled it down Sean’s huge black cock and Sean moved down between Linda’s legs and put the head of his cock at the opening of her freshly eaten pussy. He rubbed the head of his condom covered cock in the opening of her pussy to get it wet with he juices. Next he rubbed her clit with the head if his cock to tease her a little.

Linda’s hips moved with the motion of his cock, and she moaned with the pleasure as Sean massaged her clit with the head of his cock. Sean guided his cock to the opening of her pussy and started to slide it in. Linda’s pussy responded well to his cock as the first few inches entered her pussy.

After Sean slid the head in and out a few times, her pussy loosened up quickly and got noticeably wetter.

With each stroke he pushed his black cock deeper into Linda’s sopping wet sex hole. Sean took his time, he was not in a hurry and with the condom on he was enjoying the feeling of being inside of Linda’s warm, wet pussy and the movement her hips made as she writhed and moaned from the sensation of his intrusion into her.

He was getting closer with each stroke to putting it all into her and it was obvious that Linda was enjoying it very much because she started to moan louder.

Linda stopped for a moment and started to beg him to stop. Sean knew this was all part of the fantasy and started to play his part.

“Please, I can’t do this. I get pregnant very easy. Please!!! I can’t do this. OHHHHH……OH, it feels so good. Just don’t cum in me OK? Please!!……. Please don’t cum in me”, Linda cried.

Linda was very convincing in her role.

Now it was Sean’s turn, “Do you like what I’m doing to you?” Sean asked.

“Yes!!” replied Linda.

“Can your husband make you feel like this?”.

Sean added that in for Jeff’s benefit. He guessed that Jeff might be looking for a little humiliation from the experience so he would oblige Jeff.

“No Linda replied breathlessly, he doesn’t have what you have”.

“What do You Need. Say It”

“A big black cock” Now fuck me

“I might slip and get you pregnant. All it would take is one little squirt, could just leave my cock in for a second too long and you would have all of me”.

Sean liked this fantasy of Linda’s and thought he was playing his role very well.

“Please don’t!!!” Linda started squirming under Sean’s weight.

“Please don’t cum in me. Please!!”, Linda cried again.

Sean pulled all the way out his huge black condom covered was wet with her juices, as he pulled down his shaft stretching the condom over the head of his cock until it broke , Linda couldn’t escape feeling his raw cock. Sean buried his cock fully into her and began pumping her harder until he felt the first jet of cum squirt from his cock. He pushed his cock deep into her and let go with a thick load of cum. Linda panicked at the feeling of his cum gushing Into her.

“NO!!!, not inside!! OH my God no!!”

Her orgasm overcame her in a wave of hot ecstasy. Linda immediately became immersed in the intense feelings of pleasure that now engulfed her. Linda grabbed Sean’s waist and pulled him against her forcing his cock deeper inside of her. She was thrusting her hips hard, now fucking Sean furiously. Sean continued to pump his cum into Linda’s receptive pussy.

“You have a man’s cum in you now Linda. Hold it in there. Hold it deep inside of you”.

Linda’s orgasm lasted almost two minutes. When it was over, she relaxed her grip on Sean and collapsed, exhausted. They remained together for a time. When Sean finally withdrew his cock from Linda, she looked up at him and said,

“Thank you for that great orgasm. You are a remarkable lover”. She looked down and remarked,

“Wow, you really fill a girl up. Do you always cum so much?”

“That’s about normal for me”, replied Sean.

His cum was smeared all over her pussy and dripping out of her opening. Linda fingered herself and rubbed his cum over her clit.

Jeff had cum sometime while Sean was fucking Linda and his dick now hung limply.

Linda was not through with Sean and she immediately started sucking him once more.

“Look Jeff, your wife is sucking a big black cock. Are you jealous?”

Jeff laughed, “OH yes my love, I am jealous that I don’t have a cock like Sean’s”.

Linda liked Sean’s cock and she was not about to let him go just yet. She had Sean lay on the bed and she climbed on top of him. His cock entered her easily and she rode him for a long time and several more orgasms. Sean shot another load into her, but this time she did not protest.

It was about one thirty in the morning when Linda decided she had enough for one evening. Sean cleaned up and got dressed.

Jeff and Linda thanked Sean for a great time and suggested that they do it again soon. Sean agreed saying that Linda was great. Linda put on a robe and walked Sean to his car.

“Sean, I still feel hot from our sex. I want to do a lot more with you. Perhaps you could come over to the house for an afternoon and we could have some private time together.”

” I would like that”, Sean replied. “Are you sure Jeff won’t mind?”

“Not at all, I will tell him all about it later anyway. He loves to hear about the naughty things I do.”

“OK then, when would you like to get together?”

“Tomorrow at 1:00? Jeff will be playing golf for a few hours”.

“I can’t wait. I would like to see you as much as I can before I go.”

“Go!, go where?” Linda asked.

“My job is transferring me, I will be moving to England in another month”.

“Oh no!”, Linda exclaimed. “Just when I found such a great lover. I don’t want to stop fucking you until you leave for England. It’s a good thing that you had a vasectomy, I would end up pregnant for sure.”

“That would be quite a complication, wouldn’t it?” Sean smiled, “Good night Linda, I will see you tomorrow.”

“Good night”, Linda replied. “I can’t wait!”.

For the next month Sean and Linda saw each other several times a week. She had to keep buying XXL Magnum boxes of condoms as the checkout girls just smiled at her. She started excluding Jeff from sex. She wanted only Sean for the one month he had left in the states. Linda was in love with the sensation of Sean’s big black cock deep inside of her.

It was true, a big cock was better if the man knew how to use it, and Sean was very good at using his. Their afternoon secession’s grew longer and Linda’s orgasms grew more powerful as she and Sean fucked more and more. During one of their afternoon encounters, Sean had cum in Linda five times. Linda found it impossible to keep track of how many orgasms she had when they had sex. They seemed to run together into one that lasted for hours.

Linda also noticed that something else was happening. Her pussy was adapting to Sean’s huge cock and was no longer tight for her husband. She could not feel her husband’s cock very much anymore.

Sean had stretched her out, and she knew that the if he continued to fuck her, he would stretch her out permanently. Linda decided that she would take that chance. She wanted as much of Sean’s cock as she could get.

After each of their encounters, Sean would let himself out while Linda remained on the bed, feeling spent from their activities and basking in the afterglow of her orgasms. As she lay there she could feel cum dripping from her well fucked hole.

She thought to herself “damn, that man can sure fill a woman up”.

A month had passed and the time had come for Sean to say good by. Time was up and Sean knew he had to make his exit. He had made up the story about moving to London from the very start because he knew he would eventually need a way to disappear gracefully. Linda insisted that Sean stay all night with her for their last night.

” I want you to sleep with me the last night. I want to know what it feels like to be with you all night”.

“What about Jeff?”, he asked.

“Jeff and I talked about it already. He will sleep on the couch. It’s OK with him, he knows that this is our last time together”.

Sean agreed to spend the night with Linda. Their sex was more like lovemaking this time. Their pace seemed slower and more deliberate. Linda’s orgasm built up for a long time and it’s release made her whole body spasm. They continued to make love for most of the night. At about 3:30 am, Linda put her arms around Sean and pulled herself close to him.

“Sean, I want to tell you something”.

Sean stopped his cock from sliding in and out of Linda’s pussy. He slid it all the way in and left it there as she spoke. Linda’s voice quivered slightly as she spoke.

“Sean, I have to tell you this before you leave tomorrow…… I love you………I know I’m married, and I do love Jeff very much, but I love you too. Can you understand how I feel? I don’t expect you to love me, I just wanted you to know how I feel before you disappear from my life tomorrow”.

“I don’t know what to say”, Sean replied.

“You don’t have to say anything, it’s OK”.

Linda had Sean lay down on his side and she positioned herself on her side in front of him. He slid his cock into her from the rear and they continued their sex. After they were finished, Sean held Linda in his arms and kept his cock inside of her pussy as they drifted off to sleep. In the morning Linda immediately climbed on top of Sean for one more time before he left. She rode him in a slow grinding motion. It didn’t take long for her orgasm to overcome her. Linda collapsed onto Sean. He held her tight as he felt her body tremble from the effects of her last orgasm with him.

Linda wanted more, but Sean told her that he had to go. As Sean was walking out Linda’s front door, Linda kissed him hard.

“I will miss you Sean.”

“I will miss you too.” He replied.

“With all my fantasizing there is a small part of me that wishes I did get pregnant by you. You’re such a fantastic lover. I know I can’t, but sometimes I think about what it would be like to be pregnant by a magnificent stud like you.”

Sean thought about the forged vasectomy certificate and smiled.

“I know what you mean,” he replied. “I’ve thought about it too”.

Sean turned and walked down the walkway leading to his car. He smiled to himself as he wondered how Linda would enjoy the little gift he left in her. She should find out in a couple of weeks, he thought to himself. With any luck she will get her wish after all.

Six weeks later Linda discovered she was pregnant.

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