Friday Funday

Friday Funday
Friday, and the efficiency at the office where Laura was working was winding down, most of her colleagues were thinking of the weekend and the plans they had made, but Laura had been buzzing with a restless energy all day long. By lunch time she had made a decision, she was going to clock off early, thank God for flexible working hours. In a very uncustomary way she caught a taxi home instead of the bus, and was almost running up the stairs to the small house that she shared with her partner David. She glanced at the clock on her iPhone, she had about 90 minutes before he would be home. Her hands shook slightly as she unlocked the door and quickly got in, kicking it shut with one foot and she pulled off her coat and put it on the peg before she swiftly went up the stairs, into the bedroom and undressed herself. She looked at herself critically in the mirror. She had curves in the right place, her bum was not too big but certainly a handful and her bust drew attention when she met people, her long blonde hair flowed over her shoulders and down her back. Shredding the clothes it made her feel a bit better, the cool air in the room caressed her, making her more at ease, she playfully cupped her breasts and touched her nipples with her fingertips, a sweet sensation coursed through her body at that and she smiled.

She went to the cupboard and took out a large towel and headed for the bathroom, she turned on the shower and let the water get nice and hot. Laura got into the cabin and let the water wash over her, tensions in her body relaxed as she soaked. She took a razor and lathered up her pussy, today was a special day and she was going to look her best. With practised strokes she shaved her pussy nice and smooth, washing her hair and her body, rinsing it all off before drying herself. With the big towel wrapped around her, Laura stepped out of the shower and applied a drop of perfume behind each ear, one on each of her tits and thinking about it for a second she then decided to put a dab on each of her plump buttocks. She put on a bright red lipstick and painted her nails pink. She was humming to herself as she put on a pair of ear rings that David had given her for Christmas and went to the wardrobe and after debating with herself, she chose one of David’s red shirts. It was several sizes too large for her, but perfect for the purpose. As he was taller than her, it reached down a bit on her thighs and bum and she didn’t button it all the way, but left enough of the top open so she could see a good bit of cleavage revealed. She looked at the time, David would be home soon, so she rolled up the sleeves and went downstairs in her bare feet.

She put some smooth music on, dimmed the lights and took out some wine and two glasses. Uncorking the bottle she poured a measure in each of the glasses and took a sip, feeling the wine soothing her. Laura put candles on the table and lit them, just in time to hear David’s car pull up to the house. Shortly the key turned in the lock and she heard him enter, her pulse quickened as his footfalls neared the kitchen.
“Laura? Are you here?”
“In the kitchen darling.”
His footsteps approached the kitchen, but as he appeared in the doorway he stopped and leaned against the doorframe. He was handsome and well built, keeping in shape and dressed in a dark suit. She leaned back towards the kitchen counter, deliberately pushing her boobs forwards as she took another sip of wine.
“Welcome home baby,” she said with a husky voice.
“I am VERY glad to be home hon,” he responded and stepped inside. Without taking his eyes of her, he picked up the glass and sipped the wine.
“As you can see I haven’t made any dinner yet,” she joked.
“Oh! And what shall I eat then?” there was a cheeky challenge in his voice.
“Don’t you worry big boy, there’ll be plenty of choices,” she walked slowly towards him and put her glass down. They locked eyes with each other and no words were needed as they wrapped their arms around each other and locked lips, tongues moving of their own hungry accord. Laura’s body was tingling with jolts of pleasure and she felt her cheeks flush with lust and desire. She pressed herself towards him, her tits against his chest and she felt his manhood awaken, pressing against her.

She disengaged from the embrace first and took his hand, walking towards the stairs with him following. She knew that he could see that she wasn’t wearing any underwear, as his red shirt shifted with each swaying of her hips. Entering the bedroom she pulled him close to her as she laid down on the bed. His mouth and tongue felt so good against hers, his strong hands stroking and exploring her body, her shoulders, arms, thighs, torso and tits. Slowly, sensually, teasingly he touched her, while he kissed and tonguefenced against her he unbuttoned the shirt fully, pushing the fabric to the side. Laura let out a moan of pleasure as his tongue licked its way down her chin and neck, David sliding down her body so he could wrap his mouth around her round tits, sucking on them one by one. She closed her eyes and tilted her head backwards, grasping his hair with her fingers, guiding him. He took her moist stiff nipples between his teeth and pulled gently, Laura gasped and arched her back, pushing his head downwards, her pussy was on fire and she needed release.

David was more than willing to get down onto the floor on his knees, his head between her spread legs, fingers still wrapped in his hair. As he applied his tongue to her wet glistening hard clitoris, Laura shivered with pleasure and raised her hips against his mouth, countergrinding. She felt her pussyjuices flowing out of her, down her bum as David rotated and flicked his tongue over her clit, making her pull his hair harder, her tummy contracting as the jolts of pleasure were coming closer together. David suddenly clamped his lips down on her clit, rotated his tongue speedily over it and ran two fingers inside her smooth shaven fuckhole! That was too much for Laura, her back arched and her eyes glazed over as she shuddered with an intense orgasm!
“Ooooh….fuuuuucckkkk…. mmmmmnnnnggggg!!!” was all she could articulate as she came. As she lay panting, riding the waves of the powerful orgasm, David came up to her and kissed her. She could taste her cuntjuice on him and it was a very erotic feeling. When she had rested for a minute she pushed him over onto his back.
“Your turn honey, we have ALL night!”

She straddled him and unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it off him and running her long fingernails over his torso, sticking her fingers in her mouth and wetting them, rubbing his manly nipples and feeling how they hardened under her teasing care. She slid further down and felt the cockbulge in his trousers threatening to burst through the trousers, she knew fully well how big and fat his cock was and would give herself to it fully, but all in due time. For now, she teased him further by grinding her arse against it as she leaned down and licked and sucked on his nipples while raking his torso and thighs with her fingernails. David was grunting and breathing heavily underneath her, caressing her shoulders and hair. She took mercy on him and slid off, he stood up by the bedside and undid his trousers while she took a finger to her mouth and cheekily sucked on it, her tongue outstretched licking the fingertip. His trousers and pants fell to the floor and he pulled them off with eagerness, his manhood standing to attention. It was rock hard, the veins thick and pronounced, foreskin pulled backed, exposing the massive heavy cockhead glistening. David took her by the shoulders and turned her over onto her back, with her head hanging down over the edge of the bed, her long blonde hair piling up on the floor. Laura didn’t need any encouragement, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and David knew that was his invitation.

He leaned slightly against her, the cockhead dipping into her mouth, greedily she whisked her tongue over the tip and sucked as he bucked against her head, only feeding her the tip for the moment. His thick length tasted wonderful and she relaxed her throat as he fed her a bit more. She felt her throat expand around the big fuckstick and David moaned with pleasure as she deep throated him. She gagged a little as he was facefucking her and when he pulled out of her mouth to let her breathe, saliva and precum was making a mess in her face, but she didn’t mind at all
and he put his cock back into her mouth, picking up speed and ramming her mouth and throat full, pounding her mouthcunt harder and faster, she felt the familiar throbbings in his cockmeat and with a loud growl he pumped her mouth full with hot cum, his cock sending spurt after spurt splashing against the back of her throat! David came so hard that he nearly collapsed on top of her. She had no choice but to swallow as much as she could, even though some of the load escaped her lips. David pulled his messy cock out of her and panted hard. Now it was David’s turn to take five to recuperate. Laura cuddled up to him and they kissed and caressed each other.
“Yes baby?”
“I want you to fuck me like a dirty slut tonight!” she whispered in his ear and David smiled.
“As you wish!”

While they kissed, Laura stroked his sizeable cock, her slim hand wrapped around his thick shaft, jerking it slowly, rubbing her thumb over the heavy cockhead, feeling him awaken and responding under her touch, hardening. David suddenly pulled her up on her hands and knees and got behind her, spreading her legs with his knees. With a firm grip around the base of his fuckstick, he eased the tip in between her pink tingling pussylips, Laura gasped with the pleasure sensation as her aching pussy was stuffed with cockmeat. David grabbed hold of her hair with one hand as he started to pussypound her, each thrust was ballsdeep, filling her up, stretching her tight pussy. With powerful thrusts he drilled her from behind, her big tits swaying, her fingers clenching and gripping the bedsheets as he took her, slamming into her. Suddenly, there was a spank on her bare buttock, it was so unexpected that Laura let out a yelp! But at the same time, the stinging sensation awoke something deep within her.
“Harder!” she heard herself say and was rewarded with another smack. She cried out and bit her lip, small stars dancing before her eyes, but her thighs quivered and she nearly came there and then as David spanked her arse while he fucked her soaking pussy!

David pulled out of her and turned her over onto her back, pulling her down to the edge of the bed as he stood on the floor, his swollen erection all wet and glistening with her cuntjuices. He bent her legs up towards her head and she held them fast at her ankles as he cockspanked her pussy and clit before once more ramming it home. A sheen of sweat covered his body as he mercilessly fucked her, hard and fast this time with no build up, Laura moaning uncontrollably as the friction pounded her pussycunt. David moved a hand up to her throat and she felt that she struggled a bit for air as he clasped his hand down. He looked at her and she nodded that it was fine, her pussy tightening around his cockmeat as he choked her. Laura felt ecstatic, this was something totally new and exciting to her. Their sexlife was good, but fairly normal. She discovered that she liked being treated like this, letting David decide how she could bring him pleasure. Her orgasm was mounting as David wrecked her pussy furiously and choked her, encouraged and emboldened by her willingness to please he spanked her big tits and pulled her nipples, each stinging sensation bringing her closer to cumming. Her pussy flooded and released her orgasm, it was so strong that she arched her back and nearly passed out as David groaned loudly and shuddered, shooting his cumload deep in her thoroughly fucked pussy, filling her up with a hot sticky creampie. In the aftermath of their mutual orgasm, Laura wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling him tight towards her, their sweaty bodies touching, hands caressing, lips kissing, as she felt his hardon abating, shrinking and the cumload slowly trickling out of her, staining the bedsheets.

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