My Friend Tory


This is a work of fiction about consenting adults. If you’re not into bisexual men, you probably shouldn’t read beyond this point.

So, I have a friend from college named Tory. As long as I new him he never had a girlfriend or anything. Nice guy, in shape and good looking, but shy and a little awkward. We went to the U of M in in the twin cities. I moved away right after college, but most of my friends stayed around there. I went back to visit about a year after I was first married and I ended up staying overnight at Torys. This was around the time I had decided there was no real harm in fantasizing about guys.

We were drinking and bullshitting about all sorts of stuff. Talked about porn and even put on a couple, so I was horny as hell. At some point, it came up that he had never had so much as a blowjob. I can’t remember exactly how I said it, but basically told him that if we were gay, I wouldn’t hesitate to give him his first. Now, I was slightly drunk and that was a while ago, so I don’t really know if I was hinting and looking for response or some kind, or just trying to give him a (admittedly awkward) compliment. He just said something like “Well, I appreciate that Jack.” and there wasn’t much more to it so nothing at all happened. But this is how I sometimes imagine things had gone from there:

Well, shit man. If I was gay, I’d give you a blowjob right now,” I say as a bolt of excited apprehension shoots through my chest.

Tory looks at me with a weird smirk and says “I appreciate that Jacki.” He turns back to the TV where the long thick cock of Peter North is pounding away at at the dripping pussy of a cute blonde with perky tits. Then he adds “At this point I think I’m about ready to take pretty much anything.”

I bite my lip nervously, calculating the situation. Fuck it, I think, you only live once. “Well, in that case, if you’re up for it…” I put my hand lightly on his thigh about halfway between his knee and his crotch. Then I wait to see how badly I might have fucked this up.

He’s a bit taken aback, but doesn’t immediately pull away or slap my hand. “What?” he says incredulously “I figured you were just fucking around.”

“Well, I was, but just the part about only doing it if I was gay. Listen, if you want nothing to do with it that’s fine just say so. But, as long as you can keep a secret, I’m willing to try some stuff that will make you feel good.” At this point I’m all in. I’m just hoping if he turns me down he won’t say anything to the other guys.

He actually doesn’t take too long to think about it, “OK, I guess so.”

“Hey, we’ll take it slow. You only do what you are comfortable with and we can stop any time you want to.” I don’t think my heart’s ever beat this hard or fast in my life.

“OK,” he says again with a small nod and takes a drink of beer. I settle back on the couch and slide my hand down between his legs. “She’s pretty hot,” I say gesturing at the blonde on the screen with one hand while my other squeezes his hard cock through his jeans.

“Yeah,” he replies, istanbul travesti “I’ve gotten off many times to her.” Tory sighs real low and pushes his dick even harder against my hand as I start to feel and stroke him through his clothes.

On the screen the blonde gets down on her knees and in position for the inevitable money shot. I tell Tory it it’ll feel better if her takes his pants off. He downs the rest of his beer then unbuttons, unzips and pulls his pants and underwear down in one quick motion. Excited by his obvious enthusiasm, I wrap my hands around the warm bare skin of a 7″ piece of thick man meat. I hold his hard cock almost completely still, just softly pulsing my fingers to squeeze him a bit while we watch North shoot streams of cum all over the cute blondes face and tits.

I start slowly stroking Torys cock, loving how soft it is on the outside but how rigid it is in my hand. As the porn scene ends, I notice a large drop of precum building at the end of my friends dick as I slowly jerk him. Not wasting a second, I lean over and lick the entire tip of his cock, savoring the salty and slippery fluid on my tongue.

Tory moans loudly so I lick up the underside and then push down over the top, filling my mouth with warm cock. “Holy fuck” he says as his hips move to push even more of his dick into me. I start to bob my head, hollowing my cheeks as I pull back to create suction.

“Oh yeah, suck me like that, ” he encourages. I grip the base of his dick and slap the underside against my tongue a couple of times, then go back to sucking again. When his cock is dripping with my saliva, I pull off and go back to stroking him so I can check out the TV again.

The scene has changed, now we see two girls, one in a sundress, one in shorts and a tank top, sitting on a couch talking. The girl in the dress has reddish hair, pale skin and freckles.

“Huh” I say as I stroke Torys cock, “The one on the right kind of looks like Annett.”

Tory looks at me a bit sheepishly. “Yeah, I had noticed that before.” He starts to blush a bit.

A realization hits me and I grin a bit. “Tory, do you jerk off and fantasize about fucking my wife?”

He turns even redder, but my hand squeezing his wet dick seems to give him confidence. He smiles back and says “Yeah, sometimes.” I look back to the TV and notice the girls have gotten passed the cheesy intro dialog and are kissing. The Annett lookalike has her hand in between the other girls legs.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this horny. Stroking my friends hard cock lubed with my own spit, watching two hot women kiss on the screen, and imagining Tory fucking my wife. I reach down and squeeze my own cock through my pants, loving the way it feels to have a familiar one in one hand and an unfamiliar one in the other.

Tory notices what I’m doing. ” Do you uh, do you mind if I try too?” My only answer is to take his hand and press it against my hardness, squeezing his fingers around my dick.

Tory tries to start jerking me, but my pants are too istanbul travestileri constricting so I reluctantly let go of his cock to unbutton them then push them and my underwear off and onto the floor. I lean back on the couch again to give him access. He wastes no time in rubbing his hand all over my cock and balls, then grips the shaft and starts stroking. It feels amazing – stronger and more confident than when Annett does it, but not the same as my own hand.

I reach for Torys dick again and after a couple of adjustments, we each find a position where we can jerk each other but also watch the action on the screen. Tank top girl has lost her shorts and panties and is sitting back, legs spread. The tank top is pushed up over the top of her perky tits to show off her tiny gumdrop nipples. The Annett doppelganger has the top of her dress pulled down and her freckly breasts bounce and jiggle as she pushes two fingers in and out of Tank Tops dripping pussy. As we watch, she pulls the fingers out and puts them to the other girls lips, who greedily sucks them like a small cock, clearly turned on by the taste of her own pussy, They kiss again and the finger fucking resumes.

“Fuck it would be hot if Annett and one of her friends were actually here doing that,” I say, using my thumb to rub the precum leaking from Tory’s cock all over it’s head. The way his hand tightens on my dick is all the agreement I need. “And when the girls are done warming each other up, I could watch you take this big dick and fuck my wife until she screams.” This time he moans loudly. I decide it’s time to get him off so I disengage his hand from my dick, get off the couch and kneel in front of him. I put my mouth over the top and give him about 5 bobs before pulling off. I rub the underside of his cock with my thumb while I ask him, “Would you like that Tory? Would you like to fuck my wifes married pussy?” I suck him a few more times. “Would you like to bend her over the arm of the couch, grab her hips and pound her?”

I push my mouth down as far on his dick as I can handle, brushing the back of my throat. Hick cock twitches and his ass moves off the couch, gagging me a bit. I pull off and see that his cock is literally dripping with my spit. I use both hands to stroke him as I goad him a bit “Come on man, don’t be shy. Tell me what you really want.”

Torys eyes are closed, enjoying everything I’m doing to him. Eyes still closed, he starts to talk, slowly at first, but with growing confidence.

“I’ve wanted to fuck her for so long,” he pants as I lick each of his balls and slowly stroke his dick. “Ever since you started dating her in college I’ve wanted a night with her. I used to wish that she would sneak in my room at night and beg me to fuck her while you were asleep just down the hall.”

I lick from his balls to the tip of his cock and he sighs. “Mmmmm,” I moan. “Would you send her back to me covered in your cum?”

“Fuck yes,” he almost shouts, “Especially her mouth and tongue!”

“Ok Tory,” I say. “Show me. Pretend travesti istanbul I’m my wife and show me how you would fuck her mouth.” I engulf his cock with my mouth again, rubbing my hands up over his stomach and chest as I kneel in front of him.

Tory moans loudly and his hands slip around the back of my head. His hips start moving and his dick slides back and forth between my lips. Each time he pulls back, I suck – making him groan.

“Fuck yes Annett!” he is yelling now. “You’re such a good cocksucker! I want to cum in your dirty little mouth!”

The thought of my wife on her knees getting face fucked combined with the reality of me actively doing it makes me moan loudly, vibrating the hard cock in my mouth. Tory starts to scream and I find both of his nipples with my fingers and pinch lightly. I’m rewarded with the first squirt of warm, salty cum on my tongue.

Torys hips buck as he continues to launch stream after stream of jizz into my hungry mouth. Eventually he stills, but his body jumps involuntarily as my sucking mouth pulls off the head of his dick with an audible “pop”.

He slumps back on the couch like he just ran a marathon, but of course I’m still hard as a rock and horny as hell. I sit back on the couch next to him, then lean over and open my mouth. A mixture of Torys cum and my saliva drops out directly onto my dick in a 3 big plops. It feels so warm and wet as I stroke it into my skin that I know it won’t take me long.

Jerking with my home made lube, I look back to the TV to see that Alternate Annett now is bent over the back of the couch and Tank Top has her tongue buried in her butt. Imagining how much I would enjoy seeing the real Annette with another girls tongue in her ass, I’m a bit surprised when I feel Torys hand wrap around the top of my cock.

I give up control as he starts stroking me, as I look over to see that he’s also watching the action on the screen. “You really like the idea of your wife fucking other people, huh?” Tory asks as his hand rubs cum and spit all up and down my rod.

“Fuck yes!” I moan, starting to feel the oncoming wave of orgasm approaching.

“What if I were to…. put my cock in her ass?” he teases, squeezing my cock even tighter.

“Oh God yes! Please fuck her ass!” I’m about to explode.

“You want to see her bent over?”


“My dick buried all the way up her butt?”


“Annett begging me to fuck her married asshole harder?”

“Fuck yes!” At this, I’m done. Tory asking me about ass-fucking my wife puts me over the edge and my cock starts shooting ropes of sticky cum all over my stomach and chest adding to the mess already on my lips and my cock. He gives one last squeeze, then removes his hand, giving me a minute to catch my breath.

I’m the first to speak, “How was that?”

“Fun.” he replies. “A lot more fun than I would have expected.”

“Well,” I glance at the clock, “I have time. We could get cleaned up, grab another beer and do some other things.”

“Ok, like what?” Tory asks clearly interested.

“Well, if you really like the idea of fucking Annette in the ass, we could continue the roleplay.”

It takes a minute, but he implications finally dawn on him and he breaks out in a big smile. “I’ll get some lube,” he answers.

The End

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