Looking…Wanting More of John


I never expected what happened in our parking lot with John nor did I expect I would be looking for more.

God….he was the opposite of all those guys in the gay magazines. He was fat, unshaven, gross but I wanted more.

He had been in the parking lot, two weeks ago, when I saw him jerking off in his car. He saw me watching and one thing lead to another and we sucked each other off.

I was disgusted and so turned on. When I worked in the evenings at my parents store I kept looking for him to come in near closing. He hadn’t.

I went for a run most nights and would run by the top of his street unable to make myself run past his house.

It had been two weeks and as I ran I was trying to convince myself to go by his house. It was after 10:30, he was probably inside anyway. As I got to his corner I turned, heading down his street, quickly going by his house. Mixed feelings ran through my body, wanting him to see me and not wanting him to.

Just as I passed his driveway,

“Hey Rob….what’s your hurry.” John called out.

My stomach flipped…..I stopped. Looking towards his darkened porch. “Hello?”

I saw movement on the porch, the silhouette of John’s massive frame against a window appeared.

“Coming by for a beer?”

“Oh, hi John. No just out for a run.”

“Yeah, sure. Come on up. I have one for you.” My first thought was one of what?

I turned and walked up his drive to his porch. As I walked up the steps I realized it was like the floor of his car, beer cans, pizza boxes, whiskey bottles littered the porch floor.

He motioned to a chair beside him and leaned over and pulled a beer out of a cooler, opening it and handing it to me.

“Cheers. I wondered how long it would take you to run by.” he said.

I istanbul travesti started to make excuses, “Stop, you are here. That’s all that matters.”

I sipped the beer, feeling his eyes on me.

“God, I watched you running. You have such a delicious body. I got hard just seeing you.”

I spluttered into my beer, “Thanks, I think.”

“I loved sucking your cock in my car. It was so hot. Mmmm and you sucking me….I have dreamt about it ever since.”

I looked at him sitting there, a beer in his hand, his signature wife beater Tshirt just covering his man tits, his massive belly bare. I realized he was only wearing boxer shorts, his cock was hard and sticking out of the slit in the front.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of his cock. You would think his belly would dwarf it but God it stuck out past his huge gut.

He leaned back in his chair, looking at me. Chugging his beer, smoking a cigarette..

Without a word, I slid out of my chair onto my knees in front of him. My hand wrapped around his thick cock and I bent it towards my mouth. I looked up at him and he was smiling, taking a drag of his smoke.

It was different this time. It wasn’t a surprise, I wanted to suck his cock in the worse way. It showed. I took his balls in my hand and squeezed them as I lowered my mouth down his shaft, my tongue stroking and wrapping itself around the head of his cock. My head and mouth working that thick huge shaft. I felt his fingers weave themselves through my blond hair, pulling, pushing my head further down his cock.

He rolled his thick fat hips as he pushed me down lower, fucking my face. I felt like a complete slut. My saliva and snot flowing around the base of his cock as I continued to suck. He pushed istanbul travestileri and pulled my head up and down his cock in rapid motion. Grunting, moaning….his groin smelt sweaty and musky which only turned me on more.

I was gasping for breath, so excited to be sucking his cock, turned on by the rough way he was using me. My own cock had worked its way out of my running shorts, banging against his leg as he lifted my head up and down on his cock. I had my mouth stretched open as much as I could. His cock was so unbelievably thick. My tongue pushed and massaged his cock as best as I could, sucking the monstrous head of his cut cock.

I felt his fingers tightening in my hair, pulling me off his cock. I gasped for air, my spit bubbling out and down my chin on to my running shirt. He growled at me, “Grab my cock, stroke me. Yeah, slower. That’s it mmmm.”

He still had me by the hair and he slowly pulled me up face first on his hairy belly. “Lick me” he demanded. He took one hand off my head and I felt him struggling to pull his Tshirt up around his neck. I looked up along his belly, his huge man tits laying there and his acorn size nipples hard and red. I felt my balls tighten as he pulled me up, “mmm suck my nipples like they’re your mother’s tit.”

I lay across his belly my face buried into his man tit sucking that huge nipple. The feel of it in my mouth was erotic and I felt his cock pulse as I sucked on his tit. “Keep stroking me….faster now.” My hand stroked him faster as he demanded, sucking one nipple then the other one. My face buried into the mass of matted black hair on his chest.

“Hmmm yeah bite it. No harder. Bite my tit harder now.” As I did he growled, “Yeah, fuck I’m cumming you cocksucker.” travesti istanbul He pulled me off his tit and pushed me back as the first spurt erupted from his cock, hitting me on the side of my cheek, covering the tit I was just sucking on. The second spurt covered his belly. Each spurt was as thick as water from a kitchen tap. Four, five and finally a sixth spurt puddling in the saliva and snotty mess I had made at the base of his cock.

“Fuck, yeah,” he muttered, my hand still on his cock, stroking him. Bending over him, holding onto the arms of his chair, my mouth going to that fat nipple, licking the cum off of it following the trail down his chest where it had pooled with the other spurts. A pool of cum had matted the thick black hair across his expansive belly. I ran my tongue through it and rubbed my face in it, feeling the sticky wetness smear on to my face and lips.

Moving lower to his cock, that almost looked normal now, flopping it to the side and licking up the remainder of the mess at the base of his cock. Taking his cock in my mouth and enjoying the feeling of it being semi-soft.

I leaned back on my knees and he handed me my beer. I greedily drank several gulps. He looked at me, taking a drag on his smoke then finishing his beer.

“You’re a cumslut. Who would think?”

“Another beer?”

I shook my head, my mind was whirling, wondering what next. I didn’t know what to expect. I am sure I looked like a lost puppy.

John stamped out his cigarette and heaved his huge body off the chair.

“Well kid, thanks for dropping by. Have to work in the morning. I am sure I will sleep like a baby.”

I watched him walk around me and go in his door, shutting it behind him. I knelt there not believing what happened. I looked around, the streetlight seemed to light the whole area like it was daytime. I jumped to my feet, fixing my now soft cock in my running shorts and ran off his porch, trying to stay in the shadows. I got to the side walk, looking back. I am sure I saw him watching me but I turned and continued my run.

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