My friend David’s’ 2 delivering her promise


“I promise I will make you feel as good as you made me feel before its time for you to go back Uni…Do we have a deal?” “OK,” I said sadly. “Just you wait.” …Well I waited, not very patiently but I didn’t want to push or appear desperate. I was desperate though. David’s mother consumed all my thoughts all the time. I visited David’s house a few times in the following couple of weeks to hang out, sometimes she was there and sometime not but she made no reference to our encounter when I did see her in the house. I was getting rather despondent when I went around on a Saturday evening to collect David to go to a friend’s party. Maltepe Escort I rang the bell and she answered. “Hi Mrs Franklyn,” I said “How are you?” “Hello Martin, you can call me Helen you know?” She said with a big grin. “Hi Helen,” I muttered “David has just rushed in from work and is showering” she said, “He’ll be down into the kitchen” I followed her and she turned to me at the kitchen door. “I haven’t forgotten Martin but we must be careful, are you still willing to help me my promise?” I looked into her eyes and tried not to blush and said “I am.” As we spoke I could feel my groin Maltepe Escort Bayan straining, God, if this is what it’s like just talking to her how am I going to cope with her touching me? “OK, Barry is away from Tuesday night. He says he is going to some conference or other…still not sure if I believe him but I truly am past caring,” she said rather sadly. “Not your problem though so let’s says you come around on Wednesday morning when the house will be empty and we can take our time, how’s that?” “That’s fine,” I said. “I can be over about 10?” “Great” I’ll be waiting.” She kissed Escort Maltepe my cheek and told me to wait for David in the lounge. “Have a good evening, “she shouted after me “be careful!” I don’t think time ever went as slowly as those few days, but when Wednesday morning finally arrived, I got myself ready for my “date”. I showered and scrubbed every inch of myself, brushed my teeth…twice and headed round to Helen’s. At 10am exactly, I knocked on the door. Helen answered immediately and said she thought I’d be prompt! She closed the door and hugged me. “Martin… just relax… you are trembling… you don’t have to be nervous, you trust me don’t you?” “Oh I do,” I said “I will calm down in a minute.” “You don’t need to calm down” she smiled “you just need to relax”. We both laughed at that and the tension was broken. “Come up with me I am going to thank you for relieving my headache that time.” She took my hand and led me upstairs.

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