My First time Part 2_(1)


My first time part 2

My name is Samantha and this is the story of my third animal encounter,

I am now 14, and I met a guy on the net who was 19 and a virgin and he the second biggest dick I had every seen, the biggest dick I have ever seen and felt belong to the one man I have not been able to root Raymond Norman, I had been able to jerk him off when I was like 11 but always wanted to go all the way with him, and Ray is so sweet and caring and has a hot muscular body and so dreamy, I almost Cumming just thinking about him now.

So I decided I wanted to this virgin, his name is Blake and teach him how to use manhood and I never say no to a root, I went to the airport and couldn’t believe my eyes there was Ray sitting there, I hadn’t seen for like 3 or 4 years, he was hotter and more muscular, he was heavily tattooed had a full sleeve on his right arm and a number of other tattoos he wearied glasses now, which made him look even hotter and he was wearing tight jeans that showed off his massive package and a tight T shirt that teased me showing of his big muscles, I felt my pussy lips mashing together I was Cumming, what the fuck is wrong me I thought I know I had the beatest ever crush on since, I was 10 and dreamed about him and always masturbate thinking about him. But I wasn’t sure if this was another dream, so I walked up to him, hey big boy I said hey looked up at with his big beautiful blue eyes, hey he replied I could see him trying to put a name to my face, I said do you remember last time you saw you finger fucked me on my 11th birthday? Sam? He questioned yes I replied I find out that we were on the same flight Şerifali Escort which boarding wouldn’t start for another hour, want to fuck I asked man you have grown up fast, I thought you said you wouldn’t turn out or dress like missy, I am not that little girl anymore, a lot has Sam I am married he told so she don’t need to know it be our little secret I told, I am going to my boarding area you can come if you would like he told, as he stood up I grabbed his huge package tell me you don’t want me I said his dick instantly got hard to my touch and his eye’s changed he got a real bad boy look in his eyes, there my boys I said with an evil grin and a horny giggle, his dick throbbed in my hand for a brief second than his eye’s changed back and he pulled away from me, Sam as much s I may like to I can’t, oh ok but I could give you the ride of your life, I could make you scream!! I told I saw his eyes flick back to the bad boy look again I sure you probably could he said as we walked to our boarding area, I sat opposite him and we talked I told him of my sexual past, he asked about my sister and his old mate, I could feel my cum from before running down my thighs at the same time I could see Ray stirring at my thighs I wonder if he could see my cum running down my thighs or if he had notice I wasn’t wearing any panties, so I spread my legs as far apart as they would go, to show for my shaved naked pussy, Ray didn’t look away and I could see his massive package standing to attention, we got called to board I asked him as we walked on want to join the mile high club, he didn’t say anything he was stood behind, so I throw my hand back Şerifali Escort Bayan and grabbed his once again hard package, I giggled and shrived and shoke as I nearly Came right there, Sam he snapped.
When we landed I said last chance, he paused and said I would love to but it wouldn’t be right to wife he told, I said ok than how about a kiss and a hug than I asked, ok Ray said so I give him a hug, and as he went to kiss my cheek I turned sideways and slid my tongue into his mouth, he pulled away goodbye Sam as he turned and walked off, so I meant Blake he was a bodybuilder and was huge and kind of cute, I was so horny and couldn’t stop thinking about Ray and wanted a dick inside right there and than, so we got back to Blake’s place a big huge brown Dane met us at the front door this is tank, Blake said and than we fucked 2 or 3 times than had dinner and fucked another 4 times and Blake came every time and only lasted about 5 minutes each time, so I was so horny, Blake said I be going fishing with some mates I won’t be back till about 1030am or so.
Blake kissed me goodbye and left I fell back asleep and dreamed of Ray fucking me and Blake fucking me in the ass I woke up Cumming, I was naked laid face down on the bed still horny so I raised my ass in the air and started rubbing my clit I was nearly Cumming when I felt someone licking my pussy, Blake must be back early I moaned and groaned as this long tongue flicked in and out me I continued rubbing my hand Clit,
I thought this is to go to be Blake some how must be Ray at this point didn’t really care, I started rocking my hips Escort Şerifali meant this rough flicking tongue flick for flick, my juices rolled down my thighs onto the bed, I felt the weight on the bed over me and than a tight grip around waist, I giggled,
After a few thrust he entry me it as big s Blake’s dick maybe bigger, I moaned and groaned curling my fingers into the bed sheets
The pace got faster and faster, and harder and harder, I came about 3 or 4 times as I felt finger nails digging deep into my waist but I thought they don’t feel like guys finger nails, than a huge ball entry me, on second thought that don’t feel I guys dick more like a dogs dick, I feel the ball lock into place I thought it feels like a dogs knot than I felt the hot Cum spray into my pussy it felt like it shot right up into my stomach than I heard a yelp and a howl, ]
It felt like we were tied together forever than I pop and this doggie member fell out of me my body crashed to the bed, I pasted out.
I could hear a voice Sam, Sam wake up are you ok? My eyes flew open Blake was sitting on the bed I just got in, I thought you got back hours ago? I questioned no just now he said, I thought it must have been a dream, I got up to have a shower with Blake as I did I could feel cum pouring out of me fuck that dream made me wet I thought, as I walked across the room, it must have just been a dream I thought, Tank ran up to my naked body stuck his head to my crotch and flicked his tongue in me I thought wait a minute I know that tongue, OR WAS IT JUST A DREAM

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