Pay Back_(0)


Here is my story of how my life changed one day.
When I was in my early 30’s is started to get into gambling. I we go out and play the slots at the local casinos. That soon got boring. So, I tried my hand at poker. It was fun. But, I was a very poor player.
My interest then turned in horse racing. I found a bar that was nearby that offered OTB. Soon almost like clockwork I was there every day. It was nice to go there and place a few bets, drink some and relax.
One day I met this guy who came in to play the races too. We started chatting and talking about gambling. His name was Matt. After we had both downed at least a six pack, Matt leaned over and told me a secret. He said that he was a bookie. And that if I wanted he could place bets on other things like boxing, football, soccer and etc. His cut was only 5 points on the dollar. I was very interested but a little hesitant too.

About a week later I was back at the bar and Matt walked in. He spotted me and took the seat next to me. We downed a few cold ones while engaging in small talk. Matt then told about a fight that I could make some good money on. The odds were too good to pass on. So, I decided what the hell and gave $200. We exchanged numbers and he said he would call me after the fight. 2 days later my phone rang.
It was Matt. The tip proofed true and I had won. So we decided to meet at the bar so I could get my winnings. At the bar Matt said he had another tip to play on. It was a college football game. I took what I had made and let my original $200 ride. Sunday morning my phone rings and it is Matt telling me that I had won again.

As time progressed my betting with Matt became more often. I got to the point that he would actually just keep a running tab for me. I sometimes owed him. Other times he owed me. But, soon my luck started drying up. I got to the point where I could never be able to pay him back in a reasonable time. So I gave him a call to see if we could meet and talk about the situation. He gave me his address and I told him I’d be there in a few.

I got to his house; he opened the door and let me in. Matt grabbed a couple brews and we went into the living room to talk. We talked and I explained my problem to him. He was not too happy to hear what I had to say. He said that there was a way to work off some of what I owed him. I was eager to pay down my debt so I so ok. He asked me if I was sure. I said “Sure as long as it’s not illegal”. He smiled and no it was not. I said ok, what do you want me to do.
Matt smiled. He relaxed in his chair and spread his legs apart. He told me to get on my knees between his legs. I swallowed hard. Surely he can’t be wanting me to do this. I started to shake a little. Matt saw that said “it’s ok, you want to pay off your don’t you?” I got up and walked over to where he was sitting. I got on my knees between his legs and said “ok now what?”
Matt said “now undo my belt”. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I am not gay. Only ever wondered about what being with a guy would be like. I took a deep breath and reached over and lifted his shirt to see his belt. It took some time to undo it. I had never unbuckled a belt of another guy.

“ok, now unbutton my pants” Matt said. Again I swallowed hard and with shaking hands undid his Levi’s. “You’re ok” he told me. “Relax and pull down my zipper” Matt said. By now I good feeling how I was to “work” off me debt. I unzipped his pants and opened them up. He gave me a quick smile. I could see his bulge inside his underwear. He lifted his butt from the chair and told me pull his pants all the down. As I did I started to feel a twinge down below. As he sat back down he moved his crotch closer to my face. He was wearing a pair of tightee whitees. I could see that he appeared to well endowed. His underwear left nothing to the imagination. “Do you like want you see?” He asked. I didn’t know what to say. But, I could feel my own cock starting grow. Matt took my hand and placed it on his crotch. He rubbed back and forth a few times then let go. He told to keep rubbing him. It was a strange feeling to be massaging another guys privates. But, here I was, on my knees, between his legs and rubbing him through his undies. Matt closed his eyes and smiled. As I rubbed him, I could feel his cock starting to grow. It started to throb, each time getting a little bit bigger and harder. I kept rubbing and he kept growing. “That feels good, use both hands” he said. By now he was getting hard. So I used one hand on his balls and the other on his cock. I just kept rubbing him as asked. He sat there with his eyes closed and small smirk on his face. After a couple of minutes I must been liking it. My cock was stirring and coming to life. By now Matt was fully erect. Göztepe Escort His cock was starting to peek through his underwear. I just kept playing with it. My own cock was getting harder too. Matt opened his eyes and lifted his hips again. “Go ahead, take em off so you can see it” he said. When I did his cock sprang out like a big club. He sat back down in his chair. I remained on my knees, his hard cock pointing straight out me. “ok, now jack it and don’t forget the balls” he said. Again I reached out and took hold of his cock. And started jacking it off. Then I cupped his balls gently massaged them. Matt let out a sigh. It felt really strange but cool at the same time to be stroking another guy’s cock. Mine was fully hard by now and wanting attention too. I was amazed at how hard he was, how soft and smooth his balls felt. I could feel him throb in my hands as I slowly stroked it. I looked down at how nicely he was cut. A big purple mushroom head, sitting atop a thick long shaft. I noticed that there was a big drop of precum oozing out of the slit. Matt must have seen looking at it. He said “I precum a lot, go ahead, lick it off”. I slowly leaned forward and licked the tip of his cock. His precum was thin and salty. Not what I had expected. “Good job, are you ready for the next step?” He said. “I guess” was all I could say. “Great, now I want you to gently lick and suck my balls. But, don’t forget to keep jacking me” Matt commanded. I leaned forward and put my face between his thighs. I could smell his scent now. It was very musky but seductive at the same time. Kind of reminded me of what I smell like down there. His balls were hanging low and heavy. They were covered with a few long dark pubic hairs. I stuck out my tongue and started to gently lick to bottom of his scrotum. The skin was soft and smooth. My nose was at the base of his shaft. All I could smell was his strong scent. I kept licking and could feel his pubes were rubbing my face in unison to my strokes. When I hit the little line in the middle of his I could feel him tense up a little. Aha, I thought. I found a tender spot. Maybe I could get a little fun out of this. So, up and down on that thin line I ran my tongue. He let out some hushed moans and mini spasms as I worked it. By now, he was precumming so much that it acted like lube. It made his cock all slippery, my hand slid effortlessly up and down it now. His body was starting tense up as I continued teasing him. I chuckled to myself knowing that I was teasing him. Then I thought “I know what he wants, but, if I can make him cum like this, TOO soon, I can be done.” So, I just kept going, licking and stroking, hoping that my plan would work. I was wrong. “Now, suck on my balls, one at a time. I want to feel them fully in your mouth with your tongue running over them”. I did as he said. Opened my mouth and sucked his left ball all the way in. It was a mouthful. It barely fit. Just enough room to run the tip of my tongue around it. It was salty, musky and I could even taste some of my own saliva. It felt so weird. My mouth was full of testes, my nose buried in his pubes at the bottom of his shaft. He moaned out “Yeah, I like that, now suck the other one”. Damn, foiled again. So, I let his left ball plop out of my mouth. Took another swallow, and sucked his right nut in. It was bigger and firmer than the other one. I used my tongue as much as I could. It completely filled my mouth. I was still slowly stroking his meat. His precum was leaking down his shaft. I could smell it. It had a good clean smell. I suddenly realized that here I am, stroking cock and sucking balls. And, starting to like it? OMG.
Then all of the sudden Matt said “look at what you have done”. “My meat is all wet with my juices, I want you to work from my balls up to the tip and lick it all up”. “And don’t miss a drop”. I let his ball slowly slide out of my mouth and let go of his cock. The whole shaft and head were covered in his juice.
As I got started licking up the mess, it got fun again. It was like licking a long, thick lollypop. Start from the bottom then lick it all the way up. Then move to a new area and repeat. The taste was salty, but good. It wasn’t long before I had licked clean and dry. But, he just kept on leaking out more. I’d lick the tip dry and more would emerge. I had a good idea of what was coming next.
He told me to take his head into my mouth and with just the tip of my tongue lick the slit of the head. I had to inch forward to get to where I was looking down at his member. It already had a dewy drop coming out of it. I knew now what he really had in mind. But, I had gone this far and there was no turning back.
I looked down at the big purple head of his cock. The pee slit was wide open and a slow but constant stream Göztepe Escort Bayan of precum was coming out. There was already a trail of it going down his thick shaft. I lowered my head, and slowly took him into my mouth. His head was big slippery wet with precum. I stopped when the whole thing was in. I did as he instructed and started flicking the very tip of his cock. As soon as I started to do this he put his head back and started to moan in earnest. Every time I licked I would get more of his cock juice. After a while my mouth was full and there was no other choice than to swallow. It was slimy and salty. Matt felt me swallow and looked down at me. I looked back at him as best I could with his meat in my mouth.
“Alright” he said. “Now suck on it”. “Go slow but all the way down”. “I want to feel the tip of my cock hit the back of your throat”.
I closed my eyes and slowly slid my lips down his shaft. I could feel the head moving farther into my mouth. Then it hit the back of my tongue. The gag reflex started but I went a little farther and felt it hit my tonsils. He let out another groan. “Now, cum back up but don’t let the head leave your mouth”. I did as he asked. “All the way down again”. I did as told and slowly slid my lips down his hard shaft until again it hit my tonsils. “Good now keep doing that nice and slow”. I did as he said. I just kept sliding my lips up and down his shaft. Every time making sure that his big head hit my throat. His cock was juicing like crazy and was filling my mouth again. I looked up at him as his cock seemed to get even bigger my mouth. His eyes were closed and he was long slow breaths. I had to swallow again. My saliva and his juice were filling my mouth. I tried to hide what I was doing. I swallowed slowly and could feel how slippery it was. “You like that”. He caught me. He felt me swallow. I didn’t reply, just kept sucking on his meat. “Alright, you got that down great”. “Now I want you to take your right hand and wrap it around the base of my shaft”. “Then jack it in unison with your sucking”. “And your other hand on my balls cupping and rubbing them”. Again I did just as he said. He closed his eyes again and let out a few quiet moans. I followed his directions, sucking, jacking and fondling. His juice was leaking out like crazy. This time just swallowed not caring about being caught. “You do like that, don’t ya”. Again I didn’t reply, just kept doing what I was doing. After a few minutes he opened his eyes. “Are you ready for the big finale?” Again I kept me silence. “OK then” he said. “I’m going to blow my load into your mouth and I don’t want you to miss a drop”. I just looked him in the eyes and kept sucking. “Don’t stop sucking me till I say and then slowly let it slide out. Next, without spilling any, I want you show how much cum you are going to swallow. Then swallow it all”. I looked back into his eyes and started to work his cock like he showed me. After some time I could feel that big mushroom head get even bigger. Then his balls started to pull into his body. I knew that the time was close. I had never pictured myself, kneeling here, sucking on a cock and just waiting for it to cum. But, I didn’t have to wait long. He never said a word, never even made a noise. As his cock hit the back of my throat again I felt a small squirt of juice come out. Then on the way up, I felt a throb and some cum landing on my tongue. I was just getting to the top of his head and then another throb. This time it was a big shot. It squirted off the roof of mouth, hit my throat and covered my tongue. He was cumming. Since I had just the head of his cock between my lips, I held it there. Then I started licking the tip. Every time his cock throbbed I got a blast of cum. It came out hot and hard. I could feel it hitting everywhere. His cock just kept on shooting load after load of cum. I kept his firmly between my lips until the throbbing and no more cum was cumming out. My mouth was full. This cum was different. It was much more salty and muskier. It was thick like Mayo. I looked Matt in the eyes as I slowly let his cock slide out my mouth. My lips tightly pursed so that no cum would escape. As his cock left my mouth I could see it starting shrink. I looked up and opened my mouth to show him his cum. “Damn, now that’s a big load”. “OK, now swallow”. I closed my lips and swallowed. It took 2 swallows but I finally got it all down. It felt weird going down, real thick and slimy. “Open up I wanna make sure you got it all”. I did as said. He smiled and said you missed some. I started to panic. Then he looked down. I looked down. There on the tip of his dick was a glob of cum. I bent down and licked it off the head. Then looked back up, showed what was on my tongue and swallowed it. I had Escort Göztepe sucked and licked him clean and dry. I had never felt so used.

“OK, get up, that was payment number 1. “You still owe me”. He said. “In 2 days from now I want the same thing, understand”? I said ok, whatever you want. Matt smiled and asked me if I had enjoyed that. I said not really. He then looked down at my crotch and then back into my eyes. “Are you sure you didn’t like that”. “Why is your cock hard?” I got flustered, said “I don’t know”. “Ok now go home but be back here in 2 days, you still owe me.”

When I got home I just wanted to get the smell of him off of me. So I turned on the shower and started to get undressed. When I looked down at my briefs, I was amazed. They were covered up in dried cum. And when I took them off, I was still leaking precum just like the cock I had just sucked off. Next thing I know my cock starts to grow. I start thinking about what I did. It keeps growing. I start to play with myself. It feels so good. Next thing I know I am remembering how I had sucked Matt’s cock. How much it really turned me on. I started stroking my cock. I closed my eyes and just thought about him shooting a load of cum into my mouth. And me swallowing, that was all it took. Cum was flying everywhere. I had never cum like that before. Damn, I thought, am I gay?

I went back to his house 2 days later. All he was wearing was a skimpy pair of swimming trunks. I knew that I would be sucking him again. But, this time was different. He wanted something else. “Get undressed” He said. As I started taking off my shirt he started rubbing his crotch. I undid my shorts and he just sat there rubbing his cock watching me. They dropped to the floor and he said “I want to see you naked”. “Take off the undies”. I did as asked. There I was stark naked in front of a guy that used to be just a friend. He is still stroking his cock and I can see he has something in mind for me. “OK, now time for round 2”. “Get on your hands and knees and stick your ass out”. Matt said. I said “no, how about a bj instead?” “No, I want to fuck your ass”. “You’ll like it”. “I saw how much you enjoyed sucking my cock. If you liked that this will be even better”.
I was already completely nude, so I got on the floor on all fours and stuck my ass in the air. It felt good. I just stayed there with my ass in the air waiting. Matt arrived and got in behind me. Next thing I know I feel him putting lube on my asshole. It was cold. But, as he started to rub it in it started to feel good. I knew what was going to happen next. He was going to fuck my ass. I have never been on the receiving side of anal, but, if that’s what it takes, go ahead. Matt was good. He took it slow. He slowly started working the head in. Little by little he forced it in. I could feel my ass opening up. After what seemed like hours, he got his head in me. The feeling was awesome. Once the head was in he just kept pushing, I could feel his cock going deeper and deeper into my ass. He just kept shoving it into me. I didn’t think it would stop. Then finally I felt his balls touch mine. And then his pubes were touching my hole. He was fully in my ass. I had every inch of his cock in my ass. It really felt good. He let it sit there for a second and asked me if I liked it. I just moaned. He grabbed a hold of my hips and then he slowly started fucking my ass. I just kneeled there as he worked his cock in and out of me. He would pull it out till just the head was still in. Then push it in till there was no more left. And then grind his crotch against my ass. His balls banging on mine. This only lasted a couple of minutes. He pulled out. Said to get on my back, spread my legs and put my feet in the air. He got between my legs and put them on his shoulders. Then he reached down and guided his cock back into my ass. This time he really sank his meat all the way into me. He was not holding back. So, with my legs over his shoulders, he started fucking my ass. Slowly at first, then he picked speed. He was fucking my ass like it was a pussy. He took mey knees and pushed back till they were by my head. My ass was completely his. He just kept pounding away. Soon, his sweat was dropping onto me. His cock soo deep in my ass. Then he closed his eyes. I could feel him get bigger and harder in me. Then he buried his cock into me, let out a long moan, and blew his load. I could feel his cock throb with each blast. I could feel the warmth from his cum. He left his cock in my ass till it slowly softened. Then he pulled it out of me. Pulled the condom off. Then showed it to me. It was full of his cum. He told me to open my mouth. I did. He poured all of its contents into my mouth. “Now swallow” He said. I did as said. This time I could almost taste my own ass. He squeezed his cock and worked out a last drop of cum. Wiped it up with his finger and wiped it across my lips. Said “Don’t forget how it tastes”. I said I won’t.

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