My Two Aunts Part 3


My Two Aunts
Part 3

My wife dropped me off at the Airport. Just as I got there Aunt Dee called my cell and said to wait for her and that she was only a few minutes away. I gave my wife a kiss goodbye and thanked her for everything. A few minutes later, Aunt Dee pulled up with her husband. We all hugged and after her goodbye with her husband Aunt Dee and I walked through security and to our gate. We were two hours early and decided to have a few morning drinks. After three bloody Mary’s, we bordered our plane and were on our way to Arizona. We had a great time reminiscing and talking about our lives and family. I didn’t want to bring up our few month fuck fest all those years back, but once on the plane, Aunt Dee brought up the topic.

She told me those two months after she was in school she was doing a lot of coke and fucking up in class. She stated that she me a girl named Cindy who lived upstairs from her and was a sort of punk rocker chick. Aunt Dee said they became friends and Cindy liked coke too. She only lived 30 miles from the college so she would make runs back home weekly for her stash. She too was making money at school by dealing to classmates. She said Cindy was a lesbian and before she knew it Cindy seduced her and she had her first lesbian experience. Aunt Dee figured that she was in college and it was just experimenting, right? Anyway, before she knew it Cindy was making her have sex for coke and it became a regular thing. After Christmas break, Cindy showed up with a dildo and fucked her on a regular basis. I told her I remembered Cindy around the dorm and at parties and thought they were just friends. She told me the weekends I was there was the only time they didn’t fuck. Aunt Dee said her head was so fucked up, she didn’t even know what day of the week it was. Anyway, one weekend just before we broke it off three of Cindy’s friends came to visit and before long they all started to fuck around, except they got a little rough. In fact Aunt Dee said she was raped by them. After they were fucking around, one girl became really aggressive and held her down while the other started to slap her and pull her pants down. Before she knew it, Cindy had the dildo out and they all took turns holding her down and fucking her. One girl was a squirted and she would always squat over her when she came and would cum all over her face while another girl held her down. When the finally let her go she stayed in her apartment for three days. I didn’t want to tell her, but I had a huge hard on while she told me the story.

Aunt Dee met a body builder named Steve who was a few years older. They started dating soon after that and by then it was spring and our affair was over. Steve was on steroids and was able to get her coke when she wanted it. When school ended so did their relationship because of the distance of where they lived. My grandparents found her coke a week after she was home and connected her 2.5 GPA with her drug addiction and sent her off to rehab. I knew that part of the story; hell the whole family knew that part of the story. After six months in rehab, Aunt Dee was back on the wagon and commuting to one of the States best college where she earned her degree four years later with honors. She married her husband a few years later. He had just become a Fireman and was a great guy and a straight arrow. Aunt Dee lay her head down on my shoulder and we both fell a sleep until we landed.

Aunt Linda was waiting for us at the airport and soon we were at her house and putting our cloths away. It was Thursday and with us gaining an extra three hours, we had all day to reminisce. I had tickets for a Friday night Baseball game and a Sunday afternoon football game, so we had plenty of time together. Ümraniye Escort We had a few cocktails and Aunt Linda took us to some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. We all talked about the old days and family again, but there was always underlining sex talk and jokes and I got the impression that neither one was happy about their sex life. We stopped for dinner and more cocktails. After dinner we went back to the house and watched the sun set over the mountains. It was still in the 80’s and Aunt Dee suggested we go swimming. I went to my bedroom and the girls to theirs. I was dressed first and jumped in the pool. The next one out was Aunt Linda. Aunt Linda was 50 years old, still had her long brown hair and a great body for her age. She gained a little weight but was still able to look good in a bikini and her tits were much bigger than I remember. She jumped in the pool and swam up next to me. She put her arms around me and gave me a peck on the lips and a big hug telling me how glad she was that I was there and we could spend time together. She kept her hands around my next and complemented me for staying in shape, not like her husband. Aunt Linda told me that he has only been home for two weeks in the past four months because of his band. Then out of the blue she tells me that she only got laid twice in the past four months and that was two months ago when he was home. She said she was getting tired of masturbating to the internet. I almost choked on my tongue when she said that. All of the sudden I heard “My, aren’t we a little cozy in the pool”. With that Aunt Dee walked into the shallow end wearing and very sexy bikini. Her body was still amazing at 43. Aunt Linda never let go of me, just sort of turned us sideways to look at her. I almost died when Aunt Linda said “well maybe I want to get a little, you know we had sex 20 years ago”! Aunt Dee’s jaw hit the bottom of the pool. She said “when”? Aunt Linda said “I don’t know the date but it was around the time you when off to school, I think her just came back from dropping you off”? Aunt Dee gave me a stare I thought she wanted to kill me. “And how many times did you fuck”? Aunt Dee asked. Aunt Linda said “I’m not sure, a few but it was only one night”. Aunt Dee then spoke up and began to tell about our coke filled adventures. They both looked at me, called me a pig for fucking them both on the same weekend and not saying anything. They began to splash me and jump on my back. Both bikini clad ladies with the same face and bodies I’ve loved since childhood. I grabbed Aunt Dee first and tossed her across the pool and then Aunt Linda.

We fucked around and I groped each one as much as I could. I had a huge hard on and they knew exactly what I was doing. Finally Aunt Lind said “you keep grabbing my tits, here why don’t you just grab them the right way instead of your little touch here and there”. Aunt Dee just said “Holy Shit why don’t you just fuck him right here”. Aunt Linda then said “that doesn’t sound like a bad idea”. I reached out and began to massage her tits. They felt great. Because she never had kids, I guess they stayed perky because they were the same as a 30 year olds. Because of all the drinks we were pretty wasted and feeling no pain. Aunt Linda put her arms around my neck and said “do you still kiss as well as you did all those years ago. I said “better”, and with that Aunt Linda and I locked in a French kiss as I was still groping her tits. Aunt Dee just watched in shock. We finally broke our kiss and Aunt Dee said “are you done now, what the fuck”? Aunt Linda and I began to laugh and I slowly let my hand go down to her stomach and finally into her waistband and felt her cunt. Aunt Linda turned and looked at me with a smile. She Ümraniye Escort Bayan knew exactly what I was about to say. I looker her in the eye with a smile ear to ear and said “you shaved”. She had a bald pussy instead of the hairy little bush I remembered. She told me that after watching porn on the internet, every woman was shaved, so she tried it and liked it.

Aunt Dee looked again and said “are you fingering my sister right in front of me”? I just looked at her and said “yep”. At this point I inserted a finger in Aunt Linda’s cunt as Aunt Dee swam next to us. Aunt Dee said “well my tits are better that hers” and began to remove her top. I reached out for one of them and began to fondle her left breast. They were magnificent. Aunt Linda said “hey, get your own guy; this one is mine for the weekend.” I was in shock. Aunt Dee said, “I’m two thousand miles from home, I’m not going out to find a man, besides, he’s family so it’s not like we are cheating. How about we share him?” I thought I died and went to heaven. After all these years, I was finally going to fuck them again.

I moved my hand down from Aunt Dee’s tit to her pussy and she too was shaved. I inserted a finger in her cunt and began to finger fuck both of them. I alternated kissing one then the other. Aunt Linda told me to get on the edge of the pool. I did as I was told and she pulled off my bathing suit. My cock was standing straight up and I reached for my drink and Aunt Linda commented on the size of my cock then wrapped her mouth around it. She used that same technique as she did 20 years ago and once again began to give me the best, if not better, than the blow job she did years ago. Aunt Dee got a little jealous and said “Can I have a turn?” Aunt Linda reluctantly handed over my cock and I watched as my gorgeous Aunt sucked my cock. She wasn’t as good as Linda but she knew what she was doing. After the two blew me a few times each, I suggested we go back into the living room. Once we were there, Aunt Linda (the hippie) lit a joint and we all took a drag. Aunt Dee was carful not to relapse but said she was clean from drugs for so long she was fine. I grabbed Aunt Linda by the hips and began to remove her bottoms as she was smoking her joint. She blew the smoke in my face and handed the joint back to Dee. I pulled her down on the couch and shifted to the floor so I was now kneeling between her legs. I began to lick her cunt and inserted two fingers in her wet pussy. I found her clit and went to town. She was so aroused that she came in under five minutes. I wiped my mouth and looked over at Dee. She was sitting in Linda’s computer chair with no cloths on masturbating. I made my way between her legs and began to eat her cunt. Dee just held my head and placed one foot on my shoulder. Before I knew it she was coming in my mouth. She bucked so much that she almost knocked herself off her chair. Her chair had wheels and I grabbed the arm of the chair before it tumbled over. We all began to laugh and finally I moved Aunt Dee to the couch next to Linda.

I got between Aunt Linda’s legs and pressed my cock against her pussy. I looked into her eyes and then leaned in for a kiss. While I was kissing her, my cock slid right in her pussy. She let out a moan and my whole shaft sank into her cunt. I began to pound away like a dog in heat. Aunt Dee just sat watching. I reached up and began to fondle Aunt Dee’s tits as I fucked her sister. I the reached over and began to kiss Aunt Dee. That was all I could take. Fucking one Aunt and kissing the other. I pulled my cock out and stood up. Both ladies put their heads together as I came on both their faces. My legs gave out when I was done and I sat back on the floor waiting to recoup. Escort Ümraniye Both Aunt’s got up and went to clean up. When they got back we talked about how all our marriages have fallen into a funk. It’s not that we didn’t love our spouses, it’s just that we lost that intense lust, kind of like what we were feeling right now. Because we were family, we justified it, but we knew deep down that we were all lying to ourselves.

Aunt Dee then said she needed to get laid. I sat on the couch and Aunt Dee began to blow me to get my cock hard. It didn’t take long especially when I was thinking, I never cleaned my cock and she was sucking her sisters cunt along with my cock too. Aunt Dee then stood up, squatted over me and began to ride my cock. After a few minutes Aunt Linda reached over and began to rub Aunt Dee’s tits. When Aunt Dee didn’t say a word, Aunt Linda began to puller nipples and said, “Come on baby make your little Aunt cum.” “Fuck her tight little pussy.” Aunt Dee began to get excited and pound even harder on my cock. I was trying to meet every stroke with as much force as I could muster. Aunt Linda reached back and grabbed my cock as I fucked Aunt Dee. Then Aunt Linda got on her knees and pulled my cock out and began to suck on it. Aunt Dee looked back and said “Oh my god did you just do that?” Aunt Linda looked up and said “I know you like girls too, doest it matter at this point?” She then placed my cock back in her cunt and stood up next to us. Aunt Linda bent over and began to rub Aunt Dee’s clit and in no time Aunt Dee came, and shook violently on my cock. She slid off my cock and back on the couch. Aunt Linda took her place and did a reverse cowgirl on me. She was leaning back with her back against my chest and we began pounding away. Aunt Dee said “Two can play at this game.” and leaned in and began to lick my balls. When Aunt Linda calmed down a bit, Aunt Dee began to lick her clit. I couldn’t believe these two sisters were doing this lesbo act. It was amazing. Aunt Linda began to tense up and I knew she was going to cum. It seemed like she was tense and tight for a few minutes before she had the most awesome orgasm of her life. She would later tell us that that was the best she ever had. Aunt Linda stood up and sat next to me. Aunt Dee took her place between my legs and began to blow me. Soon I shot my load in her throat and she drank every drop. Dee stood up and planted a long kiss on me. When she was done, she looked at Linda and asked it she was alright? Aunt Linda said “I’ve never been better”.”

We all slept in Aunt Linda’s King size bed and took turns fucking the following morning. We took a break in the afternoon for more sight seeing and the baseball game. All I thought about was fucking them again. We did again after the game and a few time Saturday and Saturday night. Sunday we went to the game and after stopped at a local bar for a few after game drinks and shots. Once we were feeling no pain we returned home for some final fucking. Aunt Dee and Linda never really touched each other after the first night until Sunday night when I convinced Aunt Dee to lie on her back and Aunt Linda to lie on top of her with both pussies facing me. One on her back the other doggie style. As I went from pussy to pussy, they began to kiss and eventually wound up in a sixty-nine. I just sat there and jerked off. They didn’t last long and eventually I came for the last time in Aunt Dee’s mouth and she saved some for Aunt Linda as I watched Dee spit my cum into Linda’s mouth. It was fucking Awesome.

We had an early flight the next day and after our goodbyes we promised to do it again. Dee and I got on the plane and slept the whole ride home. When we arrived at the airport, we were picked up by both our spouses and stayed talking for a while. We said goodbye and I gave Dee a huge hug and off we went. My wife asked if I had a good time, and I said “No, I had the BEST time of my life with my Two Aunts!”

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