My first sexual encounter with my cousin Rebecca


My first sexual encounter with my cousin Rebeccamy cousin Rebecca and I are 9 years apart, she is 22 and I am 31, for as long as I could remember my cousin Rebecca would always fallowing my every foot step as we would play together in our grandparents back yard like a brother and sister would, I always knew Rebecca loved me with a passion as I love that girl to and I would do anything for her as she would do the same, we have always been close to even this day where we share very intimate discussions of our life situations, she understands me and I understand her.Rebecca and I have always been around each other till I hit the age of 13 my mom decided to take custody of me (which is an entire story I could to for another time) so I left my cousin Rebecca for a wile but I would come and visit every other month or so, so every time I would see my cousin she would look drastically older as she was blooming into womanhood bye every passing year, and our bond was getting even stronger as we physically have been separated so that desire to be around each other grew stronger as time passed on.after I hit the age of 25 I remember my aunt was going to throw me a birthday party at my grandfathers house (keep in mind I was doing my own thing for a wile as I was working and busy with college I hadn’t seen my cousin Rebecca for around 1 year and a half, which has been the longest we have ever been apart from each other since she was born), I remember approaching my grandfathers porch and as soon as I step foot on the porch platform I will never forget my cousin Rebecca rushing me as she pressed me to the wall hugging me as tight as she could possibly hug me to a point as I was losing air (that girl is very strong) and she seldomly whispered in my ear… “I fucking love you and missed you!”, that made me so happy I wanted to cry! as the day went on me and Rebecca spent time with each other as she was laying her head on my lap talking to me about her sex life and her current relationship she was in wile looking into my eyes (I then realized I was getting aroused as I felt all the blood in my body rushing to my penis) I was shocked as she kept staring into my eyes with this sensual gaze as if she was hypnotizing me, I then told her I need to use the restroom so I could snap out of it (I did not want everyone to notice I was turned on from my own cousin) so after I got out of the restroom I then returned to the party to interact with my other cousins and family members, as the day turned to night I would realize this inept energy coming from my cousin Rebecca as I felt she wanted to interact with me more and more as her eyes would gaze into mine with passion from across the room, bornova escort but I knew I couldn’t interact with her as I started to realize I was very attracted to her and I could tell she was very attracted to me so I kept my distance, so the night ended and everyone was going back to my aunts house as I was staying at my grandfathers for that week as that was always my home since I was raised there, every one was leaving and Rebecca I could tell wanted to be the last to leave the house, she approached me and gave me another tight hug as she gave me the softest sensual kiss on the lips and said “goodbye and I love you” as she didn’t even look at me on her way out as if she was upset, for some reason I felt really bad but I could not figure out I left back to my life that next day and didn’t return to visit my family for about another year and a half, as it was like dejavu as my aunt decided to throw me another birthday party for my 26th, Rebecca was now 18 and fully in control of her own life as she had her drivers license and a job, Rebecca was very proud and happy to see me again, as she rushed and hugged me again in the same fashion she did for my 25th the year before, it was a good feeling, so as the day went on Rebecca decided to take me to visit her roommate to introduce me to her, I was like “sure lets go” so we told every one “we would be back” and we left to my cousins apartment so she could show me her “new place” as Rebecca seemed very excited to show me her new apartment!we got to Rebecca’s place, and as soon as we got inside her apartment Rebecca slammed the door and pushed me to the wall wile holding my hands, Rebecca was gazing into my eyes locked like a cobra ready to strike, our noses were touching as we just stood there gazing into each others eyes breathing very heavy as the air was so subtle I could hear every breath she took and I know she could hear mine, she then got even closer pressing her voluptuous perky breast against my chest as I could feel her heart beat beating as hard as I have ever felt it, Rebecca gazed into my eyes and said…”I fucking love you!” I couldn’t respond as I was frozen in shock, all I could do is take a big gulp and swallow my nerves, I was trembling I didn’t know what to do, all I could do is just stand there frozen pressed up against that wall in her apartment, Rebecca then started to lift up my shirt exposing my bellybutton, she then looked down then back into my eyes then down again, all I could do was stand there in shock as her next move was just to drop to a baseballs catchers position, now Rebecca’s head was parallel to my hips and waist, Rebecca then started bornova escort bayan to unzip my pants with her teeth and slowly brushing her pretty face against the cup of my crotch then she stuck out her silky long tongue and began to brush her tongue in between my zipper hole in a teasing fashion, Rebecca was so sexy at that moment with all that eyeliner and makeup like “Cleopatra” the last active pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, Rebecca’s face was simply sexually stunning as she said in the most sexy and nasty voice I have ever heard any women tell me…”I am going to give you the best blow job you have ever had!” my blood then started boiling as I became aroused like no other, my penis was throbbing, Rebecca then pulled my pants down as fast as she could and started sucking my throbbing dick, I was in complete and utter shock and thought to myself…”is Rebecca really sucking my dick?” I was in complete ecstasy, Rebecca was sucking and slurping like a porn star would at the start of a hot steamy porn scene, the look on Rebecca’s face was priceless as she was bobbing back and forth very very fast, the slurp and popping sounds she was making with her mouth upon contact with my hard penis was driving me crazy with sexual rage, Rebecca had her mouth all around my shaft licking it like a popsicle as she soon started to deep throat my dick wile looking into my eyes (all I could do is tilt my head back as I was completely submissive to Rebecca’s every oral motion) she then stood up as fast as she could as we once again became face to face, she then took off her tiny little tube top shirt and her skimpy little track hot shorts she was wearing exposing her voluptuous perky breasts and steaming hot pussy, she then starting rubbing my throbbing hard cock against the walls of her steaming hot vagina as she stayed gazing into my eyes as she said…”I am going to fuck the living shit out of you!” (my blood was boiling and I knew Rebecca’s blood was boiling as well), she then pushed her beautiful curvy hips in a soft forward motion as my stiff hard penis made entry inside her very hot and steamy vagina, she then started to thrust back and forth as her motion’s began to get harder and harder (keep in mind me and Rebecca are still in that standing potion as she is fucking me) she started panting and moaning and repeatedly saying…”oh yeah, oh fuck yeah Vince!” she then lunged forward and put her tongue in my mouth as we began to make out very passionately wile we are fucking, she then rests her head on my left shoulder and wrapped her entire body around mine clinging to me like a languor monkey would clings to his mother’s chest (my blood is escort bornova now at a volcanic level), I then pick up Rebecca from that standing position bye the waist and threw my cousins curvy body over the sofa’s arm rest as I began to fuck her pounding her very hot pussy, at that point I was like an a****l thrusting and pounding my cousins pussy as hard as I could (Rebecca was screaming and I was moaning) at that moment me and my cousin Rebecca were engaging in full blown sexual intercourse so passionately, I then pull out of Rebecca and took about one step back just to take in the moment as I studied Rebecca’s beautiful curvy body (Rebecca was so fucking BEAUTIFUL, the mere word doesn’t do her justice, she was like a GODDESS not of this world) we just stood there about 2 feet away from each other just staring and scanning each other’s beings, the silence of that moment was incredible as we could hear each others deep breath’s and pounding heart beats, that moment was like one of those scene’s from a movie like in the Matrix where time slows down and all you could do is focus on the target, Rebecca began rubbing her wet pussy as if signaling me to come back in, I then snapped out of it and just jumped between Rebecca’s thick thighs and began thrusting so hard like a jack hammer to a crack in assfault, Rebecca was screaming…”FUCK YEAH MOTHERFUCKER!”as she grunted and moaned, she was like a wild a****l as well, we both where like a****ls as we began fucking more intensely in that position, then all of a sudden I heard a knock on the front door as her roommate had come home from work (iguess Rebecca’s roommate doesn’t knock as she just enters the apartment but in this circumstance the roommate heard us having sex as I am sure the entire complex heard us since the walls were paper thin and the front window was open as our loud sexual roar’s echoed around the halls of the complex) I then panicked and made a run for the bathroom since I had no idea who it was, so Rebecca opened the door to explain to her roommate the situation (I am sure that must have been very awkward for Rebecca) I could hear them talking threw the bathroom door as she mentioned who I was to the roommate as I am sure her roommate was very confused at the situation, Rebecca then knocked on the door as I opened very discretely about half way in the shyest manor, she then asked in a cute little voice…”will you let me in?” I then opened the door upon request, she then entered naked handing me my clothes then dropping back to that baseball catchers position as she wraps her beautiful soft lips around my still very hard dick, Rebecca slurps once or twice before motioning her head back touching the tip of her tongue on the tip of my penis in a teasing fashion (my blood was still boiling as I was still turned on and wanted more sex) Rebecca then picked herself up as we became face to face, Rebecca gave me a soft kiss and looks at me in the eyes and said…”we shall continue this later!”…

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