MoistureI think about meeting a dark, wild woman at a bar or a club. There is an immediate visceral attraction between us. We don’t immediately succumb to it, however. We’re both smart willful people and the control we have to exert makes the anticipation of what we both know is inevitable that much sweeter. We engage in that kind of masked erotic fencing people do in that kind of situation; looking at each other over the rims of our glasses, both getting somewhat buzzed, slowly losing the few inhibitions we started out with.Finally we move to the dance floor, and the whole time she’s looking at me with smoldering eyes. We dance, fast, at first, and I watch the way her body moves in her little black dress. After a while we stop speaking. Then we move closer, and start to grind against each other, our hands on one another. She’s warm and firm and I can feel her muscles playing under her clothes, her skin is dewy. I can smell her, it’s good. Her hands slide over my back, down over my ass, and mine are in the small of her back, pressing her hips against mine. She nips at my ear, and whispers, “come on”, and leads me by the hand out the back door. There’s a warm rain coming down outside, we can vaguely hear but not see other people in the alley. The atmosphere is thick and heavy with our smells and those of the city. She reaches up and hooks a hand around my neck and we crash against a the wet, rough brick wall, and my hand finds its way between her legs… we can hear the others giggling about us, we don’t care, we just don’t want to be interrupted. We move farther down the alley, where it’s even darker…We stumble, clutching and groping at each other back into the alley and a loading dock with a set of railed stairs next to it resolves itself out of the gloom. She grins at me, gleaming teeth in an olive face, and digs in her little bag without looking. With one hand in the center of my chest she pushes me against the rail, it’s cold against my back, the rain on it soaking through. She tears the package savagely with those white teeth, pops the condom into her mouth. She squats in front of me and yanks open my fly. I start to speak and she shushes me. Then she does the trick, my cock is inside her mouth and she uses her lips to roll the condom down over me. My dick feels like the railing I’m leaning against now, except warm. Her mouth is hot on me and her hair is soft and long around my fingers. izmir escort She gives a humming chuckle; I can feel her smiling around me as I gasp.I feel guilty that I’m not doing more for her, and eager to.So I tuck my fingers under her chin and pull her up to me.”Thanks”, I whisper, and kiss those firm lips warmly. Then I turn her around so that we switch positions, and ruck her dress up over her hips. One of her garters comes loose when I do that and just starts flapping around.I notice that her expensive looking, simply cut satin panties are damp and fragrant as I rip them off her. She says, “-Wait you don’t have to-” but they’re already gone. Then there’s that sexy chuckle again. Then I dip my face between her thighs and she gasps as my tongue starts to trace her lips.I tease her like that for a while, my tongue gliding up and down, then flickering. Her knees wobble, and my hands grasp her buttocks to hold her at my mouth.”Ahhh… haha”. I can hear the smile on her face even though her head is back, her face up, into the rain, which is coming down heavier now. We’re both soaked, with several different kinds of moisture. She tries in vain to find some of my short hair to grab and ends up lightly pressing my mouth against her with her fingertips on the back of my head.I think to myself that we really aren’t going for equity here in terms of time spent on oral sex. I’m enjoying myself thoroughly though and don’t care. She tastes good to me, a certain lemon-like sweet saltiness.I wrap my lips briefly around her clit and just hint at touching it with my tongue, then quickly nip at the tendon which tops the inside of her thigh. My cock is still comically dangling out of my pants as I kneel, continuing to lick at her.I laugh to myself, I can’t see it, but I picture my cock steaming. Then I push my tongue all the way up inside her, as far as I can get it, and she can’t decide whether to push me away, pull my face closer or try to stand on her tiptoes. So she does all three and has an orgasm for good measure, a huge, feminine, roaring exhalation of some forgotten, eternal word. Then she pushes my face to one side and then holds it to the front of her left thigh, and just sobs happily for a minute.”Thank you.””Your welcome.” I grin.”Sorry, but I need you inside me. Get up here.”She pulls me to my feet and it seems like my cock is inside her in the same motion. She sighs, paradoxically, like escort izmir “what a shame”. The sigh turns into a groan as that same left leg lifts up and hooks itself around my ass. At this point we’re rutting like a****ls, just fucking away with me clutching at her and pressing the small of her back up against that railing, and even though it can’t be comfortable for her she doesn’t seem to care. The slight height difference between us soon starts to take its toll on my lower back as well. She’s thrusting her hips at me, aggressively. I want to touch her skin and I slide my hands up onto her hips, but underneath her dress, she’s very smooth. I stroke her there. Her thrusts slow as I kiss her again on the mouth, she’s sighing into me. I press on her right hip and pull slightly on her left and she makes a quizzical noise as she drags her mouth away from mine.”My back hurts.””Oh.”She leans against the rail and grips it. She has a cute little butt, pale, very round and muscled.Her voice is a rushed, eager murmur.”Oh, yeah… do me like this, I love it like this.”I want to savor this a little more. My hands slide over her belly, around, caress the round buns. Then up over her ribs to her breasts and their erect nipples underneath the black dress.She pushes her ass at me insistently.”Come on.”I move the head of my cock over her lips, exploring, brushing, nudging, then slide it home unhurriedly, steadily, all the way, as far as I can.”Oh, yeah!” We both say, synchronized, and then we laugh in realization. I grind my hips against her ass, hard, for good measure and she presses back against me. We move slowly against each other, slight, wet noises reaching us from below. She leans over, and, one hand rubbing her ass, I slide the other one around to her front. I cup her breast, my fingers busy, trying to find her nipple. I find it, brush it, pinch it just slightly. She groans.”FUCK me!” It’s an order.When she says “Fuck” a jolt of electricity shoots up my spine from my hips, and bounces off my brainstem, and some primitive mammalian reflex causes the hair on the back of my neck to stand on end. I know that she’s losing control, and I love it. I withdraw from her, then slam back into her, her pussy swallows me without any problem and she utters a short, choked cry.I keep going, again, and again, and my very expensive dress slacks are pooled in the muck and grime of the alley and I couldn’t care less. izmir escort bayan If I stop fucking her I’m going to die. My bare skin slaps wetly, loudly, against her ass.I grope at the front of her dress and somehow get it down and off her breasts. There’s some sort of contraption there, I think it’s called a strapless bra. As far as I can tell, she doesn’t need it. I get rid of it, in a hurry.”Grab my tits. Hold me. FUCK me. FUCK me.” Every time my cock pounds into her, “Fuck” come from her gorgeous, very lady-like mouth and it’s completely apropos. It is a breathless, magic chant, and it’s driving me joyfully crazy. I drive into her harder, cupping her breasts firmly from behind now.”Harder.”I move my hand to her hips, pulling her to me hard every time I move into her. She ends up being pushed forward, closer to the railing. She gasps. I ask breathlessly if she’s ok.”Oooh. My nipples are sliding on the metal. It feels really good, cool.” She adds almost as an afterthought, ” I’m close, don’t stop.”We keep along for a little while, and soon she stops her obscene chant and begins babbling filthily. I love it.”Oh, you motherfucker don’t you stop you bastard fuck me, fuck me fuck me fuck my pussy you son of a bitch, don’t stop, fuck me harder-“A distant idiotic part of my mind wonders what she has against my parents.She inhales sharply as if I’ve hurt her, and then screams at the top of her lungs. In the neighborhood around us, dogs begin barking and I think at least one car alarm goes off.Her hips and pussy both begin clenching, shaking and impossibly, because she’s so wet, rubbing my cock and before I even have time to realize it I’m coming too, and what feels like a few liters of semen boils into the front of the condom.She moves her hips against me in a milking motion, laughing. I half collapse on top of her, pinning her against the railing, she squeals at the touch of the metal against her skin. I wrap my arms around her, and she murmurs approvingly. I cross my arms over her chest and cup a breast in each hand. At some point I become aware of the dogs, still going mad. It sounds like they have issues. After a minute, when I can think, I realize that someone has probably called the police, thinking that I’ve murdered this woman.”We should get out of here.”She arches back against me and twists, finding my mouth with hers.”Ok.”We collect ourselves, quickly but not hurrying, and as we are getting into the cab to go to my place, a police car does the cruiser crawl down the alley, floodlighting the rain, to find a knotted condom, a strapless bra, and some satin panties soaked with several different kinds of moisture.

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