My Best Friend and his Girl


Growing up, I had a friend named Jimmy. We never dated, but we did most everything together. I was a bit of a tom boy, and there just weren’t that many guys around in our neighborhood. We became best friends all the way through high school. I’d talk to him ’bout my crushes and make up, and he’d tell me I was crazy. He’d talk about sports and cars, and I pretended to care. During our senior year, Jimmy met Megan. She was a drop dead beauty!! I wasn’t a slouch at this time, but wow!! I was about 5′ 6″, 125 lbs, red hair, c cups, and I had plenty of suitors myself. But Megan was 5′ 9″, 130, flowing blonde hair, and I’m guessing d’s at least. The 1st time I saw her in a bathing suit made my pussy cream!! So, one hot, summer Karşıyaka escort day, Jimmy’s parents had taken off and we had the pool to ourselves. Jimmy was gonna barbecue some food and we’d all swim the afternoon away. Of course, we had some beers around, but it was to be good, clean fun. Megan and I are splashing around the pool, and Jimmy’s cooking, so I ask Megan, “Wanna beer?” She replies, “Sure” I jump outta the pool, and head for the cooler. Jimmy’s there, so I ask if he needs one too, and he nods. I toss him one and grab 2 more. He says, “Tonya, what do you think of Megan?” I say, “Damn, she’s hot. How’d you get so lucky??” He just laughs, I say, “I wish I could find bornova escort bayan a chick that hot, ’cause I’d fuck her hard.” He tells me, “I bet you wouldn’t have a shot with Megan!” I just look at him. I’d told many of my adventures with girls and guys, but not all of them. I considered it a challenge to get into Megan’s pants today! I say, “So, what are the terms? What do I get after I get Megan?” He chuckled, “Feeling cocky huh?” “I just know what a girl needs”, I reply, “and with you giving it to her she’s bound to be all wound up!” We both laugh Jimmy says, “If you can get her naked, I’ll eat your pussy. If you fail, you blow me.” I thought it through, we’d made this Escort üçyol bet before, but we’ve never followed through. Something felt different this time, but I none-the-less agreed to terms and set my sights on Megan. I headed back with the cold beers and I could hear Megan playing in the water and I had an epiphany. Skinny dipping!! I’d get her naked, win the bet, and see how far I could get her to go before Jimmy ever got done cooking! I am a freaking genius; I think. I get back to the pool and hand Megan her beer, and I start to take off my top. Megan just looks at me. After it’s removed, I let my tits jiggle as I let them go and laugh. She’s watching! I reach for my bottoms, and she interrupts. “What are you doing?” I reply, “Thought I’d get some sun since its just us girls. Never swam naked?” She said she hadn’t, so I suggest she try it, but she isn’t sure. Wasn’t gonna be as easy as I hoped. We swam around for a bit, and when we got close together, I splashed her. She jumped at me, and we began wrestling.

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