Daughter on Camera


All characters are consenting adults, over 18 years of age.


When my daughter Nicola went off to university we knew it would be hard on both of us. I’d raised her alone since she was small and we were very close. I missed her a lot and from our frequent Skyping it was obvious she felt the same way.

The other big issue was money. We are not rich and I didn’t want her to get desperate for funds and have to resort to something like being an escort, and putting herself in danger. So I had put to her a rather novel idea a couple of months before she left.


“Nicki, please don’t think bad of me for this; but I have a way you can earn quite a bit of money while you are at Uni, without work getting in the way of your studies, getting into debt or putting you at risk.”

She looked at me eagerly, her big brown eyes full of curiosity.

“Don’t hate me for suggesting this, and you don’t have to do it; it’s just an idea; but you could be a webcam-girl.”

“A what, Dad? Oh. Oh, wait, you mean?!” Nicola said, comprehending.

“Now I wouldn’t want you to do anything like this unless it was necessary, but we don’t have the money, and I’m sure you don’t want to work in McDonalds or such like, or much worse. You’re young and beautiful; and I know you’re not, well, innocent; so I figured this was a safe option . . .”

“You want me to have sex on camera?” My daughter asked bluntly.

I winced. “Well, no, you don’t have to go that far. Just tease and um . . . play with yourself, or such like. Look, I don’t want my daughter doing anything sexual, but if you get desperate for money you might be tempted to, um, strip or sell yourself . . . lots of students do it, apparently. This is the best I could come up with. I can get you a website set up; you fill it with content, and you get subscribers or such.”

She sat back and looked thoughtful. “It wouldn’t be too much work, I guess. You really think I’m pretty enough to be popular?”

I smiled for the first time. “Darling, you’ll always be beautiful to me, but yes you are. Remember your audience is probably going to be a load of lonely old men; your youth will count a lot too.” “Okay, Dad; I’ll give it a go.” She smiled back.


Two weeks later, just before we were about to depart to install Nicola at University for her first term, she came to me.

“You were so right Dad!” my daughter exclaimed, rushing up and hugging me.

“Of course.” I replied humorously, embracing her back. “About what?”

“The webcam stuff! It’s brilliant! I just . . . “

“Stop! Stop. I don’t want to know the details, I’m still your father.” I said, blushing, pulling apart from her.

We sat down as Nicola laughed “Yeah, Dad, even though it was your idea! Well, I just got a hundred pounds for the ten days since I started! I might even be able to afford to eat at Uni!”

“So, you’re okay with it? With, er, doing stuff, and having an audience?”

“I guess.” She replied, shrugging her shoulders. “Actually, yes. I am okay. It’s not anything I wasn’t doing before, but now it makes money.”

“Are you happy?” I asked.

“Yeah. You were right about this, Dad. I’m in the prime of my life and I’m using what God gave me. It’ll be so easy to do at Uni too.”


The Christmas holiday arrived quick. Nicola came home and we spent most of the time visiting our wider family. She didn’t bring up her employment at all, but she was happy, so I guessed it was still working out.


Nicola came back home for the Easter holiday, still happy.

“Dad, my job is making a lot of money. I can’t believe how popular I’ve become. I’m taking us out for dinner.”

“My little girl all grown up.” I observed, smiling.

She smiled back at me. “Dress up, Dad, we’re going somewhere posh.”

It was indeed a posh place. A fancy restaurant in town; that we’d never been able to afford to go to before. Actually, even takeaways had been a rare delicacy for us. Luckily I was good in the kitchen and Nicola inherited that too.

My eighteen year old daughter looked stunning in a simple but elegant black dress and heels. Her long black hair cascaded beautifully down her back. She was a head shorter than me but she looked tall, and elegant.

We took our booked table at the restaurant, I pushed her chair in as she sat down before sitting myself. We looked at the menu and I was shocked at the prices.

I whispered to her. “Darling, have you seen these prices?”

“Hush, Dad; I told you, I can afford this.” She replied with a knowing smile. “Easily.” She added, half to herself.

I let things be. We chatted and ate, enjoying each other’s company after so long apart. I felt my daughter had changed significantly during her term away. She was definitely an adult now, even though she was still eighteen.

I saw the bill when it was placed on the table. I went pale at the figure on it but Nicola just dropped her credit-card on top of it and carried on talking to me. It was a different card to the Ankara bayan escort one I had given her, I noticed.

She put in her PIN when the waiter brought the machine over, without a glance at the amount. I marvelled at her confidence and suddenly felt rather emasculated, but at the same time very proud.

It was a lovely evening, so we decided to walk back home, it was only a couple of miles and we had proper coats. I could get the car on my run, the next morning. As we walked, I couldn’t stay silent any longer; “Just how much money are you making?” I asked.

My daughter grinned at me as we walked, holding hands. “Daddy, you hit a gold mine. I couldn’t believe it, how much more I was making each week; well, not just I.”

“Not just you?” I was curious at this too.

“Tasha and Jenny. We’re all doing it. The website you set up for me, we all perform on there.” Nicola replied, mentioning two of her Uni friends she had spoken of before.

“Together?” I asked without thinking, then countered “No, don’t answer that.”

Nicola laughed and then looked at me inquisitively. “Hang on; you mean you’ve never looked at the ‘site?”

“Of course not, darling. I’m your father. I shouldn’t see you . . . like that . . .”

“That’s sweet.” She said happily. “But I wouldn’t mind, you know. Tasha did say she thought you were hot, when she saw you, from when you were helping me move in, back in September. She definitely wouldn’t mind. She might even insist on giving you a private performance!”

I groaned. “Thanks darling. I really don’t need ideas like that bouncing around in my head.”

“You’re welcome.” She giggled. “But yeah, Tasha and Jenny were both broke and wondering how I had money. I’d gotten to trust them and so I recruited them. With the money coming in, I hired a developer to overhaul the site and it’s been getting bigger and bigger.”

“But what about your studies?” I asked.

“Tip-top, Daddy. Each of us goes live for an hour most evenings and that’s it apart from managing and arranging the content. We’ve got tons of free time and study time. More than that, it’s fun.”

We talked about other things for a while until we reached home. It was not that late so we decided on a movie to watch, and changed into our pyjamas for it.

I was changed first and relaxing on the settee, waiting for my daughter. When she appeared, she was carrying her laptop computer. And she was wearing a very dainty pink silk nightie.

I couldn’t help but whistle a note on seeing her. She smiled and twirled. “You like?”

“You look gorgeous darling. I bet that frilly thing wasn’t cheap either.”

“No it wasn’t. Took me hours do decide to buy it. But I’ve got the money now. And I can wear it for work . . .” She said winking.

“Okay. Enough on that; which movie shall we watch?”

Nicola put on a determined face suddenly. “Daddy, I’ve picked the movie. It’s on here.” She patted her computer and sat down next to me. “We’re going to watch one of my movies, from my site.”

“What?! Darling, no; absolutely not.” I strongly objected.

“Will you trust me, Dad?” She implored. “I want to show you what I do. I like doing it and I want to share this part of my life with you. Anyway, it’s not just me; Tasha and Jenny are on this one too. You’ll like them.”

I could tell when she was utterly determined to have her way, and now was one of those times. I knew it was better to give up than fight; she was no longer a child who needed to learn boundaries now anyway. “Okay. I’m not comfortable with this, Nicki; but I will do this with you, for you.”

“Don’t worry, Daddy. You’ll enjoy it too. Tasha and Jenny are hot. And I’m not bad either.” My daughter grinned.

Nicola placed the laptop across our laps and she gave me a tour of the website, showing me how much more she had gotten built into it since the basic version I’d made for her.

I didn’t like looking at pictures of my naked daughter all over the screen, though she was definitely sexy, as were her two friends. I got hard pretty much instantly, but was thankful I was wearing tight fitting undies.

Her breasts were perfect in those pictures, a lovely round C-cup and her inner pussy lips were prominent but delicate-looking. Coupled with her beauty, and her long legs and thin figure; she was perfect. And beyond sexy. I tried to keep my mind analytical but the views shown and some of the actions in them, the three girls interacting and/or inserting things inside themselves; I was feeling a strong lust for my daughter. I didn’t want this feeling, but I couldn’t suppress it.

“Okay, Daddy; this is our most popular video, and my favourite of all three of us! We do the usual interactive stuff and masturbation sessions, but sometimes we like to do sort-of-scripted stuff too; like movies” She said, selecting a video and typing in her master-code. It went to full screen and showed her bedroom in the Halls at Uni.

Nicola appeared in the view, walking in and sitting down in front of the camera, on her bed, naked. Escort bayan Ankara God; my daughter is so beautiful, I thought. “Hello boys and girls, Raven here; I’ve got a treat for you tonight, both my girlfriends are here to play!”

Tasha and Jenny appeared, one on each side of the screen and joined ‘Raven’ on the bed. They both said hi and waved confidently.

“Now you might remember four weeks ago when I took Summer’s fist into my pussy for the first time. Thanks for the lovely comments, by the way, I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as we did. I certainly did! Well, this evening I’m going to take a fist in my bum. Never done it before. Nor have the girls!” The shook their heads in agreement. “So it’s a first for all of us!”

Nicola turned to Tasha and made out with her for a minute, their hands running over each other and tongues in each other’s mouths. Jenny watched with one hand between her legs until her turn; when Nicola broke away and turned to her, locking lips and repeating the fondling.

Nicola broke the action off and turned back to the camera. “As you can see, we’re more than ready for it”. The others giggle and Nicola climbs on to the bed, presenting her arse to the camera.

Jenny holds her cheeks apart and I see my daughter’s anus and vagina exposed. To my biased eye they are perfect.

Tasha speaks next. “Okay, I’m going to lube up Raven’s cute little star.” My daughter’s friend liberally wipes some gel around her anus and then pushes a finger in.

“Oooh!” sighs Nicola.

“She likes that!” Jenny laughs and looks at the camera. “I bet you guys wish you were here with us right now, fingering my lover’s arsehole instead of Summer. She’s tight isn’t she, Summer?”

Tasha smiled at the camera “So tight. I can’t believe we’re going to fit your fist in here?”

“Well we’d better. Can’t disappoint our fans!” Jenny laughed. “Give her another finger, why don’t you.”

Tasha pulled out her index finger from my daughter’s arsehole and straightened another and slid both in.

Jenny now removed her hands from spreading Nicola’s cheeks and covered her right hand in the lubricating gel, in a slow sensual manner. “How many of you wish my hand was going to go into your arses?” she asked the camera. “Raven is such a lucky girl this evening!”

“Fuck yeah!” my daughter agreed. “I need your hand in my arse, I want you to fist my bum.”

Tasha nods to Jenny and withdraws her two fingers. Jenny replaces her, stretching Nicola’s back hole gently with her fingers now, starting with three. “So tight!” Jenny whispers.

“More!” Cries Nicola and Jenny gets a fourth in, slowly moving them about. “I can feel you in my bum!”

Tasha meanwhile is sitting with her legs deliberately apart and rubbing herself. “This is fucking awesome.”

“Do it Willow!” Nicola exhorts Jenny “Fist me now! My arse needs it!”

“Okay;” Jenny says looking at the camera. “Time to sodomise my girlfriend with my fist!”

Jenny’s thumb aligns with her fingers and she pushes in. Nicola’s anus stretches terribly and seems to suck in her lover’s hand. My daughter cries out in ecstasy and you can see Jenny’s hand swallowed up to the wrist.

“So fucking deep!” Moans my daughter, pushing her arse back on Jenny’s arm. “Fuck me with your fist!”

“Yeah, fuck her, Willow. I can’t believe your whole hand is in her bum.” Tasha says, caressing my daughter’s arse cheeks.

I suddenly realise how lost in the video I had been. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I realise too that not only is my cock rock-hard, but there’s a dainty hand gripping it, through the pyjama cotton.

I turned to my daughter to say something. But on seeing her face and the lust on it; I am overcome with lust too. The computer slips to off between us onto the floor as I aggressively turn and pull my daughter’s body against mine.

“I’m going to fuck you.” Is all I can urgently say, reasoned thoughts suppressed, base urges driving me.

“Do it.” She exhorts before our mouths meet and we kiss passionately.

My hands are pulling her panties down as hers do the same to my pyjama bottoms. Both of us freed, I move fully on top of us and slide directly into my little girl’s pussy.

Nicola breaks the tonguing kiss to scream out as I penetrate her. My cock is totally hard and she is totally wet but wonderfully tight.

“Yes, Daddy! Fuck me! I need this; I need you! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” she cries as I wildly pound my daughter into the sofa.

My cock is plunging deep inside my daughter and it just feels so right and natural. She’s gripping and twisting her nipples through her nightie, crying out each time I go deep, stretching my little girl.

“Fuck me Daddy! I love my Daddy’s cock!” she cries out ecstatically.

“Yeah; you little slut; you love my cock!”

“I do, Daddy; fuck! I do! Give me your cum Daddy! Fill up my little pussy!”

“I’m going to fill you up! I’m going to plant my seed in you! I’m going to put a baby in you!” I grunted, getting carried Bayan escort Ankara away, feeling my orgasm rising.

“Yes! Yes! I want a baby, I want your baby! Fuck me pregnant, Daddy!” Nicola screamed and then I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock as she orgasmed. Her words became continuous sound as she came strongly.

I kept pounding her and then the pressure became too much and I boiled off too. My seed sprayed against her cervix and flooded her vagina. My teenage daughter’s vagina. I held us together, deeply embedded as we enjoyed our orgasms.

Her mouth found mine and we kissed passionately.

Nicola then found her voice again and broke the kiss. “Oh, Daddy; that was just like I’ve always dreamed it. Thank you for fucking me.” She said, sated.

As my head cleared I was realising what I had done and the line we had crossed. I was going to say something regretful, but before I could articulate those words, I realised I didn’t have any regrets. “I should be thanking you, darling.”

We laid there for a while and then my daughter spoke again. “You know, Daddy; whenever I’m in front of the camera, it’s always you I’m thinking of. I always hoped you’d be watching; that you were one of my subscribers.”

I laughed “I think I need to have a VIP subscription from now on.”

My daughter suddenly became semi-serious; “Well, you’re not paying for it. And in fact, after that, I think I want to fuck you on camera.”

“Hold on! We’re committing incest, darling. We’d get into trouble if we were recognised.”

She waved her hand dismissively. “Well, you can wear a mask, then, or something. But I want to share you with Tasha and Jenny too, on or off the camera. Oh, wow, that made your cock twitch in my pussy!”

She was right. We were still entwined, with my manhood still inside my daughter. It wasn’t hard now, but as she said it, I visualised a foursome with her and her two hot friends, and the blood rushed back in.

“Daddy, can you fuck my arse now?” Nicola said, feeling my cock re-hardening within her. “I love anal play.”

We disengaged and she slipped off her nightie and I pulled off my pyjama top. I admired my naked daughter’s body.

Then Nicola pushed me down on the sofa. “My turn to be on top.” She said commandingly; and I couldn’t love her any more than at that moment; as I saw my girl had become a woman who knew what she wanted.

I was laid along the sofa and she climbed over me and lined her arse up. My cock was standing up and she used her fingers to align it to her little hole. Then she slid down, it disappeared inside her; my manhood distending her star, sheathing me within her.

“Oh God! I love your big cock.” She exclaimed happily. And then she went to work, slowly bouncing up and down. “I hope you’re going to keep your promise, Daddy.”

My mind snapped from the pleasure of her experienced anus wrapped around my cock to her question. “What promise?”

“You said when we were fucking that you wanted to breed me.”

“That was in the heat of the moment, darling.” I replied dismissively.

“Oh. I hoped you meant it.” My daughter said and arched her back, pushing her tummy forward so it projected out, as if she was carrying already. She rubbed her belly with both hands. “I’m only eighteen, but I feel the need. I want to have children. And I know of no better man than you.”

“Really?” I asked, surprised.

“Yeah, you were a great father to me; we’ve never had much but you made it work and I never wanted for love or affection; and you even freed my sexuality with this webcam thing. I am a complete person because of you.”

She bent herself down and we kissed, just a romantic touch of the lips, then she straightened up again.

“But right now, I need your cum in my arse, Daddy.” My daughter said, putting a great deal of effort now as she rode me as hard as she could. One of her hands was on my chest, the other was rubbing her clit.

It was amazing; she was almost silent, concentrating on using her anal muscles too to rhythmically squeeze and constrict my cock as she rode it. My orgasm came suddenly and I grabbed her hips and pulled her all the way down on to me.

This made her cry out “Daddy! You’re so deep in me! Ahh! I can feel your cumming inside me! I love it!”

With my hands holding her down, she now moved her arse in a grinding fashion, getting it all from me.

Then with my orgasm over, I reached up and pulled her over to hold us together. My spent cock popped out of her arse and she made a cute “ooh!” I kissed the top of her head as hers rested on my chest.

“I definitely need to thank you for that.” I said.

“You’re welcome, lover.” My daughter replied.

“Did you cum?” I asked.

“No, but it’s okay” she replied.

“Not for my little girl it isn’t.” I objected. So I pushed my hand between us and found her dripping sex. I curled two fingers inside my little girl and found the roughness of her G-spot.

“Right there! Fuck!” She cried. “Finger me, Daddy!”

I worked her with my fingers and it didn’t take long until she was squirming on top of me.

“I’m cumming!” Nicola exclaimed, as her vagina constricted on my fingers and her wetness flooded. It was only a brief high, but from the look on her face it was what she wanted.

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