Mi compañero de cuarto sexy


I’d had such a hard day at work. The restaurant had been so busy, I’d spilled soup all over a particularly irate customer, barely received any tips and had had a fat, balding man perv over me for 2 hours at his corporate lunch. Not to mention, I’d been horny as fuck this morning after another saucy dream about my flatmate Tanya, but had to leave for work early. I was just pleased to get back to the apartment and looking forward to a glass of wine and my vibrator. Switching on the lights, I realised Tanya wasn’t in. Of course, it was her Spanish class today. She’d been Bostancı Escort learning it for a few months to impress Adrian, a hot waiter at our local tapas bar. He was dreamy; thick hair, dark eyes, lips that obviously knew how to please somebody. She often spoke to me in Spanish, not knowing how turned on it made me. An empty flat meant I could be as loud as I liked; she wouldn’t be home for a few hours. I poured myself a chilled glass of wine and took a shower. Walking from the shower to my bedroom, naked, I admired my body. I’m a 34F with huge, dark nipples, Bostancı Escort Bayan and mocha skin, due to my Ghanaian roots. I rubbed my nipples slowly, flicking them as I lay on my bed. I stood up again, lit candles and tapped my engorging clit. I began squeezing my boobs and stroking my pussy, then inserted a finger, and another. Soon, this wasn’t enough, and I reached inside my bedside table, bringing out a bottle of lube and my favourite bullet vibrator. I put it on the highest setting and rubbed it against my clit as I fingered myself. The buzzing Escort Bostancı was so loud I didn’t hear the door open…”Oooh, yes Tanya! Yes.” I orgasmed, feeling all my stresses leave my body. “Can I help you?” Came the reply from my amused flatmate, stood in my doorway. Shit. How long had she been there? How would she react? Did she feel the same? Reading my mind, she told me she’d seen enough to want me more than she usually did. I could scarcely believe my ears. My gorgeous, pale, blonde, bouncy flatmate wanted me? She walked over to my bed, slowly discarding her clothes as she did. She stood before me, totally naked, and began rubbing her small, pink nipples. I choked out words I thought made a coherent sentence, along the lines of “What? Bufkk, younjwa?” Something in her eyes told me she understood.

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