Married and No Longer Curious


A few years ago James got the urge to seek out another cock. Curious about sucking and being sucked by another man, he decided to arrange this by meeting married men for a warm, relaxed introductions to this activity. Turning to online chat rooms he found Tony who was similarly curious and over the next few months they worked themselves up to their first meeting. For both, it was a positive experience allowing them to safety and discretely explore their first other cocks. After their first meeting, what happened next? See the previous episode for the true story of what happened.

Despite trying to arrange another meeting, it never happened.

Tony moved away and they lost touch.

Until last week…

While entering the online chatroom James noticed an unusual and familiar chat name.

Is, that, Tony, James thought?

He pinged it and after a few moments, a message came back that could only be him…

They chatted about what they’d been up to in the intervening years. And also about how much they enjoyed their first meeting.

James still held vivid memories about it.

After all, how could an otherwise straight, married, regular(ish) guy forget the first time he put another man’s cock in his mouth?

And, the first time he tasted and swallowed another man’s semen?

It wasn’t so long ago, maybe a few years previous, that James had not remotely thought about sucking another man. He was, to all intents and purposes a straight married man and fairly happily married one at that.

So how did James come to that point?

His wife Laura was, ever since they met, orally accomplished. And James knew this had to be before they met too.

Remembering their first time in bed she was on her period and unable to have sex.

As a very acceptable alternative, and after they worked themselves up from heavy kissing and James fingering her pussy to a soak and making her come, she returned the pleasure.

Without hesitation, Laura lowered herself, grasping James’ solid penis in her hand and giving it a few strokes to fully harden him, she opened her mouth and properly engulfed him.

Her technique was terrific, taking time to lick underneath and edge James before he felt that familiar tensing.

She rolled on without hesitation as James unloaded into Laura’s mouth. She kept on sucking and swallowing, coming up with a slightly shy but sexy smile on her red and still moist lips.

They kissed passionately before Laura repeated the beautiful act 30 minutes later.

Over the first years of their marriage, James and Laura expanded their sexual menu but it was her fantastic blowjobs that was an easy way for her to dissolve James into a literal mess.

Even this act evolved.

James loved the way she would but cherry red or deep red lipstick before layering a top layer of gloss. Laura had beautiful lips and he loved how she would deposit the lipstick along the length of his cock.

She would finish him in a variety of ways.

It might be a straight-forward suck and swallow. But one day James wanted to go a bit further and he asked Laura to hold the cum, then kiss him straight afterwards.

This slightly unusual request, out of the blue, made Laura check, “you want me to feed you your semen after you cum in my mouth?”

They embraced in the cum kissing, her red lipstick smearing each other not to mention James’ semen being rolled around their tongues and mouths.

There were several variations of their cum play.

James sometimes straddled Laura’s breasts and fed his hard penis into her mouth.

He was not into making Laura gag as he gently face fucked her. This was a sensual thing.

But he would get close and warn her only for her to open her mouth to accept his jets of semen across her tongue and lips.

This drove James wild; he would be still cumming and on his third or fourth jet hold Laura’s head in his hands and deeply kiss her cum-filled mouth and cum-coated lips while his penis finished spurting onto her belly below.

Perhaps this is how the cock sucking cum-loving married slut man was born?

And perhaps, obviously, this need was already in him and it was his loving wife that brought him this far.

She created an urge in him to suck and to love semen.

James became quite heavily into videoing himself wanking his wet cock until climax.

He would edge himself to increase the load and the force of his ejaculation. He was amazed at the self-given pleasure this gave him.

The height of the rope of sperm would regularly reach from his cock to his face or mouth from sitting.

In hotels on business trips, he would arrange himself naked to wank his frenzied cock into his own mouth with such force and volume.

After making renewed contact and over the next few weeks, James and Tony exchanged messages about their first experience and James’s subsequent cock-sucking adventures.

Tony was James’s first, but not his last and while James didn’t exactly go wild, he had hooked-up with other Sakarya escort married and curious men for mutual sucking and wanking.

The meetings usually took place on a business trip at a hotel.

James found this most relaxing and rather illicit and therefore horny.

And while he had quite a few additional meets James really wanted more than he could practically arrange through the online chat rooms.

It also seemed over this period, that James had acquired somewhat of a taste for semen and on every opportunity, he would take it and swallow if possible.

Sometimes while on his knees and sometimes in a 69 position taking the pulsing, spurting load into his mouth.

He had mostly succeeded in doing this, but not always.

He remembered one encounter in the guy’s home, where the guy was so worked up from watching porn that one touch of James’s hand on the other penis had the effect of immediately causing it to go off.

A disappointment for James. He too was hot and horny and was denied the load and instead, having to relieve himself in his car later on.

One other encounter that went well, was in a hotel room when they rather nervous married man – what a gorgeous hard cock that was – decided he wanted to wank in front of James instead of being blown.

As soon as James saw his first shot on semen, he engulfed the pulsing cock not wanting to waste any.

The other guy thought it strange for another man to so eagerly want the cum, but James helped him to appreciate this; “it’s the best bit – and not as hard as you think!”

At this point James knew for sure, he was hooked on the act of sucking and swallowing sperm.

James first made the suggestion: “why don’t we meet, again, Tony? After all, we know each other to be genuine and safe and we still like the idea of sucking cock, so why not?”

They agreed and planned the next meeting which would be in a hotel next Thursday afternoon between Leeds and Manchester.

In the drive over, James could barely concentrate.

When he woke that morning he was buzzing and had a greater sense of arousal than usual.

His mind returned to the hotel in York when they both first met for their experiment of mutual sucking and wanking.

It was most distracting.

James drifted to the moment he opened his mouth and licked a cock head.

A wet cock head, pre-cum oozing from the hole.

A hard cock head of seven inches similarly driven hot an horny by its owner’s own dirty thinking in the several hours before the meet.

He could feel the presence of his own cock and was aware that he was leaking pre-cum constantly and was full of semen having not wanked off for 3 days.

In his mind, he ran through the scenarios in the hotel room.

James liked to be kneeling taking a cock since it required full attention. But he also liked the mutual intimacy of 69 both cocks being pleasured simultaneously. Or perhaps a little gentle face fucking?

But James also considered the moment of orgasm.

Would he take Tony’s load with his lips clamped to his cock, feeling the warmth across his tongue and ejaculations hit his throat? Or would he ask Tony to finish by wanking his cock into his open mouth, his cum messily coating his lips as well?

As if that wasn’t enough of a distraction, James reached down putting the car into cruise control and unzipping his jeans.

His cock already stiff, he extracted it and looked down to its bursting and red, wet head, massaging it gently he gave a few pulls feeling his balls pulse in expectation.

Rubbing the head of its juice with his thumb and taking into his mouth, rubbing it across his lips feeling the hot moisture cool and dry.

This made James dizzy with lust.

Knowing he didn’t want to spoil his jeans in a warm sticky mess, or the surprise, he zipped back up and drove the final few miles to the hotel trying to think about something mundane.

This edging would increase the volume and power of his ejaculation when the moment finally came.

James checked in and organised the room, not that it needed much for what was about to happen.

He took a freshening shower, dressed and made for the bar. Although it was only mid-afternoon there were a few others scattered around.

He immediately noticed another couple with a super attractive brunette with bright red lipstick and her date and also a few business travelers and a group of young men watching a game.

He chose a booth with high backs for privacy before Tony arrived taking a seat so he could see the entrance to the bar and scan the room.

A text came through; the one James had been anticipating.

“Hi, James. Just arrived – I’m gonna be a few minutes. T”

James’s cock twitched – it’s going to happen, James promised himself.

In a few minutes, James noticed Tony walk through and check the bar. He walked over.

“Hey James!” said Tony.

“Well, hello!” replied James, “It’s been too long.”

They ordered more wine and quickly got to Side escort bayan the half a bottle point. They recounted what had happened to each other in the intervening years and of course, their recollection of their last meeting.

“So, Tony. I’d very much like to pick up where we left off in York. I mean, if that’s alright by you?”

James noticed the bulge in Tony’s trousers and was just about able to reach under without the couple at the next table noticing.

He put his hand on top and gave a long rub which had the effect of hardening Tony another inch. Then a squeeze by way of remembering his 7″ cock.

They got up from the booth. Tony struggled and laughed a little at his predicament.

Entering into the left, James pressed 9 for his floor. They stood in silence anticipating what was going to happen in the next hour.

He didn’t need to, but James said, “Tony. When we get in the room, I want you to strip off. Then I’m going to put your beautiful cock into my mouth and suck it. Would that be OK?”

As if it needed an answer.

In the room, they could relax and James poured a couple more glasses of Merlot.

Tony started to take off his clothes and James did the same and before long they were both totally bollock naked. Again.

Moving over, James motioned to Tony.

“Well, that’s as good as I remember.”

Both cocks hardened to stiff salute. Then James moved close and rubbed his leaking cock on Tony’s holding both close so they contacted along each length.

James broke first.

He dropped to his knees and brought his mouth to take in his date’s cock head.

Waiting, James savoured the soft but hard head and he took in an inch. Then slowly bobbing, taking 1 then 2 then 3 inches on each stroke with James’s touch rubbing the underside on each stroke.

He could smell the sex.

James carried on for several minutes and felt Tony’s hand on the back of his head holding him in place, encouraging a deeper penetration of his mouth. He thrust slightly.

James lightly wanked his own cock now dripping pre-cum quite strongly.

But then mid-suck, Tony pulled out and told James to sit on the easy chair in the corner of the room.

“It’s my turn. I’m going to suck you off and I don’t want you to hold back, OK?”

“Fine by me!”

James submitted and fell back naked into the chair, his cock totally erect, before Tony engulfed him.

He licked and sucked beautifully.

James felt himself leak profusely but it only seemed to spur on Tony taking 2, 3 then 4 inches of James.

His eyes rolled back as he enjoyed the mouthfeel of warmth on hard cock.

It wasn’t long before James felt the familiar pre-cum twinge at the root of his cock and a twitch in his balls.

“Tony, I’m gonna cum soon. What do you want me to do?”

“James. Just relax and let it go, OK?”

A few minutes more and James let go spunking hard into Tony’s mouth.

After a few days abstinence, James can be quite a hard and long cummer. And so it was.

He pulsed 4, 5, 6 hard ejaculations as he got lost in his climax unaware of how Tony was handling this.


For his part, Tony was handling it very well. After the first 3 pulses, he was filling up but managed a quick half way swallow with ease.

Then in a few more pulses, he finished James’s load before slowly releasing James’s post-cum cock and licking him clean of cum.

“Tony! That was Fucking amazing! “that’s been up there with the very best, I’d say”

Thinking back on Laura’s first double blowjob night…

James didn’t let the moment go to waste and, noticing his cock-sucking partner was in desperate need of relief, he set about that task.

James, preferring a kneeling position, engulfed the cock. Minding his teeth he set about to build up a steady rhythm of taking about 2-3 inches and making sure the head got lots of tongue and the length long licks from balls to dripping tip.

Pre-cum was a welcome sign and James used Tony’s cock as a lipstick to coat it onto his lips and around his face. In a moment of raw lust, James took Tony as deep as he could but gagged at 5 inches. He set back to a stead cock-sucking pace wanting the cum but also wanting to make it last.

James looked up at Tony and asked, “What do you want to do?”

Driven by lust, he uttered the words… “I want to give you a facial. I want to see my spunk on your face and lips.”

“Carry on” replied James.

James was going to suggest the same. Given a first blowjob of the day – yes there was going to be another – it’s likely to have a good spunking force and James really got off on the idea of this.

Over the years, he’d given his wife, Laura many facials and coated her red blowjob lips. They’d quite regularly swapped his semen and engaged in long, slow cum kissing.

Sucking, he felt Tony approach his orgasm.

The way he was moving a little erratically. The pace of his breath and moans.

Abruptly, Tony withdrew his cock from James’s mouth.

Standing Escort izmir in front he vigorously jerked is raging, soaked penis.

“I’m about to come, James”

While James opened his mouth to provide an aiming point, and because, while he liked the idea of getting his first facial, he wanted to take as much semen as he could into his mouth.

The first spurt was forceful and jetted straight into his mouth and creamed his tongue.

The second hit his right cheek while James felt the next few hit his upper lip and drip down.

James didn’t wait and clamped his lips around the cock as it finished its sticky delivery; 5, 6, 7, 8 spurts before stopping and allowed James to savour and finally take a gulp.

He licked the residual blobs of sperm from Tony’s cock like a slow lick of icecream in summer. Then looked up at Tony as if to say; there you go. Job done.

James let the trail of sperm rest on his cheek and around his lips.

Tony collapsed in the chair while James slumped on his knees with a satisfied smile, savouring the taste of another man’s semen allowing a small smile to display.

They both sat in silence, regaining some form of composure and feeling the sweat cool on them.

The first to break the silence was Tony.

“So what are you doing for the rest of the afternoon”

James replied, “well, since we have this room, I’m planning to make the best use of it. So, the first thing I’m going to do is order more wine. Then in about 30 minutes, you’re going to lie on that bed and I’m going to suck you off again. I haven’t decided how, but you take that as a promise.”

The two laughed as the wine made its presence felt in their bloodstreams.

They lay next to each other along the oversized bed and relaxed totally.

“You know Tony, I really thought we could have become a regular thing. It would have been terrific to call up you when we felt hot and horny.”

“Or to take things further,” added Tony.

James was starting to harden by now and he felt his cock pulse.

He slowly lay back and wanked his own penis to full hardness.

And he noticed Tony do the same.

The two lay next to each other on the bed.

It was Tony that moved first, to lick the length of James’s cock then to suck his balls. James closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of warmth, hardness and wetness.

But above all the total safety and the feeling that he was, at this moment, just in the right place.

He was surprised as he sensed Tony get to the end of the bed and onto the floor.

He felt his legs being pushed apart and upwards.

Then a shot of pleasure as he felt Tony place the tip of his tongue in the centre of James’s ring. The softness. The wetness. But also the force of his tongue as it licked around his anus was overwhelming.

James’s ass pulsed his he took a sustained rimming.

And the effect on James’s cock was unmistakable taking it to full hardness and further.

Tony carried on for longer than James could sense.

The next thing, Tony rejoined James on the bed, but when James opened his eyes he was greeted with the sight of Tony’s beautiful raging hardon in front of his face.

It seemed that simultaneously, they enwrapped each other. Deep, and hungrily.

The licking was fast and the sound in the room of deep satisfaction as the two men did not hold back.

James could not get enough. He tried to relax his throat but it took a minute of trying until he was able to control his gag.

And then, he was rewarded but taking Tony’s cock all the way in and into this throat until his lips were on his pubic bone.

He felt a sense of achievement at this.

He was aware that his own cock was being ferociously sucked, licked, swallowed by Tony a few feet down the bed.

James next demanded that Tony lay back and open his mouth.

Straddling his chest, James offered his cock to Tony’s lips and into his mouth. Deep.

He gently face fucked his buddy.

And it was Tony that encouraged a deeper thrust.

James lifted himself up and rested his hands on the headboard to get deeper penetration.

Now James approached his second climax. But he did not stop.

Tony was given no choice.

Within moments James unloaded straight down Tony’s throat. In fact, he screamed in climax his cock, his balls his ass in spasm.

In a state of unconsciousness, James removed his penis from Tony leaving a string of cum and saliva over his friend’s lips.

James collapsed, but he was not done.

In a few moments, he moved down to Tony’s solid penis and sucked it in.

He picked up a pace to urgently push Tony over his edge.

In the rhythm, he sucked and cork-screwed his hand to maximise the sensory delivery.

The sound of extraordinarily wet and sucking filled the room.

It was not long now.

In fact, there was no warning as Tony opened up and unloaded into James’s willing mouth filling it with semen.

James held it there for several minutes enjoying the taste, the smell, the sensation of softening cock, before carefully withdrawing it to make sure not a drop was spilt.

He lay there resting with a full mouth of cum feeling the texture moving his tongue inside.

And then the final swallow as it was consumed.

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