Lost Bet 06: Didn’t See That Coming


After five minutes of arguing with Leo we had gotten nowhere, we were yelling in circles about trivial blights that we had done to each other over the years like the time he pushed me off a high diving board and almost drowned or the time I told on him for bringing our water gun fight indoors when it was really my fault, but other than minor offences we weren’t admitting to anything. However, I soon grew tired of our meaningless quarrelling and wanted to get into the “nitty gritty”, we did have a wedding to attend and I wasn’t sure if I was going to talk to the groom or not.

“Where were you?” I asked Leo sternly, “last month, when I texted you and no one knew where you were for the week, tell me where you were.”

“I just wasn’t home, where I was is not important,” Leo replied, (stupidly) “but since you want to get in the thick of it, what were you doing at my house when I wasn’t there, I know my mom and dad were out, and my sister was in surgery, the only person I have no tabs on are you and Greg.”

“I’m sorry what are you accusing me of?”

“I’m not accusing, I’m presenting facts and hoping you will tell me the truth…”

“The truth! You want me to tell you the truth but you don’t want to admit to your own lies?!”


“Yes honestly!”

“Honestly, I just want us to move past this, I don’t want to talk about it or talk through it, I just want to blow past it until it’s so far behind us that we can look back on this and laugh, I just want us to get back to good.”

“WHAT! What type of nonsense bs was that supposed to be, back to good, have you not been paying attention to me at all? I’m not a blow past it and hope for the best type of person, I’m the type that talks, or if necessary yells, until the situation is resolved. You really don’t know me at all do you?”

“Don’t know you, I know you better than anyone, we’ve been friends for almost 9 years, and though we haven’t been “together” for a long time, I still know a lot more about you than others.”

I wanted to yell back at him that if I knew he was really like this then we should have stopped being friends long ago, but then he started to take off his t-shirt.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I have to get dressed, we do have a wedding to attend.” Leo replied.

“Well, stop it.”

“Why, oh right, se I know you well enough to know that you can’t argue with a naked opponent.”

He undid his tight jeans and in one fluid motion took off his pants and socks and threw them to the side, Leo then walked over to a closet door, in nothing but some skintight white briefs, and got out the garment bag with his tuxedo for the weeding.

“So,” Leo sighed throwing the garment bag onto the couch in front of him “I’ve told you want I want to happen, tell me what you want Darren.”

I walked up to him a slapped his cheek. How dare he puppet me like this, knowing I still want to be with him, just not when there is this secret between Bursa escort us. Then again since the last time I saw him Leo had gotten much more muscular, his chest was bigger and his abs more defined, he had gotten a couple shades darker as well, then there were his thighs thick and toned, I don’t know when this changed happened but I was very tempted.

I was stuck staring at Leo’s legs until he noticed and lifted my head with his hands. I slapped the hand away turned and took a step from Leo. But that gave him access to the back of my neck. (For the record I cannot be held responsible for any lude or unseemly actions I make once my neck has been kissed)

“We don’t have to be together,” Leo whispered between kisses “we were friends first, we can be friends after. But if this is to be our last time…”

“Let’s not end things fighting.” I interrupted him and turned to kiss him, he met my lips and our kiss felt like and explosion. As we made out Leo flung my jacket off me and I unbuttoned my shirt. We embraced for the first time in over a month, my skin tingled with the touch of his hardened body. I guided Leo back to sit on the couch, and started to fondle his underwear, but we tripped and fell over toppling the couch and knocking a small table over with us.

“Ow.” Leo groaned rubbing his head.

“I’m so sorry.” I giggled, thankfully in the fall I somehow ripped a hole in Leo underwear, I took this as a sign and pulled his stiffening cock through it happily bringing it to my mouth like old friends.

Leo moaned and sighed as he laid on his back enjoying the reunion as much as I was. He started to rub my ass, pulling on my pants and then fussing with my belt.

“Why are these still on?” He asked with fake frustration. I was enjoying the musk of Leo’s balls so I did not answer. The next thing I know I hear a scissor snip and feel a breeze right on my ass hole. I started to shoot up and yell about my pants but Leo’s leg stopped me and shoved me back down forcing me to deep throat Leo’s cock. “AHAHHAHAhA!” He exclaimed, then his legs started to tremble and he let me go. I took a deep breath and wondered if he was about to cum.

“LeeeeeEEEOOOOOOOOOOO!” I howled for when I opened my mouth Leo stuck his tongue up my ass, and just like that all was forgiven and I went back to my blowjob. We were 69’ing and for a while the only sounds were that of his smacking lips on my hole, or the occasional slurps that were my doing. All I cared about was that I was having fun, hot, incredibly, fun with Leo again. I spread his legs in the air and slobbed up and down his thighs and taint and ass crack, I could barely control myself.

I was shocked back to Earth by Leo slapping my butt HARD. I rolled off him and stood up and he followed me trapping me on the wall by the door.

“What the hell was that?” I roared.

“That was hot!” Leo announced “and we’re not done yet.” Leo spun me around and slid his 6-inch manhood into me so smooth Antalya escort bayan through the hole of my pants, but there was a strange sense of urgency that I winced and contorted my back. Leo went a bit slow to start but I still moaned with every hump. I was bent back so Leo kissed me to the side then slid his index finger into my mouth and hooked me like a fish

“Hangug haung ang nuag ahn.” I was totally gone, I’m pretty sure I drooled.

“You like that dick, you like the way I’m dicking you?” I don’t know why Leo was waiting for a response I was not going to answer. “You don’t want to answer, well then you need to be punished NOW!”

Leo was fucking me so fast and hard I went complete bobble head. The only response I could give to him were open mouthed moans and short quick breaths. The he started to jack me off and it felt great…till I remembered the last time I was in this position, with Barry/Even when I cheated for the second time on Leo. Leo had noticed my satisfaction fade so he took that as a knock at his performance and decided to pull completely out of me then shove his way back in with all his strength, but with the way I was positioned against the wall he ended up pushing my head into the wall causing a noticeable crack next to the light switch.

I screamed out “Shit!”

“Oh, my god Dare are you okay, I’m so sorry, are you bleeding, that was stupid of me, what was I thinking?” Leo worried so much that I felt even more guilty for the Barry/Even thing that I played through my pain and basically tackled Leo to the ground (safely this time) and tore his underwear completely off. I devoured Leo cock with renewed gusto, I focused on breathing through my noes so his dick would not leave my mouth, every time I went down I took more and more in, I even attempted to put his balls in my mouth as well. Then without even the slightest warning cum filled my mouth and I hastily tried to swallow it all. I opened my eyes to see a vibrating Leo grinning from ear to ear.

I crawl over and kiss his thigh, then his abs, then his nipple, then his lips. I was happy again, and the fact that he came first really boosted my ego. Its wasn’t long though until Leo was fondling with my belt and taking off my pants revealing my blue and yellow jockstrap.

“You wore a multi-colored jockstrap to my sister’s wedding?” Leo laughed.

“You wear tighty whightys as a grown man, you are in no position to judge.” I responded.

“Yeah, well I’m about in a good position, and so are you.”

Once my clothes were all off Leo got on top of me and started to finger my asshole and giving me a blowjob. I sat up and groaned in love, every movement sent a warm shock throughout my body I could pop right there, but then he stopped.

“Do you ever want to top?” Leo asked.

“Do you want to bottom?” I questioned.

“Um, no…” Leo then stopped to think about it, but when he saw I was confused at the spontaneity and Escort Manavgat leaned in for a kiss.

In no time at all we were back at it, hot and heavy against the closet door, Leo’s hard cock pounding me. I flipped us over and started to ride his dick while he furiously stroked mine. There was a mirror on the closet door and the sight of me and Leo both turned me on and heaped more guilt on me but I just turned it all into energy as I rode Leo until finally I came all over Leo’s face and right when I did the door on the closet fell over next to us and landed with a thud.

I looked across the room where Leo and I just what was probably the most destructive and damaging sex of my life, if this wasn’t a metaphor for Leo’s and my relationship I don’t know what is. I got a pair of pants from the closet and put them on, they were small but what else was I going to do, go in my jock strap. Leo got dressed and well and rushed to the wedding, when he opened the door I could hear the processional music loud and clear. I walked in, late, and took my seat in the front behind Leo’s dad, Ray. Leo looked so disheveled he stood out instantly, there is no way everyone in the church doesn’t know what we were just up to. I wasn’t really paying attention to the ceremony until I saw Greg breathing hard and fidgeting on stage, then he looked in my direction and he visibly started to sweat.

Then came the dreaded moment of every wedding the preacher said it so very nonchalant “If there be anyone who opposes this joining let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”

After a long pause and right when the preacher took a breath for his next word, “no,” Greg whispered. Leo’s sister’s eyes widened, then Greg spoke up more. “I’m sorry, I can’t do this. I don’t love you Nikki, I love someone else.” The room gasped Leo’s mother and father stood up and we all shared the same facial expression. “I love you,” Greg started talking in my direction so I froze in my chair. “I’ve loved you ever since we had sex last month, I haven’t been able to get you out of my head, I’m just sorry that it took me this long to figure it out.” Greg walked down from the alter straight toward me and right when he got to my pew he turned and completely made out with Ray! I locked eyes with Leo, he was out of his mind with shock. Then the new couple ran down the aisle and out the doors.

An hour later after everyone had left I was sitting on the steps of the alter and Leo came over to sit with me.

“Whoa.” I commented.

“I know.” Leo’s response was so cryptic I could tell he was a mess of emotions right now.

“I did not see that coming.”

“My father making out with my sister gay boyfriend whom we kind of prostituted ourselves for or us having sex minutes before it?”

I chuckled, Leo did not. “I can’t imagine what is going through your head right now. As a friend, you need a hug?”

“Probably, but right now I just need you here.”

“Cool, I slept with Greg that’s what I was doing at your house,” I couldn’t make myself look in Leo’s direction so I just kept going, “I’m only telling you this because I feel like this is a time of truth and I don’t want that to be between us anymore.”

“Thanks,” Leo accepted, “I slept with Jo.”

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