My Cop Stud Neighbor


I’m a 26 year old, fairly good-looking and masculine man who developed such an intense crush on a stud police officer and neighbor of mine. This neighbor, James, lives three houses down, across the street with his attractive, blonde girlfriend and cute lab puppy. He is a young officer in our local town’s force and also coached the local Babe Ruth baseball.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t been living in town when I was on the team. I would have creamed in my pants if I got to practice on the field with this stud. He moved in about the same time I went off to college, so I never really had any neighbor dealings with him. But I’d see him drive by in his squad car, stopping off at his house for lunch, and, who knows, maybe a quickie fuck with the girlfriend. I’d peek out my window and salivate as he’d get out of his car and walk into his nicely kept, Colonial style house.

He fills out his uniform to perfection: nice strong pecs bulging beneath his crisp light blue shirt, complemented with a nice bulge protruding below the navy blue slacks. I like his ass too, solid, not exactly a bubble butt, but nice to look at. He has a wiry, sturdy, almost lanky physique, probably about 6 foot and 180 lbs. His dark hair is wavy and very thick. His skin is light, maybe he has an Irish or Scottish background. His face is one of those that gets voted “Class Heartbreaker,” just a cute, boyishly handsome mug.

Some days when I’d be walking my dog, I’d pass him cutting his grass and I’d get to see him up close, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I’d sneak a look at his body and my heart would skip a beat or two. In fact, it almost collapsed when our eyes met on one such occasion for the first time.

“Hi,” I said over the din of the motor and waved as he continued to manicure his perfect lawn. He gave a neighborly nod and slight smile. I hoped he didn’t notice how hot I was for him. I was shocked to see he had stopped his motor and started to walk towards me.

“Hey, I heard a lot about you, you’re John, right?” he inquired.

“Uh, yeah, how goes it, man,” as I shook his offered, sturdy hand.

“Alright, I’m James. I been coaching a Babe Ruth team and I see the trophies in the clubhouse with your name on most of them.”

I was flattered he knew my reputation; I had the record for the most home runs out of anybody in the history of the town’s league, started in 1929. But I hadn’t played ball in years. “Yeah, that was some time ago, though.”

“Listen, I’m pretty busy and could use an assistant coach. Some of the guys need extra practice. It’s a no pay gig, but maybe I can trade off some of my girlfriend’s cooking, and a few beers, eh?”

My heart was pumping furiously as “Kick,” decided now would be a good time to take a shit on the Stud’s lawn. “NO, KICK!” I implored, but it was too late. “Well, uh, thanks for the fertilizer, man,” James responded and when our eyes met I just laughed and apologized profusely before I picked up the mess with my handy bag and threw it in the street pile of leaves.

“Don’t sweat it, man, I won’t arrest you or ticket you.”

“Well, thanks, I’ll remember that when I’m doing 75 on Oak Tree Rd.”

“Hey, I ain’t that generous!” he answered and smirked. “So how ’bout it, ya in?”

“Yeah, yeah, that sounds cool.”

“Alright, why don’t ya come over tonight and we’ll go over the logistics and shit, say, 7 o’clock?”

“Yeah, sounds cool.”

“You want dinner? My girl will make us something nice.”

“Sure, why not.”

“Aight, be over at 7, man.”

I nodded and walked with Kick across the street, anxiously awaiting the chance to get upstairs to the bathroom and beat my meat. I was hard as a cinderblock by the time I made it upstairs. I decided I’d wank on my bed because I could get a view out the window of the stud. I propped up four pillows so my vantage point could espy through the shutter slats the handsomest stud I’d seen in a long time.

I opened my jeans and pulled down my boxer briefs and let my 7 inch bud spring to life. There was a sticky puddle on the head and a circle of moisture on the inside of my underwear. I had seriously creamed my pants over this guy. I took my shirt off and got completely naked for this jerk session, watching my body and comparing it to the stud’s. I have a decent shape, 5 ft 11 and 175 lbs. and a nice treasure trail line of hair going from the center of my chest to my pubic mound. I don’t have too much hair on my chest, it’s mostly smooth. My dark cock bush is contrary to my blonde hair and blue eyes.

I continued to stroke and beat my meat as I watched James go back and forth with the mower, showing off his bulge walking one way, his ass the other. I wanted to go crazy on him.

After explosively shooting, I took a nap and woke up around 6:30, just in time to get ready. I dove into the shower and got myself looking good, put on my favorite jeans and shirt. Why was I so excited, as if I was going on a Bursa escort bayan date with the stud? I guess I was letting my fantasies overtake me. Well, it was nice to think about, anyway, and at the very least I was getting to be able to hang with this macho man so that in itself was reason to cheer.

My parents had red wine bottles in the closet so I took one of the medium expensive ones and headed on over. As I rang the bell I could see James through the door glass walking from the kitchen. My heart started to race.

“Wuzzup, man, ya made it right on time.”

“Yup, no problem. Hey I brought wine.”

“Oh thanks, man, listen I feel bad but my girl is working late at the hospital. She’s a nurse at Pine General and there was some emergency, she won’t be home ’till about midnight.”

“Well, uh, I guess we could do this some other time.” I posed it as a half question, wondering what to do and hoping James would tell me something I wanted to hear.

“No, no way, come in. Just means that she won’t be here so the cooking ain’t going to be the best, but we can still eat. How ’bout pizza?”

“Is the Pope Catholic?”

He laughed, “Thatta boy, I already bought it,” he laughed. He showed me to the dining room and said, “Dinner is served, my man.”

There was a pizza box on the center of the table with two place settings. This was going to be great!

“What can I get ya to drink?”

“Beer is good, Corona or Bud, don’t matter.”

“College boys drink anything, eh?”

I smiled, “Just about, yup.”

We ate our pizza and drank a few beers while we got to know each other. I told him all about my family, I was the oldest of three boys and my two younger brothers were in high school, my parents are both teachers. He told me he also was the oldest of three boys and they’re all cops, as was his father. His mom had died when he was in the fifth grade.

I enjoyed talking to him but looking into his eyes was doing a serious number on my system. I was hoping he didn’t read my face was lit up or something. I tried hard to contain and conceal just like I was doing by placing my napkin on my lap. My raging boner wanted to bury itself into this man’s asshole. A stiff cock has no conscience or sense. It’s irrational, it just knows what it wants. I guess I am like that too. If I’m hot for somebody, sense and rationale seem to take a backseat to passion. That can be dangerous. I fought hard to keep it all down.

After dinner James took me on a tour of the house, showing me all the rooms. He was using two bedrooms connected as a playroom, full of toys: Xbox, widescreen TV, a pool table and a ping pong table. Dude had it all.

“Let me show you the basement,” he offered as I turned for the stairs. I didn’t want him to see my growing mound. “The basement.” Just hearing that was giving me wild fantasies, of being tied up and made his slave or something.

My dungeon fantasies were extinguished as soon as I saw the basement, very modern and finished, carpeted, with a bar and another widescreen TV and another ping pong table. “Damn, you like ping pong.”

“Yeah, ya gotta have some vices, right?”

“I hear ya, bro,” I responded as I took in the bar. “Great set up with the fish tank.”

“Thanks, want another beer?”

“Sure,” I answered. We sat next to each other on bar stools and drank a couple of more beers while watching the fish tank. Every now and again our eyes would meet in the reflection of the tank but it wasn’t anything sexual. I just would notice that we would find ourselves making eye contact. After one more beer I noticed James’ knee was slightly rested against mine. I kinda liked the electricity I felt by this. I let my knee rest fully and I detected that he then let his rest more loosely, so that a good portion of our legs were touching. It was getting me super, super hard. To him, I’m sure it was nothing. To me it was hard on city!

“Hey you got a wrestling mat down here,” I exclaimed. “Whatya wrestle your girl down here?” I was mischievously smiling at this.

“Yeah it’s kinda hot, actually,” he intoned. “Seriously, wrestling is very hot. You get a girl all hot and sweaty right, and then you’re all hot and sweaty, you just go crazy on each other. After ya finish then the fun has just begun, cause then ya get to fuck the shit outta her or she admits defeat and gets on her knees and sucks your cock dry.”

“Oh, is that what wrestling is all about. If I had known, I would have joined my high school wrestling team.” I was saying it as a joke, but I wondered if I was giving too much information. Would James interpret this to mean that I am gay? I didn’t want him to know this. Cops are like major jocks and major jocks don’t tend to be that tolerant of gay sex. I didn’t want to ruin a good friendship before it started too.

“Are you a good wrestler? I mean, I’m sure you can beat your girl, but competitively, are you good?” Escort Antalya I asked.

“Oh ya mean with guys?” I thought he studied me for a second. Then he continued, “Yeah, I was a wrestler in high school, very good at it. Didn’t fuck them after the matches though, well, not most of them anyway.” He laughed, as a joke, and I was kinda crushed. I wanted that to be real.

“How ’bout you?” he asked, “you any good?”

“I can take care of my own,” I quickly retorted.

“Well, let’s see whatcha got my man, let’s go, let’s do this, son.”

We walked over to the mat and James grabbed me right away. He had his head on my side, face pressed against my rib cage. His strong arms were around my mid section and with one maneuver with his leg behind mine I was down on the mat. In a flash he was on top of me, straddling my chest. “Pinned, I win,” he exclaimed.

“Damn, you are quick,” I complained.

“Say Uncle,” he ordered.

“No way, man, I’ll get out of this,” I answered.

I was looking up at him trying to throw him off of me and as he looked down he moved his body closer to my face, dragging his groin along my chest and ending with his legs pinning my arms. He was almost near covering my face with his crotch. I was intensely hard.

“Looks like your efforts just got you in deeper man. You are in deep.”

“Don’t worry about me, copper, I’ll get out.”

I threw my body up as hard as I could, trying to wiggle out or throw him off but this brought him further up front. His zipper and his balls were on my chin now. I could actually feel his nutsack on my chin and it got me hyperventilating.

“You better rest my friend. Ready to say ‘Uncle’?”

“Not yet,” I answered as I lay defeated and secretly loving the feel of his balls.

“Dude,” he said, “this is the shit I do with my girl, it’s so fucking hot. Do this with your girl and you will be rock hard, you’ll get such an orgasm you’ll never forget it, man. And she will be so turned on that she’ll suck your cock like a gay guy in heat.” He laughed.

“Sounds like fun, man, maybe I’ll try that, but right now, I’m going to get your pompous self off of me. Oh yeah, you’re going down, man.”

“Dude, you’re the one who might as well go down, seeing your mouth is just about on my penis” he laughed, putting a sexual tenor that only creamed my pants some more. “Say ‘Uncle’ man.”

“Never,” I smiled and tried to wiggle out some more. I also used my hands to get a footing and to cop a feel all over his body as well. I felt his firm abdomen, his firm chest, his tight back. I even let my hand grab a tiny section of his butt, all under the guise of trying to loosen myself from him.

He moved his groin further, his groin, balls, were over my mouth and nose now. “Say ‘Uncle.'”

I wiggled some more, becoming deliriously intoxicated with the whiff of his testes seeping through his zipper.

“Last chance, man, say ‘Uncle.'”


“Your choice, man. This was your choice.” He moved his groin completely over my face. His crotch completely straddled my face; I was buried in the region between his balls and his asshole. I could smell the testes and the laundry detergent from his jeans. I could feel his balls calling me.

With this stud’s crotch completely in my face, I thought I could stay there forever but I was finding it hard to breathe. “Uncle!” I reluctantly shouted out under his balls.

He slid back from me and continued to straddle my chest with his arms still pinning my arms. “Okay, now’s where the fun begins.”

“Whatya mean?”

He smiled, “Now you do what my girl does.”

“What’s that?” I feigned ignorance.

He half-jokingly answered, “I told you, she sucks my cock like crazy.”

Going along with the “joke,” I said “Alright, let’s do it up, but if you tell anybody I’m gonna kick your ass.”

“Who am I gonna tell?”

I kept “joking,” figuring I could get out of it if he was not serious.

“OK, get off me and get your clothes off, let’s do it, me and you.” I said it looking right up into his face and I was serious. If he were to look at me with disgust I was prepared to lie and say “What the fuck! I was kidding around, man!”

But he didn’t look at me with disgust. He looked serious, too and got right off of me. He saw me looking down and noticing his major hard on. He then looked down at mine. I then wasn’t too surprised but I was very excited when he removed his shirt. He had a ripped, lean tight bod with a little scorpion tattoo on his upper right arm. I took my shirt off as well.

As I was pulling off my shirt, he was pulling off his sneakers and socks. I followed him. Then he started in with his belt buckle, whose sound got me incredibly hot. And when his jeans and boxers were down around his ankles and he was stepping out of them, I was astonished at his man meat. This was a thick, long baseball bat, probably 7 Manavgat escort or 8 inches of thick, wet terror.

We were both stark naked and dripping cum now. “Down on your knees, son. Say Uncle.”

“Uncle,” I happily responded as I dropped to my knees and deep throated him. It was incredible taking him in. I gagged a few times before getting relaxed enough to be able to take the last few inches. My gagging had produced so much saliva that it helped to lube the snake down my throat. As I got used to the bat down my throat, he gently started pumping into me, while gingerly holding my head, stroking my hair. His pumping got faster but it was sensual and nice and relaxing.

“Good boy, just keep sucking that meat. Ohhh, fuck yeah, take it all in.” His pacing was intensified when he abruptly stopped. “I don’t wanna cum in your mouth yet. Get on all fours, okay?”

I happily obliged. He brought a tube of lube from behind the bar and squeezed a little onto his index and middle fingers. “I’ll go easy my stud friend,” he offered as I felt his fingers enter with a wad of lotion. His fingers were going in and out slowly and when I got used to it, he would introduce another finger. Not just in and out but up and down and all around. I could see he was prepping me for the big snake.

When he was pushing four fingers in and out of me furiously, I felt I was at least ready to attempt the monster. “Easy, please go easy,” I implored.

When I first felt the head against my asshole my first instinct was that this would be impossible, no way this bat would get in there without serious damage. But he assured me: “Relax man. Wiggle your ass in a little bit of a circle motion and I’ll do the same with my cock. This will help get it in.”

He was right, a couple of inches were in but that was all I could take before the damn girth of the monster hurt my hole too much. “Back out, man, I can’t take this!”

“Shhh, relax, man, yes you can. Yes, you can. Keep saying that to yourself. Say it.

“Yes I can.”

“Again, say it, over and over. Just relax.”

“Yes I can, yes I can, owww, that fucking hurts!”

He pulled out somewhat for sympathy I was imagining but then he pushed right back in, which brought me back to the pain. “Aw, come on man, this ain’t working. I can’t do this.”

He started slapping my ass and rubbing it. “Come on I’ll take care of this sweet ass of yours. I’m telling you give it a minute and when I’m in you’ll love it.”

“Okay, Yes I can, Yes I can, Yes I can….”

He pushed once more and I thought he punctured my colon for a second because all of a sudden 6 inches just pushed through without obstruction. I felt a popping sensation and now it seemed all 7 or 8 or whatever inches he had were in me. He started moving in and out about an inch or two being pulled out and then pushed in.

I was totally blown away that I had this stud’s cock up my ass and he was moving it in and out. I was being fucked by a man! It was wild. After a few minutes of his pumping like this he started to move in all directions. It seemed like he wasn’t just putting his cock in and out of my ass he was going up and down, side to side, moving it like a lever jacking up a car. I was getting seriously off on this; my cock was harder than I’d ever remembered it being and I was leaking major pre-cum on the wrestling mat.

After a minute or two of fucking all over my hole, inserting and removing about 2 inches per thrust, James upped the pot. He started pushing really hard, grinding all the way in so that his balls were practically being rammed into my asshole. And then after grinding hard he’d pull out almost completely and then furiously shove it back in and grind some more.

I was being savagely beaten with this cock and I loved it. Grinded, shoved, thrusted, all while he kept slapping my ass and rubbing it like it was his pet. My hyperventilating was kept in synch with his low volume sex talk, “Oh yeah, fuck ya like a bitch, oh yeah, fuck ya like a dog in heat, take that cock, son, take my motherfucking cock up your ass. Oh yeah, let me know ya like it, son.”

“I like it man, I fucking like it.”

“Can’t hear ya, son,” he responded as he slapped my left butt cheek hard.

“I fucking love it, man!”

“Oh yeah, that’s my boy, that’s my sweet, sweet college boy.” He rubbed both my ass cheeks and pulled them apart wide as he continued to fuck me wildly.

I had never given myself over to a man like this. It was total and complete submission. And I was loving it. My asshole was vibrating so much that I felt I would explode with excitement.

He pounded me for about five more minutes before ejaculating into my ass with three, earth shattering grinds. When he pulled out and a wad of jiz dripped onto the mat, the reality of what we had done hit me. This was no longer the fantasies of beating off and wishing for a stud. This was real.

“Dude,” James interjected, “You coulda just said ‘Uncle’ and we could have avoided all this.”

I laughed and then he smiled. We looked at each other and both started laughing pretty hard.

This was the start of a great friendship. I’m looking forward to beginning baseball practice.

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