Deal with the Enemy Ch. 02


Melissa couldn’t control herself anymore. Her hand slid between her legs, and she started getting herself off while imagining herself becoming the fat girl in the video. The thought of becoming soft and jiggly and developing a waddle made her go crazy with lust.

She was close to orgasming when suddenly another thought popped into her head: if she became a fat girl, Alisson would use every opportunity to make fun of her in front of everyone. Instead of terrifying Melissa, it only made her excitement grow. She now imagined herself as a 300-pound girl waddling down the hallway. Allison laughing at her, calling her a fatty and jiggling her belly for everyone to see. With that, Melissa had the first orgasm of her life.

“Oh my god,” she said out loud, „how can those thoughts about getting fat turn me on so much?”

But she didn’t mind. She had finally found something that excited her and would enjoy it as much as possible.


Getting fat was all Melissa could think about from now on. She fantasized about it during class and track practice, which affected her performance badly, much to the amusement of Alisson. Whenever Alisson ran into Melissa, she told everyone how she had beaten her in every race since last week. But Melissa didn’t care about that at all. All she wanted was to get home to watch weight gain videos and masturbate as often as possible. She was having the time of her life.

However, after a few more days, Melissa decided that while getting off on weight gain videos was terrific, there still was a way to improve the experience. While browsing for weight gain videos, Melissa encountered istanbul travesti a lot of videos of women stuffing themselves with all kinds of delicious food until they were too full to move. Melissa thought this could be a way for her to have even more fun with her kink.

I might even pack on some pounds to see how I like it. Melissa smiled; life was getting better day by day.


The next day, Melissa again rushed to her car after practice but didn’t drive straight home this time. Instead, she decided to buy herself some fast food to stuff with and went to McDonald’s. Melissa got all the burgers her heart desired, fries, and a milkshake and drove home as fast as possible. At home, she ran into her room and unwrapped her first burger.

This will be so much fun, she thought as she took her first bite.

Unfortunately for Melissa, her stuffing didn’t last nearly as long as she had hoped. Not being used to eating huge amounts of food, she felt full after only a few burgers with still a lot of food left in front of her. Her belly was hurting so bad from being full that she couldn’t take another bite. A little frustrated, Melissa lay down on her bed. She was envious of all those women in the stuffing videos that could devour vast amounts of food.

Well, I guess I still have a long way to go, she thought while patting her belly. She loved how round it looked and started imagining herself with a belly sticking out like that, even while being empty. Her whole body shivered with excitement.

“Maybe I should try getting a little chubby,” she muttered.

Track season was going to end this week, travesti istanbul so she would have all summer to gain. She might not be able to do any sports in the fall, but that wouldn’t be an issue for her. Melissa never loved sports; she was just a naturally talented runner, so she always thought she had to use that talent. Getting chubby would rob her of that, so she didn’t see any point in continuing to be this active.

I can still lose the weight for Track season in spring, she thought as she started pleasuring herself to the thought of a chubbier body.


The following days all consisted of Melissa buying large quantities of fast food after school and stuffing herself every night. She made some progress every time, increasing her capacity just a little bit with every stuffing, which delighted her. Although her capacity increased slightly, she couldn’t see or feel any effects the overeating had on her body yet. But she was sure they would happen soon enough as track season was finally over, and she didn’t plan on staying active during summer.

Melissa often fantasized about how it would be to return to school after summer as a chubbier girl. She would be the main topic of discussion for sure. The school’s hottest and fittest girl lets herself go. She couldn’t wait to see everyone’s reaction. Especially Alisson’s.

Seeing her greatest rival get fat would be a dream come true for Alisson. And Melissa was sure that Alisson would exploit the opportunity to make fun of her to the fullest. In the many years of their rivalry, Alisson has always tried to find some of Melissa’s weak spots. istanbul travestileri But Melissa usually just laughed all the comments off, not being affected by a word. This time though, Melissa wouldn’t be able to ignore the comments. This time Alisson would say out loud what everyone else was thinking, and there would be nothing that Melissa could use to defend herself. She would be powerless at Alisson’s mercy, which excited her beyond belief.

Another week passed, with Melissa getting stuffed to her limit every night. She loved the rush from being too full to move and feeling the heaviness and pressure of the food in her belly. However, she wasn’t happy with her gaining progress. Sure, she could feel the slightest sign of a tiny layer of fat developing, but it wasn’t nearly as much as she had hoped. Leading an active lifestyle left Melissa with a very high metabolism. Even though she now had more time after school since track ended, it was only enough to get in one daily stuffing. She was looking forward to school ending next week, so she could get in 2 or maybe even 3 stuffings daily.

Melissa was daydreaming about the enormous amounts of food she would hopefully be able to devour soon. Suddenly, she had a frustrating realization.

“How the hell am I going to pay for all this food?” she cried out loud in shock.

It would require a lot of food to reach the chubbiness Melissa desired. And even if she somehow found a way to afford the food, she would also need money for new clothes once her present ones got too small.

Melissa bitterly realized there was no way she could afford this as she threw herself onto her bed. Why couldn’t she live in a wealthy family as Alisson does? She has more money than she can spend.

And with that, it hit her. At that exact moment, Melissa had the crazy idea that would make all her fantasies come true and change her life forever.

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