Losing Myself – Part 2


I watched her as she crawled over me and kissed me softly on the lips, then trailed kisses all the way to my shoulders. I felt her hands gently rub my tits. A moan escaped me as I arched my back. This was the first time I’d gone this far with anyone, and I still couldn’t believe that it was Mia! I opened my eyes as she slid down my body. “Mia, I….” She put her finger to my lips.”Shh… Relax; let me explore your body.” She moaned into my mouth. For some reason, her words calmed me, and I slowly slipped Anadolu Yakası Escort into an euphoric state. Feeling her hands on my skin was driving me crazy. She trailed her fingers against my skin as she kissed down my shoulders to my breasts. Mia had already known about my scars. but knowing she was right there looking at them made me want to hide myself. become invisible anything, but let her see them. I tried to cover them with my hands but before I could she Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan held onto my wrists. Without a word she looked into my eyes and back to the scars on my tits from 10 years ago. She gently traced them with her fingers each circle each darkened spot. I felt her lips on my tit and I moaned arching my back a little. The pleasure was incredible but my emotions got the best of me as I went back in time to July 4th of 1999. I could see the firework Escort Anadolu Yakası being lit by our neighbor. My best friend and I standing about 15 feet away. The fuse quickly burned up to the firework. The next thing I knew I was laying on my back surrounded by a few neighbors and friends. They were frantic. One on the phone with 911, and another trying to pat the flames away. I came back to the present as tears rolled from my eyes. I whipped them away and looked back down at Mia. she was looking me in the eyes, I know she could see the fear as she slid up my body and gently kissed me. I’m not sure what changed my mind but I slid my hand under the hem of her shirt and slid it up her body and over her head throwing it to the side. My body was tingling all over but mostly my pussy. I could feel the wet spot in my panties.

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