Lori and Daddy at the ABS

Big Tits

My new friend told me she wants to have sex in a semi-public place. That’s how we ended up at the adult bookstore. We live in a pretty small town with only one adult bookstore. It’s pretty trashy, but that adds some appeal for me.

We arrive and browsed through the vibrator and toy section for a few minutes. The men in the store were looking at her. I can’t blame them, she is so sensual and sexy. I had her dress in a crisp white mens shirt with the sleeves rolled up. A pretty short skirt that has the zipper in the back. And to finish it off she had her high heels on.

Lori is tall for a woman, 5’9″ and with the heels she stands out. Add to that her beautiful face and intense blue, smoldering eyes and wow!

I paid our way into the back, where they have booths with doors and porn playing in each room. We walk down the darkened hall and can feel all of the men watching her. There aren’t a lot of women who come here. So Lori really stood out.

I select a room and we go in we start to kiss and making out right away. But I know what she really wants. So I make her unbutton my shirt and then I push her to her knees. As she is unbuttoning my jeans, I reach over to the door and open it just a crack. Just enough that someone in the hall can see the light from the TV screen shining through the crack and tell that there is someone there. She gets a little nervous but I turn her head back to me and she takes off my pants. I sit down on the bench and make her start sucking my cock. I whisper to her that anyone walking by can open the door or just watch through the crack. This gets her hot and she starts sucking my cock like a pro.

I can feel someone at the escort bayan şişli door, so I reach over and open it a little more. There is a man watching us. Lori is too embarrassed to look up so she just keeps her face buried in my crotch sucking me deep into her mouth. I hold her head and try to make her take all of my cock.

The man gets a little braver and opens the door a little more. I motion him in and tell him he can watch but not touch, yet.

Lori keeps sucking me and he gets the nerve up to unzip his pants and pull out his cock. He is already rock hard and stroking himself.

I tell Lori to keep sucking me but to unbutton her shirt. She does and I take her shirt off. Now she is blowing me in front of a stranger wearing only high heels and a skirt.

The man is getting really excited but I don’t want him to cum yet, so I tell him he can rub her back.

He steps up and starts rubbing her back, I can tell she likes this. Then I tell him he can unzip her skirt. He un-zips her skirt and pushes it down to her knees. Now he is getting braver and rubs her ass through her panties. I tell him to take them off of her and he pushes them down to her knees. Then he drops his pants to his ankles and kneels behind her. She works her skirt and panties to her ankles and spreads her knees, she knows what he is about to do.

I’m still holding her head and trying to fuck her mouth as deep as she can take me. He holds his cock and rubs it against her pussy, she is so wet that he is able to push into her pussy. She moans on my cock. Then he holds her hips and starts to fuck her pretty hard from behind. She is really sarıyer escort getting into being fucked and stops sucking me. She has her hands clenched and is pushing back against him. I’m all but forgotten for now, just a prop to support her. She lays her head on my thigh and lets him have his way with her.

Then she says “Oh God! Your cock feels so good!”

I think he is about to cum, because I hear him gasp. Then..”Lori!? Oh fuck”

I think “shit, he knows her”

She recognizes his voice and looks back. “DADDY!!”

“Lori, oh shit” He tries to stop and pull out.

But Lori isn’t going to let him.

She reaches back with both hands and grabs his thighs. Pulling him back into her. “Oh Daddy! Oh fuck, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

He is so shocked but do driven by his desires that he starts to fuck her again. Part of him wants to stop by he consumed by his horniness and can’t stop.

Lori has started pushing back against him now. Relaxing as she pushes back and clenching her pussy tight as she pulls forward, milking his cock.

“Oh Daddy, I’ve wanted you to fuck me for so long, please please don’t stop!”

Now he is in a frenzy. Pushing into her like a man obsessed. All she can do is moan and keeps crying out. “Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me!!” Then she moans the sentence that will push any man over the edge and make him cum. “Daddy, you’re so big and fill my little pussy up. Please cum in me. I want to feel your sperm pump into me!” That’s it! Too much for him. He grabs her hips and pushed into her, deep and hard then stops as he starts to shoot his sperm into his little girl. Humiliation hits him and he grabs his çapa escort cock trying to stop the flow as he pulls out of her pussy. But he can’t stop and shoots the rest of his sperm onto her back in four long spurts.

He stands up and backs against the wall. But Lori isn’t done. She has fantasized about this for years. She turns around, still on her knees. She lifts his cock with her right hand as she tilts her head the left. She leans in and licks the cum and her wetness from her Daddies balls, letting his wet cock rub against her cheek. Then she starts to lick from his balls up to the head of his still hard cock. Moaning “oh daddy, oh daddy”. She pushes some cum out of his cock and then licks it off of his wet cockhead. Then she takes him into her mouth, deep into her mouth. Her face is against his pubic hair and his balls are pushed against her chin. I can see her cheeks flexing as she sucks him. Sucks him hard! And I can see her throat working as she uses her tongue to work the last of his sperm out of him and into her mouth. He has both of his hands on her head. All he can say is “oh Lori, fuck, oh Lori!”

Then he pushes her off of his cock and pulls his pants up. “fuck! I can’t believe that I fucked my little girl” He pushes past the small crowd that has gathered at the door to watch.

Lori stands up and pulls her panties and skirt back up. Then I help her put her shirt back on. She has her head down as we pass the men at the door. As we get into the store where they have bright fluorescent lights. I can see what a mess she is. Her cheek is wet from her Daddies cum, she only did the bottom two buttons of her shirt, exposing most of her chest and a lot of her breast. Her hair is all messed up from he and I holding her head. And her makeup is all fucked from the pounding her face took. And she has a wet spot on her back from her Daddy cumming on her back.

We got in the car and I took her home. Both of us lost in our own thoughts.

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