Lola and Joey Ch. 24


“OWW!!” Amanda exclaimed as a tidal wave of fear slammed into her, and she plummeted to the floor.

WTH? She was trying to block the fear, but it was so strong that she started to hyperventilate and was having trouble breathing. The fear was overwhelming. She’d never been so afraid in her life, fearful from the fear and afraid of what it meant. There were only a few people she had a strong enough link with to sense feelings like this, which meant someone close to her was in big trouble!

Her grandma was right next to her and looked fine. Where was her grandpa? “Grandpa!” She screamed out. He came running out a second later.

“What’s wrong?” He asked alarmed.

That only left Catherine, her mom, or her dad.

She focused on Catherine and knew right away the fear was from her sister. Something major was wrong! Her sister was freaking out!

“Grandma, grandpa, we need to find Catherine right now! Something is wrong with her!”

She tried to stand up but felt woozy, and her grandpa had to catch her from falling. Then she tried to grab her truck keys from her pocket, but her hands were shaking so bad, she fumbled and dropped them.

“I can drive Amanda.” Her grandpa said. “But we don’t know where Catherine is. How will we find her?”

“I can find her grandpa!”

“I just called Catherine’s cell Dave, but she didn’t pick up,” Susan said, alarmed.

She ran out to her truck and opened the passenger door. “Hurry, grandpa!”

Her grandpa started the truck. “Which way, Amanda?”

She concentrated on where the tsunami of fear was emanating from and quickly zeroed in on the direction. “That way, grandpa! Hurray!”

Her grandpa floored it.

At first, the feeling was getting stronger, which meant they were getting closer, but then it started to fade. She was confused. What was happening? Was Catherine okay, or was she passing out? Then Catherine’s car came into view. Oh, my God! Another vehicle had slammed into Catherine! Glass was everywhere. An older man was slumped over the wheel of his car.

She jumped out and ran over. Bile surged in her throat as her stomach heaved from the sight of blood everywhere. She’d never seen so much blood! Catherine’s blood!

“Grandpa! Call 911! Catherine’s bleeding bad!”

She leaned over to Catherine. “Catherine! It’s me, Amanda! Grandpa’s calling an ambulance. Hang in there!”

Catherine slowly lifted her blood-stained face. “Cut bad. Bleeding.” She looked down her arm.

Amanda just about puked when she noticed a steady trickle of blood bubbling from Catherine’s arm.

“Need to tie my arm, Amanda. Bleeding out.”

Amanda pulled her belt off and tightened it around Catherine’s arm above the cut, but she was reluctant to pull it too tight. She didn’t want to hurt her sister.

“Tighter,” Catherine whispered.

She tightened it as tight as she could. Catherine’s arm turned an alarming blue-purple color, but the bleeding stopped.

Catherine passed out.


She kept fading in and out. She was in a place with a lot of people coming and going. Sometimes she could barely sense them, but sometimes she could sense their feelings clearly, mostly bland emotions but occasional fear, relief, happiness, concern, and sadness.

There was always a presence in her room, sometimes multiple ones but always one that was particularly strong. At first, there was a lot of concern from the presences, but now it was mostly relief and love. Lots of love. It felt good. It felt safe. She knew she was in good hands and drifted off to heal.


She’d been awake for about ten minutes and felt surprisingly well given her accident. A few stitches on her arm. No big deal. Her arm hurt like hell, but there was no cast. Likely just a fracture. Wiggling the rest of her body parts did not generate any pain. Whew! She was lucky. Lucky that Amanda showed up and tied her arm before she bled out.

But how did Amanda know where she was? It wasn’t like she was on a main street. Because she hated to drive, she often weaved through the side streets. It took a bit longer, but it was less stressful. The road she was on was halfway across town from the hotel. The odds of a person locating her were slim. But Amanda had. How?

Speaking of Amanda, she had a nagging sensation that her sister was in the room, but no one was there. Strange. She hoped someone came by soon. There was no clock on her bed, and she had no idea what day or time it was. She was just about to push the nurse button when a familiar nasal rumbling rose from the floor. Amanda’s snore! She looked down, and her sister was snoozing away on a mattress. Hah! She knew she’d sensed Amanda’s presence before!

She tolerated a few minutes of snoring before the sound, and her curiosity for information drove her to commit Chinese water torture. She dipped her finger into the water glass beside her bed and let drops fall on Amanda’s face until Amanda sputtered awake and instantly looked up in concern.

She smiled escort şişli at her twin. She could feel clear as day the same loving presence that had hovered in the background when she was out. Amanda must have camped out in the room. A warm fuzzy spread through her body. She loved her sister!

Uh! Oh! A wave of upset surge from Amanda, and a second later, her sister’s lip quivered.

“I was so worried about you! When I found your car, there was so much blood. Your blood! It was everywhere. I thought you were going to die! I was never so afraid in my life!”

She patted the bed for Amanda to join her. Everything was okay now. There was no reason for her sister to be upset anymore. Hell! Amanda had saved her life!

Amanda sat on the bed and leaned over and hugged her. The minute Amanda touched her, the sensation was overwhelming. She felt every last drop of Amanda’s fear and relief and love as clear as day. Crystal clear! Like she was in Amanda’s head. She squeezed Amanda gently and poured love and appreciation into Amanda until her sister started to feel better.

She’d never felt so close to anyone.

A few minutes later, Amanda released her and looked up. Her eyes were red, but eventually, a tiny smile of relief crossed her face.

“I thought you were going to die!”

She smiled. “Well, thanks to you, I didn’t! I’m curious how you found me, though?”

Amanda ignored her question and hugged her tight again. Apparently, the answers to her questions would have to wait until Amanda was convinced she was okay!

It turned out that she’d only been out for a day. She’d lost a lot of blood, but a blood transfusion fixed that, and her left arm had a minor fracture — no other damage. No concussion, nothing else, which meant she could probably go home soon.

Amanda confirmed that someone had always been with her. Her mom and dad and grandpa and grandma and Kate had all taken turns. Amanda had demanded that she stay, so the hospital put a mattress on the floor.

A short time later, her family arrived. She actually sensed them coming down the hall before they entered her room. Weird, but good! It was like a swarm of excitement approaching her room. She already had a big smile on her face when they entered her room.

The doctor arrived shortly after and gave her the thumbs up to leave with the usual warnings not to do anything strenuous. As if she would! Then he said something interesting.

“You’re lucky your sister was around. You might have bled out if she hadn’t staunched the bleeding with her belt, and the timing of her giving blood last week was fortuitous. You now have your sister’s blood running through your veins!”

She looked over at Amanda, who looked very pleased. She didn’t even know that Amanda gave blood. Lucky for me! Amanda reached out and held her hand, and once again, she got an instant jolt of crystal clear one hundred proof love and happiness. Weird! But it felt great, and she squeezed Amanda’s hand back.


Something strange was going on! She could sense people’s feelings like never before, and the sensation was growing stronger every day. She talked to Amanda about it.

“Amanda. Something weird is going on! Ever since the accident, I can feel people’s feelings. And when they touch me, it’s like I’m in their head.”

That got Amanda’s attention.



Hmmm! Amanda thought. That sounded like my ability! Was it possible my blood affected Catherine? She turned around so that Catherine couldn’t see her face and thought of when Rufus, her Husky, died. It always made her feel sad!

“What am I feeling, Catherine?”

“You feel sad! Really sad!”

Wow! Could Catherine feel like me? That would be amazing! I wouldn’t be alone anymore with my ability.

She was still facing away from Catherine and thought of the couple that she walked by the other day who were madly in love with each other, and she’d followed them for blocks soaking in their affection.

“What am I feeling now?”

“Whoa! That feels nice! It’s giving me goosebumps! It feels like intense infatuation or love.”

Holy crap! Catherine could feel what I was feeling! Cool!

“Catherine! You’ve got what I have! I’ve always been able to sense people’s feelings since I was little. That’s how I always knew when dad was coming home and waited for him by the door like a dog. It’s why I always liked to sit on people’s laps to soak in the ‘baby’ affection from all the women. It’s why I sometimes wandered off following people who were in love because it felt so good. It’s why I could never pay attention in class because I was distracted by how everyone felt! It’s how I always knew to stay away from mom when she was irritated. It’s how I know which people are nice and which people aren’t. It’s how I know when people are gay like Kate! And it’s how I sensed that mom and dad were doing it when I was thirteen, and it’s how I enjoy sex with you and Kate even though I’m not gay!”

“You’re in for a hell of a ride, Catherine, nişantaşı escort if you can feel what I can! There’s so much you’ll be able to do!”

A look of concern crossed Amanda’s face. “Uh, oh! There may be some adjustment issues! They happened to me when I was young, so I’ve learned how to deal with them. It may be a bit rough for you at first.”

“What do you mean?”

“You may be overwhelmed in large groups by all the feelings, and some people’s bad feelings can drag you down.”

“What do you mean?”

“Extreme negative emotions can broadside you. For example, extremely depressed people can make you want to curl up into a ball and die. Outraged people are alarming! And there’s one guy in town who looks pleasant but feels evil! It scares the crap out of me when I get near him! He makes my skin crawl! I’ll try to give you some coping tips, but it’s second nature for me, so it may be hard to explain. I was overwhelmed in kindergarten, but I got better at dealing with people’s feelings every year.”

Amanda beamed and then hugged me. I felt her excitement clear as day! Whoa!


I decided to keep a diary.



Kate loves me! She really does! I thought she did but to actually feel the love from her when we’re together is a wondrous feeling! It makes me feel all tingly! And Amanda loves me! And mom and dad love me! And grandpa and grandma love me! I love feeling it! It feels amazing!




I made a complete ass of myself in front of half the town! Amanda warned me, but I didn’t listen. She told me not to go to a busy place with lots of people unless she was there. She said I might get overwhelmed by all the feelings from the different people. She said it happened to her when she was young. But, the ink ran out on my printer, and I needed to print something for school, and Amanda wasn’t around. All it would take was a quick visit to Walmart. I knew exactly where the ink cartridges were. I’d be in and out in a flash. Easy, peasy.

My anxiety spiked a bit when I pulled into the parking lot and saw it was packed. I could feel a large glob of feelings pulsing from the store, but it was no big deal. I could handle it! I wasn’t five!

The presence gradually got stronger as I approached the store. A feeling of pressure bore down on me, and my anxiety level jumped again. I stopped and took a few deep breaths, which calmed me down. See! No problem!

The sense of pressure jumped higher when I entered the store. I kept my head down, thinking it would help, but it didn’t. It felt like I was wading through a thick pea soup of emotions. Most of the feelings were minor, but some were intense and distracting, and once in a while, a strong emotion sucked me in and stopped me dead in my tracks. It took a conscious effort to pull my mind away. I quickly found my ink cartridge, but by then, I was feeling jumpy like I’d had ten coffees, and my palms were sweaty. I groaned when I saw the long checkout lines, but was determined to push on. It was my first test, and I wasn’t going to fail. If Amanda could do it when she was five, so could I!

My line was moving slowly because someone was questioning her bill. Everyone was getting grumpy, and the line was scrunching closer. People were closing in on me. Not good! Other people were looking over. The person behind me was so close that I could sense his irritation clear as day. So many feelings were pouring through me! I felt claustrophobic and smothered. I tried to block them out, but I didn’t know-how. I started to panic and hyperventilated. Then I passed out. How embarrassing!

When I opened my eyes, a large group was pressed around me. Everyone was staring at me! I almost passed out again from all the feelings crowding me. I would have if it weren’t for the kindly concern flowing out of an elderly man bent over me. His compassion had a calming effect. I focused on it and started to feel better.

He held his hand out and pulled me up.

“Are you okay, Miss?” He asked kindly.

I was still a nervous wreck, but his touch grounded me somewhat. “I just need to get some fresh air.” I did NOT want him to leave me. “Can you walk me out?”

“Of course,” he said in a soothing grandfatherly tone.

He held my elbow as we walked out. I focused on his compassion, which helped block out the other people’s feelings, and breathed a sigh of relief when we exited the building.

“Thanks so much! I feel much better now!”

He cocked his head in concern. “Are you sure? Would you like me to drive you home?”

“It’s okay. I have a car.”

He still looked concerned. “I could drive you home in your car. I don’t want you to pass out driving home.”

In the past, I would have automatically rebuffed an offer like his. Let a total stranger drive me home in my car? No way! But he was still holding my elbow, and I knew exactly what he was feeling, and there wasn’t a dangerous bone in his body. He was just a nice person that fatih escort wanted to help.

“That would be great if you could drive me home. I still feel a bit off.” I gave him a genuine smile of gratitude. “Thank you! That’s very kind of you!”

A beautiful smile of appreciation crossed his face. He was pleased as punch at helping me, and I felt his pride and happiness clear as day. It warmed my heart.

He walked the girl to her house and was surprised to see a clone answer the door. He proceeded to explain what happened to the clone.

Shit! Now Amanda knew I’d been at the mall. A busy place with lots of people that Amanda had warned me about!

The clone got a very irritated look on her face when he described where they were when the girl passed out. He whispered in the girl’s ear. “I think your sister is not very happy with you. I better be going. Good luck!”

“Don’t you want a ride back to your car?”

He looked at the clone’s angry face and shook his head. “No. It’s okay. I can walk.”


“How did you find me?” Catherine asked. “Grandpa and grandma said one minute you were fine, and then the next second, you cried out and keeled over. Grandpa said you were shaking so bad you couldn’t even hold the keys, but you told him exactly where to turn to find me. How did you know?”

“I knew because we’ve always had a connection, but you could never feel it. I’ve always known how you felt every day, regardless of whether we were in the same room. The feeling is stronger if we are closer, but I could even feel you up north if I concentrated hard. That’s how I knew when you were homesick and needed a call.”

She felt Catherine getting emotional.

“You knew I was sad? That’s how you always knew to call to cheer me up?”


Catherine hugged her and held her tight. “I was so homesick some nights! It made a big difference when you called! I didn’t realize you were looking out for me across the country!”


She was tired of studying and distracted by the stink of her own body. Her fractured arm still hurt like hell, which made showering a pain in the butt. She hadn’t showered in days.

She also hadn’t had sex in days and was horny. Fortunately, her masturbation hand was not connected to her fractured arm. She pushed her track pants and panties down to her knees and started to play with herself. It felt lovely, as usual! Her pussy was the gift that kept on giving and giving!

A few seconds later, her phone buzzed. Didn’t they know she was trying to masturbate! She reached over and looked. It was Amanda.

“You’re horny, aren’t you!”

Amazing! She’d only been masturbating for a few minutes, and Amanda sensed it. The hotel was miles away! The connection that Amanda talked about was real!

“Yes. You interrupted me! My fingers are all sticky.” A thought popped into her head. Maybe Amanda could help her with her shower and her horniness!

“Amanda, I stink, but my arm still hurts. Could you help me shower? I’m feeling dirty!” She said naughtily. Would Amanda sense her real intent?

“I’ll be right over!”

Wow! She felt Amanda’s sexual excitement from miles away! Amazing!

Both her parents saw Amanda come in but thought nothing of it. “My arm still hurts, mom. Amanda is going to help me in the shower.” Her mom just nodded, but her dad cocked his eyebrows.

Amanda helped her strip down and turned on the hot water. Her arm really did hurt!

Amanda’s nipples were hard, which turned her on. She liked Amanda’s nipples. They were big and rosy-colored and perfectly shaped just like hers!

She grinned at her sister. “My pussy and ass are dirty, sis. Can you clean me up?”

Amanda grinned and soaped her pussy and ass until they were clean enough to eat. It felt lovely! Amanda bent down to eat her pussy, but she pushed her away. Stand-up sex was overrated! She wanted to lie on her bed and relax and have Amanda eat her out. Then she’d do the same for Amanda.

She hung the “Do Not Disturb” sign on her door and closed it. Her parents were good about respecting the “Do Not Disturb” sign.

It was her first superpower sexual experience, and it was awesome! She felt Amanda’s arousal before Amanda even touched her. It flowed into her and amplified her arousal, which in turn seemed to increase Amanda’s arousal. It was a virtuous sexual circle. They started making out, and she came in no time, and then Amanda sat on her face, and she licked Amanda to orgasm in no time.

“Can you grab Brutus? I need a dick in my pussy!”

Amanda quickly worked Brutus into her greedy pussy. Her pussy was drenched, and they both giggled as it started making squelching noises as Amanda picked up the pace. She felt her face getting flushed, and her toes curled as a lovely orgasm ripped through her. Amanda knew exactly how to handle Brutus to milk every last drop of pleasure out of her orgasm!

Amanda got up on all fours for a doggy style fuck. She ran Brutus up and down Amanda’s slick glistening pussy and then inserted the head. There was no need to be careful because Amanda was oozing pussy juice. It was a huge turn on watching Amanda’s pussy swallow Brutus again and again. She loved the way Amanda’s pussy lips stretched around Brutus.

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