Locker room stories of a hairy lover Part II


Part II “Dude you’re insanely hairy! How did that happen?” I smirked a bit, while saying that, to not make it awkward. “My father’s Italian, remember?” His father, Frank Ramirez, was the last coach of our team. He was expelled from school, after someone had caught him shagging a student, then our current coach was hired. Jared had a good point, his father IS one helluva hairy man! “And MAN, am I smelly. Pendik Escort Gotta use the showers,” he said. I took a quick sniff of my armpit and said, “Yea bro, before it’s getting too stinky in here. I’m really smelly as well” Without me even noticing, he approached me, put one hand on my chest and with the other raised my arm and took a deep sniff of my armpit. “Ahhh… Man Pendik Escort Bayan scent,” he sighed and backed off. That was so confusing. I sat on a bench and bent down to untie my sport shoes, as Rob entered the room, shirtless. Rob is another guy in our team. He is the most pumped member of us all. He looks like a Greek god, with his big chiseled pecs, which were Escort Pendik unnaturally smooth. Though he did have a hot trail crawling between his abs. He also had sideburns on his face, which were his identifying sign. I looked up and noticed he was looking for something, very urgently. “What’s up Rob?” I asked him. “Hey guys,” he said as he came into the room, still he kept looking around. “What’re you looking for?” Jared asked him, as Rob knelt to the floor and looked under a bench. Rob stood up and said, “Dude, I can’t find my shirt! Have you seen it? It’s a blue T-shirt.” “Man! Who needs a shirt when you have a chest like that?!” Jared said and punched him in his left of his chest.

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