Library Etiquette


“Ok, those four books will be due back in two weeks; you can come back at any time for an extension, but please don’t let them go overdue. Do you have a library card?”

“Thanks, yeah, I should have one somewhere in my purse, just a sec…”


“Huh? What was that?”

“What was what?” the librarian asked in response, smiling and tilting her head quizzically.

“Uh, dunno. Here’s the card though.”

“Thanks. Remember: two weeks! Here, I’ve got a spare book bag under here for you – it’s a lot to carry.”

“Thanks! Let me just slide this one… oh jeez, this is going to be tricky – just a-“




“Heard that noise again…”

“Oh ok, well I didn’t hear anything. There, looks like you’ve fitted them all in! See you later.”

“Uh, yeah – thanks again for the bag.”


“So, like, you’re the librarian and stuff?”

“Ah… yes? I’m the head librarian here. I take it that you’re here on a, er… sports scholarship?”

“Yeah! Makin’ plays and getting laid!”

“Well, that certainly sounds fun, but could you be a bit quieter about it? It says so on the sign behind you.”

“Huh? I didn’t see-“


“Like, woah?! What was that crazy noise?”

“I don’t know, I’m only the librarian… no scholarship for me…”

“Huh? I don’t get it… anyway, gotta go practice!”

“Ok… have fun ‘getting played’, I guess.”


“Uh, jeez, what IS that noise?!”


“Hi there! You want to check out those books?”

“… uh, yeah. Thank you.”

“I’ve seen you about the library a lot young lady, I hope you like it here. Is there anything else I can help with apart from the books?”

The girl looked down, gripping her notebook a little harder, obviously working up a little courage – she nodded.

“Oh? What do you want help with?”

“Ah, do you know,” the girl’s small voice was aimed at her feet, “where the assistant librarian is today? I was- I, er, usually see her around.”


The librarian shifted uncomfortably behind her heavy desk and tugged on something before returning her attention to the girl.

“I’ll tell you… but you have to agree to work in the library for at least a semester.”

Between the odd sound and the even odder response, the girl just looked across the desk suspiciously for a long moment. Then she cocked her head. Then she nodded.


“Good to see you again; are you ready for our chat?”

There was a shy nod.

“Here’s the key for the front door; your first job as assistant is to lock up.”

“Huh. Ok. Do you ever come out from behind that desk?”

“Tsk, tsk, what’s this? Sass on your first day? Just lock up please.”


There was a long silence as the girl looked back at the desk, suspicious again – and then the locks clicked shut.

When she returned to the desk, the librarian was still sat there, polite and smiling, her sensible jumper and wide glasses frames screaming ‘nice’, ‘normal’, ‘bookish’. There was a leash in her hand though, soft black leather which she gripped lightly.

She handed it to the girl.

“Give it a light tug.”


There was no mistaking it, the girl was looking straight at the librarian as a bulge istanbul travesti seemed to ripple up from that wool-clad chest and stretch the thick rollneck collar. The librarian half closed her eyes and her lashes fluttered prettily behind the glasses.

The girl tugged again.


The bulge again. Two spots of colour on the librarians cheeks. A suspicion of a moan from the woman.

Another tug. Another. One more. Tug, tug, tug…


Each bulge was accompanied by a lewd, squelching noise of spit flowing and skin stretching. The librarian was pawing at her own heavy tits writhing in her seat, flushed with colour and her eyes squeezed shut.

The girl felt her own colour rising, her thighs rubbing together as her own wet heat rose and quickly saturated her panties. She leaned in and tugged again, again and again.

The noises returned and she saw the veins in the librarian’s neck stand out at she almost stopped breathing, going red and shaking as she came like a freight train, with choked gasps and moans that started and squelched to a liquid stop with every tug of the leash.

Another set of tugs, another orgasm and the librarian was a wreck, jumper pulled up to her neck, bra pushed down to her waist and a thick belly flexing and twisting with her strained gulps of air as she roughly tugged her nipples and writhed in her chair. The girl watched in fascination as the facade of polite good humour was washed away in a tide of lust, watched as the librarian writhed and bucked and shook with pleasure that never seemed to end.

Then she saw the librarian tense and straighten almost comically, like she’d just had a great idea. Only the rolling of the woman’s eyes and the darting hands going to that belly told the girl this wasn’t the case. The belly under those fingers suddenly swelled out, thickening with a lurch, but the hands didn’t stay where they were for long.

The girl moaned as she was pulled in to a hot, open mouthed kiss with the pretty librarian, held in place by the desperate strength of the woman. She felt the librarian’s whole body lurch and a noise like no other, a long, wet lewd warble that seemed to go on for weeks, as something huge forced its way up the librarian’s throat.


The girl shuddered as her mouth was suddenly inundated with a torrent of hot cum, then another, the woman’s grip on her head stopping the girl from getting away – sputtering and gargling, drinking hot, heady spunk desperately to stop herself from drowning. The girl moaned and stopped fighting the librarian’s hands, instead desperately pushing down her jeans to free her quickly pudging belly.

Her panties snapped even as the denim slid to the ground, the flow of jizz still strong, running from her nose, puffing out her cheeks, making her throat bulge outward like someone was shoving a log down it. And her belly grew and grew, shiny and round and packed with hot, fresh semen from another woman’s mouth. The girl felt her toes lifting off the wooden floor as her belly rested on the desk and continued growing, skin stretching more and more slowly as the flow slowly died away.

The librarian’s hands relaxed as the semen glow stopped, no longer insistent, travesti istanbul kissing once more and tender again, passionate, as she kissed the cum from the girl’s face, caught a gooey cough of it and drank it down, licked and drank every morsel of it from the girl’s mouth.

As their panting subsided, the girl groaned and rocked herself backwards, huge sperm-filled belly rolling back off the creaking desk and nearly making young legs buckle under the weight. As she fought for balance she accidentally gripped the now-forgotten leash and gave it a hard tug.

A pair of moans rang out in the quiet and the librarian shuddered, clutching herself.

The girl slowly waddled over to the flap giving admittance to the private side of the desk. Even as she lifted the flap, she saw the librarian lift a high-heeled foot as if to step up onto the desktop, the sole thinking on the wood. The girl just watched as a scandalous amount of glorious leg was on show, a tiny riffle of plaid skirt, lewdly short and ineffective, completely failing to protect the librarian’s tattered modesty – a wicked contrast to pretty, if dowdy respectability up top. Her eyes were glued to the librarian’s ass as the legs muscles tensed and she stepped up slowly onto the desk.

A meaty column thicker than a fire extinguisher was revealed as that ass rose inch by inch, the librarian’s stretched anal pucker pursed in a lewd kiss as veiny, throbbing mass was slowly exposed. The librarian came in a spray of fragrant pussy juices, anointing the desktop and the floor as she stopped and shuddered for a moment. A second heeled foot clomped down on the table, leaving the dishevelled woman crouching on her desk. It was like the librarian was being held up by a thicker, nastier third leg, groaning as she slowly rose again, legs straightening. The shaft tapered a little and the girl watched, hypnotised, as that hugely stretched anus struggled around an obstruction, pulling further and further out, a ring of raised meat visible just above the clenching sphincter, visible though the flesh of the librarian. The librarian strained mightily, legs flexed, and then there was a lewd pop, a gasp from the librarian and a melon sized cock head was naked and waving in the air beneath the massive gape of the librarian’s stretched anus.

“Ohhh, god….” the librarian shuddered, fingers finding and stroking her puffy, wet pussy, tentatively exploring the gaping cavern of her ass, nowhere near touching the sides, “I love that…”

The girl finally stepped through the flap and looked down, tracing the column of cock nearly sticking up to head height over the desk. The huge shaft passed through the empty frame of a chair and ended in a pair of enormous balls and a cute red flash of pubic fur. There was a flat little belly – with a bit of definition, she noted idly, licking up some drool at the corner of her mouth – two big, round, heavy tits each crowned with a nipple like a cork and pierced through with thick shining bars. The crocodile clips fixed to each side of the piercings on four slender leather strips that met at the leash proper. A choker around a slender neck, with her library ID mounted on it. A ball gag splitting thick, pierced lips and a hauntingly pretty, pinky face beneath a mop of half-shaved red curls. It was the assistant librarian.

The istanbul travestileri puddle of juices between pale kneeling thighs suggested that there was more than just cock and balls in this equation. It was the hot library assistant… all of her. Glorious and naked under the desk, almost an afterthought to the mother of all freaky huge cocks.

The redhead turned, panting, covered in sweat and still fully erect, spit ran down her chin and neck in a sheen. She looked at the girl as her chest heaved – then her cock grew shiny and dark as skin audibly stretched taught as she stared at the bloated belly of the shy new girl, moved to new heights of arousal. Then she winked.

The girl blushed and made to say something, caressing her hugely stuffed belly, but was distracted by a sucking, wet noise. The librarian had turned around on the desk, crouched now and with both fists buried in her puffy red pussy, drooling juices from her gaping cunt.

“Mmmm, who ever said working in the library was boooring?!” the librarian caroled, the red-head looking up at that, eyes widening and head starting to shake frantically.

It was too late as, cunt and legs spread wide, the librarian jumped off the desk and aimed her gaping pussy at the huge, throbbing glans.


“Well, these are four weeks overdue – at ten cents a day, that’s two dollars and eighty cents each… so for five books, that’s fourteen dollars,” said the girl, looking up through her bangs at a statuesque blonde bombshell.

“What?! You can have your books, but there is no way I’m giving fourteen fucking dollars!”

“I’m afraid those are the rules; we can contact your tutors and suspend your education if you refuse to pay.”

“Hey, no- Jesus! I don’t even understand why you guys charge overdue fees, My daddy paid a fortune to get me into this college – I shouldn’t have to pay for my books too!”

“It’s to discourage thoughtless people from taking out books for too long and depriving the rest of the student body of their use. If you worked here, I’m sure you’d understand.”

The blonde made a dismissive gesture and turned up her nose, her language growing coarse.

“Work here?! Like I want to let my pussy heal up – I bet you girls don’t even know what a dick looks like.”

The girl stopped and chewed her pencil thoughtfully, confusing the blonde a little – it wasn’t the response she was expecting. The girl leaned back and looked into the office, hearing the tiniest of moans from below the desk as the log that was buried deep inside her was forced straight. The librarian pushed those big glasses up her nose and turned away from the laptop balanced on her huge, gravid belly to look enquiringly at the girl. The girl simply jerked her head at the blonde and raised her eyebrows in question.

The pregnant librarian thought for a second and then nodded.

The girl turned back to the blonde and leaned in a little.

“Well, you can either pay your fine and think you know what a real cock looks like, or you can work her for two semesters, immediately clear your overdue charges and actually find out what ‘hung’ means.”


“You heard.”

There were two pink spots on the blonde’s cheeks and she was quiet, frowning in disbelief. The girl sat back and shrugged, accompanied by a shivery groan from…somewhere. She raised her eyebrows in challenge, looking confidently at the blonde.

“Ok… but only-“

“We’ll see you tonight, leave the books just there please.”

As the blonde turned away, the girl tugged gently.


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