Paradise Isle – Faun Pt. 02


Paradise Isle, Faun, Pt 2

(fetish, cosplay, faun, modification, consensual) A real forest princess.

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

This tale is a stand-alone story of an adventure at Paradise Isle. Please read at least the first section of the ‘Island Paradise, The Beginning’ for background on the wonderful island and its sexual vacation orientation. It sets the stage for this and other stories of sexual pleasures encountered on the island.

Read part one of Faun, first.

Finley awoke slowly. And although she felt numb in many places, she suffered very little pain. She was thirsty, though, her throat felt like a desert sandpit. As soon as she opened her eyes, there was a blessed nurse there who placed a straw in between her lips so she could suck from a cool glass held beneath her chin.

It was wonderful.

But as soon as her thirst was quenched, she realized that her mouth felt funny. Her lips weren’t right.

And that feeling got her brain working, and she remembered why she was there, and what was supposed to have happened.

She looked up at the friendly face of the nurse, and whispered, “am I Willow, now?”

The nurse smiled. “Well, my dear you are certainly no longer a human woman. You are some sort of a fantasy creature, I’m not sure exactly what. But you are fascinatingly pretty; I must say.”

“How long have I been out?” Willow asked, still dopey from the drugs.

“Eight days. The procedures were completed on the first two and you’ve been recovering for the last six. The doctors have been visiting you regularly and this morning they decided that you were well enough along to be moved back to your suite where you can complete your recovery in a more comfortable space. There too you can eat real food, from the room service menus. You’ve been living off of IV nutrients all of this time.”

The woman then reached over and grabbed a hand mirror, and passed it over.

“Here you can take a look, while I reposition the bed so you can sit up.”

And just as she finished, Liam came striding hurriedly into the room. “Sorry I’m late, I was out snorkeling when they tried to reach me.”

But when he arrived at her bedside and froze. “Oh my God, you look fantastic! My Willow.”

“She was just going to take a look for herself,” the nurse said, with a chuckle.

As the bed shifted her upper body up, into more comfortable position, Willow held the mirror up so she could see her face.

She did see her familiar Willow character, but she looked better, more natural, and prettier, like the faun-like creature she’d constructed for her fantasy world persona. Of course, with her ram’s horns and her long elf ears, she was far from a real faun, but she was a fantasy creature, so she could be whatever suited her. And this look had always made her happy.

As she proceeded to examine herself, she could tell that her markings were not merely make-up. She licked a finger and tried to smudge the color, but it wouldn’t come off.

The first and most attention-grabbing aspect of her new face was her black nose tip. It was a shiny black, and seemed like its skin was different from the rest of her face. And that part of her was familiar, except for its coloration. The center of her face was a pleasant shade of white, which faded to a warm brown as it neared her hair and jaw lines.

And within the brown areas delicate little white spots began, and as they drew nearer to her hairline, they appeared brighter.

And her hair was different. Not just the color, which was also a warm brown. It was thicker and wavier, than it had been.

Strikingly, tight to the sides of her head were two semi-circular ram’s horns and they were a deeper brown, almost black where they were thicker, close to her head. They circled around the sides of her skull, and ended in points outside her cheeks. Closer to the points, the coloration was lighter, more of a beige. The things framed her head beautifully.

She reached up and ran her hands along them, feeling their texture. They were solid, and when she pulled on them, firmly attached to her skull. How in the hell?

But then her hands shifted to the long, pointy ears that pushed out from inside the loop of her horns.

I have horns!

And her ears felt real too. When she pulled on them, she felt it. Just like she had before, with her much smaller human ears.

Shifting back to her face, she saw that her lips were a pinkish-red, and again, when she tried to wipe at the color, nothing changed. Her mouth was permanently dyed. And they had been modified to look more like an animal’s, coming to a peak beneath her istanbul travesti nose, and with a black crease running up to her now-black septum. It looked like a cat’s mouth and nose. Which was the way she had designed Willow’s look.

Then she focused on her eyes. They too looked slightly different. Larger, and more round, outlined in a dark brown. She assumed that the heavy eye-liner and shading was also tattooed in place.

Her whole face looked like the one she’d designed for Willow, only much better. More artistically produced, and certainly prettier.

And her horns and ears too, were perfect.

“My God,” she whispered. “Unbelievable.”

“You look fantastically gorgeous!” Liam said, in wonder. “More wonderful than you ever did, before.”

Willow took a deep, calming breath. “They did wonders.”

She continued inspecting her face and head for a few more minutes, before she handed the mirror over to Liam, and carefully sat herself up. As she did, she felt something poke her in the ass, and she wiggled her behind, thinking that it was just the bedding, but then it struck her that it was her tail. Her cute little faun’s tail. It didn’t hurt, so she figured she’d be able to get used to its presence.

With a little assistance from the nurse on one side and Liam on the other she pealed the sheet off her body so she could see the area below her waist and down her legs to her feet.

She gasped when she saw her lower half, covered in fur that matched the color and waviness of the hair on her head.

Of course, she was used to being covered, down there, by her costume’s fake-fur pants, but it was clear from her quick inspection that she wasn’t wearing pants, she was actually covered in fur. Real fur.

Forgetting her audience, she reached down and felt her crotch, and she was stunned to discover that she could slide her fingers right into her pussy. There was no cover there!

A little panicky, she looked over, grabbed the mirror out of Liam’s hand and used it to examine her slit. She was relived, somewhat to see that her thick fur hid her sex, pretty well. And when she spread her legs, and used her free hand to feel further back, she could tell that her asshole was also pretty well hidden.

That’s going to make peeing and pooping kind of messy, she thought sardonically. Wonderful…

It was only then that she realized that both Liam and the nurse were watching her poking her fingers into herself.

She blushed and quickly moved her hands away, handing the mirror back.

Then she sat up further and looked down her legs to her hooves. They were cloven like a deer’s, and black and shiny.

And like her old costume’s boots they would hold her feet up and force her to stand on her toes and the balls of her feet.

As she looked, though she realized that they looked taller than her old pair, those had taken her months to learn to walk in without falling, tripping or pain. She imagined these taller, and admittedly sexier ones, would take her even longer to master.

But it was all so bizarre. So impossible. So hard to come to terms with. It seemed like a dream, or perhaps a nightmare. There she was, sitting quietly and calmly examining her modified body as if it was something rationale.

She was still sitting there, stunned and unbelieving, when a doctor in a white lab coat came bustling in. She looked vaguely familiar.

“Hello Finley. How are you felling? Headache? Pain anywhere?”

Willow smiled wanly. “It’s Willow, now, I guess, and no. No headache, and no pain. Just stiffness and a little aching.”

“That’s good. I can tell you that you’re healing nicely. In fact, better than many. And you can go over to your suite any time you want. You’ll need to come back every other day for the next six days, and barring any complications, after that you’ll be free to go on and live your life.”

“Excellent.” Liam said, excitedly.

“Doctor, I do itch,” Willow said as she reached up with one hand to scratch at her head and the other down on her thigh.

“Yes. Stop that!” the doctor ordered. The procedure we use to implant your fur causes that. It should fade away within the next few days. In the meantime, no scratching. Okay?”


The doctor nodded, and then reached over and gently ran her fingers along the nearest of Willow’s horns.

“Everything went perfectly. You look fantastically striking. And it’s all quite permanent, engineered to never be removed.”

“But how is that possible?” Willow asked. Then she chuckled, “I can’t believe I’m asking that question now. After the procedure.”

Liam spoke up. “I asked that question several times when I worked all of this out with the clinic. They apparently do magic around here.”

The doctor smiled. “Not exactly magic, but we’re very good at what we do. The government allows us the freedom to try new technologies and approaches being developed and tested all over the globe. And the island pays top dollar for the travesti istanbul best of us to come here and work.

“And, of course, there are the fringe benefits that Paradise offers.” She added, with a laugh.

Everyone snickered at that last quip.

“I don’t understand about the, ah hooves.” Willow said, hesitantly.

“Oh, they’re quite permanent, too. Like everything else we’ve done, we can undo the changes, mind you.

“In the case of your hooves, we had to remove your toenails, and treat them with a growth suppressant, before we fit you with the custom made, and specially padded fiberglass and ceramic shoes. They should last for decades, and then a trip back here will allow us to replace them with a fresh pair.”

Willow could only shake her head in wonder. She was still having a difficult time believing what had been done to her, let alone accepting it as her new reality.

The doctor looked her in the eye for a moment, as if to confirm that she was still with them, before she continued. “If you have any questions, or issues, please call us. And I will be seeing you for your check-ups, too. But I don’t expect any problems. If you don’t have any other questions, I’m off.” the doctor said as she stepped to the door. After a moments’ pause, she then slipped out of the room.

The nurse then took over, “Well, if you’re ready, we can get you up onto your feet, and give you some practice before you head back to the resort. I’m sure you’re going to be a little wobbly, after laying about for the past week, and on your new hooves, too.”

Her new hooves did force her heels up higher than her older boots, just as she suspected. And she did feel her feet, and ankles and legs too, began to ache, as she stood and hobbled around the room. She had to lean heavily on Liam’s arm to avoid stumbling.

The clip-clop sound they made was also a bit louder than she was used to. It had always been a fun and entertaining aspect of her costume. And attention getting, as well. Liam had always professed to love it. Even around the house, on his hardwood and tile floors. It did make a bit of a racket.

As she circled around the room, wobbly, she reached over and picked up the hand mirror as she passed the nightstand and used it to examine her tail, as best she could.

Just as she expected it was a short and soft nob, that wiggled slightly from side to side as she walked. When she reached back with her free hand, she found that it felt just like her old stuffed animals. Fluffy and spongy. That should work, she thought with a giggle.

Liam was watching her closely, afraid she might lose her balance, and he’d have to catch her. “It’s cute as can be,” he said. “And it wiggles delightfully.”

She completed a couple of circuits, and felt a little more stable. It was difficult, and she could fell her feet, correction, her hooves, begin to ache.

“Oh, I almost forgot, I have a present for you, my love.” Liam said, hurriedly.

He reached into a bag, he had carried in, and pulled out a bright red, leather cat’s collar. The thing was covered in bright stones, and had a ring from which dangled a silver tag. Liam held it up with the fingers of his other hand and explained, “It says ‘Willow’ on one side and ‘Faun Princess’ on the other.” He declared proudly.

She smiled. Her willow character hadn’t had a collar like that, but it would fit in with her character design.

“May I?” he asked, and when she nodded, he wrapped it around her neck and closed it with a ‘click’.

She reached up and felt the thing, it fit her snugly but it wasn’t bothersome.

She resumed her pacing and as she walked, she felt the tag tapping at her throat. She wasn’t sure if she liked her collar and tag. Her character had never worn a collar. On occasion she had worn elaborate and pretty necklaces, but not a collar. That may have to change.

After a couple more laps she decided that she was stable enough. She didn’t want to do too much more, as she figured it would only add to the growing aches.

“Um, some clothes?” she asked as Liam began heading for the door,

“Like what? Back home Willow didn’t wear anything other than a bra, and around here, those are superfluous,” Liam said, casually.

Willow still didn’t move. “But Liam, my costume had a closure at the crotch.”

“Willow, a faun, doesn’t have a closure over her pussy. And your beautiful fur hides that favorite part of your anatomy, perfectly. No one will see.”

She thought for a moment, and then allowed him to drag her out and into the hallway. She was still nervous, but she realized that he had a point.

I may not need a wardrobe any more, she thought. I have so much to get used to…

As expected, Willow did draw a lot of admiring stares as she and Liam followed Gael out of the clinic and into the cart for the ride back to the fet resort and their room.

She was relieved that there were no disdainful glares or negative comments to hear. In fact, most istanbul travestileri of the guests seemed impressed and aroused.

Still, it was a relief to be back into their suite. Gael had dropped them off, reminding Willow of her future appointments, and adding, “please, please call me anytime if you need anything.”

Immediately after closing the door Liam grabbed Willow and lifted her into a huge hug. “You look fantastic! I love you, my Willow.” He said as he smothered her with kisses.

Despite her discomfort, her feet were sore, and her legs itchy, she enjoyed his happy attention. She still wasn’t used to being the real Willow yet, but her lover’s hug felt wonderful. And it made her feel much better about her new self.

When he finally set her down and released her, he took a step back to admire her some more. “God, you look fantastic. I’d ravish you right this minute, but I’m sure you need a rest. Why don’t you lay down and nap for a while?”

Willow chuckled, “Ravish? I agree that sex would be fun, but I do need to rest. First, though I want to see more of myself.”

She then leaned back in to give him a quick kiss before turning and hobbling unsteadily into the bathroom and to the brightly lit mirror over the sink.

For a few minutes she just stood there staring; having a difficult time with the growing certainty that it was her, Willow, standing there.

She looked at her face. It was Willow’s, but definitely much nicer, and it didn’t look just made up. The specialists at the clinic had done a truly fantastic job.

She reached up to feel the tip of her nose, it felt somehow, leathery, different from normal skin. She had no idea what they’d done, but it absolutely looked like a deer’s or dog’s nose.

And her upper lip had been surgically reshaped, to have a much more prominent crease at the top. Leaning in to look closely, she saw that the split in the center of her top lip, exposes just a bit of her teeth, just a bit. It looks cute as hell! She’d drawn that split in, before, but now it looks much better, and it was real!

And the crease led to a dark seam that ran up to her septum. It was perfect, and realistic, and permanent like everything else.

She stood there, turning her head slightly from side to side, just staring at herself, in awe.

I’m so much prettier than Willow ever was, she said, dreamily to herself.

Then she shook herself out of her daze and reaching up with both hands she gripped her ram’s horns, pulling delicately and then more forcefully on the things. They were solid but not heavy, and they curled close to her skull, so she thought they wouldn’t be too difficult to sleep on, if she slept on her side. Time would tell.

She parted her hair, or fur and examined the area where the horns met her head. At that point they were at least three inches in diameter., but that thickness slowly narrowed, as the things curved down, until they ended ion the points near the corners of her mouth. They looked much better than the fake ones she used to wear strapped to her head. They certainly seemed real. More wizardry.

She shifted her gaze and her hands to the long, pointy ears that stuck out almost horizontally from the sides of her head. Her horns curling around them.

They were also solidly attached to her head, as if they were her real ears, and not latex forms, glued on. Well, she supposed they now qualified as her real ears. She hadn’t noticed before – information overload – but things sounded different now. She could hear a bit better; probably the size of the things.

Next, she ran her fingers through the hair on her head. Its color matched the fur on her legs. It felt different though. It was somehow a cross between her old, human hair, and her fur. It felt both thicker and softer. Whatever. It looked beautiful, and kind of sexy as it flowed around her horns and ears and down her back. Quite a ways down her back. Lovely.

She wondered if it would grow? Was it a wig, or did the magicians at the clinic have some way of planting real hair? She’d find out, soon.

She was still astounded by how she looked like her Willow character, only much better. Prettier and more real. And it was permanent!

And that idea suddenly hit her suddenly hit her hard. Her mood changed in an instant, and that started her crying.

It had been fun and exciting and adventurous when it was my costume, and I was just playing at being a fantasy faun. But…

Then she began hyperventilating. I’m a freak! Frightened, frustrated, depressed, you name it, she felt all of those emotions, and more.

Liam heard her groan and sob, through the open doorway and he stepped in, concerned. He wrapped his arms around her, mumbling encouragement, and eventually he scooped her up and carried her over, still sobbing, to the bed, where he gently laid her down.

He followed her and again held her closely and tightly as she continued crying. All the while he whispered to her, telling her how special she was, how much he loved her and that her life as Willow wouldn’t be all that different than it had been before.

After a while, she began to calm down. As much running out of energy as reconciling with her new self. Just being held by her lover, helped.

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