Letting Go Ch. 02


Hey guys, here’s chapter 2! Some major things go on in this chapter, but Simon and Reggie develop even more in their relationship. Stay in tune for chapter 3, and enjoy reading!


I stared at my dad in utter shock and surprise. I couldn’t summon up any words right now, and the silence of the cemetery creeped into my ears and into my head. If Reggie hadn’t squeezed my hand, I would’ve probably died at that spot, standing for eternity, frozen by the intense feeling of hatred, surprise, and confusion that poisoned my heart. What was he doing here, and of all the possible outcomes of who I would see here, why did it have to be him?

“Simon? I can’t believe my eyes, is that you?” He removed his glasses and wobbled over to us. His gray hair was kept tidy under his beat up cap and he had grown quite a beard. He had gained a few pounds since I had last recalled him, and he seemed a lot less aggressive and intimidating than he was 6 years ago. He looked like a normal man.

“Hello,” I reluctantly said. I avoided trying to say the word ‘dad’ at all costs. “Yes it’s me, Simon.”

He removed his hat from his head “I can’t believe you’re really here!” He exclaimed. He tried to hug me but I backed away and put my hands in front of me. He probably got the message, and he looked down as pain screened his eyes.

“Listen Simon, I think I owe you the biggest apology the universe has to offer. I’m sorry for those things I did to you 6 years ago, all the pain and torment and sadness I made you go through simply because I was close-minded enough to be able to not accept my son for who he is. I deeply regret what I’ve done to you, and if you still have hate in your heart towards me, I understand. You don’t owe me anything.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening: the man that beat me for coming out, the man that made my mother work countless nights as my sister and I sat up in our beds terrified about what he would do us the next day, the man that used to be my dad was standing right in front of me, apologizing. I didn’t know what to say. It was like I was choking on my own words. What would I do? How could I forgive him for what he had done to me? I reviewed my tainted heart as I tried to muster up the courage and strength to try and forgive him. My heart begged for me to forgive him, but my brain was appalled by the idea, as it recalled how the many instances where he treated me with hatred and disrespect. I almost couldn’t do it, but I flashed back to one of the nights where Reggie and I were talking about our dads. I asked him how he had forgiven his father, and he told me this, “Forgiving is like setting a prisoner free only to discover that the prisoner was you.”

Everything in my life had led up to this moment, all the things I had been through: getting beat, moving to Maryland, starting a new life, meeting Reggie. My emotions were on overdrive, and my heart trembled in my chest. I took a giant step forward, and said, “I forgive you, dad.” The words fell out of my mouth like silk, as he looked up at me with complete surprise. His eyes began to water as he surrounded me in a gigantic hug. He sobbed on my shoulder, “Oh, Simon, I’ve been seeking forgiveness from you for all these years…” He mumbled a few words that I couldn’t quite understand, and I wasn’t sure if I should hug him back. I decided to wrap my arms around his back and I placed my head on his shoulders as we genuinely embraced in an act of forgiveness and acceptance. It felt…. right.

A salty breeze tickled my neck.

Thank you, Adam.


A break up and reunion was a lot to handle in one day, and I was in desperate need of a drink. My dad cut off his shift early, and he took us to his favorite pub. He quickly got us seats, and he ordered food for the table. The only alcohol he ordered was for me and Reggie; I was amazed that he was able to refrain from getting a drink. He stared at me in adoration and amazement, “I can’t believe I’ve been reunited with my son…” He said. He broke off his eye contact with me too take a quick look at Reggie. “Who’s this handsome fella?” He asked me.

“Hi Mr. Grayson, my name is Richard, but you can call me Reggie. I am Simon’s…” he said. My heartbeat quickened as I waited for the moment Reggie would say ‘Simon’s boyfriend’ and my dad would lose it and disapprove of me again. “I am Simon’s boyfriend,” Reggie finished. Oh no! Here it comes! Homophobic comments and disapproval! I feared.

A smile spread across his wrinkled face and he put out his hand. “Nice to meet you Reggie, and please, call me Davis,” my dad cheerfully said. What the fuck? I was so surprised at his reaction towards our open relationship. Had he changed this much?

My dad and I caught up on how we’ve been doing for the 6 years we’ve been separated, and Reggie happily joined our conversations. We all had good laughs and stories going around the table, one of the wildest ones being my dad nearly drowning in the cemetery pond. Beylikdüzü escort My stomach hurt from laughing too much, and I was having a great time with Reggie and my dad. He had radically changed: when my family left, he quickly joined a therapy group offered in his prison in hopes that he would stop his alcoholism and learn to become a better man. I was proud of him for doing that. I told him about my studies in engineering at my university and my relationship with Reggie. He happily listened and even gave me advice on my priorities and love life. I couldn’t be any happier. We talked for hours on end until it was time to leave.

We walked outside of the diner, and my dad patted my back lovingly. “Well, it was great catching up son,” he said. I looked at the sun setting behind the mountains, and the clouds that floated gently across the gradient sky. Today was the perfect day.

“It was,” I replied. I gave him another hug, “well I’ll see you soon!”

“Goodbye,” he smiled. He gave me his number, and Reggie and I turned back to our car to start the long, drive home.


Reggie and I had arrived at his 2-story condo; I was staying with him for the night. We entered through his pine door as we walked through his wooden halls full of family portraits and culinary awards towards his living room. He removed his jacket and took one long huff as he sat on his couch. My arms wrapped around his chest as I stood behind him.

“I had a great time today, Reggie,” I tiredly said.

“Me too Simon, I’m happy for both of us. I can be your boyfriend, and your dad approved of me!”

“Yeah that was surprising,” I laughed, “but I’m spent from all the events that happened today.”

“Me too,” he agreed. I began massaging his shoulders much to his pleasure. I felt his knots from lifting all those heavy bags of flour at work. His thin shirt offered no protection from the satisfying feeling he was getting from my touch. I rubbed his back and his firm, warm shoulders and chest. He was breathing in satisfaction, and I began kissing his ears and neck. I was lightly biting as he began to silently grumble in pleasure. I removed his shirt and began running my hands through his body hair and developing muscles. He began to work out for me, and he had shaved off a few pounds, but he still met my perfect standard: not too fat, not too lean. I bent my head around to kiss him as he touched my neck and shoulders with his big hands. I took of my shirt and dropped it onto the floor as I walked over to sit on his lap. I embraced him as our exposed bodies made contact once again. I took my time enjoying the heat radiating from his body, as I explored his back and arms with my groping hands. Our lips were caressing each other roughly, but lovingly. As he bit and sucked on my tongue, I felt his dick touch my ass through his pants. I began licking his beautiful nipples and abs. I quickly removed his pants and I grasped his throbbing meat. His eyes gazed at me passionately, and I began giving him head. I massaged his balls as I let my tongue do the talking: I licked and gently grazed my teeth at his mushroom head, and I attempted deepthroating him, but I couldn’t even make it all the way to the base. I gave each inch individual attention, as I meticulously suckled and licked his ever-oozing cock. “Fuck, Simon, you’re even more beautiful with my meat in your mouth,” he aggressively said. He grabbed the back of my head and gently began fucking my face. I felt his fleshy locomotive move inside and out of my mouth, touching my cheeks and the back of my throat. I was so turned on, and I could feel that my boxers were completely soaked with my juice. He began rapidly fucking my face with his wet dick. “Fuck, I’m gonna fucking cum!” he yelled as his muscles tensed and knees buckled. He released his cream into my mouth in rapid, continuous succession. He was dispensing so much cum into my mouth that some of it leaked out. He tasted so salty and sweet; if I had his semen on tap, I would drink it all day. I saved some of it in my mouth as I came over to kiss him. He opened his eyes in surprise and he asked, “Do you still have cum in your mouth?”

“Oh sorry, I thought that you would’ve liked it,” I apologized.

“No, it’s fucking hot!” He exclaimed in excitement. We made out with his man juice still in our mouths, adding our own fluids to this sex concoction. He eventually swallowed it. He grabbed my hand and led me to his bedroom, “We’re not done yet.”

We jumped onto his bed, laughing and tickling each other while making out every now and then. He turned on his ambient lights as he gazed at me, lying down on his bed. “You’re gorgeous,” he mumbled. He jumped on to me and licked trails over my body and he kissed and sucked all the flesh he could find. I shuddered at the feeling of his warm, damp mouth. He quickly went back up to kiss me passionately. I pushed him away, and I felt something tug within me, a primal, wild feeling. “Be rough with me,” I suddenly begged Beylikdüzü escort him, “dominate me.” He knit his eyebrows and his mouth grew into a devious smile.

“Are you sure?” He asked me, “I won’t hold back.”

“I need it,” was all I said. Before I knew it his strong hands grabbed my waist as he twisted me onto my back and threw his tongue into my mouth. I barely had enough time to suck on it before he moved down to suck my dick. He deepthroated my 6 inches with ease, as I felt the walls of his mouth and throat glide against my dick. I moaned at the feeling of this unbelievable pleasure. I felt two fingers go up quickly into my ass, and I yelped in delight. “Fuck!” I screamed as my legs opened even more at the feeling of his fingers twisting and scooping rapidly inside my ass. His mouth didn’t even leave my dick while he did this, and his face was concentrated with effort. He quickly lubed up his bare dick, and kissed my loosened asshole. His scruff rubbed against my skin and I shivered in delight. He slowly entered his dick into me, as his cock worked its way home. I howled in pleasure as he began to pump in and out of me in hot, intimate, missionary position.

I didn’t know what urged me to do it, but I slapped the side of his face as he pulled his mouth off my of mine and groaned in pleasure. “That was fucking hot,” he gasped, “fucking hit me like you mean it, boy.” I punished him in a series of light blows and caresses as he continually fucked me. He choked me lightly and I entered a state of utter pleasure. My body was being pushed to its orgasmic limits as he punished my hole with his juicy meat. “Now it’s my turn,” he gritted. He lightly slapped my stomach and face as my body twitched and stung in pleasure.

“That’s all you got bitch boy?” I taunted. I grabbed his wrist and began slapping my own face with his burly hands as he moaned.

“You better fucking take that back,” he said with a sexy, demanding voice, “or I’ll make you beg for fucking mercy.”

I’ve never seen this side of Reggie before, he was always so polite and nice. That wasn’t the Reggie I was with in bed though, this Reggie was sexy, demanding, dominant, aggressive, and passionate. He pinned my wrists to the bed, and I felt defenseless as he bent down to suck my dick while he still fucked me. He must’ve been pretty flexible to do this! I rolled my eyes back in pleasure as I felt the most intense feeling of pumping coming from him drilling my hole, and the warm wetness he was giving my dick as he sucked it. “I’m gonna fucking lose it!” I screamed. I nearly flew off the bed as my hips bucked and released streams of semen into the air. It splattered all over my chest and face, and tagged the backboard of the bed behind me.

“Now it’s my turn!” Reggie exclaimed as he pulled me into a deep hug. His hips moved in and out of me rhythmically as his cocked throbbed and dispensed his warm seed deep into my gut. He fell onto me and embraced me. We were panting, and our bare, sweaty, cum-stained skin stuck onto each other. He ran his fingers through my damp hair and he gently rubbed my lower back. He pulled me into a long, romantic kiss. I was high off of his love, and we rolled over and faced the ceiling. We began cracking up, and we were back to the silly, loving couple we had always been once again. “You fucked me real good Reggie,” I panted.

“Fuck, I haven’t done anything that intense and dirty ever!” He laughed. He rolled over to face me, “You bottomed the hell out of me, I’ve never felt anything that amazing in my whole life.”

“Oh stop,” I said as I began blushing. I rolled over into his arms, and he began to spoon me. We laid in silence for 20 minutes, and my body experienced a blissful peace. “Reggie, are you cooking breakfast tomorrow?” I randomly asked. He didn’t reply, and I realized he was sound asleep. I slowly began to close my eyes, and I wallowed in his warm embrace and his loving touch. I fell asleep quickly.

My alarm rang the next morning at 7:00, it was a lazy Saturday, and I didn’t particularly feel like doing anything. I was alone on his bed, but he hadn’t left me naked. He had some decency to slip sweats and his nerdy “I’m an eggs-celent person!” breakfast shirt onto me. It smelled like vanilla and pancake batter. Reggie had went to go pick up some groceries for our breakfast and do some things at the cafe, he would be back in about an hour. I didn’t do anything in particular as I waited for him. I checked his computer and found out that he had saved all the dirty messages and nudes I had ever sent him. I laughed as I realized that he probably he used these to get himself off while I was away. I laid down on his bed as I heard his keys turn the lock and him opening the door. I pretended to sleep, and I heard him cook breakfast. Hopefully he would give me a wake-up sex “treat” if he found his cute boyfriend on his bed snoozing away. “Babe?” he called out to me, “you there? Breakfast is ready!” I heard him walk up stairs as he opened Escort Beylikdüzü the door and found me in the same position as he had left me. “Simon’s still not up?” he told himself. “Must’ve fucked him too good last night.”

I laughed silently to myself as he jumped onto the bed and began running his warm hands under my shirt. He kissed my chest and belly and pulled down my sweats to reveal my half-erect dick. He played with my balls as he ran his tongue up and down my shaft and sucked on my head. Soon he got me into a full erection. I was still pretending to sleep, but it was becoming increasingly difficult not to moan, and I was itching to cum in his mouth. I pretended to wake up as I gazed at him sucking away. “Reggie?” I tiredly said, “stop that, you’ll make me cum!” He still had all his clothes on: a Texas Longhorns sweater, jeans, and a backwards dad cap. He looked fucking gorgeous, even with his clothes on. His scruff touched my pelvis, as I pulled him over to my face. I gave him a deep kiss and whispered, “Fuck me?” Much to my surprise he backed away and shook his finger at me.

“Nu-uh,” he scolded, “you have to eat first. I made your favorite dish.”

“I hate you,” I said as I rolled my eyes, sat back, and crossed my arms. I tried to look rebellious as possible.

“Don’t make me treat you like a little kid!” He laughed, “and you know that you only look ridiculous and cute when you try to pout.” I surrendered in defeat as I followed him downstairs into his homy kitchen. Wonderful aromas filled into my nostrils as I gazed at the wonderfully steaming plates he has set on the table. He made me my favorite skillet, ‘Simon’s Skillet’ he would call it. I looked at the wonderfully cooked potatoes, bell peppers, chorizo, and melting cheese and egg that still sizzled with heat. “Eat up!” Reggie told me.

I dug into the large portion he had served me, there was no such thing as savoring your food when it came in heaping, gooey servings. The intense sex we had last night really worked up my appetite, and I barely took breaths as I alternated between drinking orange juice and shoving my face into the food again. Reggie stared at me in astonishment, “Jesus! You’re eating like a cowboy right now!” I just kept on eating and eating until I finished the last piece. My stomach was warm and full with the hearty meal he had cooked me. “That was some damn good food Reggie,” I thanked him. We continued sit down at the table and talked about what we’re planning to do this week. It was just a regular week full of work and studying for me. Reggie was planning on working longer hours so that we would be able to go to our vacation to Croatia in a few months. We had been planning it for nearly a year, as we got closer and closer to our 1-year anniversary. I was ecstatic, I was almost going to be a college graduate, and I would finally be able to move out of my university apartment and settle into my own home as I seek out jobs. Everything seemed to be running smoothly, and I couldn’t be any happier than I was with my life.

Reggie led me up to his room as he kept his promise about dicking me down after we ate breakfast. We kissed for a good minute, and we removed all our clothes. I knelt down and jerked his dick into a full erection. He moaned and grabbed the side of my head as I began giving him head once again. I flicked my tongue rapidly as I bobbed my head up and down on his salty meat. “Fuck…” he moaned. I pushed him into the bed and squirted some lube onto his dick and my fingers. I fingered my asshole loose and I slid his dick into my ass. I rode him for a good 5 minutes. I didn’t let him fuck me, I only let my ass do the work. I swerved my hips as he shivered and groaned in delight. His toes began to curl, and he began to moan loudly. I milked his dick dry as he bucked his hips and pumped semen into my ass. I felt my legs shake and I released my load onto his chest and abs. I spread it all over his body with my hands as I jumped off his dick to kiss him. We only slept, had sex, and watched movies for the whole day. Life couldn’t get any better than this



It had almost been a good month since I had spent genuine time with Simon. He had finals plastered all over his calendar for this month, and I kept my respective distance so I wouldn’t distract him from his studies. We both respected our priorities and we knew when to see each other and when to not. However, I was slowly starting to miss him, and I wanted to spend time with him, so I invited him over to my place for dinner. He reluctantly came over after he had finished most of his studying. He rang the doorbell, and I was happy to see him in a cute beanie, a raincoat, and boots. “Hey,” he smiled.

“How are you? Come in babe.” He wiped the rain onto the carpet as I led him into the kitchen. I wasn’t completely done cooking the pork jambalaya I was making for us, and I could hear the pork overcooking. I dashed over to the pan and brought down the fire to let it simmer. Simon had taken a seat at the counter. “How is everything?” I asked.

“Very super stressful, my sanity is at an all time low. I’ve had zero hours of sleep,” he blankly said. Something seemed a bit off about him but I let it be.

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