Just Desserts


He, Jason that is, stood up, there was a drop of cum on the end of his cock and he signalled that I should lick it off. “You are the best fuck I have ever had, do you know that?”

“You’ve been telling me that for the last three months, how long before I’m the only fuck for you?”

“Don’t start that again, you know that I have to wait for the right time to tell her. If I don’t she’ll take me to the cleaners, and you wouldn’t want that, would you?”

“Right now I couldn’t care less if you were stone motherless broke, as long as we are together, isn’t that what you want?”

“Sure Honey, but wouldn’t it be better if we weren’t broke?” He glanced at his watch and I knew that it was time for him to go home to the little wifey who was waiting patiently for him to finish work.

After he had gone, and I had cleaned up the mess from our passion, I sat down, a glass of wine in my hand, and took stock of my situation. Here I was 36 years old, the experience of one disastrous marriage well and truly behind me, a good job as the PA to a Director, Jason, of a large insurance company, fucking my boss, Jason, at least once a week, what more could a girl want? I’ll tell you what this girl wants Baby, she wants a man to call her own, a man who’ll come home each night and take her in his arms and love her, genuinely, passionately, love her. No more furtive little couplings with someone else’s husband or boy friend, and soon.

My biological clock just about needs a new battery.

The following Thursday I had just finished the reports for the Friday Board Meeting and I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Tracy.” I looked up at him. “Tomorrow night Bill from Claims is having a birthday bash.”

“And this interests me how?” I was still feeling shitty after last Friday night.

“We have planned a party at a hotel, we’ll be having dinner first and then, I’ve booked a room where we can kick on in earnest.”

“Good for you, and I suppose that I should be happy sitting at home on my own, watching some crap on TV and, if I feel the urge come on, masturbating.”

“No! That’s not what I mean at all. I want you to come too.”

“Then why didn’t you say so in the first place instead of getting me all upset?”

Friday night and we were all in the hotel dining room, eating our expense account meals and drinking our expense account liquor. I was the only girl in the party, which worried me until I got a glow up from the booze. At around ten we all staggered to the elevator and headed for the room. At this point I was really beyond caring about what was going to happen. All the guys were so friendly and considerate, I liked them well enough, and they were a happy bunch away from work.

Drinks were poured and we sat around having a good time and talking about all sorts of stupid crap, I was sitting on Jason’s lap and I could feel his hand creeping up my skirt, and do you know what? I didn’t care if all of the guys could see it. Eventually, too slowly for me but he got there, his finger found its way under my thong and into my pussy. My legs spread apart and a silence descended on the room. We had their undivided attention.

“Bill, come over here.” Jason said to the guest of honor. “Have a feel.”

Bill walked, that’s if his sideways shuffle could be called a walk, over and knelt beside us, his hand snaked out and his finger found its way into my pussy. I didn’t mind that someone other than Jason was fingering me, in fact I quite liked it. Jason had unbuttoned my blouse and taken it off, along with my bra. My tits were one of my better points, tits, points, get it? He began to fondle me.

I was getting quite worked up, Bill was stroking away like mad and my pussy was as wet as. “I think Bill wants to fuck you.” Jason whispered into my ear, “Would that be okay with you?”

“If it’s okay with you then I guess so.” I stood up and removed my skirt and thong. Bill stripped off and lay on the floor with his flag pole ready to receive me so I straddled him. Jason stood in front of me so I took his cock in my mouth and, while Bill was pumping away underneath me, I sucked Jason deep into my mouth until I could feel the head of his cock jamming into my throat.

I held my breath for as long as I could before pulling back and gasping for air. In the mean time the other guys were getting their clothes off and standing around us, stroking their cocks in anticipation.

With a grunt Bill unloaded a wad of cum inside me and slid out from under. I could feel his cum oozing out of my pussy as Jason lifted me up and carried me over to the sofa. He laid me down and started fucking me, shoving his cock into me more forcefully than usual, causing me to grunt with each stroke. One of the other guys stood beside me and offered his cock to my mouth which obliged by opening up and sucking him. The other guys were standing around wanking themselves. I didn’t know whether they were all going to fuck me or not, and quite frankly I didn’t care.

The altyazılı porno guy in my mouth pulled out and, with a couple of strokes on his cock he shot a stream of cum over my face and tits. This seemed to be a cue for the other guys to do the same and in minutes there were several streams of sticky, gooey cum dribbling down my tits.

“C’mon Baby.” Jason said as he raised the tempo of his fucking until he came inside me. Pulling out he stood up and turning to the other guys, “What did I tell you, she’s the best fuck you’ll ever get. Who’s for seconds?”

It all became a blur after that, I didn’t know who was doing what, All I could remember was that, at one point I had a cock in my pussy, one in my ass, one in my mouth and one in each hand. There was cum flying everywhere, it was all over me, the sofa, the floor, I hated to think what the cleaners were going to say about this.

There was a general hiatus in the sexual activities as we recharged our batteries with more booze. The guys all sat around with smug, self-satisfied looks on their faces. They were having sex with a horny chick and it felt good, for them. They felt like real men, macho men, studs, not corporate geeks who had to hurry home to their wives as soon as they had finished work. They had all gotten a leave pass for the night and they meant to have fun with a capital ‘F’, capital ‘U’ and capital ‘N’.

“Time for more.” Jason said as he bent me over the end of the sofa and shoved his cock into me from behind. The others watched as he fucked me for several minutes until he came, half inside me and half on my back as he withdrew halfway through the cumming process.

One by on the others followed suit. I didn’t mind it this way because they didn’t have to lie on top of me and a couple of them were no lightweights. They had all just finished when the door flew open and who should walk in but the wives, a group of very angry wives, baying for blood. “Shit! What are they doing her?”

“I invited them.” I said.

“What! Why would you do that?”

“Because my fine fucking friend, I was sick of being used by you, Stephanie was sick of you taking her for granted and cheating on her. The same goes for the other wives, Cindy, Judy, Francey and Sam, they all knew about your cheating, and so we decided that you should all get it out of your systems before you go down.”

“What do you mean, ‘go down’?”

“Just what I said. You, my fine feathered friend are finished, kaput, it’s over, and you’re fired. You, and this goes for all of you, have one hour on Monday morning to clear your desks and leave the building, and don’t even think about taking your clients with you, you see the company has spoken to all of them and they are quite happy to stay on board with a reputable company staffed by reputable people. I have been offered your job, after all, while you’ve been swanning around promoting yourself and not the company, I have been the one doing all the work. The company has seen fit to reward my efforts.”

“You bitch! You’ll never get away with this! I’ll tell the board what happened tonight and how you began seducing me right from the day that you started with the company! And how you offered yourself for a night of sex! You’ll pay for this you fucking bitch!”

“I don’t think so.” The company CEO walked through the door. He had several envelopes in his hand. I was fully aware of what was happening here tonight. “You conveniently neglected to mention to Tracy that she would be the only woman here and that you had planned a gang bang. You see Stephanie had already spoken to me about her concerns about the long hours that you were ‘working’. The company has been concerned for some time at the high number of Secretaries and PA’s that have left for ‘personal reasons’. I investigated and it was then that I discovered that you men were involved in activities that I, and the Board, frowned upon, so we had to act. I spoke to Tracy some weeks ago and she confirmed that you had come on to her and that you had promised to leave your wife if she would have sex with you, a promise that you have made before, and have no intention of keeping.”

“We contacted a few of your previous PA’s and they confirmed that the reason they left was that they had felt used by you and your sexual desires. I asked Tracy if she would help us and she agreed to this plan. Here, gentlemen are you severance packages, you know the rest.”

“And here,” the women produced envelopes of their own. “Are divorce papers, you each have the weekend to get out of the house.”

The penny finally dropped and when it landed it measured about 3.2 on the Richter scale. What started out to be a fun night of good food, good booze and great sex had turned, for them at least, into a disaster.

“Group hug.” I held out my arms for the women and we hugged each other, It was then that I realised that I was still naked, and not only was I still naked but I was still covered in half dry sticky gooey man juice, and do you türkçe altyazılı porno know what? The girls, the CEO and I didn’t give a shit.

While I went into the bathroom and cleaned up the men were busy. As they each scrambled into their clothes they pleaded with their wives for another chance which, in each case, was denied. “You may as well stay here now that you’ve paid for the room, after all I don’t think that you’re welcome at home.” The CEO said.

As we left the room it was with mixed feelings and emotions. The girls were all chatting about what they had put up with from the men in their lives, the cheating, the lies, and the feeling that they were not appreciated. I was feeling pleased in a way, I wouldn’t have to put out for Jason any more, he wasn’t that good in bed, but he made it obvious that if I didn’t put out I would be replaced by someone who would, and I loved my work.

Now that I had his job I felt that, at last, I was in control of my destiny, something that I hadn’t felt for most of my life, right through my first marital disaster and now this.

“Can I take you home?” Andrew asked.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the CEO’s name was Andrew didn’t I? “Thank you, that would be nice.” I knew a lot about him; he was about ten years older than me, a widow with three almost adult kids at college or in good jobs, so they had lives of their own now. He dated infrequently, no serious relationships, and then only with women who were involved in similar projects to him. He lived in a large house on a hill overlooking the city, complete with swimming pool, and which he was half planning to sell because he thought it too big for him on his own, but his kids want him to keep it.

“A penny for them?” He asked.

“Oh, they’re not worth that much, it’s just a jumble of thoughts about what has happened tonight.”

“What are your plans for the rest of the evening?”

“Probably go home and go to bed, I have consumed a large amount of alcohol tonight. You weren’t planning on kicking on were you?”

“No, but I would like the opportunity to discuss your future before we get to work on Monday. There will be a lot of speculation about how you just happen to be promoted to Jason’s old job and him and the others being fired. I thought, if it’s okay with you, that we could go back to my place and discuss this and, if you didn’t feel like going home, I have plenty of room and you can stay the night.”

“I’d like that.” I didn’t know what to think, sure being prepared for Monday was beginning to worry me and it would be good to get things sorted before the inevitable, but being invited to spend the night with him was right out of left field.

He drove up the steep driveway and through the already opened garage doors into a three car garage. Beside the BMW we just arrived in, there was a Range Rover and a Morgan. He caught the quizzical look on my face. “The Beemer is my work car, the other two are my passion. I like to get out into the country, hence the Range Rover, and then I really enjoy the freedom of driving down the freeway in the Morgan, with the wind blowing through my hair and the sense of power that comes with the car.”

The garage door closed as we walked through a door at the back of the garage into the house. It was not as big as I had expected, but the rooms were spacious and beautifully furnished. “Would you like a drink or a cup of coffee?”

“Coffee would be fine, thank you.” We walked into his Kitchen and I watched as he placed a couple of cups under the spout of the coffee maker and pressed a button. While the machine went through the process of grinding and then brewing the coffee, he got some milk from the refrigerator and placed it in the container of the automatic frother. “What would you prefer, black, flat white, latte, you name it and it’s yours.”

“A flat white would be fine.” We didn’t go into the Living Room, it just felt natural that we should stand in the kitchen and talk.

“How do you feel about taking over Jason’s work?”

“I have no problem with the work, but I’ll need to touch bases with the clients so that they are fully up to speed with the changes. I suppose that I’ll need a PA, so we should look at the recruitment process and select one. Then of course, and this is the scary bit, there will be the coping with all the scuttlebutt around the office that will surely happen.”

“I’m going to organise a staff meeting first thing and spell it all out to the staff, I’m sure that they will not be a problem because, even though Jason thought of himself as the popular and indispensable cog that drove the company wheels, the undercurrent that I picked up on was that he wasn’t very well liked by the troops.”

“Thank you for that. I have the feeling that you and I are going to be able to work closely together.”

“I have that same feeling myself. I have had my eye on your for some time and I like what I see. You are talented, self confident in the way you do your hd altyazılı porno work, you have gotten on with the office staff since the very first day on the job, and I believe that your best is still to come.” He took my cup from me and placed it on the sink. He turned to me and took both of my hands in his, he looked into my eyes. “I hope that you don’t think it presumptuous of me, but I have been checking into your past. I know that you have been married and it ended badly for you. It took some time for you to get over it and then you had to find a job. You had been out of the loop for too long to go back to what you had been trained for so you did a course and took up secretarial work. You first employer told me that you were a little unsure of yourself at first but once your confidence grew you blossomed. He was reluctant to let you go but was retiring and closing his business.”

“I fully concur with his opinion of you and the more that I have watched you, the more contact that I have had with you, the more that I respect you. You are a remarkable woman, and to put yourself through what you have had to tonight shows that you have a dedication to this company that is more than I could ask for.”

“It is not only your company that I am dedicated to, sure I want to see it grow, but to find a boss who is so kind, and so well liked by his staff and business peers is more than I ever hoped for. I’ve been doing some checking up of my own and I like what I’ve found out, and if we keep going on like this I’m in danger of getting all misty-eyed and blurting out that I’m falling in love with you.”

His response was unexpected. He pulled me to him and kissed me with an equally unexpected passion. I melted into him and returned his kiss, his passion and his love. I was in heaven.

I was in his bedroom, I was in his bed, he was in me, I was in heaven and by the noises that he was making he was also in heaven.

The whole time that Jason and his friends were fucking me I did not orgasm, not once, not even close, but now, I have cum so many times that I have completely lost count, I have even lost count of the number of times that Andrew has unleashed his cum inside me. Whereas before, while I was being the recipient of a gang bang I couldn’t care less what was happening, now I cared, I cared that the man inside me also cared, cared enough for me that he didn’t just jam his cock into me and pump away until he was finished, he was gentle with me, he was considerate with me and I was aware that he wasn’t doing it to release some pent up sexual tension, he was doing it because of his desire for me. As if he could sense what I was thinking, he paused in his love making and looked into my eyes. I could see the emotion in his. “Tracy, I didn’t think that I would ever hear myself saying this again, but, I love you, and I realise that I haven’t been entirely fair to you expecting you to give yourself to those men. I apologise for putting you through that.”

I needed to lighten to mood here. “Hey, look at it this way, if I hadn’t done that you would still have those guys on your payroll and we wouldn’t be here, now, and I love you and would do anything for you.”

“Then will you marry me?”

“Of course!”

Saturday morning and we were seated in the kitchen having breakfast when Julie, his daughter walked in with a curious expression on her face.

“You’re up early.” Andrew commented as she sat down at the table.

“I just had to get up and find out who was making all that noise last night.”

“I’m sorry if we disturbed you.”

“Hey don’t be sorry. I was laying awake thinking to myself, ‘about time you found someone Pop, and go Studly go!”

“Honey this is Tracy, Tracy, Julie.” She got up and came to me and gave me a huge hug. “Tracy has just agreed to marry me, isn’t that great.”

It took about half a second for the news to sink in. “About time.” She disappeared to reappear a few minutes later with her brothers Alex and Sean. Breakfast became a boisterous and exciting affair and I was made to feel so welcome. It took us ages to fill them in on all that had happened over the last twelve hours and they couldn’t believe it when Andrew told them what I had done for him and his company.

I actually got to spend a weekend with a family, and not just any family, it was going to be my family. The kids, I feel funny calling them that because they were not much younger than I was, came and went to fulfil pre-existing commitments, but they were there for all the major events like meals, except those that took place in our bed. I have never felt as comfortable as I did that weekend.

You should have seen the staff on the Monday morning when we told them the news. They couldn’t believe it! And do you know what? No-one complained about me taking Jason’s job.

And that, dear reader, is how I find myself in this situation, cleaning out my desk for the last time. The staff keep coming by my desk to wish me good luck and I’ve had so many hugs I feel like my ribs are about to crack. There is a pile of presents on my desk, mainly clothes that I’ll never wear, but our child will in a couple of months. I have finally made it before the alarm goes on my biological clock.

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