Daddy I Saw You Looking


This is my first attempt at writing an erotic story so please feel free to comment but be gentle with the comments. If you have any advice you can see my profile for my email address. I appreciate any help I can get so that my writing skills may develop.


I first noticed my daughter had blossomed into a lovely woman on her nineteenth birthday. Her mother and I had decided to have a small family celebration for her as she had already had a wild party the year before. Since our family was very small, my wife Anne, Vicky my daughter, Mike my son and I, we decided that a nice dinner at home would suffice. The day started off normal and Vicky got up earlier than usual, had breakfast and soon after left for her friend Mary’s house. The pair wanted to go shopping for the perfect outfit to attend a special double date they had planned for weeks.

Anne also woke early and started preparations for dinner and so that when I awoke, I was alone in bed. Since it was a Saturday and I didn’t have work, I decided to laze around in bed for awhile. I turned on my side to get the remote control from the night stand and I felt my boner stiff against my leg. I usually woke up to a stiff boner but Anne takes care of it most of the times. She is a stay at home mom and since I make enough money for us to live comfortably she never thought about getting a job. One of the perks of this was that she had time to suck my dick in the morning. I rolled back unto my back and slipped my hands into pants I stroked my dick a couple of times but really didn’t feel to wank off so I stopped after a couple of minutes. This of course left me feeling aroused and unsatisfied so I turned the TV to sports and tried to forget my stiff cock.

Somehow the day just flew by and the next thing I knew we were around the table singing happy birthday for Vicky. Vicky wore a very sexy dress that highlighted all her curves in all the right places. The dress was green and matched the olive look of her eyes while making her red tresses shine like a halo, as her hair fell away from her face and down her back. As I looked across the table I seemed to notice her in a strange way I had never before noticed. She was a pretty girl but not quite beautiful and she wasn’t very tall 5’2″ or skinny either. In fact she had thick juicy thighs and good sized breasts that were quite shapely and threatening to spew out of her dress as the thin straps strained to keep them controlled. All through dinner I had to keep reminding myself that she was my daughter, as each time I looked at her laughing face, my cock stirred and twitched in my pants. I couldn’t believe the thoughts that were coming to me as I sat surrounding by my family. I started to wish the dinner would end quickly so I could take Anne upstairs and fuck her until my mind returned to normal. But the kids were making jokes and poking fun at each other while Anne beamed at them and I just couldn’t stop looking at Vicky’s breasts.

When dinner finally ended Vicky started opening her presents and we filed into the TV room to watch. She waited to open my present last and as she was about to open the present she crossed the room and sat on my lap where I had settled on the couch, just like she did when she was younger. I was scared as she adjusted herself on my lap and her round bum Beylikdüzü escort grazed my semi stiff cock. She took her time opening the present and cried out happily when she saw the necklace I had purchased. It was a gold locket on a thin gold chain, Anne had one similar to it and Vicky always wanted one. Sometimes I got the impression that she was competing against her mom for some unseen prize. Vicky wound her arms around my neck and twisted her body to give me a thank you kiss on the cheek. By this time Mike was ready to wander off and Anne was yawning discreetly obviously tired from the days events, so no one saw when Vicky bent her head to my ear, the front of her dress hung low and her creamy breasts almost eyelevel.

“Thank you for the gift daddy but I saw you looking.” She whispered directly into my ear.

I was so shocked I almost threw her off me before she had a chance to unwind herself and move from my lap. Did I hear correctly? Just what exactly did she mean by that? My thoughts started to muddle as Anne and the children decided to retire to bed. I started to go along with the rest of them but my movements were robotic. If Vicky noticed my eyes hungrily consuming her breasts was it possible that Anne and Mike noticed too. With this in mind I decided to linger a bit and wait till everyone was asleep so that I could go to Vicky and explain that, what she thought she saw, was all in her mind. I knew Anne was too tired to stay up so I wasn’t surprised to hear her gently snoring as I passed our bedroom and went into Vicky’s room. Mike was only fifteen at this time and usually went to bed early so I knew he too would be asleep. I didn’t bother to knock as Vicky’s bedroom door was slightly ajar but I did close the door behind me. Vicky was lying on her side away from me as I entered and I noticed that she seemed to be rocking and moving her hips. I cleared my throat a little to let her know I was in the room and she jumped up obviously shocked at the intrusion. When she faced me I could see that the covers had slipped to her stomach and her breast and part of her milky thighs were showing. She was naked. I quickly turned around until she pulled the covers around before I turned back. I was already regretting this choice since the sight of her had my cock thickening and I knew it would be hard to hide my 9″ cock as it grew.

“What is it dad why didn’t you knock” she asked still in shock.

“Vicky we need to talk.” “What exactly did you mean downstairs honey?” “I’m afraid you have the wrong idea here.”

“Its okay dad you don’t have to explain anything. I love having you look at me.” She said and then extended her hand for me to join her on the bed.

As if in shock I couldn’t deny that I had looked at her so I just sat woodenly on the edge of the bed. Then I noticed that my hands were quite sticky from when I took Vicky’s hand. I couldn’t believe my senses when I realized my daughter’s juices were on my hand. She was obviously masturbating when I saw her hips rocking and at that moment I knew she wanted me to smell her female scent. Vicky just acted as if nothing was wrong and I did too although I knew we had crossed some sort of taboo line. I just stared silently at the floor as Vicky curled up next to me and asked if I would wait until she fell asleep.

I Beylikdüzü escort waited for quite some time until she was breathing evenly and the entire house was in dreamland before I rose from the bed. I stood for a moment completely aroused by her scent and the strangeness of the situation. As she laid spread eagled under the covers I knew I had the opportunity to look at her completely naked and satisfy my new desires. I gently removed the covers as she murmured in her sleep and there before me lay the sexiest woman I had ever seen. Anne had a good body and kept me satisfied but Vicky was so inviting I crept onto the bed and put my face close to her snatch. Her pussy was bald and pink and I inhaled the scent of her juices as it dried around her hole.

Before I knew it my face was closer to her box and then suddenly I felt that I had to lick her pussy. My mouth closed over her pussy and she twisted slightly at the sensations. I started to lick her pussy lips slowly afraid to wake her while trying to get my hands in my pants to stroke my cock. I continued licking and sucking, I took her clit between my teeth and nibbled gently, while my tongue tried to lap at her juices which were now leaking out. Vicky stirred some more than she stilled. Realizing that she was awake now I waited for her reaction, scared of what she might do when she figured out that her dad was face down in her snatch sucking as if his life depended on it. But Vicky just turned slightly positioning herself so she could thrust her cunt further into my mouth. By this time her cunt was wet and sloppy and I made soft slurping noises as I drank her honey. Vicky then reached her hand down and started to frig her clit furiously. I rose over her kneeling between her legs with my fat dick standing proud. While I Vicky continued to play with herself, I took some of her juices and spread it on my cock and started to wank off over my daughter. She looked so beautiful in the dim light from the reading lamp and I got more and more aroused.

Vicky soon removed her hand from her snatch and placed it on my cock. The touch was electrifying and I almost came right in her hand. She slowly sat up and guided my cock to her mouth. I was too far gone to care that my daughter had just popped my big mushroomed cockhead into her pretty mouth. Vicky started to slowly suck me off, taking me deep into her throat and I did all I could to keep from coming in her mouth. Her eyes shone with lust as she tasted her own juices on my dick. After deep throating me a couple of times I couldn’t hold out anymore and I shot me load down Vicky’s throat. My daughter caught all my cum like a pro slut and didn’t spill a drop as I drained my balls into her mouth. I was spent I had just gotten the best blowjob in my life from my own little girl.

After removing my limp dick from her mouth I took my former position between her legs and started to suck Vicky’s clit as she fucked my mouth with her cunt. By now her juices had run down between her ass crack and her little asshole was wet. I started to lick from her pussy to her crack and right between her cheeks as she hoisted her legs up behind her ears. This caused her bum to lift a little and exposed her nice asshole to my hungry mouth. I ate her asshole greedily and pushed my tongue as well as a finger Escort Beylikdüzü in and out of her tightness. Her ass tasted so good I could feel my cock grow again and just then I felt Vicky started to grow tense as her orgasm starting building. My mouth found its way back to her clit and just as I took it between my teeth Vicky moaned low and started cumming on my face. I never saw someone cum so hard and I tried to keep up with her bucking cunt as her cum drained heavily from her cunt filling my mouth with her nectar. It was the sweetest thing I ever tasted and I could just imagine drinking her cum for the rest of my life.

After her groans subsided I drew my self up and over her and kissed her cheek softly. Vicky wanted more and she pulled my head towards her lips and kissed me like a whore, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. She was getting hot again from tasting her cunt juice on my lips and my cock started twitching again. We had barely said any thing to each other and Vicky rolled me unto my back and straddled me in one fluid movement. Her hole was ready for me and with a quick lift she impaled herself on my rigid cock. I couldn’t think clearly as new sensations rushed over. I’ve had my share of lovers but this tight hole was the best I’ve ever had. Slowly so as not to make much noise Vicky started riding my cock as I clutched her pink covers for some sort of stability as I felt my body ascend into heaven.

Vicky rode me for what seemed like forever but I wasn’t ready to blow my load yet. So she manoeuvred herself so that her bumhole was at the head of my cock and she teased me while she reached over to her nightstand and got something from the draw. As soon as I felt the coldness I knew that Vicky had gotten her hands on some lube and she started to lube my dick while jacking me off. Once again she put her bumhole at the head of my cock but this time she slowly inserted my fat cock into her ass. It took some prodding as her ass was very tight and my cock was thick but soon my cock was buried half mast inside her ass. Vicky started to ride it slowly and I caught her rhythm quickly. I had never imagined that I would get to fuck Vicky’s ass and soon I felt my balls tightening. I grabbed hold of her waist and pulled her sharply down on my cock. Vicky let out a little yelp as her ass stretched to accommodate my size but I didn’t care. My little slut of a daughter had obviously taken a cock up her ass before. Vicky soon got back her motion and she reached back to fondle my balls. I couldn’t hold back anymore and I felt my cum rush out and into her dark hole.

As my dick grew limp again Vicky moved between my legs and proceeded to clean my cum off my dick. She licked all around and I felt her swallow the remaining juices which were mixed with her anal matter. After cleaning me off Vicky moved up to my side and draped a hand across my chest. She then told me that she often fantasized about me fucking her but she didn’t want to offend me by making me an offer. I was still in awe about what had just happened and now my daughter was telling me she wanted me to fuck her. I couldn’t even believe my luck when Vicky told me I could fuck her anytime and no-one would ever find out.

I left Vicky’s room soon after and went to the washroom to clean up any evidence. Then I went to my bedroom and laid beside my wife Anne spooning her in a comfortable slumber. I couldn’t wait for morning to come because Anne went to church on Sundays and I knew I would have someone to take care of that boner I usually woke up with.

The End.

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