Lesson #1 Is Just The Beginning


Happily married for twenty-five years has resulted in three grown children and a scrapbook full of terrific memories. My wife is my best friend … except in the bedroom. As the years progressed, our sex life had virtually disappeared. I attributed this decline to the demands of our careers and family, but something new was changing in me. I found myself becoming increasingly interested in sex with another man.This new interest of mine remained in my fantasy world supported by the occasional session of gay porn on the internet. Every time I would catch myself wondering what it might be like, I had to shake my head as I recalled not too long ago being almost repulsed at the thought of sex with another man. What had changed? I had no idea.As my feelings and desires became increasingly stronger, I wondered if I was ready to move from fantasy to reality. One day, I decided to explore a local internet site that catered to the various sexual desires of its members. This might consist of exploring various kinks, casual hook-ups for men, women, bi-curious, gay, and transgenders, or longer-term relationships. There was no limit to what people would post or the supporting pictures often included.As I browsed the ads and offers one ad caught my eye. It stated that a Ataşehir Escort middle-aged man had been enjoying a casual but discreet relationship with a married man. Their hook-ups apparently consisted mostly of the married man receiving oral sex at these meetings and then returning home to his wife. Unfortunately for the author of the ad, his friend moved out of the country and that put an end to their secret rendezvous. He was now looking for anyone interested in a similar relationship.Prompted by the two scotches I had consumed while browsing I thought why not respond to his ad … just for fun. I drafted a simple response briefly outlining my situation, my current relationship, the need for discretion, and my interest. I kept it light and attached the requested picture to my reply. I chuckled to myself at the nerve I had to write such a reply as I have never done such a thing before. Off to bed I went and never thought about it again.The next morning there it was. A reply to my reply. Shit, now what do I do? In the response, I got a little more detail about the original author including some pictures of him and a request that we should meet for a coffee and see if there is chemistry. His pictures showed an average, Ataşehir Escort Bayan middle-aged man, reasonably fit and overall, normal looking. I had to pause and think about where this might be going.Not wanting to appear rude I responded and asked him for a bit more detail on what he did with his prior friend. It was more of a delay tactic on my part thinking he may serve something up that I could use to end this before it went too far. I also emphasized that I had never done anything like this before and had never been intimate with another man. He quickly replied with more details that outlined originally it was him performing oral on his friend but, over time, evolved to shared oral sex, kissing, body contact, and eventually anal sex. In his response, he also gave some specific times and locations for that coffee.Now I was getting scared that I might be on the cusp of moving from fantasy to reality. However, the more overpowering feeling was one of pure arousal on my part. Between his detailed descriptions and a clear sense of urgency on his part, I was totally turned on by what was unfolding.My response shocked me. I agreed to meet for a coffee. It was almost like I was losing control and my desires were Escort Ataşehir now responding to this stranger. We agreed to meet at one of the times he had proposed.A day later I found myself driving to the coffee shop suggested. I arrived early but waited in my car to see if I could catch a glimpse before I went in. No such luck and now I was going to be the late one. I scanned the seats as I walked in and there he was. His pictures were accurate, and he waved at me as I walked in. I felt like a nervous teenager on a first date.He had already ordered me a coffee so we introduced ourselves and shook hands. His name was Graeme and down I sat to begin our chat with my hands still shaking. Over the next forty-five minutes, we chatted about a variety of topics covering our careers, politics, sports, and our other interests. I became more relaxed as I learned he was a fully out gay man who was no longer in a relationship. As we concluded our coffee we shook hands and he told me that he hoped to see me again. I nodded politely and smiled.By the time I arrived back home Graeme had written back to me that he found me very attractive, and our next meeting should be at his apartment. He also went on further to share that he was quite turned on by the fact that I was a virgin and proceeded to share some of the details of how he would seduce me into my first sexual experience with another man. This email was incredibly arousing. I was turning on another man. Nervous as I was, I now wanted this to happen. The idea of an experienced gay man seducing me was almost too much.

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