Laura’s suprises


I hadn’t seen Laura in over a month; finals took care of her for a fewweeks and then she spent Christmas break on a cruise with her parents. Needless to say, I was pretty excited the day she came back to town. The apartment buzzer rang; I hit the button, and a grin stole across myface. I opened the door, and there she was. You know that moment when someone you love walks into the room, and suddenly you forget how to breathe? I had that moment. I’d forgotten how beautiful she was when she smiled. “Hi,” she said. My response was lost as I pulled her to me and kissedher the way I wanted to for the last four weeks. Eventually I came up for air. And to see her smile again. “Glad to see me?” “Yeah I am. Glad to be back?” She took her coat off, handed it to me, and started untying her shoes. Iknow she said something in response, but I missed it; I was just so happy to see her. Barefooted, she stepped close to me and wrapped her arms around me. “Imissed you,” she said, coming up on her toes. Recognizing my cue, I kissed her again. There would be talking; we had a month to catch up on, after all.Stories to share, and pictures to show. But that would Küçükyalı escort come later; now we had other concerns. We made it down the hallway to my room without our mouths separating. Pivoting, I gave her a gentle push; she fell onto my bed and a grin split her face. “Stay there a second,” I told her. I flipped the light switch and turnedon a CD; soft lighting and music filled the room. Closing the door – just in case my roommate made an early return – I turned back to my lady on my bed. She was standing when I turned and had already begun undressing – man, Iloved her! – and I quickly moved to assist. In less than a minute she was nude, and shortly thereafter I was too. We grabbed each other and reacquainted ourselves with each other’s bodies. Hands stroked and caressed, feeling skin and hair, while our mouths shared breath and moisture, sneaking away occasionally for a taste or kiss before returning for the next breath. I pressed her against the wall, my hardness finding the moisture betweenher legs, and kissed her neck. She moaned and ran her fingers through my hair. Lowering my hands past her waist, Kartal escort bayan I grabbed her ass and lifted her into the air, pinning her against the wall with my body. My cock slid along her lips, thrusting slowly back and forth, as we both moaned in beautiful harmony. Laura grabbed my head and pulled me in for our deepest kiss yet as we both filled our hands with the others’ cheeks. I lowered her to the ground; she continued the motion, sinking to herknees and taking my erection into her mouth. Now the wall held me up as I leaned over her and tried to remember how to continue breathing. Her tongue circled my head, and I lost the fight as all the air in my body escaped in a deep, throaty sigh. “I have a present for you,” I said when my lungs had worked out theoxygen issue. Temporarily breaking her motion, she smiled up at me. “Oh? Where is it?”Reluctantly I pulled away from her mouth and drew her to her feet. “Lie down in bed and I’ll show you.” Smiling, she lay across my bed and I followed her down. I kissed heragain to distract her and reached behind the mattress, pulling up the rope I’d secured Escort Suadiye to the frame earlier. The rope was prepped, and before she knew what was happening, her wrist was bound. She looked at her hand with an exclamation of surprise, and I took advantage of the moment to grab the other rope. In a matter of seconds both hands were secured;she looked back and forth between them, grinning, before looking down at me as I went for the ropes by her feet. I gently tied the rope around her left foot and tightened it while herright foot gently rubbed my sack. Taking hold of her ankle, I lifted her foot to my lips, then bound it to the bed and stood up to admire my work. Spread-eagled, Laura smiled up at me and my heart melted. She had tannednicely on her cruise, with bright white tan lines showing in start relief the areas I wanted to visit next. I knelt back down and slowly made my way up her legs, kissing and caressing her right one until I reached her hip. Slowly I moved my face to her crotch, looked up at her, and let her feel my breath on her wetness. Suddenly, I pulled back to her other ankle and repeated my journey. This time I continued past her hips, across her stomach, between her breasts, up her neck, and to her ear. She turned her face towards me and we kissed, tongues dueling. I pulled back, and she strained forward, maintaining contact as long as possible. Teasing was wearing thin; I headed back to her groin, intending to makeher howl.

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