Joyce And Debbie, Joyce And John


I first met Debbie during year one at the university. We shared some classes and lived in the same accommodation block, but weren’t close, just acquaintances. We lost touch in year two because I moved off-campus into a small flat that I rented with Maria, another classmate. This flat-share worked well and continued into my third year. However, during the spring semester, love or lust must have been in the air; Maria decided to shack up with her boyfriend. I would probably have done the same had he been mine. He was a hunk and judging by Maria’s tired looks many mornings he was also an enthusiastic lover.I was struggling to keep up with my coursework at the time and didn’t need the extra hassle of moving or finding a new flatmate. So, despite the expense, I decided to stay alone in the flat for the remainder of the semester. Just before the Easter break, a classmate, Cathy came to see me. “Are you still on the lookout for a housemate?”“Not really, I’m going to wait until after the summer break before deciding what to do about the flat. Are you looking for somewhere to stay?”“No, I’m settled, but do you remember Debbie? She needs a place.”“I thought that Debbie was living with her boyfriend, Tom.”“Tom dumped her. He’s now got a tactile first year to satisfy his sexual appetite. Debbie has been kipping on my sofa for the last few days, but my mum is coming to stay for Easter, so Debbie will have to find somewhere else. Could she lodge with you for a while?”“Of course, I won’t see her stuck. We girls need to look out for each other.”“Thank you so much. I’ll tell Debbie.”Early next evening, Debbie arrived, suitcases in hand. To be honest, she looked a wreck. I showed her through to the bedroom and left her to unpack and put her things away.“I’m going to make some supper. Just come through when you’re ready.”Debbie said hardly a thing as we ate our meal and then watched television. She seemed to be on the verge of crying and, eventually, she broke down. I hugged her, holding her tight as her tears soaked my blouse.“I’ve been a fool. I thought that Tom loved me, but I was just his sex toy. He wanted it all the time and screwed me again and again to satisfy his lust. To him, I wasn’t a person, only a body to use at his will. Other than having my fanny ravished by his cock and filled with cum, I got nothing from of our liaisons. There was no satisfaction. Intercourse was all about his needs. Most times, I had to fake orgasm to make the stud think he’d done his job and could stop shagging me. Sometimes even that backfired. Tom occasionally saw it as a challenge to try to ride me through multiple orgasms. One time, he was insatiable and despite five fake climaxes, he kept on drilling my fud until he exhausted himself. I could hardly walk afterward, but Tom still retook me next morning. I should’ve realized that Tom was only using me. But, as they say, love is blind.”I’d had sex only once up to then, so I couldn’t imagine how Debbie coped with servicing Tom every day, often multiple times. She must have been exhausted all the time. That might be okay during the first flushes of lust, but not acceptable in a long-term relationship. My fud winced and twitched at the thought of the abuse inflicted on Debbie. It must also be devastating for her to realize that Tom had exploited her deep love for him to meet his ravenous carnal needs.  “Shush, be strong, don’t let Tom win.”“It’s too late,” said Debbie. “Tom’s already taken everything he wanted, thrown me in the garbage and moved onto his next willing bimbo. In one sense I’m lucky, he would still be shagging me silly if I hadn’t suggested rationing our lovemaking so that I could have time to rest and study for my exams.”Debbie took a deep breath. “Tom lost the plot then and said, ‘I’m the only important thing in your life, if you don’t want sex with me then leave’. What a charmer. He’s supposed to be educated and enlightened. I’m sorry to say that I succumbed to his blackmail. I feared to be on the streets, so I continued to make myself available to him on demand. But, any passion or pretense was gone, and Tom knew it. Essentially, he could masturbate using my fanny. Despite this, it was still a massive shock to come home one day after classes and find him in our bed riding a busty blonde newbie. She was squealing and enjoying the rough sex, which Ataşehir Escort excited Tom even more; making him think he was the great lover.“’I warned you,’ he said to me. ‘You’re not wanted here anymore, frigid cow. Pack your things and get out.’ The girl smirked at me. I didn’t say a word, just got my suitcases and packed them. To rub salt in my wounds, they kept up their wild lovemaking while I was doing this. I was sick to the stomach and left as quickly as possible. Thankfully, I remembered that Cathy had recently moved into a nearby flat and went there. She let me stay for a few days.”“You mustn’t beat yourself up about this,” I said. “Tom is a waster, don’t let him break you. Get your life back. Move onward, doing what you want. Finish your degree, start a career, and become independent. You will find love again but on your terms. Now, you should get some rest. We’ll talk again tomorrow.”“Okay, you’re right, and I am tired.”Debbie went off to bed while I tidied up the kitchen. I expected that she would be asleep by the time I went through to the bedroom but no, Debbie was restless, tossing and turning. I changed into my pajamas, got into my bed, turned out the lights and tried to sleep. But Debbie’s fidgeting and occasional sobbing kept me awake. I got up, went over to her bed and took her hand in mine and started stroking her hair.“Hush, hush, it’ll be okay. You’re safe, you need to rest.”Debbie put her arms around me. “I’m scared, please don’t leave me alone.”My bed was only four feet away, so it was clear that Debbie wanted something more than just my presence in the room. I slipped into bed with her, and straight away Debbie cuddled up close. She relaxed as we snuggled and soon fell asleep. Debbie was still nestled with me when I awoke next morning. This closeness brought back fond memories of times with my sister: we shared a bed as youngsters, cozying up together in that warm protective cocoon, keeping each other safe from the scary monsters that were out there in the dark. I wondered if Debbie was reliving similar reassuring times with her sisters.Debbie and I lay snoozing until the alarm went off. Then, it was toilette, dress, breakfast, and a mad dash off to our morning classes. Debbie was quite chipper, so different from the night before. We parted to go to our separate classes, and I didn’t see her again until late in the afternoon. I was shocked to find Debbie looking as bad as the night before. She didn’t say anything until we got back to the flat, where she broke down again.We were in a tight hug when Debbie told me that Tom had found and taunted her that afternoon. “He said, ‘I don’t know why I put up with you for so long. You were rubbish in bed. Zara is the real deal, she’s fantastic and always ready to do it at any time and in any which way. So, good riddance.’ I just broke down, but fortunately, my classmates saw what happened and chased Tom away. Why did he do that? Why won’t he leave me alone?”“Don’t worry. I’ll protect you, and with your classmates, we’ll make sure you’re safe from him at the university. They’ve seen how badly Tom treated you and will be glad to help. Tom is a self-centered bully who wants to get his way in everything. You challenged that dominance by questioning his right to sex with you, and he can’t deal with it. That’s why he’s acting the dork. You’ve won, you’re free of his dominance.”“Thank you for being so kind to me.”“Glad to help. Let’s get something to eat and then maybe have an early night. I think we both need some rest.”“Can we be sister-sister again?”“Ah, I did wonder if last night revived good memories for you.”“I always felt safe with my sister. It was the same when I cuddled with you last night.”“Of course, sisters look after each other.”  Debbie and I snuggled in bed that evening; so snug and comfortable together that the stresses of the day quickly melted away and we fell into a deep, deep slumber. From that night, Debbie and I were bed-mates. This arrangement was not only for her benefit. To my surprise, I felt calmer and more at peace with myself once I began sleeping with her. I hadn’t realized the debilitating effect my lonely existence was having on me. Our relationship was platonic at this stage, but we became girlfriends with benefits near the end of the spring semester.The Ataşehir Escort Bayan students in our year organized an end of exams party. Debbie and I both attended and like most of the people there drunk a little more wine than we should’ve done. We were both tipsy when we left the party, but relatively sober by the time we had walked back to the flat. I was sitting on the sofa when, with inhibitions relaxed, Debbie kissed me; not the usual peck on the lips but a long lingering kiss. I didn’t resist. I embraced her gladly, and soon we were French kissing and making out. I said, “At last, I can make love with you. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”“Why did you wait?”“After the troubles with Tom, I wasn’t sure that you’d want a sexual relationship. I worried that I would scare you off if I made a move. I needed a sign that you were up for it.”“Well, I’ll ring the bell now if you want. Come on, let’s get naked, get to bed, and make up for lost time.”We slowly undressed each other, taking time with each item and caressing or kissing each newly exposed erogenous zone. Already hot and bothered, we lay on the bed and clasped in a tight embrace: lip to lip, breast to breast, mound to mound. Debbie started to kiss my neck and caress my breasts before moving down and latching her lips onto a nipple. I was sighing in response to the lovely sensations coming from my boobs when I realized that I could get Debbie’s tits in my hands. I began to gently stroke and massage them, then clasped a nipple between my lips and sucked steadily on it like a baby. This exciting action continued for some time. When I was on top of Debbie, I released her breasts and slowly stroked and kissed my way down to her hairy mound. I began to caress her inner thighs and through the fuzz around her pussy lips. When she spread her legs, I moved down and licked and sucked on her labia while rubbing her clit.“Oh my, oh my, no-one’s gone down on me like this before. It’s blowing me away. Please, please, don’t stop.”“You mean Tom never did this.”“No, fingering was his limit. He could readily trash my fud with his cock but couldn’t bear to get near it with his lips.”“What a fool, missing out on something this good. Enjoy this first time, I’ll give you my best.”Debbie was contentedly moaning as I began to lick her fanny lips and then I pushed my tongue into the entrance of her love tunnel. I was probing Debbie’s fud as fast as I could when it began to convulse, she groaned, her body spasmed, and cum flowed. The contented smile on her face as I licked out every drop of her sweet nectar was priceless. I drew myself up beside Debbie, and we shared a French kiss, my tongue soaked with her juices. Debbie then worked her magic on my fanny, and she soon had me quivering and flooding her mouth with cum. Her tongue tasted so sweet as we finished off with a lingering kiss before slipping between the sheets and having that joyous just after sleep.Early next morning, Debbie was gently nibbling my neck. “Wake up. I want it again.” Our lovemaking was as passionate as the night before — and again, and again, as we repeatedly shared each other over the next day. Two delighted women were canoodling in bed the following afternoon.”I love you so much. The passion has been wonderful,” said Debbie, “but I can’t cope with it all the time.”“Intercourse with Tom became a never-ending, and a non-satisfying chore for you didn’t it? Sex shouldn’t be like that; it should be a mutual pleasure shared at special times by loving couples. That is what I want for us.”“Yes, I’m glad you understand. I love you so much and don’t want to spoil things. I can promise that when our desires do overwhelm us the passion will be exceptional and we will rock each other’s boat.”“I only want you to be happy and satisfied. Let’s go back to sister-sister until we both feel the urges again.”To avoid any doubts Debbie and I agreed on a signal system. A pink perfume bottle left on the bedside table indicated that one of us was up for woohoo. Placing of a second identical bottle on the table meant that the other was also ready. This second stage was a bit redundant since neither of us would turn down the chance to make love to the other. But to know that we were both up for it was a release. There were no inhibitions, Escort Ataşehir our lovemaking was unfettered, intense and mutually satisfying.For the first couple of months we made out once or twice a week, but then the dynamics changed. We noticed that there was a cluster of five to six days in each month when we were both very frisky, but outside those times, our urges were infrequent. Neither of us could understand this but eventually realized it might be due to synchrony. Since Debbie and I began sleeping together, our monthlies had steadily harmonized. It was likely that we also ovulated in a coordinated manner and that meant that our libidos were at their highest at the same time as well. No wonder we could hardly keep our hands off each other. We had to make sure there was plenty of high energy food available to sustain us through those randy days.Debbie and I were a settled, happy and loving couple for almost a year but this changed during the spring semester of our fourth year at the university. I received a telephone call from Linda, the mother of my former flatmate, Maria.“My father John is staying with me while recuperating from illness,” Linda said. “His recovery is going well, so now it is only a case of providing some tender loving care and companionship. But I need to go away for a few days to nurse my sister and I can’t leave John here on his own. Maria can’t come home because of her field trip next week but she suggested that you might be available. I know it’s an imposition, but could you spare a few days to look after my father?”I had no exams at that time, so I readily agreed and traveled out that afternoon so that Linda could go to her sister as soon as possible.John was sixty-seven and looked a bit frail but he was cheery and talkative. I made dinner, we ate together, and then chatted into the evening. John was interested in my studies and the vagaries of student life. He went off to bed around nine o’clock. I checked that he had everything he needed for the night before I retired to Linda’s bedroom and quickly fell asleep. It had been a hectic day.I heard a noise at around three in the morning and went to investigate. John was talking in his sleep, “Maggie, Maggie, this is wonderful, I love you so much.”He repeated this time after time, but seemed otherwise at ease and okay, so I took my tired body back to bed.We had breakfast together, and I proposed that we go for a walk since it was a warm and sunny morning. John was delighted with the idea, and we were soon on our way. Linda had told me that John liked country walks but failed to mention that this could involve hiking for miles over rough ground. I struggled to keep up with him as I was used only to walking to and from lectures, not country rambling. But, I enjoyed being out in the sunshine and spending time with John. He was worldly-wise and chatty with many experiences and tales to share.John left school at fourteen, became a farm laborer and then rented his first croft when he was twenty-four. He married his sweetheart Maggie, and together they built up a successful sheep farm which they operated until five years ago. Maggie had a severe illness, so they gave up the farm and moved into a small house. Maggie’s health stabilized and they had a further three contented years together before she passed away. Since then, John had lived on his own.“I miss Maggie so much, she was my soulmate, we did everything together and depended on each other.”I could see that John was grieving and, following what happened last night, I thought he must be dreaming about their times together.“Maggie and I both enjoyed sex and shared our passion as often as time would allow,” he said. “We couldn’t get enough of each other. I miss that intimacy and passion. Now, I only have vague memories of the wild times when we shagged each other silly.”Oh my, too much information! I was embarrassed at hearing such explicit details about their love life and blushed profusely. However, I soon realized that John was just trying to emphasize the strength of the bond between them. In his enthusiasm, John didn’t realize how graphic he was being about their activity between the sheets. We all have older relatives who can say the most atrocious things and not understand that they’ve done anything wrong. I just went with the flow and, over that day, got the full history from John. If he and Maggie did it so often, how did they have the time or energy to do any work? Talk about burning the candle at both ends. I didn’t think that he was exaggerating. It seemed this intimacy was essential for both of them and John’s dream last night now made sense. 

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