How it Started – Part 2


It had been a few weeks since my wife’s first experience with another man turned into a disappointment for her. While she had been ready to suck his dick and possibly fuck him, he could not follow through. Although she was dejected she was determined to make something happen.She had become friends with a girl at work named Susan, who had also recently moved to DC. Susan was a hot single girl with big natural boobs. One day Susan asked my wife if she wanted to hang out on Friday night. My wife quickly accepted and they decided they would go bar-hopping in DC and see how many guys they could Ümraniye Escort get to buy them drinks.At the third bar they ran into a guy from work named Matt. What my wife did not know was that Susan had been fucking Matt for a few weeks. After flirting with Matt at the bar, they decided to get a table together. As my wife describes it, they found a large booth in a dark corner and Matt sat between them. They were all well past being tipsy, so any inhibitions were out the window.Shortly after they ordered food, my wife felt a hand on her leg. She Ümraniye Escort Bayan let out a soft moan, which Susan heard and smiled at her. It was becoming clear to my wife that this was a setup…and she was okay with it. Before too long Matt’s hand was rubbing her pussy and my wife reciprocated by rubbing his cock. Meanwhile, Susan was watching the whole thing and playing with herself. My wife managed to orgasm from the excitement. Embarrassed, she excused herself to the restroom to cleanup. When she returned to the table, Matt had paid the Escort Ümraniye check and asked if they wanted to go back to his place to “watch some television.” Although she was nervous, my wife was more than ready at this point.It was a twenty minute Metro ride to Matt’s apartment, so they had plenty of time to talk. Susan owned up to the setup and said that they had both wanted to fuck my wife for weeks. My wife admitted to masturbating at work thinking about Susan’s tits. But now Matt was in the equation, so she asked to see his dick. He was happy to oblige and pulled his dick out of his pants. She was surprised to see a thick eight inch cock with a large head (when she told me the story her words were, “much bigger and prettier that yours).”Once they arrived they did not waste much time. The two girls wanted some time to themselves, so they stripped and got on the bed while Matt watched.

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