Jaq In Control For A Day


Lockdown is very hard to tolerate, Jaq wanted to spice it up for a day.Jaq would usually do most of the chores around the house, this particular day she had another plan. We woke early one morning, the usual heavy petting session was soon underway. During the session, Jaq suggested that I should be doing more around the house to help, especially as we were in lockdown. Jaq suggested that today she should be in charge, I should obey and do as I was asked. By the look on Jaq’s face, I knew that this could be a fun day.I eventually got up and went to the en suite shower room, leaving Jaq to plan her day. I emerged from the shower, Jaq had already gone downstairs. Left on the bed was a maids outfit, my cock cage, suspender tights and handcuffs. I read the note, put the cage on and Fatih escort get dressed then bring me the key. I did as requested, put the cage on along with the maid’s outfit.I went downstairs to find Jaq sitting on the sofa. I handed her the key and did a twirl as she asked, she seemed pleased and requested I make the breakfast. I went into the kitchen, prepared Jaqs favourite. Poached eggs and smoked salmon ready I called her.We sat and ate breakfast, Jaq was very complimentary and said I would be rewarded. While I cleared the plates away Jaq went back into the lounge. When finished loading the dishwasher I also went into the lounge.Jaq was seated on the edge of the sofa, her panties were off showing her swollen hairy pussy. She beckoned me over Fındıkzade escort bayan and lifted my dress, stroking my smoothed shaved balls my cock was swelling. I was soon requested to get onto my knees, kneeling down I parted her pussy lips and ran my tongue from her arse to clitty. I got to work with my tongue, her pussy was dripping as I worked my tongue around her swollen lips and clit.To say I was a little uncomfortable would be an understatement, my cock was swollen and the cage was digging into my flesh. Jaq was soon having her first orgasm, moaning loudly as she held my head in place between her legs. I, of course, asked for some relief, Jaq denied my request and suggested I get the vacuum cleaner out.I had agreed to Jaq’s Escort Gaziosmanpaşa terms, I went to the understair cupboard to fetch the vacuum cleaner. Jaq sat stroking her pussy as I got to work, knowing that I would be getting a very hard cock again. I cleaned the house from top to bottom, Jaq checking on my progress. As she followed me around she would smack my arse, telling me what a good slutty maid I looked. This, of course, turned me on even more.I was really quite enjoying this, next I was asked to clean the tiled kitchen floor. On my knees I got to work, cleaning away as Jaq stood watching. Jaq approached me from behind and squatted down, stroking my smooth balls and caged cock beneath my dress. This was really turning me on, Jaq knew what she was doing. Soon I was dripping cum from my cage, making a sticky mess on the freshly cleaned tiles.I knew what Jaq would do next, scolding me she pushed my head down. Doing as she requested I licked my sticky pre cum from the tiles, Jaq watched for a short while, then went into the lounge while I finished licking up the mess. 

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