Jenni Goes to Daddy Ch. 01


Jenni hugged herself tightly as she listened to her parents arguing once more. She burrowed deeper into the comforter as she lay in bed. Tears filled her eyes as she listened to her mother scream abuse at her father. She screwed her eyes up trying to block out the sound of her mother’s voice casting abuse at her father. She was just nineteen yet at times wished she was younger, wishfully thinking back to her eighteenth birthday party, when her parents were happy and her brother was still alive. She had always been a Daddy’s girl, always obedient, cast as the “good child” as her brother was “trouble”.

Jenni was 5′ 6″ and had curves in all the right places. The nipples that topped her full breasts were rose pink and large. She attracted a lot of attention from the boys she was in college with but somehow none of them measured up to her standard. Her father. At 6′ 1″ dark haired and broad shouldered with slim hips he was everything Jenni physically admired whilst his kind and gentle nature was something Jenni sought in the boys she dated but had not yet found. Jenni had always admired everything about him and now listening to her mother castigate him for something that they all knew wasn’t his fault hurt Jenni somewhere deep inside.

She curled up in her bed, her knees tight to her chest and wrapped her arms around them as she tried to block out the sounds of the argument from downstairs. And then the crash of the door as her mother stormed out of the house once more in the middle of the night.

Jenni listened to hear what her father was doing, hoping he wouldn’t resort to the bottom of a bottle once more, but knowing that since her older brother had been killed in the accident that the bottom of a bottle was where her father found solace. Solace that should have been offered by her mother’s arms. But her mother was too busy blaming him for giving the keys of the car to Jon.

Jenni cried gently as she thought of her handsome older brother, Jon. With so much potential and promise he had lost his life to a drunk driver and now her precious father was trying to drink himself to an early grave while her mother just kept running away.

The soft sounds of her father sobbing came up the stairs. Jenni sniffed and wiped her eyes then paused for a moment wondering what to do. Then she slid her long legs from under the comforter and rose from her bed. She was dressed in a pink shortie pyjama set and in her urgency to get to her father, to comfort him as he cried she didn’t pause to slide her feet into her slippers and didn’t even consider her dressing gown.

She ran down the stairs and found her father slumped in his chair in front of the TV. The sound was off and a movie was playing, the colours and light from the screen the only light in the room. He didn’t see Jenni as she stood in the doorway for a moment considering whether she ought to go to him. He looked so sad, so alone and so in need of comfort that she felt her heart clench. She walked to him and slid gracefully to her knees between his sprawled legs. His eyes were closed, hot tears squeezing out through his eyelids and Jenni’s heart melted. This was her daddy, her precious daddy and he needed comfort. She reached a hand out tentatively and wiped a tear from his cheek. Her father’s eyes sprung open and he jerked in his seat as his hand whipped out and grasped her wrist in a tight clutch.

“Daddy!” Jenni gasped in surprise and pain at his sudden and fierce grasp, “Daddy, şişli escort you’re hurting me!”

There was silence for a long moment as her father looked into her eyes, his hand still grasping her slight wrist in an iron grip. The moment lengthened and Jenni heard her father groan gently. She reached her other hand up to his cheek and stroked it gently. “Daddy, it’s ok. I am here Daddy. I am here for you Daddy”. He didn’t speak but slowly, almost reluctantly, released her wrist as Jenni continued to caress his cheek with her other hand. Her nails cut neatly and polished with a baby pink trailing over his cheek as she moved her hand back and forth over his cheek. Their eyes locked on each other as Jenni murmured softly to him, telling him how much she loved him and how much she wished she could make everything ok with him and her mother, telling him how much she adored him and would do anything to make him smile once more the way he used to. The way they all used before Jon died a year ago.

Her father’s eyes burned into hers as she spoke and then slowly, cautiously, he raised a hand to cover Jenni’s hand as it stroked his cheek. His voice was low as he spoke, “Anything Jenni? Would you do anything to make your Daddy smile again?”

Jenni nodded hard as she heard his words. “Yes Daddy!!! You know I would!!!” Her blue eyes filled with tears once more as she watched his face, watched emotions she couldn’t name flit over his face and fill his green eyes.

“Anything Jenni? Are you sure?” words almost growled as his hand moved to touch her lips. A strong finger tracing the outline of his daughter plump lips as he looked deep into her eyes.

“Yes Daddy, anything” Jenni replied and as she spoke she knew that she would indeed do anything to make her Daddy happy. She would do anything to make Daddy smile.

A slow smile came to her father’s lips. “Jenni, you have made me happy already. You don’t need to do anything more. You can go back to your bed right now or……” a pause as his thumb rubbed over her lips, pulling them, “or……..” He paused once more as his eyes darkened and his gaze travelled from Jenni’s face down to her throat and continued to her breasts covered only by the thin pink material. “You are so pretty Jenni, so very pretty….” His gaze burnt into her flesh and Jenni flushed as she realised her nipples were becoming erect, swelling with desire. Desire for her Daddy.

Her father pulled his hand from her face as though it was burning, “Go Jenni! Go to bed right now!” He shifted in his chair and turned his face away from Jenni.

Jenni paused, eyes blinking frantically as she wondered what she had done to cause him to turn away. Had she too hurt her Daddy? “Daddy!! What did I do wrong??? Please Daddy don’t send me away”

Without turning his face back to her he spoke to her, his voice a groan, “Jenni, I am doing this for your own good. ” Jenni stretched forward and upward, her body fully between his spread legs as she reached forward to kiss his cheek.

“Daddy I love you and I want to make you happy again. Please let me make you happy.” Jenni pressed forward to hug him, her breasts crushed against his stomach, her face against his chest. She heard her father’s heart racing and at that moment realised that her stomach was pressed against his crotch. Her stomach was tight against her father’s crotch and he was aroused. Her eyes widened and a soft smile crossed her lips as she heard the low moan beşiktaş escort escape her father’s lips. Now she understood, now she knew exactly how to make her Daddy smile once more.

Without moving she whispered, “Daddy do you like it when I cuddle you like this?” There was a long pause before her father responded, his voice anguished as he told his daughter that he very much liked cuddling her this way. Jenni felt her nipples swelling to become long and hard, felt the heat between her legs as her arousal started to overtake her, felt her pussy become wet and needy.

Jenni had felt this way before, but never with any of the boys she dated. She had felt this way before when she was laying in her bed. Thinking about her Daddy. Now she realised why. She wanted him. She wanted her Daddy. She wanted her Daddy to lay with her and touch her, kiss her, fuck her.

And she wanted it now.

“Daddy,” Jenni murmured softly, “I think I know how I can help you smile…” She moved slightly and let her hand slide onto her father’s erection, gently touching and caressing it through the fabric of his jeans.

She felt his body stiffen, felt his cock jerk at her touch, heard him groan, heard her Daddy say “Jenni…. we can’t….. we can’t….”

Jenni smiled to herself as she pulled her head back far enough to look her father in the eyes and whisper, “But Daddy I want to….. I want to Daddy….. please?” Her fingers were working slowly, drawing a pattern over his hardening cock, feeling it react to her teasing touch. “And Daddy, I think you want to too….”

His only answer was a groan as his hand shot to the back of her head, his fingers entwining and twisting into her long honey blonde hair as he pulled her to his face. Jenni let out a short gasp of pain as her Daddy pulled her hair then was silenced as his lips took hers.

Jenni had been kissed before, several of them and it had been nice. Gentle and soft. But this was not gentle or soft, this was pure need and desire and it was so much better than any kiss Jenni had ever had before. Her father’s lips were crushed to hers, his tongue sliding into her mouth, pushing into her mouth, claiming her with his kiss. Jenni moaned as she melted into her father’s kiss. Her fingers starting to grip his erection. As he kissed her he pulled away from her roving hand, Jenni wanted to protest but the kiss….. the kiss was consuming her, every part of her involved as her father’s mouth took hers.

Then suddenly his hand grasped hers, pulled it back toward him and her fingers felt the soft skin of her father’s swollen cock. She gasped once more, her father’s mouth leaving hers for a second as he laughed softly then whispered, “You know what to do baby?” Jenni’s eyes were wide as she mutely shook her head, not wanting to give voice to the fact she had never laid eyes, never mind hand on a cock before. Her father brushed a tendril of hair from her face, kissed her gently and asked, “Are you still a virgin my darling?” Jenni nodded, not speaking, her fingers still wrapped around her father’s thick cock as he smiled lovingly at her and wrapping his hand around hers started to slide his daughter’s hand up and down his stiff, long cock.

Jenni closed her eyes as she let herself be guided by her father. Her hand gripping his cock and slowly, carefully stroking him. Her heart was racing. She was stroking her Daddy’s cock. And it felt so good. Jenni could feel the heat between taksim escort her legs intensify and the wetness drip onto her thighs, through her soaked pyjama shorts, as she knelt before her Daddy. For several long moments Jenni was guided by her father, taught how to please him with her hand. Then he took his hand from hers, leant back in his chair and groaned, “Do it for me baby. Stroke your Daddy’s cock baby for me.”

Jenni felt as though her heart would burst, her fingers wrapped tightly around her father’s cock as she stroked it slowly, gently speeding up, feeling her father’s pre cum drip onto her fingers. The wetness of his pre cum making the stroking easier and somehow more intimate. Her Daddy was groaning louder now, his hips bucking slightly as Jenni grew more confident in her actions. Her fingers gripping him tightly and then for a brief moment pulling off, hearing his groan and knowing that she was pleasing him. She let the pad of her thumb rotate for a moment on the ridge of his cock head then gripped him once more to stroke again. Long, slow, hard strokes. Feeling the bulges of his veins under her palm and hand as she pleased her Daddy’s cock.

Then, without warning, Jenni felt her father grasp her hand and pull it off his cock. She moaned in protest, begged him to let her help him cum and was rewarded by his hand once more wrapping in her hair and forcing her face down to his cock. The wet cock head touched her lips and she felt them part automatically as her father forced her head down deeper. His cock filled her eager mouth, she sucked hard, her tongue slipping and sliding over his shaft as he held her in place. She moaned with desire as she sucked harder and harder, drool spilling down her chin as she took as much of his cock as she could.

Jenni’s father groaned as he felt his daughter suck on his erect cock, something he had fantasised about so many times. Her mouth felt so good, his cock felt so hard he was sure the skin would burst and he could feel the cum build in his balls. His precious baby girl was everything and more than he had dreamed of.

Jenni sucked harder, her instincts taking over, not worrying about “doing it right” as it was her first time, just following his lead, listening to his groans and moans and concentrating on the areas of his cock that made him moan loudest. She smiled to herself, knowing that she was going to want to “practice” as much as her Daddy would allow so she could give him the best blow jobs he had ever had. Jenni’s tongue was hot and wet as she slid it over every inch of her Daddy’s cock. His velvety cock head felt so good on her lips and tongue, his scent so arousing Jenni felt as though she could suck forever. Her father let his head fall heavily back onto the chair, involuntary groans were torn from him as his daughter’s tongue brought him closer and closer the the edge of orgasm. He could feel his balls tighten with every wonderful suck.

She took a deep breath and swallowed, feeling the length of her Daddy’s cock slide over the back of her tongue and into her throat. She felt his body stiffen and his cock jerk as he realised what she was doing and then felt her Daddy shoot his hot seed into her throat. She sucked harder as she felt his cum flow up his cock and spurt into her mouth. She swallowed, smiling as she looked up to see her Daddy’s face.

He was smiling.

Jenni gave his cock two more long loving sucks then pulled her head off his shaft. She looked up into his eyes, “Daddy I really will do anything to make you smile again”. She watched him nod slowly as he looked at her, “Yes baby, I believe you will…..”

And Jenni knew that she was forever her father’s… heart, soul and especially body.

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