James and the Woods


This story is a part of a short series of stories following James a forty-something straight married man who has developed a love of cock sucking. Other stories are based on true events. The story is a continuation of the theme. He loves his wife. But he also loves anonymous cock sucking with similar men.

The story starts with a sex scene with his wife to outline where his oral curiosity came from but the main event is a meeting on a hot summer night in a woodland reserve. It escalates.

The other stories of James are either real, based on a true story, or a total fantasy. All characters are over 18.

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Lockdown was dragging on.

James like millions of other worker was in the new WFM category; Working From Home. The company’s office was shut and he had to find a new routine during working hours.

Laura took care of his non-working hours. After 20 years of marriage, she still knew how to press his buttons.

James’s mind wandered and before he knew he was logged into the chat room: the bi curious chat room.

He was well passed curious. James had evolved from a fully straight married man and husband to a still straight and still married cocksucker.

Cock sucking and swallowing cum was one of his favorite erotic things to do.

He remembered back to the numerous encounters with other men. The memory of his first single meet was wondrous. The trip to Phoenix and the week in the adult book store sucking so many anonymous cocks. And the blow bang he arranged for himself last year where he sucked off many men…

In the chat room, he noticed that John was there. The two connected a couple of years ago and hooked up first for a one to one meeting in a local hotel. It was two hours of hot contact; sucking each other off several times over an afternoon. The memory made his cock spasm.

James liked those meets. Safe and hot and slow. It satisfied his occasional Urge.

They met again at his blowbang where John helped himself to a one-man bukkake cum spray over James’s face. That was thrilling. Another fantasy came true.

He remembered that evening with the owners of six cocks. John’s was the largest he had met in his ten-year cock sucking career delivering a glorious load of semen.

James opened the chat…

James. Hi John, how’s you today?

John. Good. Looking forward to some action.

James. I know what you mean. I’ve got my Urge again.

John. Can I help? 😉

James. F’kin right. Do you think you can help me?

John. Possibly. What do you have in mind?

James. I can meet this weekend. Perhaps we can hook up? With this summer heat at the moment, how do you feel about an open-air meeting?


John. Yeah. I can meet you on Saturday night. Wife is away.

James knew that Laura would be travelling to see old school friends. The deal was sealed. There’s something about a promise that James found to be thrilling. The certainty of it.

James. Hey John, sounds great. I’ll text you Friday to arrange location and time.

At dinner that night James sensed that feeling with his wife. He knew sex was on the cards. She had dressed that bit sexier. She wore a redder lipstick. And the give way was the gloss.

He could see it in her eyes and hear it in the tone of her voice.

James loved how she dressed on nights like these. The much shorter skirt than she could wear at her work at school and the tighter silk blouse that clung falling open to show a dark shadow of cleavage. But he mostly liked the high heels that clacked on the oak flooring; they were an elegant stiletto that pushed up her legs and ass.

He also knew she wore stockings, not her normal hold-ups, with the full suspender gear and thong panties.

And she wore her deep red lipstick with a top coat of gloss. She’d thought about this night. The signal was Fuck Me.

She led him by the hand to their bedroom.

Turning to James, she pulled him in and they kissed deeply. James could taste a slightest of fruit notes on her lips as their tongues rolled and pushed in wetness.

Laura pulled open her thin blouse revealing her C cup tits straining in an electric blue half cup bra. James’s cock tip pulsed when he saw them.

Laura dropped to her knees and deftly undid his belt and pulled the zipper. In moments James’s hard on was being hungrily sucked.

He could hear the wanton lust from his wife as she slurped, lipped and sucked her way all over his prick.

On nights like these, he knew the barriers were down. Laura was in need. She had her urge and would be sated.

She pulled her mouth away.

“Babe, as much as I love doing that to know and as much as I know you love it too, I need you now to fuck me…”

Tonight, I want it – in my ass.”

The directness of her demand snapped James to attention. His cock was ready and full. But he was a little shocked she wanted to go direct to ass tonight.

“Wow, baby. Say want you want why don’t you!”

“I’ve been thinking about izmit rus escort it all day. I need that prick deep in my arsehole tonight, Sweetie.”

She was already up on the bed, on hands and knees and exposing her rounded still tight arse and looking back to give him the come on.

She still had her heels and skirt on and James unzipped her and pulled it down. He left the red patent leather heels for a bit of sluttiness.

He then pulled down the thin thong fabric to expose her bare skin framed in the suspender holding her lacy stockings.

James had always loved Laura’s asshole; a perfect star with a beam of pink crinkles emanating from its center.

He reached in and licked his tongue around her bud. She let out a long “Ohhhhh…” as he teased the hole flicking it and smoothing the flat of his tongue across it. He could smell her sex and noticed the wetness. That would be his later but first, he had an ass to fuck.

James reached in the drawer next to the bed for the lube and coated her entrance and his prick.

“Put it in me!” She ordered.

James placed his cock head against her hole and his gently pushed watching the head disappear. He knew to wait as her sphincter relaxed.

When he felt this he gently pushed an inch more but two went in. She had been thinking about this he thought, she was relaxed and inviting more. James pushed to give her his full length and he stopped.

She gasped out and unclenched her fists. His cock was feeling tightly engulfed.

“Now fuck me, and don’t spare the horses, James!”

God, she was horny. He could imagine her few stolen daydreams in front of her history class. He imagined her squirming and clenching her ass as she fantasised about her night.

He pulled back and gently pistoned in and out just a couple of inches on the stroke. It was easy; no resistance, so he continued a bit more and before long he was at full fuck.

His cock felt incredible his wife moaned and masturbated her clit with her right forefingers. The motion was delicious.

They kept fucking for 10 minutes each lost in their pleasure. James started to feel the rise of his orgasm, the familiar tensing low down. And he was ready to cum.

“Hey, babe. I’m gonna cum soon -“

“On my face. I want it on my face – tell me when.”

OK. She had indeed been thinking about this.

Over the years, Laura had taken and demanded so much of his semen but her demanding a facial was quite rare. He was cool with that. He always thought she looked great and took it so well.

Now James was about 30 seconds away he extracted his cock from his wife’s ass and she quickly scooted down placing her head resting on the mattress edge.

She was smiling and giving James her Come on Me eyes as he wanked himself over the edge. He came in close as Laura opened her mouth to take the powerful streams of spunk. Mouth. Top right cheek. Forehead. Lips. Hair and right ear. After around 10 pulses James was done, his prick head wet with semen.

Laura reached forward and took his cock in her mouth. She’d never done this after an ass fucking, but she cleaned his cock head of all the residual cum and then relaxed her head looking up at James, cum-coated and shining.

James thought she looked beautiful and smiled.

The next day James daydreamed of what they did in the bedroom. He was spent after the demands his wife placed on him.

He wondered about tomorrow night and meeting John and opened up an email exchange they had last week.

When they met, it was John who contacted James on the adult site, impressed by James’s cock pics. They were of him hard and glistening and he remembered taking the pictures one night while staying over in a business hotel.

The first time James and John met was in a local mid-budget hotel. They attended to each other’s cocksucking and wanking needs taking turns to blow the other cock.

James couldn’t forget the delight at seeing John’s utterly magnificent prick; 9 inches of carved marble and easily the biggest he’d had. Well apart from a stranger in the gloryhole in Pheonix…

He also loved how his cock came remembering the copious and powerful spurts at the blowbang James arranged last year.

James sent an email and arranged to meet at a forest 10 miles drive north. James was not one to favor outdoor meets but the weather was hot and the evenings light until late.

He waved Laura goodbye on Saturday morning as she drove off to meet girlfriends for the weekend.

That afternoon, James sat at his computer screen watching his favored gloryhole porn. It was always female on male porn but he also enjoyed a few videos of a couple where she did the cocksucking of the stranger and after taking the semen in her mouth, would give her male partner in the booth a passionate cum kiss. He thought back to the couple he met in the gloryhole…

His prick was hard and leaking but he was careful not to cum now to increase the quantity and force of his climax this evening.

Certainly, James hoped for izmit escort the same courtesy from his cock date.

He felt excited, hot and horny on the drive. As he parked up, there were three other cars. No occupants. The air was sticky and silent.

He started to walk to the rendezvous point where he had agreed to meet John.

James walked up a forest pathway, heather carpeted the floor and moss clung to the trees. He reached the clearing and waited.

It was 8.05pm.

He could hear crackling underfoot as someone approached.

It was John.

They smiled and greeted each other. James felt relief that he turned up – male to male dating on a swinger’s site is mostly a miss affair.

James led John to an old stone wall and he dropped in front of John.

“I hope you’ve been keeping this nice and full for me, John.” As James rested his hand in John’s crotch feeling it semi-hard. He gently rubbed his hand back and forth along its considerable concealed length.

“I haven’t cum since mid-week. And I edged myself this afternoon as you requested. You’re such a cumslut, man!” Chuckling.

James reached for his zipper and belt, undoing them.

“It’s so hot tonight,” said James, “how do you feel about getting fully naked?”

They stripped off and John rested back against the wall his beautiful prick standing fully hard. James stared enjoying its magnificence.

He reached to hold it and grasped the cock leaning in he let his tongue lick the rounded wet head and then placed his lips around it sucking it in.

He carried on for a couple of minutes giving the cockhead serious and sustained lip and tongue action. James tasted the slick precum and slowly wanked the cock with his right hand.

Licking the full length he looked up at John who was looking down at James watching him licking his balls and his prick. They maintained eye contact as James sucked several inches and hitting a rhythm.

James closed his eyes and felt the fullness in his mouth. John had a wide girth to match his length; the proportions were perfect. Perhaps John was a dildo cock model if there was such a thing…

He tried to go deeper maybe getting 5 inches before the gag.

Now sucking hard, occasionally breaking to lick and deposit his copious mouthful of saliva and precum on the prick. He wanked it in unison. It was bursting hard.

James felt down to his cock bouncing in the air and oozing down its length. His own needs would have to wait.

“Hey, buddy, I’m getting close. Where do you want it?”

It was thoughtful for him to ask.

“In my mouth. On my tongue.” Commanded James.

John broke out of James’ sucking mouth and started to jack his wet length hard. James leaned back on his knees and watched for the signs of impending spunk.

It had been a while since James last drank cum and he did mean Drink.

Many cocks James had sucked lacked the volume he preferred. More a leak or ooze than a spurt.

John had delicious semen with smooth quality and he was copious.

James opened his mouth and presented his tongue. John moved in positioning his cockhead right at the entrance to James’s mouth. Just a few more jerks now.

John started to cum.

He spunked powerfully into James’ mouth easily hitting the back of his mouth. Two, three, four, filling him up. Five, six coating his tongue. Seven, eight smearing his lips.

James sat there with a mouth properly full of pearl white semen watching John’s pained expression relax and finish.

He wiped his cock on James’ lips leaving a white trail of viscosity.

James sat there mouth open showing John. He could feel warm fluid and smell the cumminess.

He moved his tongue through the fluid rolling it. A dribble escaped dripping below and hitting James’ cockhead. He closed his mouth and tried a swallow. Some went down but it took another two to empty.

The two smiled.

“Your turn?” John indicated looking down at James aching prick.

James stood and John kneeled, but then they heard an unexpected sound of a slow congratulatory clap. They looked over to where three backpackers were standing in a small huddle transfixed.

“Oh shit!” Both John and James said simultaneously.

John scrambled for a few clothes and in 10 seconds he was making tracks carrying his shoes and forgetting his belt and top.

James remained in a kneeling position but his hard-on quickly faded from its glory just 60 seconds ago.

Eventually, one of the backpackers broke the heavy silence.

“Well, that was quite a show!”

“How long have you been watching?” Asked James.

“A good while.” Mentioned the second backpacker.

” I see. Well, sometimes you gotta quench you urges, right?” James realised it was an odd explanation and regretted it immediately.

Slowly the third backpacker uttered, “Yeah, I know what you mean…”

James snapped a look at him and looked quizzical.

The third backpacker removed his kit bag and placed it on the ground. The others did the same.

Number kocaeli escort three walked the 15 feet towards James and stood close. He reached to undo his belt. James and the backpacker watched each other closely as he released the zipper allowing his trousers to drop and reveal a hard prick encased in black jockey briefs.

The backpacker pulled down his briefs letting his prick bounce forward.

James felt relief and quickly engulfed the cock sucking fast to get it over with.

He tasted the leaky precum and did everything he could to get this cock off fast. It was a couple of inches smaller than John’s so he tried to take it in his throat, usually a climax accelerator in James’s experience.

He wasn’t wrong.

The prick buried in his mouth started to release its load. James had no idea if the cum was thick, thin, a small load or a big one. It ejaculated straight down his deep throat.

This was all too much for backpacker number one, the first to speak up.

He tapped James on the side of his head. He released the buried prick still heavily coated in

Trials of white semen and saliva and grasped the cock with his hand.

Now, James slowed down.

It was a lovely looking cock and the fear from a few minutes ago was gone. He wanked it, licked the balls coated with light blond hairs and bathed the head with his tongue.

It seemed to be doing the job. The backpacker held James’s head on each side and started to thrust.

James kept his hand on the cock to control the depth of penetration one thing Laura first told him when they first met at university. She was a cock slut from the day they met.

The only sound was of James wet mouth being fucked and the gasps of the backpacker.

Maybe he couldn’t believe his luck. Thirty minutes ago he couldn’t have imagined getting a blowjob from a stranger in the clearing ahead.

“I’m going to cum, pal.”

“You can cum in my mouth.”

That tipped him and a stream of warm silky cum oozed over James’s tongue. He waited until the guy was finished and swallowed cleaning the cock of all the white streaks.

“And what about you? Your turn I think?” Offered James. Backpacker number two looked hesitant.

“Come on it’ll be fun.” James tried again.

After a few moments, the last backpacker stepped forward and offered his hard and dripping prick to James.

He licked the wet smear off the cock head and sucked it steadily in a business-like way.

This length was a double for James’s own cock. Six inches not too wide, uncut with a glistening head. James sucked it like he wanted to be sucked. He pulled the man close his cock entering his throat and the hairs touching his nose.

James made it super wet with his saliva wanking it in time.

“Just come,” said James, “Just come in my mouth.”

But backpacker number two had a different idea. He extracted his cock and started to jerk it hard. He was close to coming and about 12 inches from James face.

“I’m gonna cum on your face,” he announced.

James waited for his facial.

Number two was a spurter which when it comes to giving a facial has to be best.

The first shot hit James’ top lip causing him to open. Semen dripped down coating his lips.

The next stream hit his forehead down to his chin. There was a lot and it was warm.

James sat there savoring the cum and the moment. The backpackers didn’t say much as they set off. James sat there in the evening warmth, naked, wet and cum covered.

He had the small problem if his own climax to resolve so he moved into the tree line and found a spot to lay down in the soft dry moss.

He thought about what had happened over the last hour which made is prick bounce.

Closing his eyes, he was about to start a luxurious wank but was startled by a voice.

“I could do that for you…”

“What the fuck!” James shouted out and recoiled.

“I’ve been watching you this last hour. I followed you up from the parking area when you arrived. I’ve been hiding and watching you.”

It was a young man. He reminded James of him at 18 or 19, horny and constantly hoping to get lucky.

“What? You saw everything?”

“It was so hot. I think I’m about to burst! My cock that is.”

The young man reached to James cock and wrapped his hand around it.

He rubbed his thumb over the precum soaked head which caused a jolt in James. The young man watched James’s cock and to James’s face to see the reaction.

He was inexperienced but excited.

“It’s my first time.” He said.

“Well, your hand seems to be doing just fine.”

“Is it OK if I, erm…” trailing away, “can I do what you did to those other men?”

James wanted to cum desperately.

“Go right ahead. But I won’t last long.”

The young man moved down in front of James’s bursting cock.

He closed his eyes and gave a tentative touch of his tongue onto James’s cock head, experiencing the taste of another man for the first time.

He went further, opening his mouth and putting the cock inside. He waited and then moved his head.

The feeling was exquisite. James knew he would come soon.

“Hey. I’m going to cum soon and there’s going to be a lot. Just to warn you since this is your first time.”

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