Ilicit Encounter


Francesca glanced at the clock as she parked her car at the hotel. It was a cold January evening and she pulled her coat around her. She stopped for a moment. She was always nervous when she went on dates. Her date was a lucky man, she thought to herself as she topped up her lipgloss. She pulled her dress down over her knees to make sure her stocking tops were covered, she didn’t want him to see them until later. She was wearing a low cut black satin cocktail dress with black stockings and black high heels. She stepped out of the car and walked towards the hotel bar.

Trevor was sitting at a table already, dressed in a black suit and crisp white shirt, open at the neck, a bottle of white wine in a chiller at the ready. He looked her up and down and she knew he was impressed. At 52 he was at just over twice her age, and his grey hair was a giveaway, but that only turned her on more. She eyed the wedding ring on his finger. That turned her on too. She had felt a pang of guilt at first, but this wasn’t serious. She liked him, but just wanted the fun. They lived over two hours apart so it was easier to keep the distance there. They had had a couple of dates and his kisses had driven her crazy, but they hadn’t had sex, yet. She was sure tonight would be the night.

‘Hello you.’ He said warmly, standing to greet her with a kiss on each cheek. ‘You look lovely.’ He smiled, his hand gently stroking her long dark hair. Francesca grinned widely, moreso after spotting couples on tables nearby watching the age gap couple embrace.

‘Mmm thank you!’ Francesca smiled, slipping into the seat beside Trevor and taking the glass of wine he had poured for her. They talked for a short while and Francesca felt herself getting hornier as Trevor brushed her thigh and leaned over to kiss her. Francesca instinctively knew her pussy was soaking just by speaking to him. She closed her eyes and moved closer and his tongue eagerly found hers, making her hungry for his cock. His hands were quite restrained, gentlemanly, and she gently placed one on the seam of her stocking. He gasped as he realised how she had dressed for him. She pulled away and drained her glass of the remaining wine before whispering to him.

‘Do you think we should go elsewhere?’ She purred as he nodded, standing and leading her towards the lift. Francesca stood tall in her heels, almost as tall as Trevor, her height, curves and jet black hair making her a true beauty. She smiled radiantly, her hips swaying as they moved. She knew that other men in the hotel would desire her and envy Trevor, for he was going to devour her in every way possible. The pair eagerly walked to the bedroom, frantically rushing out of the lift as soon as it stopped and Francesca couldn’t wait to get to bed. Trevor didn’t let Francesca’s hand go at all, and once the door was closed, he pressed her body against the wall, kissing her passionately and gripping her hand tighter. Francesca allowed a soft moan to escape from her young lips, the sound tickling Trevor’s ear. Trevor led Francesca on to the bed and eagerly pulled at her dress, revealing the black lace hold up stockings and a black lace thong. In pure, wild desire Trevor eased down and ran his finger along her lace covered pussy lips. He moaned as he felt the dampness of the soft material. Eager to taste her, he pulled her knickers to the side to devour her wet young pussy. He admired her smooth shaven lips and eagerly lapped up her pussy juices. Francesca simply loved the sight of her older lover lapping up her warm pussy. His tongue circled around her clit and down to her pussy, slowly slipping in and out bursa escort of her young, tight hole. He felt so aroused tasting this young, sweet girl. He desperately needed to fill her mouth with his hard, old cock.

Francesca moaned as Trevor sat up and lay down beside her, pulling her on top of him to kiss him deeply, his mouth a heady mix of wine and her pussy. Francesca pulled her dress over her head and revealed her firm, bouncy F cup breasts encased in black lace. She leaned down and started to unfasten Trevor’s shirt buttons and his jacket, him sitting up as her movements became more frantic. Francesca admired Trevor’s bare chest whilst unfastening his belt, feeling his hard cock straining at his trousers.

‘You want me to get this out?’ Francesca whispered, sliding her hands over his erection. He nodded and moaned as his cock was released from the restriction of his black boxer shorts. Francesca marvelled at the sight before her. He had a lot of pubic hair, where she usually preferred bald balls, but she was totally impressed by his cock. It was at least seven inches long and filled her hand nicely as she wrapped her fingers around it. She bent down and keenly took the head into her mouth, licking the precum oozing out from the end. She noticed his salty sweet taste with approval and rested her body on the bed to make herself comfortable while sucking him. She followed her mouth down his cock with her hand and he felt like her mouth was capable of taking anything. He had never been sucked so deeply and so well before. He looked down and admired this horny young girl working away at his throbbing dick. He had been worried he wouldn’t be able to perform as well as younger men, but Francesca made him throb harder than he could ever remember. Trevor needed to fuck her and feel her pussy around his cock. He gently cupped her face and eased her head up off his dick, motioning for her to lie down.

Francesca flashed her pretty smile at Trevor, she knew he wanted to fuck her and fuck her right now. She held her thong to the side and opened her legs wide, one finger rubbing her soaking pussy lips. Trevor kneeled before her, rubbing his cock against her welcoming entrance.

‘Fuck me!’ Francesca mouthed. Trevor needed no encouragement and slid his full length into her in one swift thrust. He reached down and pulled each breast out of the cups of her bra. She yelped as he twisted one nipple and gently bit the other. He quickly sucked both in turn and returned his lips to hers, pushing his cock further. The sensation of being so full wasn’t totally new to Francesca, but being fucked by such an old man was. She wrapped her stockinged legs around his bare arse as she looked up at the wrinkles on his face. Each thrust took her closer to orgasm as he drove himself further into her tight hole. She loved how much Trevor was turned on by her tight pussy and gasped as he raised one leg and pushed it above his shoulder. His cock pushed even deeper inside her and within seconds she could feel herself start to come, her pussy tightening around his bare cock. Trevor slowed down and kissed Francesca’s neck as she recovered from her orgasm. His cock throbbed inside her and the sensation of her toned pussy muscles contracting sent him crazy, shooting his hot load of cum deep inside her. His lips paused on Francesca’s neck, loud grunts emanating from his mouth with his orgasmic pleasure.

Trevor slowly withdrew and admired Francesca’s young body, her breasts till hanging over her bra. He gently pulled her lace thong down over her legs and she bent her legs to help him, still lying on her back, breathing softly. bursa escort bayan His hand coursed down her soft, silky flesh before finding the soft fabric of her stockings. Gently using his fingers, he eased her stockings down each leg, throwing them to the side of the bed. Francesca lay still as Trevor gently kissed and stroked her legs, his lips working their way to her pussy. He gently kissed her sweet lips and continued upwards to her stomach and chest. He sucked her sweet nipples and unfastened her bra, freeing her breasts. Francesca was now totally naked and a beautiful sight to behold. Her eyes shone brightly and her skin glowed a beautiful shade of pink. He couldn’t believe how he had just fucked this girl. She turned her body and nestled close to him, kissing his neck and resting her head on his chest. Trevor instinctively held her and kissed her forehead. Francesca felt his lips and closed her eyes before everything went dark.

Trevor had watched Francesca fall asleep and he had briefly rested his eyes too. He had enjoyed making love to her young body and he could feel his cock throbbing again. He had briefly thought about his wife at home, but this hot, young thing was too good to resist. Apart from her looks, she was intelligent and mature, yet with a vulnerable side which betrayed her youth. He had seen that side when she needily held him to fall asleep. He also knew she was a highly skilled and erotic lover, aware of her own body’s needs and desires. He stroked her hair and sat up. He wanted to push the boundaries with this girl and fulfil some fantasies. He stepped out of the bed and walked over to his overnight back and took out a large box. He opened it up and peeped inside before he quickly made his way to the bathroom.

As Trevor emerged Francesca was just waking, her pretty blue eyes blinking. She smiled and started to sit up. Trevor jumped towards the bed and pushed her back down, his sudden movement taking both of them by surprise.

‘Stay lying down.’ He whispered, gently kissing her forehead. Francesca grinned, sensing more sexy fun. She could see he had a box in his hand, but didn’t ask what was in there, allowing the anticipation to build. Trevor placed the box beside the bed and smiled down at Francesca, a wild look of desire in his blue eyes. He ran a hand through his sandy grey hair and whispered gently.

‘You’re a very, very naughty girl Francesca. Do you know that?’

Fucking hell! Francesca thought to herself. He was going to go wild on her. Her pussy tensed with excitement and she almost thought she would cum again. She nodded and Trevor grinned back at her. He approached with some silk scarves and began to tie her hands together above her head. Francesca was in heaven as she was totally at the mercy of her older lover. Trevor tied her ankles to the outer sides of the bed, leaving her legs wide apart and her tight pussy open and exposed.

‘A naughty girl like you needs to be explored.’ Trevor teased, leaning over to kiss her soft lips. Francesca had no idea Trevor was going to be this dirty. She knew he would love fucking her despite being half his age, but so would lots of men his age. Trevor’s emerging dark side excited her immensely. Francesca broke away from her thoughts she saw something shiny in the light. She was stunned to see a stainless steel speculum in Trevor’s hand, a bottle of lube in the other.

Oh fuck! Francesca thought. She had had a smear test and that had been very uncomfortable and hurt her. Yet the fear she had then had tightened her and made it difficult. Lying on the hotel bed she couldn’t help but feel aroused escort bursa by the prospect of being opened and stretched by the medical instrument. The fact it was so wrong turned her on even more.

Trevor proceeded to smear lube all over the speculum and gently started to insert it into her tight hole. Francesca moaned loudly and tried to wriggle against her restraints. Trevor started to open the speculum, his finger slipping inside her pussy and touching the warm, wet walls inside.

‘You have such a beautiful pink puss Francesca. It is truly so young and wonderful.’ He smiled and opened it to full width, enjoying her soft moans as she was totally stretched. Leaving the speculum holding her hole apart, he gently pinched her nipples and started to rub her clit. Francesca wanted to hold off coming, but she couldn’t help herself now. She thrashed against her restraints as she screamed and cried out, her orgasm loud and deep. Trevor continued to squeeze her nipples and slowly eased the pressure on her clit. Francesca shuddered, her breathing heavy as she lay with her legs helplessly spread apart.

‘Fuck!’ She panted breathlessly. ‘You’re one kinky fucker!’

Trevor chuckled. ‘That I am, young lady!’ He leaned over and kissed her lips before gently closing the speculum and easing it out of her, taking care not to pinch her inside. He placed the speculum to one side and kissed Francesca’s neck and down to her firm breasts. He eagerly took one nipple in his mouth and sucked hard, his tongue exploring her hard nipples. After examining her tight pussy Trevor was throbbing hard and ready for more. He raised himself and admired Francesca’s pretty mouth. Her lips were naturally full and pink, soft and perfect for kissing. He thought about the first time he had kissed her, the way her lips had welcomed him. He watched her speaking and laughing and had constantly thought about sliding his cock into her mouth. She had sucked him so well earlier but he hadn’t felt his cum shoot down her throat. He was going to soon though.

Francesca’s breathing slowed as she rested on the bed. Trevor sat up and looked down at her, pure lust in his eyes. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was. She could feel her juices still running down onto the bed, but she was unable to do anything to clean herself. Trevor positioned himself over her chest and pressed his cock against her lips. Francesca happily licked his cock and took the head in her mouth. Trevor held his cock and slowly fed it to her, building up a rhythm until he was effectively fucking her mouth. Francesca gagged slightly but loved the sensation of her throat being probed by this old man’s throbbing dick. The sound of Francesca gagging drove Trevor wild. Her big blue eyes were even wider the deeper his cock travelled in her mouth. He continued to drive into her mouth, using his hand to wank faster and harder until he couldn’t hold back and shot his hot load down her throat. Francesca eagerly swallowed and raised her head to make sure she didn’t lose a drop. She swirled her tongue and licked his cock clean. Swallowing everything she could.

Trevor eased out of her mouth and couldn’t squeeze any more cum out. He was completely spent and felt so satisfied. He was tempted to collapse next to Francesca but he wanted to feel her close to him. He gently unfastened her ties and rubbed her wrists and ankles. Francesca stretched her arms and legs and writhed around before lying on her side, pulling Trevor closer to her, his arms folding around her back.

‘You are a very, very bad girl.’ He whispered, his eyes closing.

‘I know I am, and you LOVE it!’ Francesca grinned, her fingers gently stroking his hairy chest. She closed her eyes and cuddled up close to him. Trevor kissed her forehead and squeezed her tightly before she drifted into a deep sleep.

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