Jake Weavering Ch. 01


Jake Weavering looked across to the clock in reception; it read 19:25. “Good” thought Jake, “Only half an hour then I’m off.” It had been a particularly busy shift at the hotel and usually by this time of the evening most of the arrivals had checked in but for some reason tonight they were still streaming through the doors. He looked across at the Concierge desk and noted that the Bell-boys were still sorting out luggage and bags, Jake himself had just returned from helping with nearly a dozen bags and packages belonging to an arriving guest.

The telephone rang: “Reception, Jake speaking Mr Whyte, how may I help you?” The automatic caller-ID system often caught the guests out.

“Oh hi, Jake is it?” the voice at the other end was mellow and assured.

“Yes sir.”

“Well Jake, my shower doesn’t appear to be working, could you organise for someone to come take a look at it?”

“Certainly sir, I do apologise, someone will be with you momentarily.”

Jake put the phone down after he heard the click of the receiver being replaced in its cradle at the other end. “Shit” muttered Jake under his breath this was not what he needed just as he was going off duty.

The screen told him that Declan Whyte (43) was a corporate lawyer in for the weekend on business. Jake checked the maintenance screen and noted that housekeeping had replaced a washer in a dripping tap earlier that week and the room had been unused since that service item, hopefully something simple. Jake put a call into maintenance but no response and the concierge were still overloaded with incoming guests.

“I’m just going up to 310.” He told his female colleague, “Seems maintenance has dumped us in it again!” they both chuckled and Jake made his way to the main lifts. In the lift on the way up to the third floor Jake checked his appearance: at 35 he was still slim and looked younger than his years. His deep blue eyes stared back at him from the mirrored wall and he adjusted his tie. His seniority meant that although he wore the “corporate” suit he was allowed his own shirts (as long and they were light coloured) and his own ties (as long as they weren’t too flashy) so today he’d chosen a pink shirt with a cut-back collar and a thick light blue silk tie which sat with a satisfyingly fat knot at his throat. The doors opened at the third floor and Jake made his way to room 310, he knocked at the door.

“Mr Whyte, Jake Weavering from reception.”

“Come in.” he heard from inside the room and Jake opened the door with his swipe card. Inside the room was more like a mini-suite. The main room escort izmit was a reception space with a desk in the corner, sofas and a TV and hi-fi in one corner. Jake could see a lap-top on the desk and some papers strewn around on the coffee table. “Through here.” the same voice floated in from another room and Jake made his way through the bedroom to the ensuite bathroom.

As he entered the bathroom Jake stopped in his tracks. His minds-eye view of Mr Whyte was completely shattered for instead of a middle-aged man what Jake saw was a fit, slim, slightly shorter man with a short towel wrapped around his waist, he had defined muscles and a carpet of dark hair covering his chest. Mr Whyte was just finishing a shave and rinsed his face before he spoke.

“Just finishing up.” said the man, breaking Jake’s tour of his semi-naked body. “There’s water for the sink and toilet but nothing through the shower system.”

“I’m sorry sir we had some maintenance done in this room a few days ago I just need to check. The shower has a separate system and I need to make sure it’s been restored.” Jake knelt down under the sink and opened a small inspection door with his pass key. As he suspected the shower hadn’t been reset. Jake pushed the reset button and the shower sputtered into life, water streaming from the three upright poles and the overhead rose.

“There you go.” Jake turned to see that he had a perfect view between the man’s legs and could clearly see his low-slung balls and a thick uncut tool. Declan Whyte must have noticed for he shifted his position slightly to afford Jake an even better view of his now lengthening tool. Jake felt an instant pressure in his own groin and hurriedly closed the inspection hatch and stood up. By now his own semi-hard cock was tenting in his trousers and Declan Whyte’s cock was trying to force its way to vertical against the tension of the towelling.

“Great” said Declan Whyte and the towel fell to the floor as he stepped into the steaming jets. He turned around and Jake could see the completely erect cock flat against the guy’s stomach.

Jake cleared his throat. “Anything else I can do for you Mr Whyte?”

“Yea.” said the guy, walking out of the shower to the sink and picking up a bar of soap he handed it to Jake. “Wash my back for me, will you Jake?”

And with that he loosened Jake’s tie and started undoing his shirt buttons. Jake hesitated, “Mr Whyte, I …” but he was silenced by a firm kiss on the mouth.

“Declan, the name’s Dec, now take the rest of those fucking clothes off and get that hot arse in here!”

Jake izmit escort stripped off and joined Dec in the jets of steaming hot water. He stood behind him and soaped his back, slowly making his way down to Dec’s bubble-butt and then eased his soapy hand between the firm cheeks. There was a moan of appreciation and Dec pushed his arse into Jake’s exploring fingers. Jake moved to soap Dec’s front, he started by playing with Dec’s hard nipples then followed the line of thick hair downwards until he met with Dec’s rigid cock pointing up. He traced a line down Dec’s cock and reached his heavy, low-hung balls which he fondled and tweaked between his soapy fingers. Dec reached around and pulled Jake’s hard cock level with the entrance to his arse and then impaled himself on the stiff cock. Both guys moaned and Dec braced himself against one of the shower posts as Jake began a slow fucking rhythm. Jake knew that with all the excitement he wouldn’t last long and he reached around and grasped Dec’s stiff cock and began to massage it in time with the fuck and almost immediately he felt a pressure build as Dec pumped his cum out onto the shower room floor. The tightening of Dec’s spasming arse drove Jake over the edge and he let loose his load deep inside Dec’s hole. Afterwards they both stood panting, still joined by Jake’s semi-hard cock and still being pummelled by jets of hot water.

Jake eased his way out of Dec’s clamped arse and moved away from the shower jets to dry himself. Dec watched and broke the silence: “You busy tonight? I want to buy you dinner.”

Jake answered that he was free and they arranged to meet out on the hotel forecourt in twenty minutes. As he made his way down to reception to log off and check himself out from his shift Jake’s head was still spinning from the madness that had just happened. He spoke briefly to the new shift and then made his way to his staff locker to pick up his things and car keys. He made his way down to the underground garage where his smart Audi convertible was waiting for him. It was an extravagance but Jake loved this car: the deep metallic blue coachwork gleamed and blended perfectly with the blue cloth hood and the light grey leather inside. Jake started the car and the wooffle from the exhausts sounded loudly in the silent garage. Jake slowly made his way to the hotel forecourt to wait for his date while he was waiting he pressed the button to lower the roof. The warm evening air flooded into the car and as the tonneau clicked into place Jake felt the passenger door open and Dec sat beside him.

“Neat car!” izmit kendi evi olan escort he said and once again Jake was taken aback as he saw that Dec wasn’t dressed at all formally as he had expected but in lightly ripped jeans, a tight T-shirt and soft loafers. “Drive on!” said Dec and he pulled the sunglasses off his head, buckled up the seat belt and settled back into the seat of the car. Jake drove swiftly to his flat where he changed from his work gear into casual clothes and they drove off to a restaurant Jake knew. Over dinner Jake found out that Dec was the senior corporate lawyer for the parent company of the hotel chain he worked in and all through the meal they were touching, either their hands or knees under the table or looking into each other’s eyes for long moments. On the way home in the car Dec was touching Jake and playing with his cock through the fabric of his trousers.

Back at Jake’s flat they were barely through the door before Dec had taken his T-shirt off and had his jeans off too. Jake noted with satisfaction that the guy wore no underwear, his preference, and soon they were in the bedroom exploring each other’s bodies. Jake wanted to make sure that this session lasted longer than their first meeting so he started slowly rimming Dec’s butt, Dec meanwhile was swallowing Jake’s entire cock down his throat. Soon Jake was on top of Dec, with Dec’s legs folded flat against his hairy stomach and his eager arse ready for fucking. He moistened his cock, positioned it against Dec’s twitching hole and gently sank into the warm wet passage. They fucked slowly at first then as the pace picked up Dec reached under Jake and started to pull at his balls, this sent Jake closer and closer to the edge of cumming until he could hold it no longer and letting out a load, low moan he pumped his load deep inside Dec’s arse. This caused Dec to let fly a stream of cum between their bodies and once again they lay panting with the excitement and exhaustion of their love-making. They fell asleep wrapped in each others arms.

Next morning Jake woke to the sun streaming in through the open windows the flat was quiet and still.

“Dec, are you there?” Jake mumbled but there was no answer. He got up and wandered through the empty flat; on the table he found a simple note: “Left while you were still asleep, less complicated that way, I’ll be in touch soon. D” That was it. Jake read it through several times, what did “less complicated that way” mean? So it had been a one night stand after all! Jake felt empty and desolate.

He rang Dec’s direct room number back at the hotel but got reception, which told him the room was empty of the ‘phone on automatic divert. He asked after Dec only to be told he’d checked out earlier with no forwarding address. Jake put down the ‘phone and sat staring at the walls, then he started to cry.

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