It’s All Up in the Air Ch. 01


This is a love story between an older man and a younger woman. There’s sex. And it’s good. But it doesn’t take over the story. It’s a romance, so enjoy the ride! Email and comments welcome and * love * at the end is always wonderful! ~SD~

“Don’t be ridiculous, sis, you’re going to stay here and that’s final. I’m only fifty miles from Orlando here at the house and I have an apartment in the city. Your choice. And we haven’t seen each other in what…. five years?”

“Okay okay, Steve, you win. My interview is in the middle of the week so maybe I can enjoy some beach time at your house and stay in the city for my interview.”

“Yes Leslie, definitely, it’s about an hour here to Orlando. Okay. It’s a plan. Bring some nice clothes, I might take you out on the town. And if you get the job you’ll be house hunting, and-“

“Alright alright,” I said, cutting him off. My brother Steve always was an intense guy. “I’ll see you in a couple of days. I can’t wait to catch up.”

I planned my job interview in the middle of my time in Florida. Braving the hoards of sticky mouse-eared kids hopped up on sugar, I flew into MCO instead of Melbourne. Had to rent my usual Mustang convertible and I was off down the highway. It took me a while to find Steve’s house since it was out of Cocoa Beach a bit and hidden in dunes. It was also much more than I ever thought Steve would live in.

I was stunned at how grown-up my brother looked. He ran down the steps when I pulled into the driveway. White shorts and a coral sports shirt set off his dark Florida tan. He picked me up and twirled me around.

I hugged him tightly. “You nut!” I hung on to him and my eyes wanted to start leaking. “Missed you, bro.” He gave me a tighter hug before holding me at arm’s length. My sunglasses hid my melancholy.

“You’re looking pretty damn good too sis. I can’t believe some guy hasn’t put a ring on your finger.” He said, shaking his head.

“I’m too picky. You know that.” I looked past his house and said, “Oceanfront on South Atlantic boulevard. You hit the big time, boy.” He shrugged. “You worked hard for it. You were always driven. I, on the other hand, was the lazy one,” I said laughing.

“Don’t talk like that or I’ll have to beat the crap out of you like I did when we were kids.”

“WHAT? I was the one that whipped your ass as I recall.”

“C’mon in and I’ll refresh your memory later,” he said, laughing. He grabbed my suitcase and I had my carry-on.


“Ocean view accommodations, only the best for my sister.”

The glass wall offered an unobstructed view of the ocean. The various height dunes that surrounded the house offered privacy from the beach, which looked like an easy walk on the weathered boardwalk over the sand hills.

“Dresser and closets are empty, use what you need.”

I looked at the warm wood furniture that has been whitewashed to weathered looking. Various shades of ocean blue covered the bed, walls, and upholstered furniture.

“Thanks, but I’m not here for long enough to settle in much, remember. Your house is gorgeous Steve. I can say the same… I’m surprised a girl hasn’t swept you off your feet yet.”

He laughed. “I’m picky I guess!” And I laughed too. “Get comfortable and we’ll grab some drinks and hang out on the balcony if you like.


Steve pulled a couple of beers out of the refrigerator that was tucked back in the corner of the house in the full outdoor kitchen. The view was unobstructed because of the clear acrylic panels that edged the balcony.

“You know, Les, even though your interview is with a competitor in the industry, I have connections everywhere. I’d love to put in a good word for you.”

When people thought of Orlando they thought of the mouse and fun times, but for many years they had a grip on the aviation and aerospace industry. I actually fell into it when I graduated from Columbia and was sort of recruited. Out of all my friends and family, Steve was the only one that understood my job, it was that complicated.

“Aw thanks, I truly appreciate that.” I stretched my legs out in front of me hoping to get a little bit of a tan before I headed back north. “I really think I can do this on my own. They understand that I’m currently employed and were the first to say that they would keep my interview on the down-low.”

“Nice! This industry can be brutal so it’s exceptional that they will protect you.”

“Yes.” I nodded. “I’ve interviewed in video conference twice and the CEO wanted to interview me in Orlando, so here I am.”

“Okay sis, I know you’ll knock him dead. You know though, it would be cool to have you here in Florida with me.” I nodded. Our family is small and we lost our parents, so all we really had was each other.

“I haven’t even let myself consider moving here. Bad juju,” said laughing. He grinned.

There was something about watching the ocean that took away all anxiety. We sat and talked on and off.

“By the way, I don’t think I told you Şişli escort I was having a cookout tomorrow, did I?”

“Uh, no don’t think so.”

“Well I’ve had a golf outing planned for early morning for months and since you’re here, I thought it was a good time to invite them and some other friends back to meet you.” He smiled. “I guess I talk about you a lot. I didn’t mention your interview though and as far as they know, you’re here on vacation.”

I reached over and squeezed his hand. “I am doing that too.”

We went out to dinner for the required fresh Florida seafood dinner. I had put in my order for that before I came down, so he was ready for me. We followed up with a few drinks and headed back to call it a night since it would be an early morning for him.

“What can I do in the morning to help get ready?”

“It’s catered Les, just let them in and stand back.” He laughed.

“Alrighty, then!”

The next morning I considered what to wear and had nothing that Steve’s successful sister would be seen in. Several local boutiques had a good end-of-the-day take because of me. I changed into white shorts and a hand-painted tank top in shades of lavender. The got lucky find in matching sandals made me feel much more put together than I normally did. My job up north required severe, drab blah clothing.

Steve was bringing his gold buddies back with him and the other guests wouldn’t be here for a few hours. It would give them time to shower. I heard their banter and laughter and went down to meet them. Steve said two foursomes, but I forgot the camaraderie of eight guys.

“Hey, guys!” Steve said. “I want y’all to meet my sister,” he said, introducing me around to a variety of aged men.

“Nice to meet you all. Please forgive me if I forget your names, my memory for names is terrible!”

“We’ll remind you, don’t worry,” someone said, chuckling. He was probably one of the oldest in the group. I’m twenty-five and I’d take him for twice that at around fifty. Silver sparkled throughout his black hair, strong jaw and the smile crinkles at the corner of his eyes said he was someone to watch out for. His presence was powerful even in a casual situation and I imagined he demanded, and deserved, respect in his work environment.

“There are only three showers guys so we’ll have to go in shifts,” Steve said.

“You can use my shower too,” I said.

The silver fox spoke up, “I’ll use your shower, I can be quick.” When he walked by me, he said, “When I have to be.”

I smiled and led him up to my room. ‘You’re welcome to use my body soap and shampoo but you might end up smelling like a lilac.”

He let out a hearty laugh. “Will I be mistaken for someone of the feminine persuasion do you think?”

“I don’t think that would ever be an issue for you,” I said, flirting back. As I left the room I heard his low chuckle.

I had the sense to grab my clothes for the party and changed in Steve’s walk-in closet. Thankfully he didn’t catch me or I would have never lived it down.

“Steve!” I said, tugging on his sleeve with a theatrical whisper. “Who is the silver-haired guy again. I forgot his name.”

“That’s Brett,” he said absently, checking the buffet the caterers were currently setting up. “This company really does a nice job!” I nodded.

I went out on the balcony trying to stay out of everyone’s way.

“Want a sniff?” I jumped hearing that in my ear and knowing immediately who it was.

“Mmmm, yes I think I would,” I said turning around and leaning against the balcony rail. He was crowding my space but I was not about to let him know I knew it. I leaned close until I knew he could feel my breath on his neck, and let out a soft puff of air. I didn’t miss his reaction, and said in my breathiest voice, “I think all your potent machismo overrode the flowers, so you seem to be safe from any confusion.” I straightened up and continued to lean on the rail.

“You’re everything Steve said you were,” he said, his steel-blue eyes went from my lips to my eyes.

“Or as much as my brother knows about me,” I said, smiling and he grinned.

Another guy from their golf group came out and Brett reluctantly turned to talk to him.

That gave me a chance to give him my own once over. He was deeply tanned as a typical golfing Floridian and I considered he might be retired or might have sold a business and leading a life of leisure. The black polo shirt was snug on his biceps and across his shoulders. Not bodybuilder tight, just a nice amount of hard muscle to run your fingers over and enjoy a good strong grip on your hips. Black shorts highlighted trim waist and nicely muscled legs. Not too heavily muscled thankfully, but not sticks.

I wandered off as the other guests arrived and stayed with Steve so he could introduce me. It was a fun group so a lot of laughing was happening. Sliders opened the living area to the deck on the lower level and speakers surrounded the fire pit.

If there’s a flame, Sultangazi escort bayan I’m like a moth. I could stare into a fire for hours.

“Do you know you’re the only woman in a dress?”

“Really? I hadn’t noticed. Is that good or bad?”

“Well, here you are in this pretty tropical colored sundress. Your shoulders are bared and you have a bit of a decolletage. Just enough mystery. Your skirt is short enough to show off your spectacular legs, which those high-heeled sandals help with of course. He stopped and looked at me for a moment.”There’s sexy, then there’s sexy in capital letters. I much prefer the former.”

“You are smooth, Brett,” I said smiling.

“You remembered my name, so score one for me eh.”

“I asked Steve.” He looked crestfallen.

“But you did ask,” he said smiling and I laughed.


“For that, you owe me a dance.” He took our cups and set them on the table and led me to the shadowed corner of the deck that others danced.

He had both hands lightly on my waist and I had one on his shoulder and one flat on his chest. I felt the thump thump thump of his heart.

We talked about generalities, life in Florida life in New York, the economy, all the usual getting to know your stuff. But it would not be going much further. I might be living in Orlando, or maybe back in New York. He would be here in Florida burning the golf courses up. But I was currently enjoying his company and I meant to live in the moment.

I heard Steve’s voice on the deck and thought I better spend some time with him and excused myself.

“You have a great group of friends, Steve,” I told him when we had a moment alone. “I’m having a fantastic time. Thanks for doing this!”

“I’m glad to have you here, sis,” he said putting his arm around my shoulders. “A couple of folks are staying overnight. So you’re not surprised when you fall over someone in the morning,” he said and we laughed.

Some left and others were getting their second wind and moved to party on the beach.

I was tired and retreated to my room. A warm shower and I was out as soon as I closed my eyes.

I looked at the clock and couldn’t believe how late I’d slept. Remembering house guests, I grabbed a robe and went looking for coffee. Steve had an espresso machine that I had no clue how to use, but some kind soul had started a pot that was just finished dripping.

“Ah-ha, I”m not the only one that needs coffee,” Brett said, coming in through the slider,obviously from a morning run on the beach.

“My body revolts without it,” I said pouring him a mug and sliding it across the bar.

But my body had no problem seeing Brett first thing without a shirt. His thickly furred chest formed an arrow down his belly that disappeared into his shorts. I knew I got caught staring and averted my eyes as I brushed by him to the balcony. I left the door open knowing he would follow.

“It’s a beautiful day,” he said idly. I nodded. The wind picked up and I tried to balance my coffee and keep my robe closed. “Do you want me to hold your robe closed and you can hold your coffee?” he said grinning.

“How long are you staying with your brother?”

I told him. “I’ll be back next weekend for golf again so I’ll see you again before you go,” he grinned broadly. I smiled back and he was sure to see that I was just as happy I’d see him again before I left.

“I’m afraid I have to leave. I have an appointment this afternoon.” He rinsed his mug and set it in the sink. “If I don’t see Steve before I go, I’ll text him later.”

“He’s probably still sleeping,” I laughed.

I decided to go to Orlando a day earlier to shop. Florida business attire is much different than up north and I was afraid of looking too severe in my boring drab colors. I fold a perfect Chanel-style suit in a light coral and lucked into darker coral shoes and clutch.

I stopped for a manicure and pedicure on my way back to my hotel room. Steve offered his apartment but it was across town from my interview and I thought it best to stay nearby as well as save the fray on my nerves in Orlando traffic in season.

I was up early, not nervous about the interview, more so excited that it might be the next step in my life. My work record spoke for itself and now all I had to do was impress the CEO and I might be moving to Florida.

Top floor in the mirror glass building. The speed of the elevator made me wonder if I left my stomach behind for a moment, but the doors slid open and I immediately went into business mode.

“Mr. Brubaker will see you in a moment,” his receptionist said. I thanked her and smiled when she handed me unasked for water, showed my gratitude. I took a small sip, just enough to unstick my teeth from my lips and she came over and asked me to follow her.

She opened the double doors. “Mr. Brubaker, Miss Miller is here,” she said closing the doors.

He came around the corner drying his hands on a paper towel, “Miss Escort Taksim Miller I’m so glad to — Leslie?”

“Brett,” I stated as my world came crashing down. Thoughts of a dream job and moving to Florida vanished. Just. That. Quick.

He recovered first. “I had no idea it was you, Leslie. When I’m away from here on leisure time, I put this all behind me and never put the names together.”

“This is terrible,” I said, dropping into the nearest chair.

He squatted in front of me. “It’s not that bad, honey.” He soothed. “We’re both just surprised.”


He held my ice-cold hands. “You were a shoe-in all the way, and unless you were a total goof, I intended to offer you the job. Nothing has changed!”

I looked at him and tears welled up in my eyes and ran over. On top of everything, I was now mortified. I never cried, much less in a work atmosphere.

“Oh honey,” he said and stood up and somehow ended up on the chair and I was in his lap. I really started crying then. When I got mad at myself I cried harder.

He wrapped his arms around me and rocked as though he was soothing a child. “You look beautiful today you know.” He smoothed the front of my suit jacket.

“Oh my god,” I wailed, crying more. He was sort of shocked that I reacted that way but continued to sooth me.

Time went by and I went from crying to hiccuping. Would this never end? I wanted Scotty to beam me the fuck up so I could disappear.

Finally, I scrambled off his lap and stood up. “May I use your restroom.”

“Of course,” he guided me back around the corner and pointed.

I gathered myself together, tried to straighten my makeup, and make it look less like I had not been crying. I did as much as I could, stood straight, got in workforce mode, strode through his office while thanking him for his time, and without losing a beat walked determinedly to the elevator, which thankfully just opened and I was in and down and out the door.

I drove back to Steve’s, called the airline, and packed. I told Steve the interview didn’t go well and it was okay because it wasn’t a company I wanted to work for and was out the door on the way to MCO that evening.

Sorry that was rude bro. Job just was not for me. I’ll keep looking. Thanks for having me. Your turn to visit NYC!


I put the whole miserable thing out of my mind and went back to work. Nights were the toughest. I could not put Brett out of my mind. It was not the job I felt terrible about losing, it was him. I shocked myself at how quickly I fell for him. As did how many other women too, I laughed to myself. I’m sure you’re in good company kid.

I was happy where I worked and I only thought to leave when the Orlando job popped up, so I was content to get back into my daily routine. A few months later, in the dead of New York winter, my brother called.

“Steve, great to hear from you.” We texted often, but as most of us, didn’t talk on the phone much.

‘Hey, how about a little Florida vacation right about now?” I looked out my window at the gray skies and flurries lazily floating by.

“Your timing is perfect. But I know you didn’t call me to invite me on vacation,” I said laughing.

He mentioned the name of a prestigious aerospace company. “Yes? To die for dream job place.”

“Glad you think so, they have a job that is tailored for you.” He went on to describe the opening and it indeed was exactly what I do. When he gave me the numbers and I realized it was one and a half again what I make now, it was a no brainer.

“So what do I have to do?”

“Interview, but it’s just a formality. They’ve seen your resume and you are what they want. What they need.”

I was excited and it did not occur to me to wonder how Steve was in the middle of it all. Back to MCO and this time I stayed in the apartment with him. I went for my interview and was indeed hired on the spot. It was a place I could grow and I was ecstatic.

Steve wanted to take me out to celebrate and we drove to the Waldorf which thankfully I had brought clothes for. We were seated in the elegant dining room and ordered drinks. Suddenly Steve stood up, kissed me on the cheek, told me he loved me, and walked away. Before I could process what was happening, Brett was in his chair.

“Hello Leslie,” he said smiling. “So wonderful to see you again.”

“Even though I might start bawling again right here in the middle of this place.”

“That has been forgotten. It’s time to move and congratulate you on your new job.” The server delivered the drinks and Brett picked up the drink Steve ordered and took a sip. I realized then I had been set up.

“How did you know?”

“Steve told me,” he said noncommittally, continuing to peruse the menu. “What are you having for dinner? Lamb? Hey, how about the Chateaubriand for two with a lobster tail?




“You’re not mad at us are you,” he said, reaching across the table to hold my hand. “I didn’t think you would go out with me and I didn’t want to get shot down with one of your zingers,” he said with a small smile.

“Well, I would have,” I said, trying to tamp down a smile.

“I know!”

“Let’s drink, eat and enjoy the evening. I want to take you back to my house and show you my collection.”

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