Edna, Tom and Alfred

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My name is Edna, Eddie for friends, the female part of a long time married couple. Let me describe my exterior. 5.10″ tall, 140 lbs, rather fit but not fixated with gym. I have blond hair and azure-blue eyes. Due my height a couple of long legs prop my ample hips and a rather thick ass up. My husband says my ass is a size over my frame and this is the reason he picked me many years ago. I have an open smile too so they say I am aesthetically pleasing. Someone supposes me sexy, but I am only a natural woman well in her forties. My husband is Thomas, or Tom, fifty something, my first man at every sense. I am in love with him since I was 17yo and we are a very solid couple, with a well grown up family (a now married graduated daughter), and a happy status. This is, more or less, our position.

A few summers ago we had a great holiday at the Greek island of Kythira which is said to be Aphrodite’s birthplace. A rather long off-duty period of paradise blessed by bright sun, wonderful sea and great food.

I adore the sun.

Two or three days under such a sunshine and I got a real golden complexion. Feeling to be easy on the eye and in shape I was happy as a girl. Tom also was relaxed and, well, very active during the night. We spent the day doing nothing else then tanning, swimming, visiting villages, eating and making love.

On a beach near Aghia Pelagia we met a guy and we had small talks. His name was Alfred and he was from England. At 36 he was five years younger than me and actually single as he split the girlfriend off two months before. A well educated guy with a good conversation and nice manners. A very handsome guy, I must add, with curly hair, hazel eyes and sturdy built.

He knew mythological literature and local history well inside out. This fascinated me. We spent a few hour in the beach having a great talk and saying him good-bye I proposed a drink at the marina for the three of us which Alfred gladly agreed. We met at twilight and after the drink walking through the town he suggested a stop at a traditional restaurant in which we had a great dinner. Later we reached our place for a nightcap lasting there until the wee hours and setting a visit at the Venetian Fortress in Milopotamos.

That night Alfred seemed to be really comfortable with the rather mellow couple of us and Tom also found our guest very pleasant.

The day after during the drive to Milopotamos we arranged other rendezvous and so it was that shortly soon the first chance encounter we were the closest of friends.

Alfred joined us hiking here and there the island in search for the mysterious Aphrodite’s birthplace, or sailing by the crystal clear sea on the nimble boat my husband rent.

Dawdling at our place to spend quietly the night with a drink or two enjoying a mutual company in a faint light became also habitual. And we called those moments “conversation at midnight” like an old book of poems that I read in my teens.

Tom and I both savoured the unintentional spice that Alfred added with his presence to the good time we had on the island.

I don’t know what it is about imagining the wife with other men that excites many husbands, but this is what excites Tom mostly. During our happy marriage something very soft but recurrent from my husband was to bring at my attention his burning daydreaming arousal to watch me with another man. At the same time I blandished the idea to be a hot wife.

For many reasons we never dared the real thing but in between of being a loving wife and a good mom, I flirted with two friends just to test the water.

I was on control and pretty sure to have not sex with them, but at their request I gave them my number and dated them indulging to some tonguing and groping which I openly confessed to Tom. Nothing more than that. Only once I closed my hand on a guy’s cock trying his stiff hardness by the open fly. As a result of those faint indiscretions of mine I received some great and engrossed marital fucks. Not bad indeed.

Now I loved Alfred’s kindness. By his polite speech I could sense to be a bit taken by those charming, if somewhat shy manners. And got rather eager thinking on him too.

My husband belongs an insightful character and studied my behaviour.

Being facetious Tom affirmed that Alfred could be a good boyfriend for me even when the three of us were together. Alfred acted the perfect gentleman and didn’t make a pass but calling my husband’s bluff I deliberated to flirt a bit with our friend. Something really mild again but very intriguing as occasional arm touching or hands holding.

“You act really his sweetheart,” commented my husband with a suggestive smile a night before to sleep. “Don’t dare me, you know my story,” I replied kissing him on the lips. I meant subtly my vagaries with other guys and he understood.

“I know… and I like it,” said my husband starting some serious fucking.

I got involved in the play even more and decided to increase the flirt.

To tease Alfred Küçükköy escort and my husband at one time I drew from my bag the skimpiest of bikini I own. I bought it with my sister going on a spending spree day (“Fuck, Eddie, you look terrific, take it!” she said in the fitting room) and my husband haven’t see it yet. I furtively wore it under a sober sundress getting ready for a sailing. I seated quietly while the guys did their duty on sail dropping them hints that something mysterious lay beneath. They became investigative and actively demanding but I denied to disclose my secret on the instant. “Not on the boat,” I said, but hot on the heels of landing at a really remote cove with a solitary beach I gathered the sundress pulling it over my head to make a point of showing off with my back to them.

What I had on was a bold dental floss bottom matching a small sheer top barely covering my breasts. I paraded slowly up and down the sandy beach with a slutty excitement. My ass was completely on display and my rather pendulous boobs oscillated at every move quite free from support.

I stopped walking just in front of Alfred and Tom with an impudent smile on my lips.

“This bikini is my secret. Do you like it, guys?” I asked. My nipples were hard as cherries.

Looking at me Alfred kept his temper but paid compliments.

“O, Eddie, I knew you have great legs, but I haven’t realized how erotic your haunches are.”

For the first time he mentioned directly my body. I appreciated the compliments.

“Thank you, Alfred, I have not found the courage to go on a home beach with a so revealing two-piece on, but now it’s different, Tom is not the jealous type and I feel so good with you. I ventured to wear something next to nothing this morning,” I claimed doing a complete turn on myself.

Gazing on me still with a sort of amazement my husband can’t believe his eyes. Every time I told him a whim of mine he slavered and now he was like a child in a candy shop watching my blatant teasing action.

“My sister tempted me to buy this bikini for the holiday, you know Alfred, and coming back home I want to relate her the effect I had on a younger man as you are. What a bitch! I hope you don’t mind.” I did a turn on my feet especially for him with a blatant tease.

In response Alfred was unusually explicit.

“O, I don’t mind at all, Edna. You are so lovely and your body glistening quite bare in this inexistent bikini is absolutely admirable. Your breasts also hang here natural and sweet. And your groin, well, your groin is so smooth and inviting. Sorry, Tom, I can’t help to give your wife my compliments. She is a woman with a great class!” he sentenced.

“Ah ah ah,” I burst in a laughter, “I think you would say better ‘with a great ass’, ” I giggled being a bit trashy and tapping my buttocks.

“In that case you are right, Alfred, this little showy thing brings to the fore my thick bum. And this dental floss thong is so reduced on the front also that I had to shave my pubic hair totally smooth” I explicated with very cheeky allusions.

The tease could stop. The effect satisfied me and my sister had something to hear at my return.

I aired the towels and stretched on the sand inviting Tom and Alfred to lie at my sides. We enjoyed the beach getting great sun and taking plunges in the mild Greek water. The show had probably a permanent gauge on the guys too because they treated me like a Queen all the day long.

An idea to pull my bikini off walked through my mind but I discarded the line to be totally naked as the beach went rather crowded. Laying dully on my front I only put on display my ample ass cheeks and loading the boat maybe I shiftily flashed some pussy lips. And I did it deliberately as the time I masturbated a guy to orgasm just to test the waters.

That night my husband’s lovemaking reached its climax.

He could clearly notice my exposed quim when I bent on the boat and he was proud of me. I had to blow his cock off to calm him down as soon as we arrived at our place, then we had an erotic play. He performed a prolonged massage with oil to sooth my exposed ass from bursting then he teased gently my rosebud. My husband was really excited by the naughty action I performed in the morning. He was so gentle and passionate kissing my whole body that I went of fire also and indulging his wishes I consented him to take me anally for a night to remember.

With a so loving husband in bed and a sexy younger friend aside the holiday was really funny. Planning to tease my husband and Alfred again I exhumed the nude matter an afternoon coming back to port after a sailing.

Having not a fucking thing to do than laying in the sun on deck I pissed around the guys asking them permission to leave my bikini top off as I felt relaxed and wanted to catch a few rays properly. I haven’t yet gone topless in front of Alfred. They agreed and saying them thanks I unhooked my top flaunting my boobs Mecidiyeköy escort bayan until my husband moored at the pier. A good half an hour, by the way.

Later Tom and I had a great screw in the shower.

The morning after Tom asked me to bare my boobs for Alfred again but I denied.

“Would you like he thinks on me as a cock tease exhibitionist slag?” I giggled with a flicker of irony in my eyes, “it had been a one off yesterday, even if I got excited exposing my boobs to you and Alf both. I didn’t need to tan topless really. It was only a teasing action for you and Alfred, a little slutty action which I want to relate to my sister coming back home” I sentenced wittily slipping into a one piece sheer swimsuit.

The following days I kept my modesty in front of our friend save a brief topless swim in the open sea with the guys on the boat. I flipped off my bikini top before to plunge and swam a few strokes stopping only some ten meters far from the boat. There I floated awash and left my bikini bottoms off. I wanted to be sure to have all the attention of Alfred and Tom for me, so I fluttered my bikini bottom with my emerged hand screaming at them, “see guys, I swim naked as Aphrodite.”

Slowly swimming on my back I came alongside. There I floated again while Alfred set the rope ladder and my husband was at rudder. I threw my bikini bottom on board and giggled being sure to expose my shaved pussy to our friend. When Alfred finished I euphemised him to look the other way. Stark naked then I went on board and acting a model for the “Aphrodite’s birth” painting of Botticelli, I asked him to pass me a towel turning completely on my feet and showing him my ass.

Inevitably the wonderful holiday ran to end.

The evening before Alfred’s departure from the island we invited him to restaurant once again then we went to our place for a farewell toast. When Alfred was by us for the usual nightcap I normally wore casual and not revealing clothes but that night was a special night and I wanted to perform a last show for Alfred and for my husband. So I put on a short white linen dress with low shoulder straps.

An elegant dress but very loose and very revealing indeed.

I looked at my image in the mirror feeling beautiful and a bit slutty once again.

Except a gstring I was naked underneath and through the diaphanous dress I could see the outline of my breasts.

Something rather naughty with their saggy shape and visible harden nipples.

Even the darker spots of the areolas were on view. Alfred saw me totally naked on the boat for a few instants, but my dress was perfect for a little prolonged show.

I smiled at myself foretasting a last dare and I went to the room.

The guys seated waiting for me.

I did a seductive turn on my bare feet in a flash of legs and ass cheeks, they whistled at me, I did another turn flashing again and standing before a lamp I mixed some drinks being sure to show my naked body on profile.

Maintaining the nerves to act casual I poured drinks letting my boobs hanging down and swaying especially for Alfred, then I seated close to my husband on the three pieces sofa. Our guest was in front of us on a two pieces.

Tom dimmed the light and we started to talk in the semidarkness as usual.

I thought the show has ended but I was wrong. Something really unplanned was about to happen.

A late summer wind blew from the sea and the night was rather cool.

Being cold I cuddled up against my husband with my legs on the sofa asking him to warm me up for a bit; Tom embraced me and I purred thanks giving him a little peck on the cheeks.

Time passed by slowly in the quiet night. With tenderness of tone Alfred conversed and nestling up my husband again I replied graciously. We discussed the holiday and the great time we had together promising each other to keep in touch. Tom was also concordant. He mentioned the times I teased them exposing my body for fun and he was proud to have such a sexy wife as I am. Alfred nodded and added my exhibitions were the most interesting part of the holiday. The three of us had a very relaxed and friendly laugh. My husband said the casual meeting we had with Alfred at Aghia Pelagia made a very lucky day and our friend replied he was attracted by my beauty and approached to us to know me.

“You were just beautiful, Eddie” he said with his habitual lovely voice.

I was flattered and felt warm now.

My husband passed his hands on my legs and idly started to play with the hemline of my dress. I showed my legs again maybe, but I didn’t care being his action so pleasant.

“Tonight also you teased us with this beautiful dress, Honey” he said. I tried to minimize and replied

“I only wanted to be pretty for Alfred before his departure “.

“You achieved your goal” said Alfred gallantly and added “I can’t avert my gaze from your legs, Eddie”.

We smiled again.

Gradually Escort Merter Tom raised the dress up my waist. My gstring was now on show. A small white item barely hiding my pubes but not my buttocks. I smiled and tried to draw back but Tom tapped my ass cheeks and gently restrained me from covering my hips.

He whispered “nothing wrong, you showed even more on the beach and on the boat” and kissed my front.

“We are not on the beach or sailing,” I objected.

“Your beauty deserves to be shown anywhere,” said my husband kissing me again.

“I agree, you have been our Aphrodite, Eddie. Your flashes and your elegant teasing actions never be forgotten by me. Now let your husband perform a last play” said Alfred also.

I smiled again shaking my head and whispering “you naughty boys,” I relaxed completely helpless.

That was a sort of green light. Tom lowered the shoulder straps of my dress down my boobs.

I looked at my naked breasts remaining silent.

My husband squeezed them and played with my nipples for a while as he had done with my legs. I felt my nipples getting hard and it was different than showing boobs on the boat. Tom continued to caress my breasts quietly talking with George.

“Do you like her breasts, Alfred? You never passed her an explicit compliment but I’m sure you have naughty thoughts on my wife” he said

“I tried to be a gentleman, but I appreciated very much her beauty and her breasts are very sexy… I adore their shape” answered Alfred

“Think my friend, Eddie affirms to have ugly breasts” added Tom

“That’s true, they are saggy and hanging low” I chimed into the conversation, smiling and being coquettish

“What a nonsense, Edna,” — denied Alfred — “your breasts are just right”

“Do you want to feel them, Alfred?” asked my husband and added “join us on the sofa.”

Suddenly I felt four hands wandering my body caressing my legs and my boobs.

I moaned with pleasure as Alfred started to kiss my neck. We slowly kissed for a while then he passed his soft lips on my nipples and licked them.

I can’t say how and when they threw my dress off but they undressed themselves also and Alfred lowered my thong.

I was totally naked now being kissed by my husband and another man. I spread my legs in a quiver of excitement. Tom stopped to kiss me and started to watch.

“Lick her, it’s the best way to have her hot” he said to Alfred.

Our friend drooped his head slowly forward to eat my cunt and I was all open to him. I remained there without a move moaning and enjoying the licking.

“Fuck her now, Alfred” said my husband.

Our friend stopped to lick my pussy and his penis rose against me. He threw back his foreskin and his cock slipped inside very quickly. Alfred was strong having me whispering and moaning again until I came to a great shuddering orgasm.

“Fill her, Alfred,” said my husband at the end of the lay and our friend spurted his cum in my pussy. After a rest Tom penetrated me for a long awaited sloppy seconds fuck. It was Alfred turn to watch now. The last conversation at midnight had turned in something unforgettable.

We climbed on the bed then, three in a bed, but we slept only at daybreak. They had me many times.

A few hours later I woke up and looked at the light. It was a brilliant morning, about half past ten. The guys were still naked asleep and tender. My hands moved on their cocks and they opened their eyes smiling both into my face.

“Are you awake?” I said to them.

Tom smiled and kissed me good morning. Alfred also kissed my cheek then my husband jumped to his feet and left for the bathroom.

Suddenly I roused and sat up the bed.

I looked down at Alfred. He was lying watching me, stroking my breasts with his fingers, young and handsome.

“Fancy that I am here” he said.

I took his cock in hand again seating there bare shoulders and longish breasts. He loved to make my breasts swing softly, like bells. “You are beautiful” he said.

“And you are so big” I said being allusive, but thinking he was very handsome also.

I quickly kissed his erect cock and caught the drop of moisture. He shivered a little as my mouth started the suction.

Tom came out from the bathroom and sat on the bed too. His hand hurried to my butt and reached my entrances. I stopped sucking for a moment rising up my head and Tom kissed me savouring my cock flavoured lips. We had short of time but I wanted to be taken by my men once more. Crawling on my knees towards Alfred I pounced on his body holding his stirring, erect cock. There I moved my pelvis helping it to find its way it into my inner lips.

“Omygawd,” I murmured in excitement while my husband offered his own cock to my mouth. Alfred was in a hurry now. I engulfed my husband’s cock getting shaken by strong hits. Love rattles saturated the room. First came Tom in my mouth then Alfred rolled me on my back. We huddled arms in arms gazing into each other eyes as he came inside my pussy and I achieved a long shuddering orgasm.

The three of us lay there on the bed quite still for a while then Tom placed his mouth on my pussy. He pushed his tongue in deep and ate my creampie.

My husband’s daydreaming fantasy had become reality.

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