It Was Late. Episode 5


It was late when I realised the guys were asleep. I slipped from between them and went to look for the bathroom. I tried the first door and found the couple from the lounge, she was on all fours and he was fucking her. She waved me in but I declined and shut the door. The second door I tried, I found it. I sat on the toilet and looked in the mirror. A sight to behold indeed, lipstick smeared across my face, mascara smudged and cum in my hair.I looked like a slut.I smiled and tidied myself up as best I could. Walking into the lounge, I found Martin asleep on a chair. I located my dress with my bra and put them on. I started to look for my panties but could not find them, so I slipped my boots on and woke him up.The drive home took about 40 minutes. Martin was quiet, so I silently reminisced about the evening. The guys had really given me a right going over, and my pussy felt a little tender. Johns cock was big, the biggest that I ever had inside me. It had filled me completely. When I first set my eyes on it I was unsure how it would fit in my mouth. It was tight, but I managed it.They both came twice more after Martin had brought the drinks. Steve had wanted to DP me but, never having had a cock in there, and with John being so big, I was concerned. I thought I might do some research on anal sex for the future, although it did not figure high on my list of must do’s. Martin kept on about taking my anal cherry, but I never let him. Is anal sex great for women I wondered? I guess it Ümraniye Escort is for guys as they are always on about it.I smiled again to myself. I knew my pussy would take his big cock, no problem. I had tried a cucumber only three days since, while watching a cam show on the web. It had really turned me on. I was in the kitchen at the time and the shopping was on the side, the vegetable sticking lewdly out of the bag like a phallic symbol. I had it inside me in no time. Martin had it for dinner later that evening on his tuna salad, he had no idea. I didn’t even wash it after using it.We eventually reached home and fell straight into bed. I slept till lunch the next day and woke up when I heard the mower going. It was a beautiful day. Martin was cutting the grass and everything seemed right in the world.Mother nature visited me during the next weekend so that curtailed any play. Martin seemed happy enough and we had talked about the party Saturday. He said it was fun but again he did not get to come, so he was a little miffed. I decided to help him get off, so I took him into the bedroom and he got naked. I stripped but kept my granny pants on. I had him lay on the bed and tipped some lube all over his dick. I massaged it in and soon his dick was standing up. He wanted to play with me, so I allowed him access to my tits. It of course turned me on, but it was my period time so I did not really want to get all messy. I continued with the lube massage and Ümraniye Escort Bayan occasionally slipped my finger around to his ass and pushed at its entrance. He seemed to respond to that, and his little dick was soon oozing precum. He asked if I would sit on his face, but I told him it wasn’t practical. He said it would be ok, that he wanted me to. I was still reluctant, so as a compromise I sat on his chest and let him play with my other hole. I sat astride him, reverse cowgirl, his finger caressing my star, whilst I was pulling his dick.The phone rang and I reached across to answer it.It was his mother.I handed him the phone and got back to pulling him. He wanted me to wait, but I knew this was an opportunity to really tease him. He would not be able to talk dirty or lick me. I raised my ass and slipped my panties down a little, I bent forward giving him a great view of my brown hole and the string hanging out of my pussy. I was wanking him faster and faster and eventually he came. I could hear him saying its ok mum, I am ok as he tried to control his grunts.I left him there covered in his cream but promised him a great time when we all played again. That time arrived sooner than I thought.It was Tuesday pm when Steve rang. He was free on Wednesday about 6, and was I interested in going out. I wasn’t really, so I said why didn’t he come around to ours. I told him jokingly to call and see if Big John was up for it. He said we were on and Escort Ümraniye would let me know about John. When Martin came home I told him the plan. He was really pissed as he was playing darts Wednesday evening, but I said we would wait for him to come home before fucking.Steve arrived at 7 30. I greeted him at the door dressed in a French maid’s outfit that I had in the wardrobe, left over from a fancy dress party a few years earlier. We kissed a long lustful kiss and went to the lounge. He said John was coming later, the thought of which made my pussy wet.We sat around on the settee and chatted. The talk was very crude and sexy. He was telling me what he was going to do to me later. With that the doorbell rang, and I went to open it. It was John and two other guys. I looked at him quizzically. He told me Steve had said it was okay. I went straight to Steve and took him into the kitchen to see what was afoot. He said John would only come if he could bring his mates who did not believe him about the night we all met. Once they had seen it was true they would go. I asked how he proposed to prove it was true. He thought for a minute and said that if I stripped down to my underwear that would be enough. The thought made my mind race and my pussy wet.An hour later I found myself in my lounge with Steve and three 21 year olds sitting on the settee, drinking Martin’s best scotch and me dancing for them. They were egging me on to strip. I slowly took off the apron and threw it to them. Moving to the blouse I undid the buttons and turned my back to them, teasingly peeling it off. I had a balcony bra on which lifted my tits high, and they jiggled as I danced. I turned around to hoots and wolf whistles. I went over to Steve and stuck my breasts into his face, rubbing them all over it.

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