Incomplete Pairing


Our wives had been lovers for a couple years. They had discovered the delights that only a woman can give to another and had been taking every opportunity to share it with one another. We both had attractive wives with large, soft breasts and more than adequate sexual appetites. Despite the similarities between us there were some differences: Nick was a very scholarly academic type, highly-educated with the usual detachment of someone with multiple graduate degrees. I’ve always been a very blue collar practical type: doing my own auto and home repairs.

There was one important commonality between us, besides our lusty, bisexual wives: we had both enjoyed sex with men in the past. It was only inevitable that we would eventually end up together given the close relationship which our wives enjoyed. We were all very sexually open and adventurous people; that was one of the things which I loved most about my wife.

That adventure opened up to Nick and I one evening when we were all hanging out at their condo after dinner. We settled into the living room to watch TV and soon our wives were stroking and caressing each other affectionately. That led to kissing and shirts coming off and soon my wife was sucking on the nipples of Nick’s wife. Nick and I were both getting obviously aroused by the show so he suggested we head into the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom our wives undressed each other with the tenderness that only a woman can bestow. Nick and I eagerly peeled off our own clothes and joined them on the bed. As our wives became more entangled in their own lovemaking, Nick and I joined in the kissing and caressing, the two of us unintentionally getting closer in the process. At one point we started touching each other, running our hands over each others’ backs and then chests and then down to our cocks. At that point our attention shifted from what the girls were doing to the intense, powerful sensations we were experiencing: the feeling of stroking another man’s cock while having a hand on our own. It was an electric feeling; all the memories of my college mansex experiences came flooding Etiler Escort back: the intensity, the shame, the lust, the power, the indulgence. Something in me had reawakened. I had rediscovered my lust for sex with a man.

Their bed was too small for Nick and I to continue with our sexual encounter with the girls going at it at the same time. By that point Nick’s wife was sucking on my wife’s nipples and fingering her pussy at the same time, and doing a very good job of it judging by the passionate moaning. Nick and I decided to leave the girls to their own devices and move out to the futon in the living room. By that time our mutual cock rubbing had made me so horny I could barely contain myself. I sat back on the futon and Nick kneeled in front of me and took my hard, throbbing cock in his mouth. It had been several years since a man had sucked my dick. I had forgotten how good it felt to have a man go down on me. My wife gives a mind-blowing blowjob but there’s something about the raw power of a man going down on me that can’t be equaled. Nick hit just the right spots, swirling his tongue around the head of my cock and running the tip down my shaft. He used a free hand to lightly caress my balls and rub the sensitive spot in front of my asshole. As my cock became more erect and my abs tightened I got the sensation of excitement in my ass and started wanting him to fuck me.

Sensing my growing excitement, Nick stopped sucking me off and moved up to kiss me. It was a torrent of feelings as I kissed another man. It was such a strong embrace; I started wanting to lose myself in the moment and give in to total sexual submission. I was longing for him to take charge of me and let myself have the ultimate indulgence of mansex. We kissed passionately as I let my tongue linger on his lips, savoring the taste of my cock in his mouth. I love the flavor; one of my favorite parts of having my wife suck my cock is kissing her afterward.

With both Nick and I on the futon I moved him into a 69 position as we lay on our sides. He didn’t want me to come yet so he was only lightly teasing Escort Etiler my cock. I started sucking on him with the gusto of a cheerleader on prom night. I gripped his shaft at the base and began sucking it like a greedy slut. Having not sucked a cock since college, I was out of practice and was gagging somewhat. Nick was very patient and was enjoying every minute of my blowjob. He gave me ample time to practice and get into a good rhythm.

While I enjoyed sucking his cock, there was something more I wanted from him– no, needed from him. I needed him to fuck me. I’ve always loved anal sex, whether as a giver or as a receiver. I had a girlfriend who was very kinky and liked to fuck me with a strap-on and sometimes would finger my ass while she sucked my dick. Having something in my ass always drives me wild. Nick’s earlier stroking behind my balls had my ass ready and willing for a good fuck. I took his cock out of my mouth and told him that I wanted him to fuck me and fuck me good. He was more than happy to oblige. He got up from the futon and went for the bottle of lube. While he was grabbing the lube I turned around on my back with my legs held up and presented my willing ass to him.

Nick lubed up his cock and then knelt down on a large pillow in front of me to create just the right angle. He put some lube on his finger and slowly started circling my asshole, sending shivers up my spine. There I was, naked before him, practically begging him to fuck my ass and cross the ultimate boundary of male submission. I needed that powerful feeling of a man plowing into me; I needed to feel filled to capacity. Nick started pressing his finger slowly into me and I started to melt inside. My head rolled back and my eyes closed and I was fully engulfed in the passion of the moment. Nick continued to work his finger around inside my ass giving me waves of pleasure and preparing me for his ultimate entry.

Once I was loosened up he leaned forward with his cock and pressed the head into my ass. The rush of feelings was just indescribable. It was one of the most amazingly erotic Etiler Escort Bayan moments of my life. Having my ass fucked was never this intense in college! He pressed his cock further into my hole and I loved it. All my attention was focused on my ass and the sublime feeling of it being filled with a cock.

Nick finally pressed all the way in. He leaned over and took one of my nipples in his mouth and started lightly teasing it. The added sensation of having him suck on one of my nipples gave me sparks and nearly sent me over the edge. He looked up in my eyes and said, “So, you like that?”

“God yes, Nick! I love it! But I want you to fuck me. Fuck me good. I need it!”

That was all the more encouragement he needed. He leaned up and slowly pulled back. Then he plunged back into me and I felt the raw power of another man fucking me. It was an intoxicating combination of lust, eroticism, taboo and excitement. He started slowly at first but then built up speed. Soon he was pounding my ass good and hard. God, it felt so amazing! There was nothing in the world that felt quite like giving myself completely to Nick and letting him fuck my ass!

After a short time of his buttfucking I tensed up and started to come. I shot my first wad of jizz up into the air and it landed on my stomach. Everything after that was a blur of orgasmic delight. Just after I started coming Nick started to come. The contractions of my ass from my orgasm was enough to push him off the edge and he started pumping his seed deep inside me. It sent me into another wave of orgasmic bliss.

Soon after Nick withdrew from my ass and leaned back on the floor panting. It was then that we noticed the girls standing naked in the living room, having just watched our final sexual act.

“Wow, honey, that was amazing! That was so fucking hot! I never knew two men fucking could be such a turn-on!” my wife exclaimed.

“You two were really going at it. I’m impressed,” Nick’s wife said. She turned to my wife and said, “That got me really wet again. What do you say we go back to the bedroom and start all over?” As she said it, she lightly caressed my wife’s left breast, causing her to shudder.

“Yeah, let’s do it. I’ve got all kinds of new, naughty fantasies in my head after watching our husbands fuck each other.”

To which I said, “You’re not the only one, sweetie!”

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