Escapade Ch. 02


Chapter 2: A Soft Touch

A soft touch on my back woke me. Light streamed in from the open windows. I could hear a lawn mower nearby. I rolled over and came face to face with Nick. Smiling, he said, “You ready for more?” I shifted closer to him and nuzzled downwards so my head was resting on his chest. My ever-growing cock pushing up against his side was enough of an answer. Gently I took one of his nipples into my mouth, flicking my tongue back and forth over it until it was erect. Then I moved on to the other one. Nick simply laid where he was, moaning quietly in bliss. I rolled over on top of him so his cock was pushing up into my crack. I pushed back a little and his cock slid around in my crack. He groaned loudly. My own package was resting inches from his face. He eyed my cock hungrily but I knew what I wanted and at the moment it was not my cock in his mouth; it was his cock in my ass. I moved back more and felt my hole begin to open to accommodate his width. Just as I had managed to get the head in, the doorbell rang.

“Damn,” I said as I moved to stand.

“Leave it,” Nick said. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me back down. His cock drove inside me and I cried out. “Yeah, bitch, you like that don’t you?” Nick said as he began to thrust his hips back and forth. The doorbell rang again.

“Nick, I really should answer that,” I said as I pulled off of him and wrapped my robe around my nakedness. I walked down the hall and opened the door to see the neighbor’s kid, Kevin. Kevin was about 19 years old or so with medium-length blonde hair and green eyes. He was wearing a pair of gym shorts and a tank-top. I had seen him at the gym countless times.

“Hey, Kevin,” I said. “What’s up dude?” A smile spread across his face as he looked over my shoulder and down the hall. I turned to see what he was staring at and saw Nick standing in the bedroom doorway, naked as the day he was born. His cock jutted straight up from his body and he ran his hand over its head. Shocked and, admittedly, not a little frightened about what the consequences of this were, I turned back to Kevin to explain. Kevin placed one Beşiktaş Escort hand on my chest and lightly pushed me back into the house. He followed me in and closed the door behind him.

“I saw you and your friend there having some fun through your window and I thought that I might join you.” He began to undo the strap that held my robe closed.

“You were peeping were you?” I asked as I began to get aroused.

“Of course not Mr. Thompson,” he smiled. “I was mowing the yard.” He pushed the robe off my body and began to stroke my cock.

“Kevin, how many times have I asked you to call me Tim? I’m only three years older than you!”

“Sorry…Tim,” Kevin whispered as he fell to his knees in front of me in the hall. His warm mouth enveloped my cock. Nick walked around us and knelt behind Kevin.

“Nick, this is Kevin. Kev, this is Nick,” I managed to say before Kevin shoved a finger in my ass. I pushed back against it.

“Nice to meet you Nick,” Kevin said. “I bet you enjoyed fucking Tim’s tight hole. I’ve wanted to since I met him.”

Nick pulled Kevin’s shirt off over his head, revealing chiseled pectorals and a slim waist. “Yes, Kevin, I loved his ass. You should taste it.” With that, Kevin ran his tongue underneath my balls and shoved it into my ass. I moaned as his tongue penetrated me. After a moment he withdrew and stood. I grabbed the back of his head and shoved my tongue into his mouth, yearning to taste my own hole again. I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted some of Nick’s cum from last night.

“You were right, Nick,” Kevin said, smiling. He tastes greats.” I began to fondle Kevin’s cock through his shorts, marveling at the sheer size of it. He surpassed both me and Nick in size which I found intimidating. In one fluid motion Nick pulled Kevin’s shorts down and we were both startled to see he was sans underwear today. His magnificent cock sprang forth and I gasped.

“How big are you, Kev?” I asked him as I wrapped both hands around his massive tool. Nick walked around and stood next to me, eyeballing Kevin as well.

“Well, last time I checked Beşiktaş Escort Bayan I was almost ten inches,” Kevin said proudly.

“Whoa,” Nick said. Kevin began to fall back to his knees but both Nick and I stopped him. “You shouldn’t be a bitch with a cock that big,” Nick said, kneading one of Kevin’s nipples between two fingers. He looked Kevin in the eye and said, “I want you to fuck my ass. I’ve never been fucked before, except for Tim.”

“I’ve never been fucked,” Kevin said smiling. “I’m a complete virgin but when I saw you two going at it, I just couldn’t resist.” I led my two men down the hall and into my bedroom which already smelled of sex. We positioned Kevin on the edge of the bed, then Nick and I got down on our knees to worship the giant monster that hung from between his legs. Kevin was only half erect but already it was huge. For the next half hour all we did was lick and suck on Kevin’s tool. Sweat ran from his body in fine droplets.

“I’m going to cum, if you guys don’t stop it!” Kevin moaned. Nick stood and grabbed the lube from the table. I pushed Kevin up on the bed, lying on his side, so his head was resting on the pillows. Nick lubed up my ass, his cock, his ass, and Kevin’s cock. Nick positioned himself in front of Kevin with Kevin’s cock resting in between Nick’s cheeks. I stood over them and guided Kevin’s cock directly to Nick’s hole. Nick gave out a scream.

“Slow, dude, slow! He’s hung like a horse!”

“Sorry,” I said. With more care now I guided Kevin in. I had front row seats for the best show in town. Slowly Nick’s hole opened and slowly Kevin’s 10-incher disappeared into it.

“How much more!?” Nick gasped as tears filled his eyes.

“Almost there,” I said as Kevin finally pushed all the way in. “Kevin, just sit there a minute and give him a moment to adjust to your size.” Kevin obeyed readily; though I could tell what he really wanted to do was fuck the living hell out of Nick’s ass. After a moment Nick was breathing steadily again and he instructed me to lie in front of him.

Eagerly he pushed his cock into my lubed hole, filling Escort Beşiktaş me to the brim. “Okay, Kevin,” Nick said over his shoulder. “Fuck me like crazy.” I felt Kevin pull back and heard Nick moan as Kevin’s cock rubbed against the walls in Nick’s asshole. Nick followed suit and pulled slowly out of me. With a sudden fierceness Kevin rammed back into Nick and thus Nick rammed back into me. Screams filled the room as Kevin began to fuck like an animal. He was relentless, never stopping. The bed squeaked in complaint as Kevin’s mighty cock continued to plough into Nick’s ass.

“I can’t take it anymore!” Nick yelled. “We need to switch places. This kid is fucking me to death.” Quickly Nick and I switched places and I found myself with 10 inches of hot man-meat up my ass. Crying out, Kevin began to fuck my ass. Never before had I felt like this. If I had thought Nick had filled me, then this kid was overfilling me. I was afraid he might puncture my stomach, he was so big. Everything else was lost in a haze as the giant beast filled my ass. At one point I realized that my cock wasn’t in Nick’s ass anymore. He was crouched behind Kevin, rimming him. I ran one hand down my body and began to beat myself off.

“Shit!” Kevin shouted. “I think I’m going to cum!”

“Cum in his ass,” Nick told Kevin. “He seems to like that.” I moaned as Kevin pushed in one final time and blew his load. When he had finally finished he pulled out and Nick bent over him to clean up the mess. Kevin groaned in appreciation as Nick cleaned off his tool with his tongue and then went right to licking up the cum that was leaking from my ass.

Kevin collapsed on my bed, exhausted but Nick and I still had plans. We knelt over him and began to beat off. The orgasm that shook my body was so strong that I almost passed out. Jets of cum flew from my penis, covered Kevin’s face, neck, and chest. As if my orgasm had triggered his, Nick let loose a flurry of cum as well. Kevin licked all around his mouth, trying to get as much as he could. I pushed my cock into his mouth and he licked it off. He then cleaned Nick’s tool. Nick and I positioned ourselves on either side of Kevin and began to lap up the mixture of cum that was coating Kevin’s face. When we were all satisfied we fell into a light sleep. We stayed that way all day; at least until Kevin’s bearish father came looking for his son. I’m glad Kevin didn’t finish mowing the lawn…

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