I’m a Cocksucker Pt. 01


It was a few years after my divorce and my roommate was my ex’s sister. Yeah, I had a thing for her. She had the broken dark soul look to her, disheveled short black hair, too much eyeliner, torn cloths and heavy boots or black Van’s. She didn’t work and lived with me for free so of course I hoped something would happen. We were doing lots of drugs, going out drinking every night and she would bring home any guy she picked and I’d have to listen to them fuck till she kicked them put.

His name was Casey. My roommate, Amilia or Em for short, had been on again and off again dating him. They had a rough relationship that centered around sex and drugs. He had a very charismatic personality, outgoing, engaging and always full of contagious energy. He made you wanna kick down walls and burn the house down.

The first week he stayed with her was nonstop drinking, coke, bars and mostly listening to them fuck. It was my Friday so I usually always let loose and let his enthusiasm carry the mood. Em had gone out so me and Casey got drunk and decided to walk. We went across the street to a big field where there was a cemetery a few hours before sunset with the half gallon bottle of vodka and plopped down talking. He had his back against a tombstone just rambling on about how he had jumped a train south once and I found myself hanging on to his every word.

It was random. It was unexpected. Taksim Escort It was totally something Casey would do. In the middle of a sentence he just blurted out… “You should suck my cock.” It was a very sobering moment and of course my natural instinct was to joke it off and ignore him but he followed it with “I’m not gay. But then again I’m not straight either.” Even though I was knocking his suggestion down it hit me like a ton of bricks. The second he said I should suck him, I knew that his cock was going to be in my mouth. My brain was working a million miles an hour and he was talking on and on but the only thing in my mind was his cock and what it was like to suck it. About 10 minutes after he asked I just randomly said “okay I’ll do it” and no sooner than I said that, and as if he knew I was, his pants were open and his cock was sticking out.

I’ve never been in this situation before and it was a shock but I was on autopilot and my brain screamed “JUST DO IT” so I moved over and engulfed his cock into my mouth. He made a Moan and exhaled “i knew you would” as I held his cock head in my mouth. I moved my tongue around trying to get accustomed to the feel. I don’t remember much other than about 30 seconds later he was pumping a God forsaken amount of cum into my mouth and I managed to swallow it all.

As Casey pulled up his zipper he didn’t comment, Taksim Escort Bayan compliment or say a word. We got up like nothing had happened and went on with the evening. Even when Em showed up he didn’t say a thing and we drank our evening away till we all passed out drunk.

I don’t know what time it was, but it was pitch black. I was awoken and after 10 seconds of getting my bearings I realized that there was a cock in my mouth. I tried to get up and move but he was on my chest and pinning me down. He was saying that it was okay and remember how you liked it. He said I was a natural and just get used to it. He pumped and pumped, after a bit I started sucking and he gave me room to breath a bit but kept my head pinned down as he layed on my face and fucked it. He came much less than before, it was watery and sweet and I could also taste the unmistakable familiarity of vaginal fluids. I was tasting my sister in laws pussy. Casey finished, wiped his cock on my pillow, thanked me and said “See you in the morning” which I thought a Peculiar thing to say after mouth raping me but it also gave me a chill because of it’s more ominous meaning that he was going to be back.

I woke up and my room was bright with light… about 10am and I quietly got up. The shower was running and I swiftly moved past the door because I knew Em was at work and it had to be Casey. Escort Taksim As I finished drinking water to ease my hangover I was passing the bathroom door when Casey just loudly said my name and o knew exactly what he intended. I don’t know why, but I went in the bathroom and he was standing in the shower facing me, hands on his hips. I didn’t say a thing, refuse or object. With a feeling of acceptance I walked forward, got on my knees and opened my mouth. Casey wagged his cock around like ‘come and get it’s which I did. I took his flaccid cock into my mouth and held it with my hand and he slapped it “No hands. Make me cum.”

And for the next 35 minutes I sucked as good as I could. It took a bit and I thought it was because of the two blowjobs I had given him before but then realized he had fucked Em last night and probably this morning too. He had cum 4 times in under 24 hours and after that 35 minutes of sucking him… his cock went from flaccid, to hard, he held my head and fucked away making great effort to push out any cum he had. He didn’t care about me or how I felt or even if I wanted to do this. I sucked his cock, swallowed his cum and that’s what I did for him yet again on that bathroom floor getting soaked kneeling on the outside of the shower.

For the 3rd time in my life and in a very short period of time, I had sucked a cock and swallowed cum 3 times.

After Casey finished cumming, he turned and finished his shower not saying a word.

For the next 8 years Casey would visit, sometimes and even bring friends. He would stay for months at a time and I was his cocksucker and did that for him or anyone I was asked, told or made to.

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