In the Woods


It was always a home away from home.  Then after about three years at my current job, the weekend cabin finally became home to me. It was a couple of acres with just a cabin my hands caressed her face.  Electricity surged between us as we continued kissing.  Sasha pulled me up, so I was sitting on the couch. Sasha then climbed on my lap. We never stopped our make-out session. We had fallen asleep together with our clothes on.  Sasha grabbed my jeans and unbuttoned them. She climbed off me and pulled my jeans down to my ankles. Then she climbed back on my lap. She hiked up the skirt of her dress over her nice ass.  She started Üsküdar Escort to grind away on my cock. I could feel her wet panties on my cock.  My hands slid from her back down as I slowly caressed her ass and squeezed both cheeks. As I did that, Sasha moaned even louder and ground her pussy even harder on my cock.“Bret, please.  Please take me. Make me yours.”I pulled her panties to the side and slid my cock into her wet slit.  It was clean-shaven and ready to take all of me. Sasha’s hips rocked back and forth as I thrust in her. I pulled the straps of her dress down and took a breast in Üsküdar Escort Bayan one hand and the other in my mouth. I sucked on her breast. “Oh, yes Bret!  Yes.  Fuck me good. Give me all your cock. Fuck, that feels good.”Sasha rocked her hips even faster, my cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy. Her breasts were so perfect. I made sure that both got my tongue’s attention.  Sasha leaned down and pressed her lips to mine. Her tongue started dancing with mine. We both moaned together as Sasha climaxed on my cock. I lifted my hips so I could go deeper into her tight pussy.“Oh God, Bret Escort Üsküdar that was incredible. You’re going to make me cum again on that wonderful cock.” She grinned slightly after she said that. I took my hand and rubbed her clit to hasten the arrival of her next climax. It wasn’t long till her pussy tightened again. Sasha threw her head back, I grabbed a handful of her hair and held it while I kissed the nape of her neck. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I was about to explode.  I felt my cock getting harder and then the sudden rush of euphoria hit me.“Sasha, I am going to cum. Oh, fuck yes!”“Cum Bret! Give me everything you have. I want it all! Mmmmm. That feels so good.”Sasha slowed her hips to feel my cock pump my load of hot cum deep in her tight pussy.  Her pussy squeezed my cock dry. Cum started leaking out all over the both of us. Sasha took a finger to wipe up some of our juices and she tasted.

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