In The Still Of The Night Chapter 3


That night played in Terry’s mind for weeks. He could not look Crystal in the eye and he noticed that she seemed to avoid him as well. He did take some comfort in that she had not confided what had happened to Kristy. It seemed that his wife was also happy that he had not made a nightly trip to the bathroom in the several weeks since. Terry was confused, trying to understand what had taken place.He knew that Crystal was not off-put by the incident, having whispered that the porn he was watching was, “So fucking hot.” She did seem distant now. Could it be that she was embarrassed that she participated in stroking her best friend’s husband to orgasm? He would be found a liar if he didn’t admit to himself the guilt that he felt.Sure, he had a crush on Crystal. He always had. Yes, he had fantasized about her during his many late-night bathroom visits. How many times had he cum, thinking of her kneeling at his cock? How many more, dreaming of her riding him or letting him take her doggy style? But this, this was real. It had happened. He would never, no matter how much he fantasized, have taken that bold step.It wasn’t that he loved Kristy too much to hurt her. His love was true, no doubt, but he just understood how guilt had crept into his mind and squatted like a homeless bum in an abandoned barn. He knew how it could cling to him like a spiderweb. He felt it as real now as if he had walked through that damned cobweb just that second. His only comfort was that he had not initiated the act. Could Crystal be feeling Ataşehir Escort the same pangs of guilt? Was she simply embarrassed at the thought of what she had done? Whatever the reason, they hadn’t spoken in the weeks since. Even Kristy had noticed, asking Terry if there was something wrong. He could only assume that she had asked Crystal the same. His only response was, “No, nothing is wrong. I’ve just had work stuff on my mind.”He had grown restless, however, missing his nightly stroke session. Yeah, he loved his wife. She was a beautiful woman who loved sex and had hardly an inhibition. She did have limits, as anyone would, but could hardly be called prudish. Just as adventurous as he, she rarely said no. He just liked his alone time too. There was nothing like stroking yourself to whatever fantasy you may play in your mind.He was addicted, of that, he had no doubt. But he figured, Why fight it? Tonight, he would have his fun. He had waited weeks. Whatever shame or guilt he felt was driven to the darkness of his mind by the brute of desire. The only decision now was what subject to explore online. His options were endless. Crystal had caught him during a particularly embarrassing session. Most men fantasized about it, although few would admit to it. Ladyboys were a weakness for him, the slight bodies of the pretty boys with their breasts, hormonally grown or implants. The feminine hair and makeup and the cocks, small or large. It was all too sexy to him. She said it was hot, Ataşehir Escort Bayan he thought. Fucking hot.His decision was made and it was enforced by the fact that his wife was called into work. There were not enough nurses to cover the shift, which happened frequently since the fucking mandates. She would be gone twelve hours which meant that he had time for several fantasies. Two hours after Kristy left for work, Terry turned off the television. It was his custom to get a nap before stroking. Crystal was in the guest room, as usual, her door closed. Terry hesitated but for a moment outside. He could hear her television so he knew she must be awake. A deep breath and he drew his courage, grabbing the knob and knocking softly twice. He waited for just a second and pushed the door open without her answer. He was just in time to see her quickly pull her blanket over her naked body. He could hear the low hum of a vibrator, though he didn’t let on that he did, “Sorry. I am going to bed. Just wanted to make sure you were okay. Need anything?”“I’m good, thanks,” she said, clearly flushed and embarrassed. “Have a good time. Um, I mean, good night.”“Good night,” Terry whispered, closing her door.He stood there contemplating her misspeak. A good time, he thought. Was she mocking him? It was the first time they had spoken in the weeks since that night. Maybe she was just startled or feeling awkward about his barging in. A shake of his head to dispel the confusion and he walked Escort Ataşehir to the master bedroom. The lights were off so, as usual, he did not close the door completely. Thoughts ran amok in his brain. The nap would not come. He lay for an hour, naked atop the sheets, his cock painfully hard. Nah, she couldn’t have been mocking me, he thought nearly aloud, she finished me off.Absently stroking himself. She was naked when I walked in. She was playing with herself. I heard the vibrator and saw her pull the sheets over herself. The thoughts raced; Was she thinking about that night?He needed release but didn’t want to use pictures of her in his mind. He reached for his phone, his eye looking at the door, slightly ajar and dark. If she were there, he couldn’t see her. Opening his iPhone, he had a shortcut to Pornhub already open. Being a paid member, he used the auto-generated suggestions. The suggestions were generated by what he had previously viewed. The list included Milf, Public Sex, Schoolgirls, and so on. He didn’t want anything too exotic, just in case, so he finally selected a subject.“Mutual masturbation,” he read. There were thumbnails of couples either side by side or laying end to end, their genitals nearly touching. He clicked on the second thumbnail, the couple laying end to end. After the video started, the couple lay moaning, clearly enjoying their activities, the woman, fingering her hairless pussy, the man stroking his shaved cock.His cock responded to the visual delights as well as the sounds of pleasure. He watched as the two, described as stepbrother and sister, lightly touched each other with the tips of their fingers. He was hard and slowly stroking his cock when the door slowly opened wider. This time he saw her standing in the darkness before she summoned the nerve to step into his bedroom. 

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