In Her Shoes Part 2

Big Tits

please read the first part. After a short time of resting my feet on Peter’s bum I now slipped my foot back rubbing the sandal against his balls and cock. His knees started to widen slightly as I teased I could see his balls quickly rise up and tighten as they had before. His cock was now straight along my foot and his body was rocking back and forth in time with my foot. I could feel the pre-cum lubricating my foot and shoe it was obvious that he must be getting close once again as his breathing was getting harder. Again I stopped but this time put the heel of my shoe hard into his balls which made him try to pull away from me. “Get on your back Now!” I demanded. He quickly lay down on the wooden floor legs towards me. I clamed the instep of both my feet tight each side of his cock and using his pre-cum as lube I began to wank him slowly. He started to breathe much harder as my feet began to pick up so speed suddenly he let out a yell, his cum shooting in the air before dropping onto my feet. I carried on for a while until his cock had gone flaccid before finally releasing my grip around it feeling it slip Escort Beşevler out from my footed vice. “You dirty boy what have you done,” my voice was more raised. “I’m sorry Miss I didn’t mean to.” I rose from the chair keeping my feet tight together his warm cum was now sliding down over my feet eventually running between my toes. I now walked past him the turned to face his head, “Clean it up Now!” I demanded. Peter rolled over and began to lick from the tips of my toes his tongue struggling to part my toes as the straps of my shoes kept them quite tight. He traced up and down each strap making sure to get as far under my foot as he could, when he got to my insteps he seemed to really relish stretching his tongue right under trying to lift the balls of my feet from the rear. Finally he had cleaned my shoes and feet totally which felt good. I strutted around more before telling him to dress although I felt I wanted to try more. This was only our first meeting and I was still unsure how far I could push him. I returned to the chair once more sitting down and crossing my Escort Çankaya leg over my knee. “You may now take off the shoes and put on my own.” “They are your shoes Miss I bought them for you and the anklet.” “Oh in that case thank you,” I was quite taken aback the shoes were expensive looking and the anklet must of cost a small fortune. All I had done was boss him a little and then made him cum over my feet and here he was giving me gifts just for doing so. I rose once more from the chair before telling Peter it was time for me to leave. I decided to drive home in the sandals he had bought me I didn’t want to seem rude by changing back into my own. Peter disappeared into the kitchen quickly returning with a carrier bag he picked up my shoes for me placed them into the box my new shoes were in and put them inside the carrier. As we got to the door before he opened it he knelt before me barring my way. He kissed each foot in turn before getting up and opening the door for me. “Thank you Miss I hope we can do this again soon?” “May I mail you Miss.” All I could think is wow Cebeci escort bayan he must really of enjoyed himself as I strutted towards my car unlocking it and climbing in. “Yes you may,” I finally called back as I shut the door of the car. I started the engine and moved out onto the road giving a little wave to the curtain twitcher’s for my short journey home. The next evening I logged into my computer to discover that Peter had already sent me a new mail from what I read it was obvious that I had pretty much got things right for him. Over the following fortnight we exchanged mails on a daily basis with Peter now asking if we could meet again and more about the things his wife would require of him as her sub. Due to the content of the mails and the fact that it was something still new to me I agreed to go stay with him from the Friday until the Sunday. On the Friday I decided to wear exactly the same clothes as our last meeting to drive over in and added the sandals that he had bought me two weeks before. I packed a small case with what I would need over the Weekend along with a holdall that I carefully locked then went downstairs to say goodbye to Julia. I arrived outside of Peter’s home this time parking out on the road. This time I wanted to make sure his neighbours had something to talk about! I grabbed my case from the rear of the car and walked up the driveway swaying my hips with each step.

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