I Remember My Lover


I lie in the bath, luxuriating in the warm soapy water and I think of her. I remember how she’d bathe me, how she’d soap her hands and caress every inch, every nook and every little cranny of my body. I remember the pleasure we both got from dressing each other prior to going out, how she’d stand up completely naked whilst I pulled the stockings up over her long, suntanned thighs, my lips only inches from her hairless slit… the same hairless slit that I’d be enjoying, later on.My mouth clamped limpet-like onto it while she bucked and heaved Çukurambar escort beneath me. I think of how she’d choose the panties she wanted me to wear, how she’d look up into my eyes as she eased them up over my thighs. They were always tiny, filmy, frivolous little scraps of nothing, designed to tease and titillate. They were always chosen with a view to what they’d show rather than conceal.I remember how, at work, we’d look across the office at each other and speak with our eyes. Hers sometimes demetevler escort bayan said, “Come and eat me, my cunt is yours.”Mine always said, “I love you.”Getting out of the bath, I wander into the lounge, still naked, and pour myself a drink. I think about the nights that we’d stay in just to get drunk and enjoy each other. The games we’d play, the delicious little perversions we shared only with each other!The bar stools are covered by the skin of a whale’s foreskin, the largest mammal Escort dikmen in the world. I sit on one and feel the pleasure I get from knowing this. My cunt is immediately wet and I remember how she sat on this very same stool, drunk and as horny as hell.”Drink from me,” she’d said, spreading her legs as I walked towards her and dropped to my knees, My own cunt was dripping like a tap as the first few drops of urine trickled onto my tongue. She sighed and stroked my hair as she relaxed her bladder muscles and my mouth filled with her precious golden offering.I came as I swallowed. I came again when she used both hands to grip my hair and hold my mouth to her cunt. She came when she joined me on the floor and I kissed her with a mouthful of her own piss!These things I remember!I get up off the stool, but lower my head and lick my own juices from it.

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