Kris , Juliet – Ch I – Birthday Surprise


I was seated on the teal fabric couch, cocktail in my hand and surrounded by the party’s guests socialising with one another. Through the darkness of the entrance and into the dim lit room, walked in a tall, leggy lady dressed in a loose black slip with loose curls and that radiant smile of hers. Finally, my anxiety left me and I could start to have fun as I’d been expecting only her.I watched hungrily as she made her way around to kiss everyone hello. I tried to stop myself from staring but couldn’t help noticing her toned tanned legs and slender arms with a hint of her side breast every time she leant over. It was getting hot.I could sense she wanted to save our hello for last and as I was counting down the people between us, I felt my heart beat a little faster. What felt like an eternity quickly Çukurambar escort bayan became a reality where I found myself getting up to greet her. I gave her a prolonged tight hug and ran my hands down her back grabbing her hips indicating my mood then purposely kissing her cheek and taking in her fruity perfume. She smelt like a goddess.We quickly settled in the corner with our drinks for a giggle. I wished her happy birthday again, feeling a bit shy and uneasy but with exhilaration. Even though the room was completely full of people, I could only see her. Her dark brown eyes and shoulder length hair bobbing over her summer skin. I then realised her hard nipples trying to poke through from underneath her slip and this is when it became apparent her outfit Escort demetevler was in fact completely sheer. Things were definitely hot now.She continued staring and smiling at me.”What…?” I coyly asked, “Are you okay?” She wrapped an arm around me and lovingly whispered, “You’re stunning tonight.”I blushed at this remark and kissed her gently on her neck to thank her. She kept her arm around me and stayed an inch closer, staring right at me as if she was reading my mind and all my secrets.Alone yet surrounded. I felt the stillness between us but the fires raging within. Our eyes were afraid to lock but still desperate to read the other’s, words were percolating but none spoken. When was this going to end? I wondered. I didn’t know how to break away yet I dikmen escort didn’t want to. On the contrary, I wanted to grab on in that moment, kiss her and let her taste all the desires awaiting since we last met. I wanted to show her how I truly felt especially on her birthday.We were then interrupted; “Juliet, wanna go for a smoke?” I was asked. “Sure,” I replied turning to Kris.”You go, find me here or on the dance floor,” she insisted. I was led into the smokers area with some other friends and my mind did not stray from her. Intoxicated on every puff I took, I was sure I was going to choke any moment. I quickly took the last puff and rushed back in.Walking through the crowded club filled with loud music, dancers and flashing lights I only wanted to find my way to her. My sudden confidence was overwhelmed when I entered the private booth and found her alone. She was about to leave, clicking away on her phone before looking up. “Hey!” she said, “I was about to go dance.” She often played these games with me, acting as if we were only friends but we had already admitted our feelings to one another some time ago.

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