Cruise – Chapter 1


The new cruise ship was enormous and, looking from the dock, it was intimidating.  There was a line of people waiting to be boarded on the seven-day cruise.  Jessica had packed and unpacked a dozen times, planning for the trip.  Today she was wearing a yellow sundress on her 5’3” frame, with a pair of three-inch matching heels at the end of her long slim legs.  She wasn’t quite twitching, but she had a lot of energy inside, seeming to bounce from step to step.  Her parents were in line right in front of her, her mom holding their passports and dad piled up with all the carryon luggage. Soon they were all cleared and walking up the gangplank, searching and finding their staterooms.  Jessica found her bags outside her cabin and quickly unpacked, making sure everything was where she expected it.Jessica walked over to her parents’ room, which had a little balcony and view of the ocean.“Hi Mom, I’m gonna go search around.  I want to see us take off from the dock.”Linda smiled at her 16-year-old daughter. “That’s fine, Jes.  You have your phone with you?”  Jessica nodded, and her mom said, “Give it to me and take this.” She handed her a walkie-talkie.  “We will see you at six in the main dining room.”“Yes, mom,” Jessica said as she gave her parents a quick kiss and headed for the top deck.Jessica Escort Beşevler quickly made her way up a few flights of stairs and got to the bow of the ship.  Digging out her camera, she snapped a few shots of the departure and watched the smaller boats getting out of the way.  She waved at one of the boats and heard a voice behind her.“Someone you know?”Jessica turned and saw a woman in her twenties, a few inches taller than herself, dirty blonde short hair, and wearing a pair of tan shorts, a white tank top, and a pair of sunglasses.  The woman had two tall drinks in her hand, some kind of red fruit juice with an umbrella in it. “Oh no, just waving,” said Jessica, blushing a little.“Hi, I am Sandra. Like a drink?” the tall blonde said and handed a glass to Jessica.“I’m Jessica.  Thanks.”  She took a sip. It was a rum-flavored concoction.“I don’t think there’s much more to see out here for a while.  Let’s get out of this wind,” said Sandra and led Jessica to a small table inside.  “Are you here with the group?”“No, not with any group.  Just on vacation.  Are you with a group?” asked Jessica.Sandra smiled. “Yes, you could say that.  Just some women from around the country; we meet for cruises and to have a little fun.”They sat, and Jessica Çankaya escort showed Sandra the pictures she’d just taken with her digital camera.  Sandra complimented her on her camera work while she looked through them.  Jessica took another sip of her drink and realized that she’ just about finished it. “That was good.”“Want another?”“Okay.”Sandra went to the bar and, while she was there, Jessica looked around the room and noticed that there seemed to be quite a few more women than men.  Feeling a little nervous, she reached into her bag and applied another coat of lipstick.  It was a new shade for her, a little darker and redder than she’d been wearing.  Soon Sandra came back bearing a couple of drinks.Sandra glanced quickly up and down the young girl and asked, “Are you here with someone?”Jessica nodded. “Yes, school’s out and I’m here with my mom and dad.”Sanda’s eyes widened at the admission. “How old are you?”“Seventeen,” Jessica lied.“I shouldn’t have gotten you that drink then. I thought you were eighteen.  You won’t tell on me, will you?”  Sandra smiled at her and put a hand on top of Jessica’s.“I would never tell, as long as you don’t take it away,” Jessica said and took another swallow.“I tell you what, let’s move this party to my Cebeci escort bayan room.  At least it’s a little more private there.” Sandra stood and offered her hand, helping the younger to stand. “I can’t stay long. I promised I would meet my parents and go to dinner with them.”“It’s four o’clock now.  I’m sure your mom won’t expect you until six.  Bring your drink with you.”Jessica was flattered by the attention of the attractive blonde,.“Alright, just don’t let me forget the time or I will never hear the end of it.”Sandra guided her to the elevator and soon they were a dozen floors down inside the ship.  Sandra opened her door with a key card and gently pulled Jessica into the room.  Jessica saw a dark-haired woman moving a bag under a bed. Sandra held Jessica’s hand and said, “This is my roommate, Mary…  Mary, this is Jessica.”Mary held out her hand. “Hi Jessica.”Jessica awkwardly shook her hand as she looked at Mary.  Mary was about thirty, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. She had a full figure and stood eye-to-eye with Jessica.  As she let go of Mary’s hand, she heard Sandra say, “Mary, don’t forget to make our spa reservations.  If we don’t get them early, they may all be gone.”Mary smiled and said, “You girls have a good time while I’m gone.”With that, Mary grabbed her purse, whispered quickly in Sandra’s ear, and slipped out the door.  Jessica looked around for a place to sit and saw only the two queen-sized beds.  She was starting to turn back to Sandra when she felt two hands on her waist and warm breath on her neck.  Jessica shivered but didn’t pull away.

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