I Can’t Believe I’m Going Through With This


I have been a bi-curious crossdresser for my entire life but until recently I’ve never shared this part of myself with the rest of the world. So one day, I decided to create a profile on an online alternative dating site just to see what would happen. I don’t know what I was expecting but it didn’t take long before I started receiving messages. Most of the men just wanted me to send them naked pictures or to have phone sex with them. This wasn’t going to work for me though. I was looking for something deeper than pictures and a strange voice at the other end of a line. I needed something real. Something I could touch and be touched back by.I started communicating back and forth with a guy named Chad. He seemed nice and wasn’t demanding like all of the other men who kept on persisting I send them nude pictures. Chad listened when I opened up to him about my secret sexual desires and showed genuine interest in learning more about me. He also had never been with another Side escort Bayan man but was open to the idea of being intimate with a crossdresser. To be quite frank with you, he said the idea turned him on like crazy.So after a month or so of talking almost daily on the computer, we decided to take the plunge and set up a real ‘in-person’ date. Although this scared the wits out of me, I decided to move forward and just go for it.He sent an Uber to come to pick me up and take me over to his place. The fifteen-minute ride was just long enough for the butterflies to accumulate and multiple in my stomach. I pulled up to his house and as I step out of the Uber I begin trying to shake off the jitters before making my way up to his front door. I pause for one last moment to check my appearance in the long narrow window located right next to the door. Any doubts I’ve had in my mind up until now completely disappear when I see my reflection shine Escort manavgat back at me.“My God. You look as beautiful as an angel.” I hear myself say before quickly looking away embarrassed. I knock and wait outside his front door.It doesn’t take long for Chad to answer the door. He greets me with a warm smile and invites me in. After closing the door behind me, he takes a step back and begins taking me in with his eyes.“My god,” he says, “you look stunning!”His compliment causes me to both smile and blush at the same time.“Thank you,” I say as I begin untying the belt from my long trench coat. “I hope you like what I have on underneath here.”I finish untying the belt, and while making sure to keep it wrapped completely around me, I turn around so that my back is facing him. I let a few seconds pass then allow my coat to drop to the floor leaving me standing there in a full-length black lace bodysuit and my six-inch heels.When alanya escort I hear him say, “Jesus Christ you’re sexy,” I turn slowly back around and walk as seductively as I can towards him.He places both of his hands firmly onto my shoulders and we embrace each other as our lips meet. I feel his hands begin to wrap tightly around my waist, pulling us closer together. While still kissing, I lower mine and begin unbuckling his belt. I allow his pants to fall to the ground and reach into his boxer shorts with one hand while placing the other on his firm chest. It doesn’t take long for me to locate his cock and I quickly feel it stiffen and come to life inside of my hand.“Oh my god,” he says as our lips finally part and his hands work their way up my back. He grabs ahold of some of my shoulder-length blond hair, and as he pulls on it to lift my chin, I feel the warmth of his breath against my neck and ear. He takes my earlobe into his mouth and begins biting it softly with his teeth. This is almost too much for me to take and causes me to moan loudly with pleasure.As his tongue enters my ear, I feel my erection escape the concealment of my body stocking and begin to press up against his own.“What do you say we take this into my bedroom,” he whispers into my ear.

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