Hungry Eyes


You are waiting for me in the shadows as I unlock the front door. My level of alertness has been dulled by a long day at work, making me an easy target. You slip in quietly behind me as I carelessly drop my bag to the floor and sift through the mail. I am not aware of your presence until you quickly grab me from behind; you wrap one arm tightly around my waist and bring a hand to my mouth. Your breath is hot on my ear as you tell me not to scream; if I obey, you will leave me unharmed. I nod my head in acceptance, and your hand slowly pulls away from my face.

I ask you what you want, and your reply is simple. You tell me you’ve been watching me for weeks, witnessing my every action. You describe my daily routines with exact detail, and I realize you’ve seen me in my most intimate moments. You tell me you are here to help me, because you have recognized my needs. A flush rises to my cheeks as you begin to caress my skin. Your voice is a whisper tickling my neck. You tell me you know I’ve been lonely. You’ve seen my attempts at self-gratification, but you know nothing kartal escort but a man ravaging my every inch will truly satisfy me. I can feel your arousal as you wrap your fingers loosely in my long, silky hair and tug gently, giving yourself access to my neck. You begin to tease me with your lips and tongue. I close my eyes as my body relaxes against you, lost in the moment. I know in my mind that this isn’t right, but my body has been yearning for a man’s touch for months.

You take my relaxation as a sign of resignation, and the arm that had been around my waist moves up my flat stomach, slowly, setting me on fire. You keep a gentle but firm grip on my hair while your mouth alternates between soft kisses and nibbling on my neck and ear. Your free hand finds my breasts, and I inhale sharply as you begin to knead my soft mounds. My knees are trembling now; your touch is setting me on fire. Waves of pleasure being to course through my body, and you are confident that I have become completely submissive. You untangle kaynarca escort your fingers from my hair, deciding my blouse has become a nuisance. It takes little effort for you to tug the material apart, sending buttons flying through the room. I lay my head back against your shoulder as your mouth resumes its invasion of my flesh. Your hands quickly set to work at unclasping my bra and disposing of it. My nipples instantly become erect from the cold air. A moan escapes my lips as your hands devour every inch of my naked torso. My hands cover yours, as if you need guidance. My hips have begun to involuntarily grind against your stiffening cock, causing my skirt to rise. You wrap an arm around my chest, using my breasts as handholds as you deftly move your hand between my legs.

Another moan, louder this time; you use the palm of your hand to stroke my wet panties. Our lips meet in a mesh of teeth and tongues. My legs buckle slightly as I feel your fingers probe my sex. You are able to penetrate my body with kozyatağı escort ease; your ministrations have made my pussy salivate. You ignore my clit at first; you seem to enjoy fucking me with three fingers. My hips move in time with your thrusts. My body quickly begins to quiver, and you take pity on me; with one flick of your thumb across my clit, I cry out in ecstasy. I shake violently as my juices pour into your hand. I collapse against you, but you have just begun.

You turn me around roughly, pressing your hard body against mine. Your every muscle is taught with anticipation. I can’t see your face in the darkness of the foyer, but our mouths have no trouble finding each other. Your fingers wrap tightly around my upper arms, but the pain shoots a bolt of electricity to my core. You pull me down to the floor and straddle me, using your knees as anchors against my hips. I watch with lust filled eyes as you remove your shirt. You slide your legs down, allowing your full weight to rest against my body. You nestle your still covered against my pelvis, and I feel your full size throbbing through my skirt. My arms have instinctively wrapped around you, pulling you closer, but you have something else in mind…

* * * * *

This is my first attempt at erotic fiction, so feedback is greatly appreciated. Want to hear more? What do you think should happen next? What would you do to “me” if we were in this position?

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