How I Became A Cuckold Partner Part 9


‘David said that whatever dress I am going to wear for him on Saturday, he wants me to not wear anything underneath it apart from stockings and suspenders.’‘I can’t wear a bra with the ruched dress, anyway,’ she continued, ‘But, he wants me not to wear knickers, while I am with him.’‘I think that’s a very horny idea darling yes, you should do as David asks’, I said.‘Me too,’ she said, ‘I have already told him, I will do as he asks.’‘Remember of course, that your body now belongs to David, my love, so you should do as he asks,’ I said.‘I know, Mark, and I will,’ she replied.Knowing how short her black, ‘Cire,’ ruched dress was, this thought turned me on even more, and I could only imagine how much it would excite David. Angela said she had told David about me wanting to offer her to him, and he was thrilled to hear that.‘He said he would like that if you did so, Mark, and that he plans to take me from you.’‘That’s the reply I was hoping for, my darling,’ I replied, ‘David taking you from me is a major part of my fantasy.’Listening to my darling fiancé going over David’s plans for her for the weekend made me realise that I had certainly made the right decision in allowing her this freedom to see David when she wanted to. I could see a spark in her eyes that I had not seen before. I wished, then, we had done something like this sooner in our relationship, when Angela was seventeen, but I looked ahead to how much it would turn me on when Rus Escort İzmir she left the house on Saturday to be David’s slut for the evening. I couldn’t wait for that moment to arrive!Angela finished telling me about her and David’s lunch date by adding, ‘David wants to thank you, in person, on Saturday for agreeing to this, Mark,’ she added, ‘He would like to pick me up from here on Saturday evening, if you would be ok with that?’‘That will be fine; I am more than happy for him to collect you,’ I said, ‘I will also confirm all I have said to him on Saturday.’‘He said he is looking forward to you offering me to him as well, Mark.’I said, ‘I am so excited about that as well, and I can’t wait for that moment, Angela.’‘Thank you, Mark, David did say that now everything is amicable, he would like to see me more often on weekends if that’s ok with you?’‘Of course, it is, my love, whenever he wants you, I am happy for him to collect you,’ I said.‘And, you know, I will tell you all about what we got up to when I come home.’‘That, I look forward to very much, Angela.’Saturday arrived, and as the evening drew closer, we were both very excited about everything. Angela took a long shower, washed and styled her hair, painted her finger and toenails a dark glossy red colour, then did her makeup with her usual expertise. I sat on our bed, watching her getting ready for her first night with David without izmir otele gelen escort guilt or condoms. My cock getting grew harder as I thought about my darling fiancé being enjoyed this way by David. She did her eyes a little heavier, of course, and her lipstick was a colour that matched her nails perfectly, she added a coat of lip gloss to finish.I could not help thinking about David’s cock, sliding between her lips as she sucked him hard. Perhaps, during the night, he would cum deep inside her throat, and she would willingly swallow his spunk. I sat watching her getting dressed, my cock becoming hard in my jeans, as she slipped on the glossy, sheer, dark grey stockings, brand new from the packet. She then fastened the white suspender belt around her slender waist, attaching the delicate straps to the lace tops of her stockings. Next, she slipped into her black patent high heels, then stepped into the little, black, ruched dress, pulling the straps over her shoulders. As she slipped the silky dress over her body, it made a delicious sound as it slid over her sheer stockings.She turned around to look at herself in the bedroom mirror, the deep V-back design of the dress drawing attention to anyone that she was not wearing a bra. I noticed the stocking’s lace tops were just visible below the dress’s short hem; no doubt David would approve of this, as I did. In her high heels, Angela’s Buca escort bayan legs looked slender and perfectly toned, and despite how high they were, she still looked tiny, of course.I couldn’t help also thinking about Angela sitting in the restaurant. Her little dress riding up over her stocking tops, David and others, perhaps, catching a glimpse of her naked, smooth pussy—the same smooth young pussy, that David, would be fucking bareback, later on, for the first time and pumping his pent-up spunk deep inside, many times, during the night.I wanted this as much as he did.She stood still and looked at me with a slightly cheeky look on her face, and asked, ‘Will I do?’I stared at my gorgeous, young fiancé, and said, ‘Will you do!’‘Angela, my love, you look stunning, the sexiest I think I’ve ever seen you,’ I told her.‘Thank you, Mark, I wanted to look my best for David, tonight, as I feel this could be the start of something special for the three of us.’‘I so agree with that darling, very special, David is going to be gobsmacked when he first sees you.’‘I know you love this dress on me, so I thought David would too,’ she added.‘Oh, darling, you know I do, and he will too, that’s a given,’ I said.I added ‘I can just about see your stocking tops below the dress, darling.’She smiled at me cheekily then said, ‘I know. I can’t pull them any higher, not with a dress this short.’‘You don’t need to, my love, they look perfect as they are,’ I said. ’Stocking tops showing under a dress like that looks perfect on you, Angela.’ She then pulled the dress hem down a little at the sides, but as soon as she moved, it began sliding up her stockings again, revealing the lace tops.She smiled at me and then said, ‘This dress just rides up again if I pull it lower.’

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